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How many hours does he sleep in whole day?
homeodr 3 years ago
He sleeps about 10 hours at night and about 3 hours total for naps. So 13 hours altogether.

Rom, no, you're not intruding at all, and I appreciate the advice. Yes were cosleeping.

Most of the time there is no getting him to sleep if hes not ready. If I really want to be persistent, I might spend an hour rocking, shushing, bouncing, nursing, patting, swaying, and singing, and I just *might* get him to go to sleep earlier than normal, but even with that, it's not a sure thing. Most times I give up after a half an hour. So even though it's all well and good to get baby more sleep, it's easier said than done.
alaskamom 3 years ago
He has been extremely grumpy today. I have had enough of it so I have been ignoring a lot of it.
About an hour ago, he was so cranky that I gave him Ibuprofen, Benadryl and Agrimony (Agrimonia) herbal tincture all at the same time. I had had it with him. Then about half hour later, I got him to sleep, even though he still fought it pretty hard and grumbled/complained really loudly while nursing. Then he woke up not 20 minutes later crying. But I'm nursing home back to sleep now.
alaskamom 3 years ago
I hear ya on the 'easier said than done!'

I think the schedules are nice guidelines, but in reality life is rarely lived on a strict schedule. It just happens the way it happens lol.

I feel for ya. Just remember everything is just a phase and will pass eventually, and try to cherish the moments that your little one needs you today. :)
Feel free to email me if you ever want to talk!
rom109 3 years ago
Thanks, Rom :)

Actually, he did excellently today. I was shocked. He ate well, much better than before, and was much happier. It sure helped me have a better day, too.
alaskamom 3 years ago
So the one good day passed. The baby isn't fussing all day long, but he seems very easily upset. He is very LOUD. He is loud when being happy, and then when something doesn't go his way, he is LOUDLY unhappy about it, sometimes bursting into tears if he can't have what he wants or is told No. He still has a tooth that has not erupted.
I've noticed he has a chronically dry patch of skin under the last two or three toes on each foot. His big toenails tend to rip/tear the corner off if I don't keep them very short. Im not sure what age the toenails start to thicken up from being soft at birth. But they do easily tear. His skin overall is slightly dry, though he doesn't have eczema anymore.
His tongue has always had a thick, white coat. It turned yellow for a little while during the last illness but now seems back to white.
He is back to tending towards having an inactive colon. His stool is soft, but he just doesn't have an urge to go for several days unless I give him laxatives. And if I don't do that, his stool will get hard.
His sleep is awful right now.
He wakes every two hours all night, shortening to every hour toward morning (between 5am-8am). He wakes fussing, and only wants to nurse. Doesn't want cuddled, patted or shushed, only nursing will do.
He fights sleep very, very hard and last night stayed awake till 11:30 pm. That was because he fought the afternoon nap, even though he was tired at 3pm ,and then was exhausted at 6pm and feel asleep for an hour.
Lately he had been occasionally taking a long afternoon nap, sleeping maybe 3 hours, then wakes up and is grumpy the rest of the evening. Not sure how a baby can get TOO much sleep, especially for him who fights sleep so much.
Any little tiny distraction, and he stays wide awake.
He is always thrashing and rolling around while nursing as well, like he's trying hard to stay awake. He lets go and turns away several times a session, and usually I have to let him play another hour or two and try again, repeating that several times before he finally falls asleep.

