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This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
'spices,pizza,burgers,junk food,cool drinks tea and coffee are history.
arsenic album 30 already taken for only two days.
i also took bakson b drops 2
which also contain ars album.
whenever i took ars album it causes little pain which vanishes when i stopped taking it. was it normal?

I was specific that you give me all the info of any med you take and wait for my suggestion,; Those combination medicines like Bakson B and others have medicines sometimes which are totally enemical of the immediate previous medicine you've taken and that may lead to aggravated suffering ; So, please don't take the doses with my knowledge ;

Those corporate company fellows don't print about the side effects on the label, about the other medicines enemical to those on the label ; There is no drug control over the company combination medicines ; they work great sometimes but it's the negligence of the companies which don't print the list of medicines enemical to those , on the label , which is condemnable ;

Now, take Nux 200 at night ;
sorahamsha last decade
i took tis medication about two months back
johngig last decade
this would be the second dose ;
sorahamsha last decade
Nux 200 is a cancellar too ; to cancel any aggravation effect from Bakson B drops ;
sorahamsha last decade
got to follow the symptoms from time to time , some may track back , so got to change the medicine back to some previous one ;

but right now,
take Nux vom 200 at night (a single dose only)
sorahamsha last decade
and over all , Nux 200 is used to counter the side effects of alpath drugs ; A single dose may not do the work sometimes ;
sorahamsha last decade
ya i ll take nux vomica tonight
but i want to say that
i took bakson b drops two months back
johngig last decade
yeah, got to clean the slate , so Nux 200 ;

don't take anyother med ;;

nothing New will
come with Nux ;

report after a day;
sorahamsha last decade
i have taken nux vomica 200

i felt that every hing is normal.
i noticed that whener i m anxious it leads to acidity and subsequent belching even if theres no food in stomach.
i was heading towards exam and little anxious. suddenly there were continous empty belching.
it was there before somehow but i had never analysed it.
johngig last decade
I was always skeptical about it; remember that initial questionary ?

wait for a day more ; let the symptoms become more clear ;
sorahamsha last decade
but now what to do with the discomfort.
johngig last decade

buy Phosphorus 30 c and take a single dose ;
sorahamsha last decade
you are in the phase of aggravation , so I can only suggest up to the limits of homeopathy ;
sorahamsha last decade
no change in symptons last two days.
so i think the situation is clear now.
i have nt taken phos yet.(market closed)
johngig last decade
The symptons quite matching wth the symptons that wre there in the begining.
(courtesy-health diary)
johngig last decade
your symptoms are divided between phosphorus and argentum nitricum ;;;; All that intermediate medicine stuff you took was a strange traverse from A to Z ( where A is one step after from Z ), weird case ;;;

So , I prefer Phosphorus since you were using Argentum Nitricunm before ;;;;

Take a dose of Phosphorus 30 ;

a single dose only and wait ;;
got to bear with patience with anything this time ;;;;

Your range is in this 2 remedy set (phosphorus, argentum nitricum);;;;;
sorahamsha last decade
i dnt know what u r saying.
its tangent to my head.
(homeopathy is out of reach of my knowledge).
whatever it is i believe that there is one remedy out of some 1000 remedies that will change my life and my ignorance of being completely loyal to allopathic doctor.

i m taking phosphorous 30 tonight.

arg nitricum caused my beclching little higher; the symptons were something like
taking continously antibiotics for a week.
i mean to say i remember i was on a dose of amoxillin.
after about 5 days i got a type dysentry. means every time feeling an urge to go to toilet. but passing little ugly looking stool. the urge is accompanied with pain around rectum and colon.
johngig last decade
antibiotics caused acidity, belching and flatulence in me;
but i took acidophilus supplements which the cancelled bowel part of symptons.
johngig last decade
i see
sorahamsha last decade
you'll take a single dose of phosphorus 30,

take 10 drops of Gelsemium mothertincture (in about 40 ml of water) thrice daily ; Better taken 20 minutes before food;other wise any time you want ,but you should not eat or drink anything else 20 minutes before and after the dose ;

