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Warts on 22 month old

My son starting getting a wart on his finger at 1 year old. It is now huge, and 2 others have formed on the same finger. Just today I noticed one in the corner of his mouth (very small). Although it is so small, I know how FAST they grow and I am starting to FREAK out. I have talked to DR's about the one's on his fingers, and no one seems concerned. Some have suggest just doing Duct Tape - but come on, a 22 month old won't keep duct tape on for anything.

As his mother, I have had warts my entire life, and I have one on my thumb right now.

We eat healthy, and I constantly watch his sugar intake. He eats well balanced meals and is not sick very often.

Any ideas, quickly, would be of great help!
  cheetahross on 2009-02-14
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
what ill preced showing of 1st wart? what ills infant have and how treatd? nomatter how seeemingly umimportant

vaccinations?when?which ones?
how is teething going?
John Stanton last decade
I don't remember anything happening to his around a year old to make his first wart appear. No wounds, etc.

He has only had 1 vaccine - menengitis (sp?) at 18 monts. A single shot.

He has had 1 sinus infection and was treated with a antibotic around 8 months old. This was followed up with a probiotic for infants.

He had the flu at 3 months.
Had also the flu at 10 months or so. And maybe one other time at 15 months. We did nothing to treat these other than Motrin to help his sleep.

He had a cold 2 months ago and we only treated with motrin as well.

Humitifier is always on his his room during the winter to help with dryness.

A couple minor ear infections but nothing that we treated with meds.

His is getting a tooth right now. I'm pretty sure it's his 2 year molar on top left.

He started teethign at 3 months old.
cheetahross last decade
sinus infection--ear ache-cold symptoms--this all need be considered as well warts --so total is covered--keep that in mind ---so lessen chance of suppressive tretament--using homoeoathy----this ocur when partial symptomology is prescribed upon...

current what things seem beter ment? for infant?--and worsen? this may be in any aspect--as long as STRONGLY VALID
John Stanton last decade
also what infants exact sleep characteristics?

inform of ANYTHING ELSE that may seem peculiar or such--EVEN IF SEEM UNRELATED in any way--nomatter how seeming small
John Stanton last decade
wart exact locations concerning side of body--and exact finger-posititon on finger also-which side of mouth ?

what condiiton /characterisitics of fingermails?and around? white spots on/under?chaffing artound.....etc --just explain what observed

what unusaul habits ?personal tendecies curent?
John Stanton last decade
Not sure by what you mean by 'what current things seem beter ment? for infant? and worsen'

Sleep habits are nap at 1:00 pm to 3:00. Bed by 8:30pm, wakes around 7:30 am. Great sleeper.

Ring finger on left hand is where the warts are. One right by nail bed on bottom right hand corner. Others diagnaol from that. Fingernails seem normail. Nothing out of normail. Wars are hard, No white spots or chaffing. There is a little reddness around each wart.

The wart on his mouth is on the left side of his mouth. Tiny as the end of pen.

No unsuaul habits that are not normal for a 2 year old. He loves to drink water and eat fruit snacks.
cheetahross last decade
things like weather -seasons;foods;drinks;indoor;outdoor......etc etc --things taht infant defintly prefers --or hates--or affected good by---or FFECTED BADLY BY----ANYTHING COME TO MIND STRONGLY?
John Stanton last decade
things like weather -seasons;foods;drinks;indoor;outdoor......etc etc --things taht infant defintly prefers --or hates--or affected good by---or FFECTED BADLY BY----ANYTHING COME TO MIND STRONGLY?

ALSO HOW ACTIVE IS INFANT exactly? answer need be clearer than 'normal'--
John Stanton last decade
clear me on this---wart at inner angle of mouth?outer angle of mouth? how much is on lips ?
John Stanton last decade
give me a rough idea of ear complaints --infants age (months)?
John Stanton last decade
He loves the indoors and outdoors. Likes water a lot. Take a long bath at night, about a 1/2 hour. Loves to play with balls of any kind. Like to ride his bike in our basement. He is very active, almost always moving. Very much all boy. He does like to watch some programs on TV, but not a ton. Hates being cold. He loves for us to read him books.

The wart is on the corner, angle of the mouth. There is a slight shadow there, so it is hard to see. I was jsut trying to examine it and might have seen 2 others poppign up. Oh dear.

