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He seems happy with being carried.
alaskamom 3 years ago
Give him Arsenic Album 30c single dose - 1 drop in 1 spoon of water.

Arsenic should help to reduce his grumpiness and most of the physical ailments.

Report back in 5-6 days.
homeodr 3 years ago
Great, thank you!
Once again I am put of the 30c of this remedy (I use the 30c of remedies most often and can't always afford to buy more). I assume 200c is OK?
alaskamom 3 years ago
Ok that should work..
homeodr 3 years ago
Ok thanks.
alaskamom 3 years ago
Hey there,
Should I be seeing any improvement yet? His nighttime sleep is still really horrible. I guess he's slightly better during the day.
alaskamom 3 years ago
Is there any improvement in nasal congestion, bowel movements ?
Wait for few more days until we can see the complete action of the remedy.
homeodr 3 years ago
Bowels seem better, he went yesterday without laxatives.
Nose seems unchanged, still a bit stuffy. Maybe a little less on the dried boogers, though.
He is fighting sleep really hard at every turn.
But I will wait a bit more.
alaskamom 3 years ago
David is still really grumpy during the day most times, and still very hard to get to sleep at night. I don't think he's one bit improved on sleep. His bowels seem to be the only thing improved. He fights sleep very hard, thrashing around and wanting to sit up and roll around. I nurse him, rock him, pat him, bounce him, and if I'm lucky, he might go to sleep. Then he wakes up every two hours all night long, crying and I nurse him back to sleep. He wakes up too early in the morning, and then is grumpy. But fights a nap, until maybe 3 or 4 hours later when he is too tired to stay awake. All day he wants picked up and held and cries about the least little thing. He is so heavy, he's giving me neck and back pain from carrying him all the time.
alaskamom 3 years ago
OK so baby actually went to sleep really well at bedtime tonight. We'll see how the rest of the night goes.
alaskamom 3 years ago
That's good..
Let the remedy acts completely..No more doses right now.
homeodr 3 years ago
alaskamom 3 years ago
The baby has still been very grumpy during the day, and now has been constipated for two to three days. I have him laxatives yesterday evening, but he hasn't gotten much poop out yet.
alaskamom 3 years ago
And now he is crying and screaming with each poop. His bottom is red and sore from pooping so many little poops instead of one big one each day. He is trying to go every few minutes but only gets a tiny amount out. It seems soft, but I wonder if there is a big dry chunk stuck up there that he can't get out.
alaskamom 3 years ago
I think the crying and screaming was mostly because his bottom was sore. I put some numbing cream on him and he stopped screaming.
alaskamom 3 years ago
No, I take that back, he is still screaming when he tries to poop.
alaskamom 3 years ago
I think something else is bothering him along with constipation issue, which is making him grumpier day by day.
It is very important to figure out the other reason for this grumpiness.

Have you noticed any thing that makes him cry?
homeodr 3 years ago
Someone yelling loud makes him cry; a sudden loud bang or noise; when startled, he will cry and scoot fast toward me (he scoots instead of crawls). He cries when he's tired and isn't allowed to do what he wants. When he's already grumpy, any little slight or not being able to have his way, he cries.
He loves to go outside, so when someone goes out without him, he may cry as the door shuts.
He may cry if told "No" very firmly.
He sometimes cries in the night if he wakes up and I'm not immediately there to nurse him back to sleep. He will scoot across the pillows looking for me, crying.
He often cries when I leave the room.
alaskamom 3 years ago
I was wondering if he has been going through some physical complaints (other than constipation issue) as well that is making him grumpy probably.
homeodr 3 years ago
I think probably so. Seems like he's all cleaned out of poop, but still very grumpy. He is cutting two teeth, but in the past, when he was more balanced emotionally, teething didn't bother him. Plenty has happened since then, including this most recent illness (that is pretty much over now), to throw him out of balance, though.
alaskamom 3 years ago
He also seems to have a little less appetite than normal.
alaskamom 3 years ago
I forgot to add, he is nursing more often instead of eating much solid food.
alaskamom 3 years ago
His sleep is getting worse. Aside from wanting to nurse frequently at night, he now is waking up for an hour in the night around 3am, getting back to sleep at 4am. He is still whiny and clingy during the day.
I've noticed that his tongue has a thick yellowish-brown coat. It has always been a thick white coat ever since his third day of life when my milk came in.
His bowels are still sluggish. Even with eating prunes, and not much starch, and mostly breastmilk, hes still straining hard to go and going a couple of days in between stooling. I would say his stool is thick, but soft.
alaskamom 3 years ago
Also he's straining hard to only pass a small amount of stool, so I'll have to give laxatives again.
alaskamom 3 years ago
Hiya-- I don't mean to hijack your thread, so ignore me if I'm disrupting...

I was just noticing your son's sleep habits are very similar to my sons. We are doing the co sleeping thing-- sounds like you are too...??
My son wakes up in the night often and cries/whimpers looking for me and wanting to nurse. He still wakes up at least three times a night to nurse. It's hard!

But I wanted to tell you, aside from homeopathy, I recently was given a book that was pretty helpful. I disagree about his methods, but the book is called "Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child".

He says that up until around 1 year, a baby's nap schedule should be (according to his sleep studies) 6-7AM wake up, 9-10AM first nap for at least an hour. Second nap 1-2pm, and early bedtime around 6-8pm. Total sleep time for babe being around 12 hours a day, at least.
He says that an early bedtime actually helps them sleep longer at night. And that getting naps in during the day improves night sleep quality.

So the part I don't agree with is leaving your baby to cry it out to figure out how to fall asleep for an indefinite amount of time at night. And he also recommends letting them cry for up to one hour during the day for each nap, and if they don't go to sleep then oh well until the next nap time.

However it works for you and your family...but getting the little dears to sleep before they are over tired is key, he says.

I found that, if I personally can stick to this schedule it is really beneficial, and my son does sleep better at night and is less whiny/clingy during the day.

Don't know if you've already heard any of this or tried any of it....if you have then just ignore me! lol Just passing on a friendly word if I can be of any help!
Best wishes
rom109 3 years ago
How many hours does he sleep in whole day?
homeodr 3 years ago

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