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excessive hyperacidity

hi i m john . i m 21 yrs old.
i m suffering from excessive hyperacidity from the last 3 yrs. the symptons are -
1.excessive hunger, feeling hungry after 1 hr of eating
2. excessive belching after eating and when stomach empty also.if no belching occurs it leads to over excessive flatulence(about 5-7 times in one go).
3. always gurgling sound in stomach which goes on increasing to the night.
5. excessive offensive flatulence almost 40-50 times a day.
6. whenever i feel hungry after sometime gurgling sound felt in stomach. after eating these sounds shift downwards. and ultimately get out of my body as flarts.

7. wind is formed inside stomach(not in intestine
) with the slightest heavy meal after 20 to 30 mins.
8. excessive fltulence more during morning and evening and bfore bed.

thera are certain tests conducted.-
endoscopy preavailed nothing-
all stomach parts clear with no imlammation.
ultrasound clear.
gi series clear.
stool test - hyperacidity.
h pylori +ive.

i never had acid reflux or heartburn. theres no pain in any part of my whole abdomen.

it all started simultanously with an urinary infection.
urinary infection got treated itself by my body but stomach troubles has lasted till date.

my stomaoh got upset much before bcoz i was put into antibiotics and painkillers for sinusitis regime for 6 months which made my stomach's health. after that sinusitis was cured by nux vomica 5 yrs back. i never suffered from gas problems even if i had hyperacidity.

after geting into this health calmity 3 yrs back.. i visited homeopathic doctor.
they gave me carbo veg , nux, robinia, lyco,etc in different potencies and doses. but no
thing had worked nor had slightest effect.

currently i m on natrum phosph 2 tab 2 times .
i had nat phosph in higher dose and potencies but nothing worked.

allopathic doctor said that actually theres no disease its only due to stress. but i dnt hav nething dat put me in stress.
acidity is so much that antacid works for only 15 mins. ( dint dare to continue it bcoz of its effect on kidney).

now every part in my body appears to be normal exvept the stomach.
  johngig on 2009-01-18
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Sulphur 200c,a doses 12 hour apart.Only five doses and post the result after 7 days.
sajjadakram635 last decade
Sulphur 200c in pellets or liquid???
johngig last decade
Either.makes no difference.
sajjadakram635 last decade
Dear Johngig,

Are you a selfish person?
Are you lazy?
You do not mind staying dirty?
You are egoistic?
You are very intelligent?
gumby last decade
it is only from stress factor please detail about your family & wrk history.
for exessive flatulance u can try CHINA 30 FoR 7 days 5 pills 3 times aday.
NAT PHOS is very good medicine for hyperacidity but u do not mention potency which u take???? please reply
jainil2006 last decade
'for exessive flatulance u can try CHINA 30 FoR 7 days 5 pills 3 times aday.
NAT PHOS is very good medicine for hyperacidity but u do not mention potency which u take????'

The principles of homeopathy clearly state the totality has to be kept into consideration and a whole picture has to be created , bearing in mind the mental symptoms.

I do not understand how a remedy can be given for a single symptom and another for a specific symptom?
gumby last decade
Johny has to mention his body type? height,weight,BMI/thin/fat etc.
About his known harmonal symptoms,
Stress timings, worse timings,
about his anger, reasons etc,
sleep, sex etc.

shiverings ? sinkin feeling,vertigo during acidity?

and a lot more;

Post all this information yo Jhony Boy....eventhough I hope you get well by the time you answer these questions and of other doctors;
sorahamsha last decade
everthing -ive except last one

nat phos 6x tablets

bmi-19(six months back)
thin(but very much)
stress timings, worse timings-whenever acidity starts
anger-never got into it easily
no sex life
vertigo during acidity-ya
and yes yesterday i started sulphur 4 doses....
it has worsen the case
with added sympton like heartburn, constipation which never existed before.
till now 4 doses completed.
johngig last decade
Dr. Sajjad Akram would have got some reason to suggest sulphur.
May be he was trying to raise your system response.

I'd like to hear what gumby and Sajjad Akram have to say on this.

Mean while tell me whether you get these when acidity starts : -->sweating?anxious?Dizziness?Urging to urinate ?urging to pass stool?
sorahamsha last decade
Did you ever observe your acidity attacks decreased in intensity or frequency, after
a semen ejaculation?

