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This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
all da sympton gone b4 taking podophylum.

i was out for 5 days.
meanwhile no remedy has been taken.
now hyperacidity is worse than ever.
very sour continous belching last 2 days. no constipation and diarrhea. bowel all clear. heavy offensive hot flatulance.(38 times a day!!!) feel hungry even after 1 hr of taking food.
its not manageable plz help.
i m breaking up.
johngig last decade
take a single dose of MercSol 30 ; repeat after a day;
sorahamsha last decade
stay away from fish,sea food and all other kinds of non-veg ;;

stay away from eggs, pizzas, burgers,cool drinks, coffee;

eat the second half of a meal with rice mixed with curd water ;
sorahamsha last decade
after taking the mercsol dose two times as given:
appetite decreased but the acidity remains the same.
everything remains the same.
mild constipation is there.
stool are mucous and stick to the pan and foul smelling as before.
i got to read an article on small intestine bacterial overgrowth.
could it be that.
johngig last decade
got to wait for mercsol action ;

not necessarily a bacterial infection ;

I'll ask some questions
sorahamsha last decade
how is your thirst ?
do you drink little water at frequent intervals or large gulps oddly ?
sorahamsha last decade
color of the stool ?

any pain while passing the stool?

any dryness of throat/mouth/tongue ?

any colored coating on the tongue ?

how are the lips? swollen/dry/black/cracked ?

any drowsiness ?
sorahamsha last decade
thirst is nt gud.
drink little water frequently.
belching after drinking water.
stool colr-sometime brown, dark brown-sometimes greenish brown.
acidity is always aggravated whenever i took acidophilus supplement, curd, milk, etc.
cold milk partially improves the sympton.
no pain while passing the stool.but when i took merc sol i felt pain initially.
no dryness of throat.
white coloured tongue.
offensive odor from mouth.
lips usually dry.
no drowsiness.

one thing
all these symptons predominently caused by taking aspirin and paracetomol. i took almost 200 of them 3 yrs back for sinus(which is cured now).
they caused immense irritation of my stomach lining.
3 months back i got some ear pain. i took paracetamol+ibuferun which instantly aggravated the sympton. this clearly illustrates that the stomach lining are highly damaged.
i took liquorice(which protects the stomach lining) it did gave me relief. the only thing that gave me relief. but i could not take it for longer time bcoz of its side effects of high blood pressure.
all this clearly proves that the stomach lining is highly damaged but nt yet ulcer bcoz the day from which it started i have taken at least some herbal medicine to keep it under control.
johngig last decade
good evening
sorahamsha last decade
valuable information ,

the stomach lining , here now ;;;


Symphytum 1M pills ;

one fine early morning , take a single dose ; don't repeat till I tell you;

don't eat any spices,pizza,burgers,junk food,cool drinks on the daybefore,day of and day after the dose ;; no tea, no coffee too during the 3 days;

totally avoid non-veg,eggs,seafood,coffee,cooldrinks;

only tea can be taken after the 3 rd day ;;

wait for upto 7 days from the dose ;

no other medicine ;;;

try to get arsenic album 6 c and keep in the kit ;
sorahamsha last decade
spices,pizza,burgers,junk food,cool drinks tea and coffee are history.
arsenic album 30 already taken for only two days.
i also took bakson b drops 2
which also contain ars album.
whenever i took ars album it causes little pain which vanishes when i stopped taking it. was it normal?
johngig last decade
pain--new symptom (never had before in health history)? old symptom?
John Stanton last decade
now going for sympphytum 1m
one pill or one drop of dose.
johngig last decade
man ur wacking out--settle down on all the dosing--
John Stanton last decade
pain had never been felt.
bcoz whenever i feel acidic i have taken some remedy to put it under control.
one day i cudnt make it bcoz i was out.
when the acids went out of control it did cause some pain with nausea.
ars album caused little occasional pain(manageable)
johngig last decade
i cudnt unedrstand john
johngig last decade
translated--i say--no more dosing--of any more meds--remsdy selection and/or potency need be adjusted...
John Stanton last decade
so what shud i do now?
m rally disgusted with my health condition
johngig last decade
1st step--is no meds so allow symptoms not be adultrated by meds and wrong treatments
2nd is write out in detail CURRENT health status in full--be sure each symptom is given a exact location--exact sensation envolved--exact conditions which affect it (make better --make worse)

be sur e to only tell facts 100%--no maybe it is lke this or that--if not 100% then dont say anthing concerning that aspect---follow as close as applies to guideline--and write ur little heart out--details
John Stanton last decade
brother bamboo will be along look over ino--listen close what he tell--as long as usuing only single med at a time---
John Stanton last decade
Hello John,

you should be giving info on every medicine you are taking;

Ok, do you have Nux 200 with you?
sorahamsha last decade
i have nux vom 200. pills
johngig last decade
Then take a dose of

Nux Vom 200 tonight before sleep;

always remember that toothpaste scent not to effect the medicine; so, got to maintain onehour gap for tooth paste also; but you can clean the tongue before the dose ;
sorahamsha last decade
i m little confused what u all re telling
so now i m giving all the symptons in detail i.e actuall.
Mind.--Very irritable: sensitive to all impressions. Cannot bear noises, light, etc. Does not want to be touched. Time passes too slowly. Even the least ailment affects greatly.
i used to have very strong memory. now i have very weak memory.