Glesemium would help to tackle the stress of exams or any kind of stress in daily routine;;

always maintain a gap of one hour between any two medicines;
sorahamsha last decade
i took i dose of phosphuros-
intially i got pointed slight pain pain in backside of head(lasted for 15-20 mins)
a type of weak burning sensation in urethra (lasted for 5minutes)
i got hungry soon after eating ( lasted for 2 days)


i waited for 14 days to observe any improvement.
bt unfortunately der was nothng except da above.

actually i didnt see dat u hav told me to take another remedy 4 stress.
johngig last decade
another thing
whenver i took any mother tincture. i felt dat there is some aggravateion probably due to the alcoholic content.( it's my guess only)

another instance is dat 6 months back in a party my friend accidentally managed to give me some wisky (very little). i got acidity instantly along with rumbling and gas.
my sort of little scientific investigation-
and probly n sure all dese symptons hav developed due to taking a large number of paracetamol pills whiz is itself an alcohol group far more dangerous than ethanol.
i contacted wid a prof he told me dat dat paracetamol and ibuforen (which i took)
are phenolic group that seriously damages the stomach lining. they inhibits the stomach own ability to produce prostaglandin which forms as mocous - the protective lining.n paracetamol is also known to damage duodenal walls and liver.
though diagonisis has nt detected any thing wid liver.
endoscopy has earlier reported no ulcer but doc has told there have been some sort of irritation all over stomach but not significant to be considered as any type of ulcer.
johngig last decade
i m nw geting to understand bit by bit wat is happningg wid me. ibofuren also damages chief cells of stomach dat releses pepsinogen essentially fr digestion of protein so stool has detected dat protein is not digested.
excessive hyperacidity decreases the ph of dudenum which is nt enough for biles to digest proteins. paracetamol also damages the parasymphathetic n system which is quite responsible smooth working of rectum intestines. but these donot have no impact on pancreas which is proved by well digested carbohydrate and optimal level of blood sugar.
these drugs also damages the neural parts causing a type of low memory increased suspectible to stress and anxiety. stress on the other hand leads to releae of stress hormones which significantly can leads to acidity provided the absense of prostaglandin. stress also can further inhibits prostaglandin. drugs also inhibits secretion of cholecystokinin known to reduce gastrin and appetite. tis has led to further unchecked secretion of acid secretion when stomach is empty i.e after 2-3 hrs of meal. tis is again proved when i took olive oil i got some relief.pinolenic acid in olive relief stimulates the secretion of cholecystokinin.
but intake of ny other oil aggravates the sympton.

even if i have excess acidity
i donot have any short of acid reflux or bloating bcoz of the fact of h pylori!!
world has proved dat h pylori are responsible 4 ulcers and acidity. but these are promoted by drug companies. but real fact is dat h pylori is a part of normal flora. n h pylori actually help stomach prevents acid to get into esophagus. world may agrue on tis but tis has been proved.

all tis may be nt correct but i think it is well going wid da symptons. it might be impatience to grow out of control to read it but u can forgive if i m rong somewhere.
johngig last decade
Dear John,

THat aggravation from Gelsemium was due to the alcohol solvent, otherwise Gelsemium got nothing to do with acidity ; Try this time decreasing the number of drops to 4 or 5 ;;

Did I tell you take Symphytum 1M before, to heal the stomach lining?

Phosphorus doses are not to be repeated soon ; They must be maintained at long intervals ;

IF you don't have Symphytum 1M with you, then please get one ; I'll tell you how to take it ;
sorahamsha last decade
actually u took me rong
i havnt taken gelsemium. bcoz i havnt visited da website after taking phosphurus.
i wanted to say dat whenevr i took ne mother tincture in da past it aggravated it.
n i hav taken symphytum already as u said
. took in early morning
didnt take ne meds for 3 days. n also i havnt repeated phosphuros.
johngig last decade
ok i got it ;
sorahamsha last decade

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