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This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
I totally understand u position---no judemnet or any nonsense form me on this..
I just tell --how I approach case--so as u understand where I am at..

I am unable to manage ur case--as I don't see myself able to help --knowing my teachings of what effects treatment--I would be giving false impression ---I am not sure what else say--except

thank u for ur time --
hope someone can see u thru this..

anytime u have question though
just email me-in profile
I willanswer best I can any questions..
John Stanton 4 years ago
Too bad. Thanks anyway.
alaskamom 4 years ago
I don't understand the need to stop everything cold turkey in order to be able to be treated. Especially with something like Wellbutrin. If I stop that I'm going to start feeling suicidal. Being as how homeopathy seems to take time to pin down the right remedy, I don't see that as a viable option, especially with me home most of the day alone with 3 small children. And what would you have me do instead of birth control? At some point, my husband and I would like to do something permanent, but right now either me or him having to have surgery is just not ideal. He has to work and I have to take care of the kids.
alaskamom 4 years ago
if u are on substance/medicine --and stopping has ill effects--but interferes with totality healing --then a slow removal process-is the approach-but that is very demanding --I mean we want results ..right? or at least best chance for results--thing s happen enough without complicating--don't worry about my words--just filling u in as to what to look for in treatment...homoeopathically--not pseudo homoeopathy--
and as u are breastfeeding babe --babe gets same med u take in his scene--this is mesing with symptomology--I don't care who says otherwise --it is true...
so all need be committed to a course of action...if weaning is the thing then --piece by piece----I use organon for my guide and my thinker --

I tel u what ---u see if anyone can help--if they cant --then u email me --we will do case form there piece by piece--
John Stanton 4 years ago
But the baby can't be weaned. He is not allowed solid foods and formula would constipate.
alaskamom 4 years ago
And yes, a slow removal process would be the way to approach the Wellbutrin. While simultaneously providing something to help in the meantime. Else removing the only thing that's helping is just making the patient worse. I can't afford feeling worse in the interim. I don't have the free time to sit around contemplating suicide while my husband watches that I don't kill myself.
alaskamom 4 years ago
Anyway, I suppose it's useless to argue since that is just your way.
alaskamom 4 years ago
no --we don't want to argue---
I know my limitations --when come sto other meds being used really tough scene--homoeopathy will have very limited effects--typically will see some improvement and then stops---change potency --stops--or aggravation--such as u described about calc..

wht ai suggest -if u are going to use homoeopathy is read organon of medicine (Samuel Hahnemann )
it will shed muchlight on proper use of homoeopathy...I find that most reliable source...being he is founder...of homoeopathy as healing art..


a lot to this --most don't follow --and leave spatients on long circle --

the point about allo meds and such used is in

aphorism 259-263 and footnotes
John Stanton 4 years ago
Too bad I didn't know about homeopathy till 10 years into depression. Now kind of stuck...oh well. On to something else I suppose.
alaskamom 4 years ago
no ur not stuck----just a long road--
think /pray on this..decide if u ar ewilling get into this --with all the stuff that is already goin on in ur life...once u figure that out --
I will help u --once u ar e ready for the long road..
this is best I can do --
well best will be to actually help u into new groovy scene of life..
I think u get my words..
John Stanton 4 years ago
Well I am stuck more or less just blindly trying to figure out my own way, since I can't afford to see an herbalist or homeopath, or do acupuncture or anything else. Once in awhile I can afford to buy a remedy or two, but that's about it. If homeopathy can't help me where I am then I'll have to find some other modality. Herbs maybe, though I don't know which one may work. Keep trying is all I can do and try to keep hoping that it will get better.
alaskamom 4 years ago
think on this --relax and get some sleep if can..

like I say--email me when u want get into this --as mentioned..

and if u need just get things off mind --just throw ur thought s my way-- I will tell u where its at cat..
John Stanton 4 years ago
There's nothing to think on. I don't have an option to stop birth control, and stopping the other meds is not advisable. Unless you have some plan for me on how I'm going to manage withdrawals, and something to keep me from getting pregnant (aside from abstinence), it's not going to happen.
alaskamom 4 years ago
ok --i get it
John Stanton 4 years ago
It apparently appears that you are treating someone else by getting clues from this forum which is inappropriate.
[message edited by anuj srivastava on Fri, 29 Jul 2016 17:29:05 UTC]
anuj srivastava 4 years ago
I don't understand your comment.
alaskamom 4 years ago
Are you referring to me?
alaskamom 4 years ago
nah --must be me--he is just assuming --suspicious thinking
he needs treat that ...it will catch up with him..if don't treat soon--and if has been this way in norm--then ---who knows..
John Stanton 4 years ago
john you require treatment for many ailments and the superiority inferiority complex which is compelling you to behave the way you have been ,ever since you joined even after being admonished by the moderator .some people do not like to change they think they are GODs.

Some people like you operate in different names in the forum scratching each others back ,dont you .

[message edited by anuj srivastava on Sat, 30 Jul 2016 13:53:42 UTC]
anuj srivastava 4 years ago
a false witness u are sir..
as such it is between Allah and u.

u continue prctising
anu -opathy

I will still seek understand homoeopathy as taught by Hahnemann..

may be u have elevated u mind to ur own science
..I have not ..I need guidance --so I use organon continuously..

read urself some day --and see how u match up..but of course it is easier making false claims ..
John Stanton 4 years ago
you are the clone of FITNESS.Keep on scratching each others back in the name of Allah.

False Claim?Are you Allah to give a verdict on false claims?

If you have the guts better operate as you are without changing your caste and name.
anuj srivastava 4 years ago
Hi HomeoDr, just wondering if I could get help for the baby as well. He is very fussy. Teething, and at the end of a long illness. Wants to be constantly held, does not want to entertain himself for more than a few minutes. Always crying and fussing about something. He has been sleeping worse--waking more often, waking up crying, restless, and not wanting to fall asleep. Only falls asleep when exhausted, and after many tries to put him to bed. He won't take his afternoon nap until very late, and then is up until 10:30pm. Then sleeps till about 8:30am. He only sleeps about 10 hours at night, seems too short to me, sometimes only 9 hours. And is grumpy all day. He started out doing this after his first hospitalization some months ago, but it's worse now from the recent illness he still hasn't gotten over. I tried Chamomila 200c about 2 weeks ago and didn't see improvement. Prior to that I had tried Pulsatilla 200c for seeming afraid of strangers. It seemed to help, but the next day he started having greenish-yellow nasal discharge. That was the beginning of this illness (which we all have had). He still gets dried green boogers in his nose and has a little cough in the mornings. Some nasal congestion at night. His intestines have slowed down since the illness as well, I have been having to use laxatives frequently. The stool is soft, though, just not forthcoming.
I'm wondering if his ears might still be bothering him some, he scratches them now and then.
alaskamom 3 years ago
Also his eyes are still a bit goopy in the mornings (seems that for all the boys, some sort of eye infection or possibly tear duct infection was part of the illness). His eyes don't seem to be bothering him--he doesn't really rub them or anything.
alaskamom 3 years ago
Posts by alaskamom seem more of trying hand at story writing than her concern for her child. It is time homeodr threw in the towel.
radhey1504 3 years ago
Ok. a quick question,
does he become quiet after being carried or he remains grumpy still?
homeodr 3 years ago
He seems happy with being carried.
alaskamom 3 years ago

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