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What would you do to comfort him?
'get fixated 'dies it mean it stare at them even though they scare him?
homeodr 4 years ago
Yes, that's what I mean by fixated.
To comfort, I take him into my arms facing me, and try to turn him so he can't see the stranger anymore. Once they're out of his sight, he settles down quickly.
alaskamom 4 years ago
Would I need to re-dose the Pulsatilla?
alaskamom 4 years ago
Yes repeat one dose of Puls 30C and report back in 5 days.
homeodr 4 years ago
Ok, I will do that, thanks!
alaskamom 4 years ago
So, baby seems less grumpy during the day, but still restless when it comes to sleeping. He will roll away, then roll back to me to nurse, then face away again, then back to me, then away, over and over until he either gets frustrated and gives up on trying to sleep, or (less often) gets tired enough to settle down and sleep.
He also is still afraid of strangers. We had some friends over last night and I had to have him play upstairs with his brothers so he wouldn't be crying. Towards the end of the visit, he seemed to get used to them a little, and not be quite so afraid. He still wasn't too happy about it though.
He has been pulling on his ears and playing with them. I'm not sure whether he is teething, or if his ears are hurting. I've been using herbal oil in his ears and he seems happier after I do it. It's cottonwood bud oil, so it has some salycilates, so it has some painkilling properties. So based on that I wonder if his ears are hurting.
He has been nursing a lot at night and wetting a lot--peeing right through the diaper and getting his bed wet twice last night.
alaskamom 4 years ago
Is he doing fine now or still frustrated?
homeodr 4 years ago
Still fighting sleep pretty hard. Trying to go to sleep seems to frustrate him, he gets agitated and upset and then we give up and go back downstairs to play more. Then he gets tired fast and I try again. Usually he goes to sleep the second time out of exhaustion, but sometimes it takes 3 tries. Last night he was awake for a couple hours in the night which is unusual for him.
alaskamom 4 years ago
Also he is very touchy and wakes up easily, and doesn't go back to sleep easily.
alaskamom 4 years ago
What does he do when he doesn't fall asleep? Does he cry, play or do something else during that time?
homeodr 4 years ago
After the initial frustration, where he seems agitated, I will get him up from the bed if he doesn't seem like he will go to sleep. Then he will play. But he is harder to keep happy, needs lots of distraction, and wears out quickly. Usually within an hour he's tired enough to try again for sleep.
alaskamom 4 years ago
Sometimes I wonder if he has occasional "silent reflux"--- where babies spit up in their throats and swallow it back down. He sometimes swallows and swallows and swallows. Tonight he's doing that a lot. Also fussing a ton and won't go to sleep even though it's almost 10pm. He's tired all right, just irritated and agitated and won't go. He's driving me crazy. My other two irritate me about going to bed, they always are reluctant to go to bed or the middle one will cry because he wants me to snuggle and I just want them to be able to have a story, say prayers, hugs and kisses and GO TO BED. My husband and I don't get hardly any time together because it's all kids, all the time. So irritating.
alaskamom 4 years ago

Do you have Nux vomica at home? Try Nux Vomica 30C single dose in the evening. Report back in 5 days.
homeodr 4 years ago
Yes I do have Nux, will dose him up tonight. Thank you!
alaskamom 4 years ago
I also recalled I want to ask, if there are remedies I can give him to help make this surgery easier/faster recovery. It will be in about a month. I was thinking arnica, hypericum perfoliatum, and perhaps Yarrow herbally (Millefolium, homeopathically). I was thinking maybe Agrimony (herbal tincture) for post-op pain.
alaskamom 4 years ago
Hi there,
So baby has been doing better about sleeping (except last night, he woke up several times sxreing and crying like he was hurting). My worry is that he hasn't pooped in 4 days. His norm is every 1 to 2 days, and with the screaming last night I'm worried he's getting backed up. I don't want him to have to get his stool evacuated while under sedation like we had to do before, so I want to keep on top of it. Any suggestions? Before bed last night, I gave him another dose of his laxative tea that has senna, and I expected him to poop this morning, but he didn't. Early this morning he passed some really smelly gas, but nothing more.
alaskamom 4 years ago
Give him laxative tea tonight also. Let mw know if he passes stool next dat or not.