I and the baby were gone for a couple of days on a ladies' retreat, and when we got back my husband said he didn't really miss the baby, because he's so grumpy, cranky, and whiny all the time. Sad. But it's true.
alaskamom 3 years ago
Also, I gave him a dose of Pulsatilla 200c on Thursday. A very watered-down dose. I didn't want him crying at all the strangers at the ladies'retreat, and it did help a lot.
alaskamom 3 years ago
Any improvement in his bowel movements, grumpiness and sleep after pulsatilla dose?
homeodr 3 years ago
No real improvement in anything that I could tell, except in the crying at strangers, that was much better.
alaskamom 3 years ago
Well, baby did a lot better last night.
alaskamom 3 years ago
Good..lets wait and see how long the improvement lasts...
homeodr 3 years ago
It only lasted about a day or two. He is still really grumpy, but only waking 3 or 4 times a night now, as opposed to 5 or 6 before. However he still fights sleep terribly and though he acts tired, will refuse to fall asleep and resist all efforts until he is exhausted.
He also is very clingy, whiny and grumpy all day, wanting and wanting and wanting this or that or the other, never seeming quite happy for long with any of it.
alaskamom 3 years ago
Do u have Cina 30c or 200C handy?
Usually cina child is very stubborn, will be quieted with anything you do.. He would always want this or that all the time..
If you have it just give a single dose ..
homeodr 3 years ago
Yes, I do, I have 200c on hand. I will give it a try in the morning, thank you!
alaskamom 3 years ago
Well, I am noticing now after he has been sleeping, that he's coughing and waking up from coughing. My husband says it sounds croupy. It seemed like a tight cough with a little rattling.
We were all outside earlier today, it was a cold, windy day. His eyes and nose were watering when he was out there. Also his nose has seemed stuffy/congested at night or when he's laying down. He seems to have a little bit of difficulty breathing freely through the nasal passages. Every few days a big dry booger will loosen up that I can get out.
I'm wondering if I should still try the Cina, or something else now that the cough has started?
alaskamom 3 years ago
Is it a dry cough or wet one? Is there any fever? How is his appetite and thirst?
Explain his behavior at this time?
homeodr 3 years ago
Sorry for the delay. I wanted to watch him for a few days because his cough was only just for a few minutes at night and in the morning.
Right now his cough has thick yellowish-whitish sputum, has progressed to where he is coughing some during the day instead of just a little at night (a wet cough). It got worse today after being in the baby nursery at church. Seems like perhaps worse after a fright? We are trying putting him in nursery so I don't have to hold him the whole church service. He still cries hard at seeing strangers and acquaintances, and I think it's hard for him to get left with someone for 45 minutes.
He is cutting two teeth.
We are in the process of moving, so everything is in a state of upheaval.
His sleep is very restless, which is typical for teething. He is eating well still, he loves food.
He is still seeming to have slow transit of stool, and while it is still mostly soft, it gets very thick and he has such a hard time pushing it out. Only gets a little out at a time unless I give him a laxative. I give him prunes every day, but that's not enough to help him stay regular. He goes only every other day, sometimes every 3rd day without regular laxatives (about 2-3 times a week using Miralax).
alaskamom 3 years ago
Tonight he's got a slight fever, maybe 100°. And taking lots of naps, much more than normal.
alaskamom 3 years ago
Do you have biochemic cell salts like Kali Mur, Kali sulp. and Ferrum phos handy?

If you have these give him Kali Mur 6X 2 tablets in the morning and Ferrum phos 6x 2 tablets afternoon and evening for 3 days.
Dissolve these tablets in a teaspoon of water and let him swallow it.
homeodr 3 years ago
I don't have any of those. We are waiting to get paid by my husband's boss, so I can't purchase anything yet, but hopefully soon.
alaskamom 3 years ago
Hi there,
I'm wondering what best way to antidote Pulsatilla 200c. I gave some to him, thinking it might help with his symptoms, but it seemed to make things worse. I think he is proving the remedy now, because all his symptoms and his mood seem to be Pulsatilla. I gave the 200c about 5 days ago, with a worsening of symptoms the next day. Yesterday I gave Pulsatilla 30c to try to antidote it. Today he seems even more pitiful and whiny and "poor me" than yesterday. What should I do now?
alaskamom 3 years ago
I should mention, I took him to the doc a couple days ago, and he has an ear infection. I've been using cottonwood bud oil and lavender essential oil well-diluted to combat it. It seems it's not hurting him as much, but he seems whiny, clingy and "woe is me" even more today. I think it's from the Pulsatilla, because it sure seems to fit that type.
alaskamom 3 years ago
Well, I'm starting antibiotics. I tried a dose of Chamomila 200c last night and he's still just as bad as ever. I'm completely worn out from dealing with a whiny, clingy baby all day. It's just going on and on and on and I have no more patience. If you have any ideas of how to get him feeling better, I'd like to know.
alaskamom 3 years ago

Chamomila and Nux vomica are good antidotes for Pulsatilla.

Since you have given him Chamomila already it is better to wait for one more day to see if it could antidote the effect of Puls.
Or else you can give him Nux vomica 30 or 200c single dose.

Also if possible get Sanicula 30c or 200c. This is another remedy that will help to reduce his grumpiness, whining, and physical problems like constipation as well.
homeodr 3 years ago
Thank you! It seems he is improved now, so maybe the Cham did work.
alaskamom 3 years ago
Don't give any more doses. just wait and watch.
homeodr 3 years ago

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