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When he wakes up he is not hungry, maybe closer to 4:00 a.m. he might be, but mainly he is awake b/c of discomfort. He has NEVER fallen alseep on his own, he always needs to be rocked or nursed to sleep. It takes upwards of 1/2 hr to get him to sleep.

John- Again I have limited caffeine intake, I stay away form coffee/chocolate. I do have non caffeinated tea about once a week. If I could eat anything I would eat seafood, I would eat endless supplies of lobster, shrimp, etc. I don't really having cravings for foods but not much a sweets person. The only thing I can think of as to why he's up all night is b/c he lying down for so long. During the day if he naps it's for 2 hours and then he's upright for 2-3 hours. This may help keep acid down.

I think, I just think that if I do fast or don't eat as much he has better days/nights. Sometimes I feel like not eating at all b/c maybe then my brestmilk wouldn't bother him, yet I don't do this. When I don't eat as much I get irritable and short tempered.

I will just give you exaples of what I may eat. Of course I don't eat every example but I eat one of them.

Eating schedule:
breakfast 8:30-9:00
1)toast with peanut butter/jam
2)miniwheats cereal with milk
3)instant brownsugar and cinnamon hot oatmeal cereal, with some milk

1) pogo stick with ketchup or mustard
2) Hamburg, fries and rootbeer (once a week if I go out for luch)
3) chicken noodle soup with grilled cheese sandwhich

1) chicken, potatoes, aspagus or peas, corn or mixed veggies
2) steak, potaoes, and veggie dish
3) tacos, with all the dressings
4) chicken burgers, fries, and veggies
5) shepherd's pie

Again maybe his reactions in the evenings are worse b/c I eat more for supper?? It's my biggest meal of the day.

Snacks: granola bar, almonds, toast with jam or peanut butter, rice krispie square, cereal

We only drink water in our house. I guess I feel o.k. about my diet, it could be a bit bettter. But supper in definitly my best meal of the day. I probably fill my tummy with snacks quite a bit and then will eat luch later than I should.

As for chocolate I would eat a nestle milk chocolate bar, nice and smooth. I don't like dark choc.

As for baby I haven't seen any coating on tongue, nice and pink. He is sensitive to my milk if I eat things I know bother him. I should say he has a bad reaction, icreased acidity and can't get his 'burps' sup. He rarely spits up, unless overfed, which his tummy can't hold much food at one time.

I am 33, have had underactive thyroid for 13 years and been on meds for that long.. It completely stopped working, so symptoms were very severe. Lowered heart rate, cold, low immunity, sleeping 14-18 hours a day. My thinking, reasoning skills were diminished.

My daughter had silent reflux but I din't know what it ws and suffered through it, both her and my son were born full term but low birthweight. Lindsay was 5lb 2oz., Levi 5lbs 12 oz. Both had double vessel cords and Levi's cord was in a knot and wrapped around his neck, his h/b completely stopped 2X during birth.
Melly76 last decade
God is Great because He didn't make Hyphen Johny as a faith healer ;
sorahamsha last decade
mum--what ur true emotinl frame of being?how ur thinkings and such?what worsens these aspects?what things u mentin on this? i getthe idea of sleep and rasing children--but dig into this area and tell real deal--

also --how many white spots on/under ur and /or infants fingernails? what hair characyeritics for both u?tell urs?tell his?

let me know all complaints u have concernig ur self--physical as wel as emotinal----i need get this straight ur health status---also tell pains and litle things that seem unrealted---we not know what is or isnt unrelated til puting toatl together----anytime u get board with my aproach--then let me know--i'll stop---
John Stanton last decade
Oh yeah and I have tried the phos 6x about 4 months ago, no real noticeable difference. I gave 1 tab 4x /day 1/2 hour before feedings.
Melly76 last decade
I have tried phos 6x about 4 months ago and hadn't noticed a difference. He had 1 tab 4X day 1 before each breastfeed.
Melly76 last decade
Re: 8 mo with severe silent reflux From John Stanton on 2009-03-01
mum--what ur true emotinl frame of being?how ur thinkings and such?what worsens these aspects?what things u mentin on this? i getthe idea of sleep and rasing children--but dig into this area and tell real deal--

also --how many white spots on/under ur and /or infants fingernails? what hair characyeritics for both u?tell urs?tell his?

