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Baby 10 months with awful eczema

Hi, Please could you help me. I have a 10 month old boy. His excess started with a little red copy on his cheek at 4.5 months it moved to the other cheek and then he had a very blotchy chest and back. I blame vaccinations and have worked out a very delayed schedule although my husband is adamant we dont stop (i said no to 9 month vaccines and he has had 2 since 4 months)

We have taken him to a dermatologist who says its atopic dermatitis and its contact dermatitis. His pediatrician says its candida. I am also doing NAET with a chio tractor, its taking a long time to see anything infact i fear its getting worse even though i am seeing mild improvement in other areas.

His cheeks are very red. They look like they are burnt on the best of days. He is super itchy and i have to put mittens on to help so he doesnt scratch till he bleeds. HIs legs are also very itchy recently although they look like they are getting better. I am at a loss. the dermatologist gave us a steroid but I’m not using it. it doesnt seem to do anything, she also recommended bleach baths but i can’t bring myself to put my baby in a bath with bleach.

HE is itchy at night and when he is tired. Sleep is better on some nights, he is nursing so he does wake up to nurse. His appitite has got a little better and he is on enzymes and remedies (vibration water) for the NAET we are doing. Please can you help me. I want my baby better. I have tried so many lotions and creams and so things. We are exhausted and my poor baby is so uncomfortable. He shouldnt have to go through this. What would you recommend. Do you think Arnica can help him?
  blulilly on 2016-10-19
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
sulphur 30 . 2 pills three times a day and kali mur 6x 2 tabs three times in addition.

feedback after 4 days.

let me know if the skin has some sort of oozing and what is the consistency after it dries up
anuj srivastava 6 years ago
Thank you for your reply. I will send a pic shortly so you can see what he is going through right now.

1. I forgot to mention that i am almost exlcusively breastfeeding him right now.

2. I am using neem oil on his skin right now. is that a good option to use?

3. Will his NAET remedies interfere with what i will be giving him? it is initially vibration water.
blulilly 6 years ago
When he rubs his skin its like a watery substance. Doesnt smell like anything. His skin used to go back to more of a natural color but for about 5 weeks now its just stayed this very red color. Very irritated looking.
blulilly 6 years ago
I keep forgetting to add things.

He is a very happy baby, he has 2 teeth now and is walking around the house. He has two older siblings whom he loves and plays with happily. He doesnt like to be with new people, he hates the car seat and cries although recently he falls asleep if he is really tired. He likes some foods like broth but not to many things right now. He co steps with me and my older son. He seems to be constantly itchy and if it wasn't for his eczema i think he would be completely happy. When i was pregnant with him i was completely content with my older 2. I was surprised that i was pregnant and i think my then negative feelings were passed to my son. I regret it deeply and wish i hadn't hurt him like that. I adore him, i love him so much and i just want to help him get better. He is such a special person and he doesnt deserve to be going through this. His eczema used to be scary and it used to ooze yellow stuff. But thats stopped. its taken on a whole new image.
blulilly 6 years ago
picture as of now. HE has rubbed and its drying. There may be fluff from clothes also which come off his gloves.
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blulilly 6 years ago
Dear Anuj

Hydrocotyle asiatica in lowest available potency can be added to the prescription. I had remarkable improvement in one case, I handled.

Hi bluelilly

Anuj will continue to treat your child. Mine is only a suggestion, Final decision is his.

gavinimurthy 6 years ago
thanks mr murthy
anuj srivastava 6 years ago
Update: baby is very itchy. He rubs, clear liquid (not smelly) comes out and then his skin dries, scabs and then he rubs again. His legs are blotchy. When I take his clothes off there is all this dead skin falling out.

What is happening? I can't give him any relief from itching, dry skin. His face is red and irritated all day.
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blulilly 6 years ago
is the liquid like honey or transparent?

is it better or worst after bathing?
anuj srivastava 6 years ago
Clear liquid.

During bath it's really red, after bath he is better but dries out quickly unless I wet wrap him
blulilly 6 years ago
in addition start giving kali phos 6x, 2 tabs three times a day and a feed back after 4 days.
anuj srivastava 6 years ago
Please could you let me know what I should be expecting to see? How do I know when there is improvement? Also what general time frame should we be anticipating?
blulilly 6 years ago
time frame ? cannot be predicted.

itching and scaling should reduce.
anuj srivastava 6 years ago
I wanted to let you know. During our allergy elimination muscle testing we found that he is sensitive to my breastmilk proteins? Does that mean I would need to be treated also? What should I be doing? We have been told that we both have leaky gut

He is worst and most uncomfortable after he wakes up. He is itchy all day. He doesn't eat much and apart from his eczema he is a happy baby.

