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5 yrs old girl with high eczema and dry skin not healing [urgent help needed] 20



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Help in Healing very dry Eczema

Hello i have 5 year old son.with dry eczema and its very itchy he scratches a lot some time he bleeds, he has food allergies.nothing is helping him please help me with my son sittuation hes geeting teased by his classmates..

Thank you for all your help!
  Twinky on 2009-03-10
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
please describe the personality of your son, his likes and dislikes, response to situations, behaviour with friends, parents, animals and insects.

does he like to be clean or remain shabby.

is he talkative and affectionate or introvert.
rishimba last decade
when he was ababy he had eczema and his doctor told me to put the cortison cream on him so i did that .....after he was fine back then i dont know about anything about eczema....i used to put the cream on his body when ever he complaines about the itch...when he was 12 months old baby we gave him flu shot then he developed the asthma, and his on albutrol and pulimicort... now he takes pulimicort every day by nublizer .

hez very friendly, he likes to play all kind of sports...he likes to eat sweet things,he likes to play with his friends, he listen's to us hes likes pets like, cat and dogs but scared to touch them....hez scared of ants and spiders

Twinky last decade
forgot to mention he likes to be very clean..
Twinky last decade
how much antibiotic use in mother;s health history?during pregnacy?during breastfeeding period (if applies)? before this pregnacy? dates?reasons for use?
John Stanton last decade
i have never use any kind of medicine my health was fine .when i was pregnant with him i dont have any problems...i took vitaminis while i was pregnant and throughout the breastfeed.

his docotor told me due to his food allergies he had developed the eczema.
Twinky last decade
Hello, i'm giving all the information about my son pls give me the remedy.

A. Eyes: soft

B. Body: restless, sensitive,
II. General:
A. Diet:like to to sweet things like candy,chocolate. pizza,nooddles,bread,popsical. dont like spicy foods.
B. Sleep Habits:sleeps through out the night.
C. Reaction to Weather: during winter gets gold and rash(eczema)
III. Behavioral Analysis
A. Does the child prefer to play alone or with others?
prefer's both.
B. Is the child a follower or leader?
C. Does the child play with younger children or with peers?
D. Is the child imaginative?
yes some times
E. Is the child competitive or aggressive?
F. How does the child react to physical pain?
immediately( screams)
G. How does she/he play with animals or toys?
rough (fights with them)
obsessed with a toy or blanket
yes spiderman
IV. Independent
A. Is the child responsible?
some time not all the time
B. How does she/he handle being alone?
gets scared
C. What is the child’s reaction if she/he does not get what she/he wants.
upset( he will cry right away)
D. What is the child’s reaction to strangers?
feels shy then talks to them after some time
V. Patterns
A. What are the child’s sleep patterns?
sleeps throughout the night
B. When is the child’s fed?
3 meals per day and snacks
C. When does the child play?
after coming from school.and weekends.
VI. Mental/Emotional States
A. Is the child very sensitivity to pain, injury, noise, or touch?
B. Does the child prefer to be carried?
C. Is the child better or worse with attention or consolation?
better with both
D. Is the child sensitive to other’s pain, to parents’ fighting, to weather, to
movies, or to sad stories?
E. Is the child easily startled?
F. How does she/he get along with siblings?
G. Has the family moved many times?
H. Is there any alcoholism, drug use, or tension in the family?
I. Is there fear of punishment by God?
J. How is the child punished?
time out

L. Is the child compared with siblings or parents?
VII. Story about the child
A. Has the child experienced grief, deaths, or frights?
B. What is the mother’s description of her pregnancy, labor, and birth?
C. What is the family’s history of health?
VIII. Objective symptoms
A. What is the most common facial expression of the child?
B. Are the pupils dilated?
C. Does the skin look healthy?
yes but gets rash
D. Does the child sweat? If yes, where? Is the odor of the sweat offensive?
on his body .no
E. Does the child have offensive breath?
F. What is the child’s reaction to light?
cannot focus on it right away.
G. Does the child have blood in the stool?
H. What is the color of stool?
yellow,have constipation problems.
I. Strength:
a) How strong is the child’s grasp?
pretty strong
b) How is the child’s posture?
c) How does the child holds his/her head?
he hunchs his head.
IX. Sleep:
Does the child have insomnia due to pain, fear, overexcitement,
want of attention, or an overactive mind
Twinky last decade
this is a case where the skin eruptions have been suppressed and its taken the form of asthma.

as the child's generals are close to PULSATILLA, this remedy will clear the asthma first and then the skin eruptions.

please give him PULSATILLA 30C every 2 hours whenever he gets the asthma attacks.

give some 3 to 4 doses maximum or till the attack remains.

when the attack returns, you may give a dose or two of PULSATILLA 200C.

you need to give a dose only when the asthmatic attacks are observed.

after a few days you might see that there is an aggravation in his skin symptoms. please dont get dissapointed. this is sign that the asthma is getting cured.gradually, the skin rashes also will get cured gradually.
rishimba last decade
Thank you Dr.Lokesh Kumar.

but u haven't said what is the potency is it c or x? how long does he need to take...