Does a intense sexual thought have any affect on your acidity intensity or frequency?
sorahamsha last decade
If you want the sulphur aggravations to stop, please take Nux Vom 200 two times with a gap minimum 6 hours in between and the second dose at night before sleep.
sorahamsha last decade
avoid coffee totally for some days if you want conditions to improve.

Take a dose of Nux first and please answer the following questions about pre- sulphur intake conditons:

What do you do? student?
what is your routine activity?
when do you go for sports?
do you do any workout?
are you a mental mental work guy?
what makes you so much stressed?
you get stressed at the coming events?
how do you feel in crowds and traffic?
were you taking any drugs like opium,heroine,cocaine etc before?
how many times you drink tea or coffee in a day?
what types of food you like the most?
what type of food gives you much discomfort?
what about alcohol intake?
favor wine?brandy?beer?vodka?visky?
sorahamsha last decade
do you have anemia ?
hypo/hyper thyroidism ?
do you feel loss of control upon mind or body during acidity attacks?
when do you feel more stressed out?evening?noon?
desire for sweets?chacolates?
do you look more aged than your actual age?
any intolerance towards heat?

feel time passes slowly or quickly?
want to do things in a hurry?
Do you often misunderstand others?
Do you dance in parties or room?
Do you feel headache after dancing?
any eye vision problems?
Desire cheese or salty food to eat when stressed or acidic or normally?
Any weakness of legs/calves?Pains?

Do you walk or stand unsteadily sometimes?
Do you feel your arms numb during acidity or normally?

Do you dream of snakes?
Good dreams?
Dreams of what kind?
sorahamsha last decade
when acidity starts : -->sweating?anxious?Dizziness?Urging to urinate ?urging to pass stool?-negative
ya i have marked that whevever theres some sexual thought it increases the acidity.
infact when it all started, i was getting nightfalls almost daily. i never used to masterbate. but due to nightfalls i started it and then never again got any of it. even doc prescribed me phos acid 30 for it. probably after that it cured my nightfalls and uti.
still i get sexualy excited easily.
i dnt take coffee or tea.
ya i m a student in iit.
a 3rd yr student in mech dep.
and u can now imagine the life out there.
i go out for jogging early at 6:30 am.
then go for classes.
by evening i go for lawn tennis.
ya i also do software designing which i submit to an american software company.
no i dnt get stressed so easily.
but one thing is there i usualyy avoid to attend social events bcoz of that embarrassing excessive flatulence.
liitle bit desire for sweets.
loves honey bcoz it decreases my acidity to some extent.
but my blood sugar level is normal.
fearful- darkness( only wen i m alone in my room at night time i never switch off the light)
feel time passes quickly
i want to do things in a hurry.
no i dnt misunderstand others.
ya i m quite more interested in dancing ( i m a dancer).
no headaches after dancing.
ya i suffer from only myopia
power -1.75. (since i was 14)
i dnt desire any salty food .
no wekness in legs.
in fact calcium and phosphorous levels are normal.
i love walking.usuall i walk about 5 km daily.
no dreams.
whenever i close my eyes for sleeping, when i open my eyes its morning and nothing in between it.
sometimes only i feel my arms numb after acidity.
johngig last decade
Ok Johny Techie,

If you have used Nux Vom 200,
take a dose of Argentum Nitricum 1M (6 pills a dose) early morning or before sleep at night.

only one dose

important note:
Argentum Nitricum may be antidoted by intake of milk/milk solids so please avoid tea,coffee,chocolates,creams etc. It's hard to avoid but it's worthy.
sorahamsha last decade
you can take curd yogurt lussy etc.there is no problem .
sorahamsha last decade
but i have taken arg nit before but in potency of 30 and 200.
after taking i feel little pain over stomach which subsidize gradually. i t liitle bit improved my condition but doc had stoped
after taking only 3 doses.
johngig last decade
i usually take curd.
but whenever i take probiotics which are there in yoghurt( i no its synthetic)
my stomach conditions worsens.
probably lactacid bacilli increases the ph to some extent.
johngig last decade
when did you take argentum nitricum 200 how many doses and intervals ?
sorahamsha last decade
which poetency of argentum nitricum gave you stomach discomfort ?
sorahamsha last decade
about 3 months back
four pellets two times.
johngig last decade
try argentum nitricum 6 ;see the reaction;
meanwhile I'd brain storm if any other remedy fits.
sorahamsha last decade
i cant understand
johngig last decade
what's the dose?
johngig last decade
the dose is

argentum nitricum 6 c pills

write this on a paper and show to the pharmacist.

he'll give your
sorahamsha last decade

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