Head.--Three years back when i used to suffer from sinusitis i used to get headache whenever i went in sunlight, curd iceceram would aggravate it now i dnt have any of them.
Eyes.--myopia-(-2)both eyes
constant last 5 yrs.

Ears.--ear power reduced

Nose.--. .

Mouth.- foul odor. tongue white coated.even afyter two time brushing and tongue cleaning

Throat.--little pain after acids.

Stomach.--hyperchlodria.xtreme acidity.
feel hungry just after of eating.never vomited in life.
can eat even large meals but can never get the bloated feeling.
i dnt why but gas is formed but all of them moves down instantly with rumbling sound. without causing any discomfort. the gas comes 1hr after through anus with offensive smell. (i think my stomach has developed its own carminative properties.)
This all started becoz of overdose of aspirin and paracetamol. which eroded my stomach lining. more i take them i get more acidity. my stomach started to get acidic even after taking simple foods. whenver i get hungry feeling if i dnt eat anything acidity will increases rapidly( i can feel the faint burning sensation in stomach)
and after sometime my stomach will give some gurgling sound instantly. which gradully moves down and down and fnally anus will come int its way.
whenever i feel that gurgling sound i feel some relief from acidity.
milk(cold and hot) increases the sympons cold milk relieves temporarily.
all symptons are relieved by eating.
i could pointed out that wen my doc gave acidophilus supplements i found aggravation of symptons.
if i take the supplements today. i will get severe acidity tomorrow.

Abdomen.--severe flatulence.

Stool.--Constipation, with frequent ineffectual urging, incomplete and unsatisfactory; feeling as if part remained unexpelled. . Alternate constipation and diarrhœa-after abuse of purgatives.Itching at anus( often).
stool test revealed mucous
and protein, fat undigested.
no protozoas, helminthesetc
stool culture revealed coliform group of organism which doctor said normal.
usually stool sticks to the pan. colour brown brownish green(colour chnages). highly offensive.


Male.--excess desire.
instant acidity after completion of masterbation.

Sleep.--usually sleeps by 12 get up by 7. no dreams usually.

Skin.--acne after constipation.

Modalities.--Worse, morning, mental exertion, after eating, touch, spices, stimulants, dry weather, cold. better after eating.

How it all started-
4 yrs back
i used to have acidity-
not so high-
usually get acids before sleeping
used to pop up an antacid and sleep peacefully.
i used to suffer from sinusitis doctor gave me antibiotics and pain killer and acidophilus supplement.
these never worked. one day i got information from the net that acidophilus supplements can cure sinmusitis and gastric troubles.
i then took them on my own . and i observed that i get heavy acidity the day after.
it happened whenever i took these supplements
feb 2006 1st week:-
i suffered from urinary infection
doc gave me antibiotics and acidophilus.
i took them and continued for twodays. when i got up on 6th feb i got 6 flatus passing in a row. i was agonized with it. then severe acidity coninued all the day. and till this date. even i used to get acidity i never suffered from flatulence bfore that date. gradually uti and sinusitis(within i 1 month) got cured by themselves.
all theses are asggravated wenever i took pain killers and antoibiotics

blood all normal-
undigested, acidity.

urine normal
barium meal normal
johngig last decade
I have the history ;

Nux Vom 200 take a dose before sleep ;

tell you the next med after a day ;
sorahamsha last decade
'spices,pizza,burgers,junk food,cool drinks tea and coffee are history.
arsenic album 30 already taken for only two days.
i also took bakson b drops 2
which also contain ars album.
whenever i took ars album it causes little pain which vanishes when i stopped taking it. was it normal?

I was specific that you give me all the info of any med you take and wait for my suggestion,; Those combination medicines like Bakson B and others have medicines sometimes which are totally enemical of the immediate previous medicine you've taken and that may lead to aggravated suffering ; So, please don't take the doses with my knowledge ;

Those corporate company fellows don't print about the side effects on the label, about the other medicines enemical to those on the label ; There is no drug control over the company combination medicines ; they work great sometimes but it's the negligence of the companies which don't print the list of medicines enemical to those , on the label , which is condemnable ;

Now, take Nux 200 at night ;
sorahamsha last decade

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