He loved being around people he knows but is cautious around those he doesn't. He fights sleep and only goes to sleep when exhausted. He sleeps next to me and nurses to sleep.

He has been given enzymes for his skin by the chiropracter, should I be stopping that while he is on remedies?

Thank you for your time
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blulilly 6 years ago
kindly pen down all your symptoms,physical and mental from head to toe , to include color of the tongue,sweating ,place of sweating,time of sweating,any burning in the body,location,

period issues , leucorrhea,

frequency of stools,any bleeding.and any other thing you can think of.
anuj srivastava 6 years ago
Ok what I can think of now.

Head is itchy sometimes, hair is always tangled. Sometimes I get dry patch which is scabby on my lower head just befor my neck. I continually scratch that then I leave it and it goes away. In hot weather that happens but rarely.

I get heart burn, my nose is sensitive to dry air and I get dry skin in it which is irritating. I will check tongue and get back to you.

I sweat in my armpits when nervous or hot. My fingers have been aching , they just hurt at times and if I lay in certain positions at night my hand goes numb.

I have had 3 unwanted c sections with my 3 babies., I was told they were to big to move down.

My knees hurt a lot at times, there is no certain timing. My feet get blisters that fill with water then if rubbed they pop the liquid spreads and more pop up. They eventually dry out and I have hugs patches of dry skin on my soles during hot weather.

My life is stressful, I have little to no help with my 3 children. I had postpartum depression which I haven't done anything about. I am in a challenging at many times relationship. I used to be very calm, relaxed and happy. I am currently the opposite.

Stool once a day, normally brown, medium hard. On ocassion brown and very soft.

I don't like loud noises, I don't like to be in confined spaces or around a lot of people.

My period is not predictable but it is every month. It just started again after giving birth 10 months post. No issues, no pain. Ovulation I felt a sharp pain this time. bleefing gums when I brush teeth sometimes
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blulilly 6 years ago
take sepia 200 . 5 pills ones in three days and kali phos 6x, three times a day five pills.

enzyme therapy be stopped for time being pls.
anuj srivastava 6 years ago
any excessive sweating observed in your baby?what time?head or other parts?
anuj srivastava 6 years ago
My baby hates the car seat, he cries a lot. Although I limit my driving as much as I can I have to drive most days. Baby gets hot in the car and sweats on his back and behind neck. This is normally about 3pm

He also sweats at night on his neck and as I swaddle him to stop him from scratching.
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blulilly 6 years ago
will review after a week
anuj srivastava 6 years ago
Is there a difference between Sepia 200c and 200ck?
blulilly 6 years ago
The most common type of dilutions is “C” dilutions (centesimal dilutions).

The K refers to a method of manufacturing known as the Korsakovian method. The Korsakovian method dilutes the homeopathic preparation of the substance at the rate of 1 part of the previous dilution with 99 parts of solvent.

you can take any of them
anuj srivastava 6 years ago
There are two methods in making C potencies. CH and CK. CH is sometimes referred simply as C.

In the CH (Hanemannian) method different vessel is used for each potency.

Korsakov is noted in homeopathic circles as the originator of the Korsakovian method of dilution, which differed from the Hahnemannian dilutions used by (and named for) homeopathy's founder in that it used a single container for a series of dilutions rather than a new container for each. Korsakov also used dilutions higher than those previously used (30C and higher). Dilutions made using his method are commonly designated with the letter "K", e.g. 15CK.

In koraskov's method, the contents are simply emptied out. The liquid that sticks to the sides is added with the water/alcohol again, and successed to make the next potency. This process is repeated till the required potency is made. The Koraskov' s method works out to be cheaper and makes mechanisation easier and faster.

gavinimurthy 6 years ago
If you carefully preserve a bottle which contained a remedy, you can use it forever. Simply empty the remaining contents, add some water and succuss it about 100 times, and take a spoonful out of it as a dose.

This can be very useful, when you need a remedy in a hurry. Dr.Luc used remedies like this in Africa, and never ran out of remedies, despite treating thousands of people in camps.

gavinimurthy 6 years ago
Thank you for the explanation Murthy! I will get Sepia 200ck because I can't find just c
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blulilly 6 years ago

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