Regarding medicines for pre and post op pain.. I think u can give arnica 30 single dose before surgery and after surgery. Hypercium will work post op as well.. Keep all other remedies handy...
homeodr 4 years ago
Ok, thank you.
alaskamom 4 years ago
Still no poop today. Any suggestions? Doing Miralax, per the pediatric surgeon, but I'm concerned it won't help.
alaskamom 4 years ago
Ok nevermind, he did poop this evening.
alaskamom 4 years ago
Baby is teething and a total grump. Waking often at night, very, very difficult to get to sleep even though he will be yawning and rubbing his eyes, making complaining sounds all the time, wanting to be picked up all the time, resisting sleep. Not even liking being in bed (unless it's to play). He will be exhausted, I'll take him upstairs, and he will refuse even to nurse sometimes because that means he could go to sleep. He will kick, roll around, flail his arms while nursing. So agitated about sleep. His right eye has been bothering him (he's been rubbing it and it's been watering), and his right ear as well (pulling it). His right ear seems to have more wax than usual, and a little darker in color. He normally has prolific ear wax anyway, but this is more than usual. His eczema is still there but somewhat controlled by a lotion I found. As soon as I stop the lotion, it breaks back out again on his legs. His face never really clears with the lotion, just gets a little less rough. So far none of the remedies have done anything for the eczema whatsoever.
alaskamom 4 years ago
I see u started back 4/11/2016
ho w much change =have u seen in symptomology since starting.?

if breast feeding --will treat mum and babe as together-breasfeed effect babe..

if no trouble please list in detail current symptomology of mum and babe..
John Stanton 4 years ago
I would say since the first post, he is some better about the amount of times he wakes in the night, and also some better for his mood during the day, but overall ses to be relapsing back to where he started.

Baby: Eczema is better only because I using a particular lotion on it, but of course comes back if I stop the lotion. The eczema on the legs goes away completely with the lotion, but the face is still dry with the lotion. The lotion, however, prevents the face from breaking out (gets very red/angry looking and the skin gets worse) when exposed to sunlight.
My main complaint at the moment is his sleeping. He fights sleeping pretty hard. I can see he's tired---yawning, running his eyes, grumpy--but he will be so active physically while trying to nurse him to sleep that he will keep himself awake. Rarely, he will even refuse to nurse, almost as if he knows he will fall asleep if he nurses. His arms are flailing around, his legs kicking and pushing, and he will nurse and then roll away. He used to have set times he would nap and a set bedtime---it was around 7pm---but now I have no idea when he will sleep. I have to usually try 2-4 times to get him to sleep. So I carry him upstairs to the bed, try to nurse to sleep, carry him back down to play because he won't go. Play till he gets grumpy again, maybe an hour. Try to nurse to sleep again. Fail again. Now, I tend to put off trying him for bed until he seems exhausted, because it's so annoying to spend so much time trying. He gets maybe 12 or 13 hours of sleep in 24 and it really doesn't seem like enough for an 8 month old. The few times he takes a long nap (most times his naps are only 45 minutes), he seems more cheerful and laid-back. I really think he is just tired a lot, much like his mom.

He is allowed breastmilk only right now until he has surgery to fix a congenital malformation of the anus--called imperforate anus. It's a mild case, but any solid foods he eats cause terrible constipation. He had to be put under sedation and dis-impacted at the hospital. His surgery is the 5th of August. We currently use laxatives anytime he goes too many days without pooping. Even on breastmilk only, there have been a few times he got backed up again and we have had to use laxatives pretty frequently.
He cries at strangers' faces. He started doing this at maybe 3 or 4 months old. He will try to smile at them, and then just burst into tears. I'll pick him up and comfort him, and if he can't see the stranger, he will stop crying. But if he sees them again, he will cry again. It's worse when he's tired or has just woken up. Even with people we know who we've hung out with before, he will cry. With immediate family---me, Dad, brothers---he is just fine and loves to be held, smiled at, talked to, etc. He loves the cat and the dog as well.
The sleeping and the crying about strangers was much improved, and then got worse again after our visit to the hospital about 6 weeks ago. He seemed much more cranky after having his bowels evacuated than he was when he was all backed up so badly. He's still a bit more cranky than I feel is normal for him, but mostly it's the sleeping thing (and crying at strangers again) that is the biggest problem now).

As for myself, I'm not too sure about treating mom and baby together, because what if we need different remedies? Then what do you do?

My biggest complaint is depression, coupled with a lack of energy. I feel like I just plod through each day, grateful when it's over but dreading the next. Rarely feeling rested. Calc carb worked for me at first, but 30c seemed to stop working/caused aggravations and 200c just aggravated. I tried progressive dilutions of both 30c and 200c, and neither made a difference.