let me know all complaints u have concernig ur self--physical as wel as emotinal----i need get this straight ur health status---also tell pains and litle things that seem unrealted---we not know what is or isnt unrelated til puting toatl together----anytime u get board with my aproach--then let me know--i'll stop---
sorahamsha last decade
bamboo-ur funny as all hell--hypen johnny the NON faith healer---how true--i dont think ive healed anyones faith---if anything irritaed the hell out of them--
John Stanton last decade
bamboo-dose that count as doing the workof the lord---'irritating the HELL out of someone''
John Stanton last decade
No John, I'm open to all approaches thanks. No white spots on nails, his hair is soft and shiny, mine is normal.

My emotional wellbeing, yes of course tired with the kids, but I don conciensely take care of myself by goin out once week with grilfriends to unwind and be in better state of mind. I get frustrated with the unknown and will get frazzled if someone pops over unexpectanly, it interrupts me from the 'plans' of my day. I also get frustrated with hubby if he springs omething on me, like comiing home later than expected, stopping by a friends house. I don't have prob with this if I have ample notice. So I guess I like control.

Phsically, exhausted all the time, even if I get sleep I need naps to make it through the day, (got thyroid checked and it's fine) If I dpon;t eat I get frazzles and upset easily, feel shaky, etc. I have a sore neck, upperback and get tension headaches a lot.

I have much more energy in the evenings and am very slow to star the day. I don't have energy till 6:00-7:00p.m. I have dry skin in the winter and normal skin in the Summer. My skin tans easily and is very clear.

I get fog brain a lot and have problems articulating myself a lot of the time. I can get very quiet and get into 'modes' where I don't want to talk and just not happy.

I can't tolerate excessive heat or cold.
Melly76 last decade
explain the current state of neck -back pains--exact locations--what irritates?wht helps?exact senstaions envolved/?
John Stanton last decade
in between shoulder blades, sore muscles , stress inrritates it, carrying the baby, advil helps or massage. Just an overall 'pain', that radiates to my neck
Melly76 last decade
mum--what supplemenst u taking?or have beeen taking?vitamns?,mineral?
John Stanton last decade
Nothiing, just thyroid meds.
Melly76 last decade
John Stannton, you're not telling me anything new, and I had no problem deciphering you post. I am well acquainted with the way you think. I think it may be rahter you who didn't quite grasp my purporse.

I am not saying that Mellissa should not try a homeopathic remedy (I think she might not have understood that herself), I am a firm believer in it.

But just as you somtimes mix homeopathic advice with allopathic approaches, I can live with that, too.

However, what it looks like to me is that this baby needs quick attention and, well hey, there's an easy solution for that. Nat Phos universally works well to allevite acid reflux and the like without any noteworthy adverse affects.

Why go looking for a more complicated solution when all you want is a simple remedy? Some seem to want to like to make a meal of this, indeed even a religion. But again, I firmly believe in honeopathics, or I would not be here.

So why can't Nat Phos be a perfectly good first line solution? Works for me and everyone else I know. In the meantime, you can ramble on to your heart's content about what you think Mellissa should take to correct the underlying cause. Good luck to you!

I'd like to see her come back here though and let us know which remedy worked. I've visited this place long enough to have noticed that few ever do (bad sign, John!).

And that's the trouble. It can be very hit and miss, shot in the dark stuff. At least Nat Phos shows some very clear and well defined results, even if there is an underlying condition still to address in many cases.

Results, John. That't what counts. I'm sure you will agree.

