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the dose is

argentum nitricum 6 c pills

write this on a paper and show to the pharmacist.

he'll give your
sorahamsha last decade
as you have used 200 and 30 earlier,
now use 6 th potency;

one dose = 5 pills

daily three doses.
sorahamsha last decade
actually u took me in the wrong way.
'meanwhile I'd brain storm if any other remedy fits'
i ddnt understand it.
johngig last decade
oh that..i meant that i'm going to see for some other medicine if argentum nitricum 6c too causes discomfort.
sorahamsha last decade
i ave taken arg nitricum 6c last two days. feeling little pain over stomach. little headache on the right forehead over my eyes. feeling like i have taken some anti-constipation pills.
acidity little bit reduced.
johngig last decade
take like this:

argentum nitricum 6C-->morning and afternoon ;

nux vom 30c-->at night before sleep;

continue for a week and report;


if anything new happens;
sorahamsha last decade
one week gone
headache has improved.
but acidity has not improved.
johngig last decade
got your feedback
sorahamsha last decade
answer the below questions:

when would you get acidity?after taking food?on empty stomach? before taking food? how much time before/after food? do you get nausea then? any vomting sensation during acidity?

Is your acidity worst in the morning when you wake up?Do you get nausea or burning sensation in the morning when you wake up?

what type of food you like to eat? list the items.

when would you feel low spirited?

Do you still get sexually excited? Is it more after taking food? or on empty stomach?

Do you feel hungry at midnight?
sorahamsha last decade
what type of drink you want to drink often?cool drinks?hot drinks? warm drinks?
wine/beer ?

do you have any memory problem?any absent mindedness ?

what makes you angry?what makes you sexually excited?

you fear to be alone?
you don't like to be alone?

fear thunderstorms? fear lightening?fear dogs? fear any animal or insect?

any homesickness?
sorahamsha last decade
acidity before food
acidity relieved by food
no nausea no vomiting
infact never vomited in life
acidity worst in the morning
no burning sensation ever felt. low spirited during acidity. (everytime) no relation of sexual exitement with food intake. profusely hungry at midnight. no wine beer. often cool drinks. dnt like hot.memory problem is enormous. always absent minded. never get angry easily. i fear to be alone.but i like to be alone.fear dogs. no homesickess. one more thing never got fever last three years.
major sympton:- there is always rumbling sound in stomach whenever i get acidity. gas is produced even in empty stomach.
doctor used to say that gas is produced bcoz of incomplete digestion of food. but i am puzzled how can gas be produced in empty stomach after waking up.
after rumbling sound produced in stomach. it either gradually moves down the alimentary canal and finally getting out of the anus as flatus or comes ot as belching. belching in empty stomach!!!
ultrasound study has confirmed that the rumbling is made up of liquid and gas which is formed in the lower part of the stomach. how can acid be coverted into gas alone in stomach and that too only in the lower part.
chemistry is not going good here. doc once said that it might be due to bile reflux into the stomach. he pointed out that biocarbonate ions in bile juice neutralize acids producing gas which shuold have taken place in duodenum naturally producing co2 gas which in fact shud hav absorbed by the body in intestine. but its nt taking place. doctor atlast pointed out that i have bile ruflux and low intestinal absorption but no acid reflux. but it contradicts the fact that i never got wieghtloss. almost same weight last seven yrs. never got anaemia. never got nething related to absorption deficiency. never felt any pain in my abdomen including stomach. usually i m a half marathon runner. i never get tired easily. i recover fast from panting after running even 10 kms nd never get tired after that.
johngig last decade
got your info.
sorahamsha last decade
I'll be back in a day;
sorahamsha last decade
plz help
johngig last decade
hey john,
did you use carbo veg before ? for the stomach problem or for any other problem?
If yes, please mention the potency(power: 30/200 etc.) and the frequency of the dosage;

about your belching, what is it like? rotten eggs? odor of food eaten? sour?

examine your tongue in the mirror thrice(morning,afternoon and at night) in a day; report if you find any white/yellow/brown coating on the tongue;

do you have an aversion towards milk/meat/fat food ?

what is the general color of the stool ?

any burning sensation at the anus while passing/before/after the stool?

do you have any constipation?

Do you feel the stomach conditions worse on eating meat/fat food/fries/milk/coffee/fruit juice/butter ?

Do you feel relieved after passing flatulence or eructing wind?

about your legs, do you have the habit of moving your legs most of the time?
sorahamsha last decade
do you feel that the belching or flatulence is hot/warm ?

you said you like cool drinks; Do they give temporary relief from your stomach problem?
sorahamsha last decade
i took carbo veg in all its potency 6, 30, 200 even 1m.
never worked. only made flatulence more offensive and never cured anything. its the highest i ever used in different times.
belching is odorless before food. but have the odor of food after meal.
tongue is always white.
no aversion.
the stool olour changes daily. but usually its little greenish.
constipation is there liitle bit. if laxatives are taken it leads to loose motion.
burning after stool.
worse on eating meat, milk, fries, coffee, fruit juice,
but nt butter.
feel relieved after passing flatulence, eructing wind.
moving legs most of the time.
flatulence is warm but nt belching. cold drinks relieves for some time only.
johngig last decade
studying your info
sorahamsha last decade
do you observe any bloating of abdomen before/after eating ? which part is bloated? upper/lower/whole?

have you ever used China(homeo medicine 'Cinchona Oficinalis') before? what potency?

do you feel hungry at early morning ?
do you wake up with hunger in the morning?

if you have constipation, then do you have an urge to pass the stool ? or you don't have any urge to pass the stool?

stool hard/dry/soft/ ?

difficulty in passing the stool?

do you have excess saliva in your mouth?

do you feel too much cold in winter?

do you feel too much heat in summer?

are you too sensitive to climate changes?

do you often get common cold ?
sorahamsha last decade
no bloating.
b4 flatulence pressure is felt over lower abdomen.
wake up with intolerable hunger in the morning.
after 2 hrs of each meal excessive hunger is felt which if nt controlled leads to hyperacidity; within 10 min bubbling sound is felt in the stomach; then excessive belching. after some time belching stops the rumbling sound moves downwards.
no urge to pass the stool in constipation.stool usually soft and no difficulty in passing.
excess saliva in mouth.
when i wake up i find my cushion is little bit wet of saliva.
feels too much cold in winter.
not too much heat in summer.
not so sensitive.
not common cold; but slightest coldness will lead to 3-4 sneezes in one go.

i took china 6 liquid two drops two times 8 moths back for two days. hunger increased. little nausea felt.
doc stopped it.
johngig last decade
any bloating of abdomen? lower part/upper part/whole ?
sorahamsha last decade
were you of the same physique before? did you loose weight after starting to get acidic?
sorahamsha last decade
never felt bloating anywhere.
ya of the same physique b4. of the same weight last seven yrs. no weight loss after getting acidic.
johngig last decade
used to have gums/swells in the mouth ?
sorahamsha last decade
any loss of hair?
sorahamsha last decade
oily/sticky sweat on the head?
sorahamsha last decade

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