(1). arsenic alb 30.....4 pills 2 times a day
(2). alumina 30.....4 pills 2 times a day
(3). petroleum 30 ....4 pills 2 times a day

Thank you once again for your help.
Twinky last decade
Hello rishimba,

Thank you for the remedy, is it Pulsatilla Nigricans,Pulsatilla Nuttaliana?

Twinky last decade
Hello Dr.Lokeh Kumar,

sorry I forgot to ask u about thuja and sulphur how many pills that he need to take? as a single dose?
Twinky last decade

please dont go for any other remedy if you want to give pulsatill NIGRICANS to your son.

according to me, you son just needs one remedy to cure himself and that is pulsatilla.

many remedies all together will not act well. you may suppress some symptoms as well.
rishimba last decade
Hello rishimba,

Thank you, for answering to my questions. right now he dont have any attacks.but hes body itches so much. what can i give him to stop itching?

you have suggested to ,give the pulsatill NIGRICANS for the attacks.

when ever he has attacks he will be on the albutrol can i give him the both are only the remedy?

currently his on the pulimicort,by nebulizer.

can i get the remedy to prevent the attacks and cure the eczema as well

once again thank you,
Twinky last decade
stop albutrol and just give PULSATILLA 30C every 2 hours for some 4 to 6 doses max.

this will cure asthma and then skin eruptions.

whenever he gets the asthmatic attacks, please give him pulsatilla.
rishimba last decade
Thank you Dr,rishimba.

I will follow your methods.

I have new born baby and she is 8 weeks old(2 months) she has eczema too . when i took her too see her pediatrician she told me she might be allergic too some foods , that i am eating .she is on breastfeed. I thouht she might have some allergies, juts like my son.she has all over her body when i feel her body its very rough.its started on her checks,forehead and neck then slowly it spread all over her body

do i need to follow any kind of diet while i give her the remedy?

what can i put on her body,for itch?

can i give her regular infant vitamins?

is it safe too give her 2 months vaccine ,since she has eczema?

If you can kindly give me the remedy for new born baby i will get it for her too.

Thank you for all your help.
Twinky last decade
please dont apply any creams to suppress the eczema.

they will go off by themselves.

if they persist, you may consult a good homeopath later.

but now, please dont suppress the itch.
rishimba last decade
Hello Dr,rishimba.

i have got the PULSATILLA 30C.
it say's take 5 pills as a one dose (childrens/adults)howmany pills i should give him as one dose.he is 5 years old.

thank you,
Twinky last decade
4 pills under the tongue. let him not bite or crush it.

the pills have to dissolve and get absorbed in the mouth.
rishimba last decade

i have found some information about vaccines .the article talks about how you can prevent the side effects from vaccines.

here is the article and need your advise on it.

Homeopathic Answer For Vaccination
Frank King, Jr., Ph.D.

Evidence is mounting on both sides of the vaccination issue. Minor symptoms to lifelong diseases can occur from either not being immunized, or more frighteningly, from being immunized! The legal ramifications can be equally, if not more, devastating. The truth is the more you study both sides of the issue, the more you see a lose-lose scenario. Actually the results of this vaccination perplexion is a new mental condition called “vaccination anxiety.”

The good news is the benefits of homeopathy can turn this scenario into a win-win situation for everybody.

The Vacinnation Perplexion

In recent years a growing number of doctors, researchers and concerned parents are taking a strong stand against modern medical vaccination procedures. The National Vaccination Information Center (NVIC), located in Vienna, VA, has compiled some eye-opening statistics concerning the efficacy of immunization. The NVIC discovered 54,072 reports of adverse events, including 471 deaths, following vaccination in a 39-month period from July 1990 to November 1993. The NVIC acquired the statistics from The Vaccine Reaction Reporting System (VARRS) operated by the Food and Drug Administration.

Vaccination reactions usually take place within seven days of the vaccination. The symptoms include paralysis, convulsions, nausea, dangerously high fevers, chronic nervous system disorders, acute brain inflammations (encephalitis), diarrhea, learning disabilities, hyperactivity, permanent brain damage, and death. Doctors are required by law to inform parents of the numerous side effects associated with vaccination.

On the other hand, not immunizing can cause equally if not more devastating diseases. The parents must also face the grief and guilt that may come from the choices they made. Then follows the legal issues including the potential of losing all their children to the state and even imprisonment. This may seem radical, yet it could be probable.

