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8 mo with severe silent reflux

My son has silent reflux which we have been dealing with since he was 2 days old. I have tried so many remedies, gripe water, cocyntal (colic tabs), colic calm, acidophillis, tissue salts, teas. About 2 months ago I decided to see a pediatrician, she out him on Zantac 2x a day. It has helped at times but not enough, he's till in a lot of pain. He doesn't hardly sleep, he gets up 4- 10X a night in pain. He also is a terrible napper. I can't get his gas/burps to come up so when I lay him down he wakes right up. It's like I can never get his burps up, and then he is in excruciating pain shortly after. What gets me is he's not always in pain but I guess mostly, Especilally at night. He can't do rice cereal, he reacts to it by waking up crying all night. He's on oatmeal right now but I'm not even sure that he's not somewhat reacting to it.

He is breastfed and has not be immunized at all. Please anyone with any answers/suggestion, it would be greatly appreciated.

  Melly76 on 2009-02-28
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Nat. Phos. (Sodium Phosphate) biochemic salt. It does not fail. See this thread: http://abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/172433/
Simonc last decade
color of stool ?

thirst?drinks water?

frequent urination at night?

what are the current reflux symptoms?

irritable mind?

any medicines for skin used before?

list all other homeo medicines apart from the ones mentioned;;
sorahamsha last decade
breastfed--mum health status need be lokked into also--this (as a tell all to often) affects child health balance---what med she using?herbs?she a coffe/tea use?soda pops?chocohlate?--also whatills she been treated for of latest?what exact treatment use?/allinfo on mum will be needed for lasting cure to breastfed infant......and mum only is get the remesdy treat through breastmilk---organon tells allthis --paragraph 284 notes)----
John Stanton last decade
yeah it works ;

hey hyphen jhonny , follow this case , it's yours now ;

i need some rest ; too busy ; too tired ;

meanwhile, what did you say, you were ? miner?

digging gold mines in california?
sorahamsha last decade
thats funny bamboo---nah i clean toilets --i dont know what leters i can put at end of my name though--so i seem attractive as homoeopath prescriber--maybe johnny stanton T.E.R.D.
John Stanton last decade
His stool was runny and yesllowish till he wsa a bit older, it did have an acidic smell to it. He does drink water, not overly thirsty and no frequent urination. Current reflux symptoms are: manageable during the day, but I can tell if his stomach is buggin him by the amount he sleeps. Yesterday not good at all, today o.k. He doesn't spit up unless I feed him too much (which isn't much at all b/c he will spit up) He's only irritable when having an episode other thatn that he's very happy. No meds used on the skin. I am on levothyroxin for an uderactive thyroid and can not take any probitics ot multivitamins as this throws him over the edge. He's very sensitive to my milk. Part of me just wants to bottle feed, but I really want to continue nursing. I CANNOT have chocolate, coffee, strawberries, fish/shrimp or pop, he again will be in a lot of pain for 2 days. I've ruled out alot of things but he still has problems. His blood was tested for milk allergy and came back -, which I already fugured, I've never notice milk that I ingest to bother him. I've been very healthy throught my preg and thus far, not needing any meds. Mind you I am very stressed with this business of not sleeping as I have 2 other children to care for. I've thought about maybe digestive enzymes. SHould I be focusing more on myself taking them??
Melly76 last decade
You as well as your son both need medicine. You are overtaxed due to taking care for the kids and you need to take a single dose of Nitricum-acidium-30, on a single day. And for your son give him one dose of Belladonna-200, not to be repeated.
sarup last decade
So the belladonna is a one time thing for my son?
Melly76 last decade
how he respond to be ing held when in the discomfort stage ? what things u find seem make it better for hom? positions?walikjng around carrying him?holding?.fresh air?etc etc etc etc etc
John Stanton last decade
Hey Jonny,
not much differ , you are cleaning human bodies part time ; Great Job Man
sorahamsha last decade
where is the Hyphen Code?
sorahamsha last decade
bamboo i practicing my ????? and etc etc etc etc
John Stanton last decade
t dosesnot look like Belladona

what do you say Johny?
sorahamsha last decade
Melly You've got to answer the questions
sorahamsha last decade
O.K., when he's in dicomfort he is squirming, pushing me away and crying. All until I get up a burp then he will go back to sleep, only to be awoken sometimes only minutes later doing the same thing. It sounds as though he is swallowing down an air bubble (which is the acid) and then I know it needs to come up (the burp). Things that make it better temporarily and sometimes all together better is gripe water, SOmetimes it works sometimes it doesn't. HIs bed is on a 30 degree angle, haven't noticed a great difference. After I feed him I try to keep him upright as long as I can. Things that will help to settle him from his stomach issues, is holding him and myself bending my knees and rythmatically bouncing up and down, this will help him to relax himself , sometimes long enough so that the burp will works its way out. When he is tense and crying it's harder to get the burp up. He was up 8 times last night, so about 2X every hour for about 15-20, I gave him quite a bit of gripe water which again just helps to relieve him temporarily.