The baby wakes me multiple times a night to feed, since he can't have solids, he has to nurse pretty frequently.
Depression or a tendency towards it is a problem for both my mom and my dad, so I figure I was sort of dine in from the start. I also had a lot of pain as an infant/child, and I believe that can put you at risk for psychological disorders down the line. Yay me. I was born with duplicated kidneys and ureters, which wasn't discovered until 3 years old. Apparently it was bothering me all along because I was the screamer as a baby. Always crying, fussing, and did not want to sleep. My mom would let me play in my crib till I'd drop from exhaustion at 1am. She has almost no memory of my first two years of life because the sleep deprivation was so severe. Well, I'm getting paid back for all that now, because my older two were the same way (although nothing wrong with their kidneys or anything else medically wrong). They were awful sleepers and extremely fussy babies. Too bad I didn't know about homeopathy then. Actually we tried for my second son but the homeopath never found a remedy that worked for him. Anyway, I've been pretty sleep deprived over the last 6 years. This third baby is better, much better, but I feel I must just be too depleted from the other two to be able to enjoy him as much as I want.
A week or two ago I started some supplements that have helped a little. Fish/flax/borage oil capsules, Vit B12, and a B vitamin complex. It helped a lot at the very first, the first couple of days being awesome, but now isn't so great, but still better than without. I also take birth control (I definitely do NOT want any more babies), and a low dose of Wellbutrin (50mg/day).
My kidneys have caused me problems my whole life, more or less. I have had two minor surgeries in the last 6 years to correct a ureterocele (small partial blockage in one of the ureters) and, despite it being fixed again recently (December), I had a couple more UTIs since then and my kidneys have been aching often in the interim. My urologist recently put me on daily antibiotics in case of an unresolved infection, or possibly infection of the kidney stone I have (which doesn't seem to pain me). He's talking about possibly removing the problem ureter along with the upper portion of the right kidney it's attached to. Since being on the antibiotics, the kidney pain has reduced dramatically. I still feel like the kidney area is "weak", as in my lower back gets tired easily with carrying the baby and such. But not near as much outright aching as there was.
Since the birth of this third baby, I have been having trouble with a heart arrhythmia, my heart races for apparently no reason. It makes me feel tired often and out of breath. It gets worse with caffeine (I usually have one cup of tea a day), hot showers, and exertion. It started back when I was pregnant with my first, went away after delivery, was present with the next two pregnancies but this time, did not resolve after delivery. I don't like being on blood pressure meds (which slows down my heart) because they kill my already struggling sex drive. My husband is already dissatisfied enough with our sex life and that doesn't need to be any worse.

What else would you like to know? Here is a link to my previous thread. I also have an older thread from back in 2014 when Evocationer was treating me.
Recent thread: http://abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/510030/
Older thread: http://abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/422290/

Depression has been with me for most of the last 10 years or more. It seemed to be triggered when my parents divorced iny early 20s, but I think may have been lurking in the background prior to that. I've been on antidepressants most of that time. Evocationer helped me get off of them, but he seemed to stop practicing and the remedy I was on before stopped working after the birth of this last baby. I'm kind of worried that nothing else will work after the Calc Carb failed so soon.
alaskamom 4 years ago
i will approach this a s fresh start..if we are able have 2-3 weeks without any intervention of surgery--no lotion on skin--no meds at all used for babe or by you--following dietary recommendations--then this will give best opportunity to see any improvement that can be had...in that amount of time--I will know if I can be of help...

1 or all of following are reasons for no response.
(1) medicine chosen incorrect -not homoeopathic to case
(2) maintaining factor in patient's life
(3) medicine false form pharmacy

I am seeking to cover both in tjhis--and inability for stool of child is strongly considered--to avoid surgery--thisis my intent--as well other complaints mentioned..

single dose sulfur
2 pellets 30c in 4 oz water
in drinking glass
stir heavy
1 tablespoon dose

do not repeat dose

due to breastfeeding
only mum is to take this dose
in morning on empty stomach--1/2 hour before eating

no coffee,teas,colas...no caffeine scene at all
no acidic foods and drinks
no other meds/herbs...etc

babe and mum
no skin lotions -topicals of any sort at all
they are suppressive --we will not get far with such being used..

smoking in envirement may effect--

mum encouraged to eat simple quality nutritious meals --as u desire--no extremes in sweets and avoid spices --use simple seasonings--

let me know wher ur at with above and we will take it from there..
John Stanton 4 years ago
Here's the deal.
I can't stop taking Wellbutrin cold turkey. It will give me withdrawals.
I can't stop birth control. I just can't have any more babies, I think I would have a psychological breakdown.
The antibiotics are keeping infection away and keeping the ache away in my kidneys.
The supplements are helping somewhat, and unless I know something else is going to work, I don't want to stop taking them.

We won't be delaying surgery for the baby, we've already waited 6 weeks for it. I'm all for avoiding it, but don't really think that's possible, he has a physical malformation, not just a tendency toward constipation. His anal opening is in the wrong place. It's not centered in the ring of the sphincter muscles; it's offset. It needs to be centered for him to be able to effectively bear down and poop. It's also too small and needs to be made larger.
I can avoid the lotion for now for baby, but that means he's going to have to stay inside instead of going out in the sun. I don't have a natural sunscreen, just a cheap one with fragrance, because its all I can afford. I don't like using it on his compromised skin, so he's just going to have to stay inside. Which is too bad, because he loves the outdoors.
alaskamom 4 years ago
I totally understand u position---no judemnet or any nonsense form me on this..
I just tell --how I approach case--so as u understand where I am at..

I am unable to manage ur case--as I don't see myself able to help --knowing my teachings of what effects treatment--I would be giving false impression ---I am not sure what else say--except

thank u for ur time --
hope someone can see u thru this..

anytime u have question though
just email me-in profile
I willanswer best I can any questions..
John Stanton 4 years ago

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