Routine questions heard in our offices are, “Should I have my children vaccinated?” or “What do you think of vaccination?” These and other related questions can pose a potentially volatile position for the doctor, a well-meaning friend and especially the parents. There are numerous legal, emotional, and ethical effects with everybody involved.

The Best Answer
Homeopathy has provided the only win-win answer to this dilemma for patient, parent and doctor. A homeopathic formula can be safely and easily used both to prevent and to effectively correct the common side effects of immunizations. With homeopathy, a lose-lose situation can be turned into a win-win solution for this perplexing issue. The patient, the parents and the doctor all end up in the safest, healthiest position. This is quite a rare result to end up with such a positive scenario for everybody involved.

Vaccination anxieties” are more commonly being experienced by both parents of children being vaccinated as well as adults being vaccinated for job placement and travel abroad. Parents having to make these tough choices for their children can rest better with homeopathy. There are key homeopathic remedies that have been found over many years of clinical use to be effective in overcoming the side effects of immunizations. These remedies can also be used preventatively to actually reduce the negative side effects of immunizations.

Homeopathy heals in all realms of life including the physical, mental, emotional as well as inherited weaknesses. The homeopathic remedies have proven themselves effective over many years for the common reactions to vaccinations.

The following remedies have proven the most effective for both the prevention and corrections of most common reactions to vaccinations.

Aconitum Napellus: First remedy for inflammations and inflammatory fevers. For fear, anxiety, anguish of mind and body. Relieves physical and mental restlessness. For someone who does not want to be touched.

Apis Mellifica: A Great remedy for swelling, puffiness, edema, stinging pain, soreness, intolerance of heat, touchiness and red rosy hue of various body parts. For hives with intolerable itching.

Chamomilla: Especially useful for children with peevishness, restlessness and colic. For whining restlessness. Child can only be quieted when carried about and comforted constantly. Extremely sensitive to every pain. For vomiting.

Hypericum Perforatum: Excessive painfulness is a guiding symptom to its use. For puncture wounds.

Ledum Palustre: A specific remedy for puncture wounds produced by sharp-pointed instruments or bites. For general lack of body heat, yet heat of bed is intolerable.

Pulsatilla: Temperament and mental state are the chief guiding symptoms. For great sensitivity. For sadness, crying readily, weeps when talking, changeable and contradictory.

Silicea: A specific remedy for ill effects of vaccinations. For headaches, spasms, epilepsy and feeling of coldness. Lack of vital heat and prostration of mind and body.

Thuja Occidentalis: Another specific remedy for ill effects of vaccinations. Action is on skin, blood, gastro-intestinal tract, kidneys and brain. Has a specific antibacterial action. For skin troubles and neuralgia.

These remedies can be taken individually or found in a formula for a broader therapeutic spectrum against vaccination reactions. These remedies will cover the broad variety of symptoms associated with vaccination reactions, which include inflammations, reactions to punctures, swelling, edema, hives, restlessness, sensitivity, nausea, vomiting, headaches, nervous changes, fear and anxiety.

Although these are the common symptomatic reactions, they are not the only reactions that may occur. If symptoms occur after vaccination, take a formula of this nature. If symptoms persist, see your healthcare provider.

Parents, you can rest in having the blessing of both worlds. You don’t have political, medical, educational or legal battles to fight. You won’t have that underlying grief or guilt wondering if you made the right decision for your children. You can walk in a greater level of peace with a win-win decision. Homeopathy provides a pleasant alternative in a world where there are so many battles in the realm of life.

Thanks for all your help.
Twinky last decade

Did you start PULSATILLA for your son.
rishimba last decade
he did not have any asthma attacks so far if he gets the attacks i will give to him as u told me to do.

we have consulated the local homeopathy doctor she gave him silica 200 c for hiz itch and allergies i belive.
made some diet chnges as well. we are hoping he will get better soon.

we are thinking to vaccinate my 2 month old daughter after six months and her doctor told me its better to vaccinate the infant before she turns six monts old. what are important vaccines to give and is it ok if i vaccinate my daughter after she becomes six month old baby.

as it stated in the article what remedy should i give her before the vaccine and what is the potency.

thanks Dr.rishimba.
Twinky last decade
Hello DR.rishimba,
I have given my son pulsatilla and it seems to work for him thank you so much for your help.

but my daughter still have the eczema on her face its on her cheeks ,chin and chest. she scratches on her neck and her left cheek is ozzing its like liquid form.she has the wetnes under her neck foldings and legs and arms.i have sent you email to u i hope u dont mind me sending it to you pls guide me on her eczema condition.

Thanks for your help.
Twinky last decade

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