Thanks for your help:) Any other ?'s
Melly76 last decade
As for fresh air, I am in Ontario. Still far too cold to go for walks, hopefully soon:)
Melly76 last decade
is the child hungry when wakes up at night?
sorahamsha last decade
bamboo--nah ur right not belladonna---1st time though i came with lyc,or sulph--1 was puttin weight on thyroid mum is being treated as part of eqaution...--all the aggrvations child gets from chocolate/coffee...etc etc

mum-what foods u really love too eat -if sky was the limit and wouldnt bother litle one in the least?what ffod s had sacrifice form ur taste bud love cravings ?

mum-clear me on this--how much defineite affect on childs, trouble (during the episodes) is lying down and being upright?
John Stanton last decade
Melissa, believe me. You can try all the other remedies if you want. But they are long term remedies and they may be hit and miss, whereas Nat Phos biochemic salt doesn't fail. It will stop the problem dead in its tracks right away. Other reemdies will be a longer term solution.
Simonc last decade
mum--how infants symptoms affected if u fast ? not recommending u fast --just asking...also how u respond to fasting? what ur eating schedule like?what ur typical diet theses days?foods?drinks?snaks?list it all.....how complete u feeling about ur diet?be real--not what u think u should have becaue of helath--but realy truly want to eat---u know the whole real deal lucille-----oh yeah --this agood one--what kind of chocolate would u eat if could?
John Stanton last decade
examine the tongue for dryness, any colored coating? white coating?

explain again ' he is very sensitive to my milk '

what happens with it ?
sorahamsha last decade
I forgot to mention that Nat Phos works universally for everyone (I know or who I have heard has tried it), whereas homeopathic remdies are case specific and relies on both the information you volunteer and the the skill of the particular practitioner who advises you (hence the scope for diagnostic error).
Simonc last decade
ithink i may have mind trapped into the allo diagnostic syndrome---putingweight on thyroid--without clarifying for myself----

mum --what symptoms u have that gave rise to being medicated for thyroid ? howlong been on this med?
John Stanton last decade
simo---routine prescribing is fine and dandy if dont know any better--and no want take responsibility--if/when u lopp off a symptom with specifics as (natphos for every case of acid reflux)--and next ill arises because inner ill seeks vent--due t partial homoeopath of remedy--what u do then???probably just smile and feel proud--because no acid reflux but other ill--'not ur prob' right?not right?

simo ---also if u know nat phos so well--then why not u sek for the other comformating symptoms--and then u got an angle on case--so as if nat phos suprress --u know what to do--u need be careful wih only diet -vitamin-herb-low potency homoeopathics--as not wrong treat--if not understand i single word i said--then haleluyah--praise the lord--lets lay our hands on our computer screens and heal this child-----prayer fest 2009---anyway--i ma not so god as faith healing or guess healing---
John Stanton last decade
When he wakes up he is not hungry, maybe closer to 4:00 a.m. he might be, but mainly he is awake b/c of discomfort. He has NEVER fallen alseep on his own, he always needs to be rocked or nursed to sleep. It takes upwards of 1/2 hr to get him to sleep.

John- Again I have limited caffeine intake, I stay away form coffee/chocolate. I do have non caffeinated tea about once a week. If I could eat anything I would eat seafood, I would eat endless supplies of lobster, shrimp, etc. I don't really having cravings for foods but not much a sweets person. The only thing I can think of as to why he's up all night is b/c he lying down for so long. During the day if he naps it's for 2 hours and then he's upright for 2-3 hours. This may help keep acid down.

I think, I just think that if I do fast or don't eat as much he has better days/nights. Sometimes I feel like not eating at all b/c maybe then my brestmilk wouldn't bother him, yet I don't do this. When I don't eat as much I get irritable and short tempered.

I will just give you exaples of what I may eat. Of course I don't eat every example but I eat one of them.

Eating schedule:
breakfast 8:30-9:00
1)toast with peanut butter/jam
2)miniwheats cereal with milk
3)instant brownsugar and cinnamon hot oatmeal cereal, with some milk

1) pogo stick with ketchup or mustard
2) Hamburg, fries and rootbeer (once a week if I go out for luch)
3) chicken noodle soup with grilled cheese sandwhich

1) chicken, potatoes, aspagus or peas, corn or mixed veggies
2) steak, potaoes, and veggie dish
3) tacos, with all the dressings
4) chicken burgers, fries, and veggies
5) shepherd's pie

Again maybe his reactions in the evenings are worse b/c I eat more for supper?? It's my biggest meal of the day.

Snacks: granola bar, almonds, toast with jam or peanut butter, rice krispie square, cereal

We only drink water in our house. I guess I feel o.k. about my diet, it could be a bit bettter. But supper in definitly my best meal of the day. I probably fill my tummy with snacks quite a bit and then will eat luch later than I should.

As for chocolate I would eat a nestle milk chocolate bar, nice and smooth. I don't like dark choc.

As for baby I haven't seen any coating on tongue, nice and pink. He is sensitive to my milk if I eat things I know bother him. I should say he has a bad reaction, icreased acidity and can't get his 'burps' sup. He rarely spits up, unless overfed, which his tummy can't hold much food at one time.

I am 33, have had underactive thyroid for 13 years and been on meds for that long.. It completely stopped working, so symptoms were very severe. Lowered heart rate, cold, low immunity, sleeping 14-18 hours a day. My thinking, reasoning skills were diminished.

My daughter had silent reflux but I din't know what it ws and suffered through it, both her and my son were born full term but low birthweight. Lindsay was 5lb 2oz., Levi 5lbs 12 oz. Both had double vessel cords and Levi's cord was in a knot and wrapped around his neck, his h/b completely stopped 2X during birth.
Melly76 last decade

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