Complementary, John. That's what I'm about and I know you abide by that principle yourself. And prayer works too. Don't knock it. ALl approaches can be helpful and none should be disparaged.
Simonc last decade
In my experience , I've seen NatPhos 6x as a relief giving , sometimes ;

I never saw any suppression by NatPhos ; But never saw a total heal with NatPhos too ; Symptoms came back as soon as action over in every case ;
sorahamsha last decade
whoa simo---i got the kettle cooking on this---mabe a slight sizzle--not boiling----i agree god is #1 on my hit parade chart...but all the other mumbo jumbo---i cant groove to --the beat doesnt suit my style-- i dig the blues ---old school black man blues---wretch the heart out--my baby left me blues---pretty flowring talk is a drag
John Stanton last decade
Simone says ' John Stanton , you are the THE ONE WHO WE SHOULD NOT MENTION THE NAME OF and I, in the name of GOD, command you leave this place , back to HELL where you came from'
sorahamsha last decade
that's end of the religious conversation and now let's talk about homeopathy ;
sorahamsha last decade
bamboo--man the stuff u come up with cracks me up--i definitly suffer fromhell syndrome---
John Stanton last decade
so there is this hypo mom with her sleep awakening child ;

what's the med for the mom ?

any med for the child?
sorahamsha last decade
Please describe child's body makeup-soft, fatty, over fatty, fair, over fair, over-weight, big head, enlarged cervical glands (knots in side of neck), big abdomen, thin, thinner, coarse curly hair, fine-textured skin, finer sandy hair, finer reddish hair, have tendency to sweat easily,
very much thinner, not well grown, paler, fine-textured skin, finer sandy hair, finer hair with reddish glint, thick skin, much paler, very pale, have warts

write down which are the case
Dr. Rakesh Km Lko last decade
bambbo med be the same --butwill administer mum only-----im wrestling with calc and sepia---with nux as tamer if need be eithe clean house 1st--but retaher not----the better for burping is important as wellmum better for getting sleepp---these more sepia---calc symptoms my be strog calc vitimn dosing due to thyroid--tey often routine use with the 2---
John Stanton last decade
I started again this morning Cal Phos 6X, I gave him 2 tabs before his first feed and now 2 more tabs right now before his 2nd feed. I will try that for now until I get any other definitive advice. Am I giving him enough of the Cal Phos? It says on the bottle 4tabs 4X day before meals, but the naturopath said 1 tab 4X a day, but that was 4 months ago. Maybe it wasn't a high enough dose??

I'm pretty desperate here, and just looking for any good advice, I do appreciate it. I am drawing from every ounce of my being to be patient with my son. It is very hard to be dealing with the reflux, espicially when he's in so much pain. Again I appreciate all the advice I can get.

Melly76 last decade
thought about the alopath meds Mom taking currently ? How would the homeo ones adminstered to Mom work uninterrupted ?
sorahamsha last decade
Mom , answer again

did you bottle feed the kid ? if yes, how did he react ?

did the kid regurgate milk out in past and present ? which milk? feed or bottle ?
sorahamsha last decade
Dr. Rakesh- O.k. He's kind of got a bit of chub on his arms and legs, but is very lean in his torso, petite. He's 8 MO and only 15lb 8oz. SO lower than the 5th percentile. He is small for his age but measures the right legnth and his head is not big, but yet not small. I beleive it is average. I'm 5'8, 130lbs, dad is 6'5, 240lb. So we are not small people. My other 2 kids are lean, but were never this lean at such a young age.

Not a big abdomen at all, thin in that area (tiny). I wouldn't say he has thin hair but it's fine (finer sandy). We're caucasian, his hair is brown (with blondie/reddish highlights), his skin is not fair, but a nice tone, as though he would tan nicely. He doesn't sweat esily but if too buddled he will be sweaty, mainly on his head. No warts.

Melly76 last decade

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