Ear complaints were around the same time as the colds - about a month ago and I'm not sure of the other time.

He doesn't cry often, but sometimes does during nap time and bed time.

Likes to be on the go and not stuck at home all the time.

Doesn't mind strangers.

I'm trying to think of everything I can think of! :)
cheetahross last decade
I forgot to mention he has has had an allergic reaction in the past to pineapple.

He has regular BM everyday as well.
cheetahross last decade
My 6 yr old has a couple warts on his feet and our Pedi recomended we use Thuja for it. we do a month on and a month off and keep it up. he's in karate so that we keep up with that treatment.
violetsalsa last decade
well u do whatu must--but i dont routine thuja for every wart case--i tell u if used in partial homoeopathy --chanve of suppressio--pushes illthe wrong diretcion--some dont care or ebven have the knowledge to want to care--but i couldnt live like that--ignoance is bliss--thuja at right layer of treatment--maybe--but i dont know that yet---i dont see it now though

this case anyway--is more causticum --maybe sulphur or sepia--

thing is the mouth wartish things---came after vaccine --this points to sulphur----prior i would think more causticum---

sulphur is better start with---
seems u mentioned mltrin for ills--that indiactes high temperatures---were part of illness then---with proper treatment u will see return of old symptoms and alleviating of most recent--from now backwards---means small mouth warts go 1st then return of ear ills--al this may be strong due to suprressive treatmants of using ANY meds--ones with absolutly no meds --may see a glimmer and pass through---allthis same ill seeking vents--even with genetic disposition--

2 pelleys sulphuer in 3/4 ful 8 oz watr bottle---succuss (shake /thump ) on hand 4-5 times--give child teaspoon dose--each morning---before 1st eatings---no sweets--no citric acid foods---NOTHING at all on skin---refreigorate bttle after labling---use this same bottle and succuss 4-5 times before each teaspoon dose---NO MORE DOSE IF SEE ANY CHANGE IN ANY WAY AT ALL__FOR BETTER FOR WORSE----all clear?
John Stanton last decade
2 pellets sulpkur 30c
John Stanton last decade
excuse--sulphur 30c
John Stanton last decade
'My 6 yr old has a couple warts on his feet and our Pedi recomended we use Thuja for it. we do a month on and a month off and keep it up. he's in karate so that we keep up with that treatment.'

This 'Pedi' of yours has no idea what he is doing. Repeating Thuja on and off is a dangerous thing to be doing.

Kent says 'If you repeat Thuja again and again, you will have that which will remain a lifetime'

The 'Thuja disease' where the remedy is persisted with , will become a chronic disease.

Always, the greater the power the greater its capabilities for good and EVIL, and the more the knowledge needed for its employment. Be careful.
sameervermani last decade
right on sammy boy--
John Stanton last decade
When you say nothin at all on skin - what does that mean? He's 22 months old and he has stuff on his hands and face all day. It's impossible to keep him totally clean... lol. Or do you just mean no lotions, etc.?

FYI - Motorin wasn't always for fever, it always helps him sleep. Or for pain (teething), ears, etc.

No sweets, no citric - is this just before eating or during the entire treatment?

What does it mean to 'use this same bottle and success 4-5 times beofre each teaspoon dose'?? How many days do I do this treatment.

Your help is so much appreciated John!!
cheetahross last decade
Also, I am unsure how much to buy...

1 oz
2 oz
1 dram?
cheetahross last decade
#1 dont appreciate my help to u see cure--i could be like alot of the charlatans that dribble out prescriptions in false idea of homoeopathic treatment---

#2 i dony mean dirt and that stuff-- i mean salves.oils,lotions.all that stuff...etc etc --NON AT ALLnot even perfumed soap--use nice warm water clotheed or sponged clean..remeber that one

#3 as far as cocening dose method---succuss means shake /thump against had or soft covered book---do that each time BEFORE giving the teaspoon dose from the bottle----clear so far? next morning from same bottle--succuss 4-5 times dose again 1teaspoon---repeat as many mornings til OBSEVE ANY CHANGE AT ALL--no matter how seemingly small--in amy area of the little ones beong--i would expect increase in discharge of some sort--stool-urinatiojn-nasal...etxc etc --wont know til time comes----ok?clear?
dont be afraid ask -twice 3 times--as long as ur in understanding
John Stanton last decade

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