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Please help my toddler with worsening eczema

I would be very grateful if someone had a suggestion on how to help my son Kiran, now 3 1/2, to be cured from his eczema. I have read this forum sometimes and am impressed with the wisdom and generosity of the volunteers here.
My son was born in Singapore on 8.8.05, 10 days late, natural but very fast labour. He was born in the labour pool, no drugs. Jaundiced for 9-10 weeks which resolved with me drinking dandelion tea. He had dry skin which he shed over 10 days after his birth and then really nice skin until one year ago.
I myself suffer from mild intolerance to wheat and dairy, and mold since having lived in tropics.I also suffer from mild hypothyroidism. I am breastfeeding him still. No vaccinations. Additionally, goat milk was introduced at 10 months. Severe upper RTI with otitis media with loss of right ear drum at 12 months. Had homeopathic treatment which didn't help at all. Rhus tox, hepar, ars. alb., Calc. carb. pulsatilla., all in 30 to 200 potencies. Antibiotics cleared the infection but I was very upset to have to give them as I was a firm believer in homeopathy. Has not had allopathic medication since. Recurring foul cheesy smelling ear discharge whenever he had a cold. Once he also developed a big internal boil on outer ear lobe. More ear infections until he was 2 1/2. Moved to UK when he was 2 years old. Belladonna sometimes was enough to ease pain. Had Hepar, kali bi, no great results. Have seen more homeopaths. One lady gave (cannot remember the order) Lycopodium, silicea, tub bov ( I think a high potency), tuberculinum. Then we stopped all other milk except breastmilk and rice milk. The ears improved, but rash on elbow folds developed. We waited as we were too scared to return to the homeopath, and tried topical natural remedies, vitamins and diet. Sometimes cold/ear discharge returned, smelling cheesy, then rash improved. Saw another homeopath who prescribed psorinum 30c weekly and Calendula 200 daily. The rash got much worse and spread to legs. Stopped these. She prescribed berberis aqua and berberis vulgaris as well as card., all mar, all C12. Rash spread to rest of body, torso esp chect, and upper back, hands, and sometimes cheeks.
Rash was mainly dry and itchy, reddish. His stools are well formed, he goes once a day. He has slightly ingrown big toenail, and slight hammer toes. Fine, gold-brownish hair, brown eyes. Fair. (He is half German and half Indian) Hair growth was poor until a year of age. Some cradle cap. When I treated it with oil and combed it off, most of the frontal hair came off too and took time to grow back again.
Kiran is a fun loving, sometimes cheeky and stubborn boy (a toddler!) who loves trains and is quite quick witted. He is generally a poor eater. Hardly any vegetables, will not even try peas. At the moment he loves eggs and asks for them 3 times a day. We are not meat eaters but have offered him meat just in case it might suit him, which he refuses always. He eats mangoes, avocadoes, bananas, apples, likes fruits juice,grated carrots, rice milk, oats, idly. Smoked fish. Salty and sweet taste. Sometimes likes sour too. Will pick fresh herbs, like tulsi and salvia, off a plant and eat them. Butter. Flax seeds, buckwheat, quinoa. Sometimes I let him have yogurt but it may cause congestion. He has tried cheese (stole from his sister) and loved it...but we generally avoid dairy except butter for him. Apple juice and wheat aggravate the rash. Sweets esp make him worse. Was very sick after last year's Easter egg hunt-ear pain and mucus.
He loves a bath, I use filtered water and add oats, seaweed, or sea salt, calendula. He is very attached to me but doesn't mind going to kindergarten. He loves music and dance, playing with sand, books, videos, climbing, bikes, the trampoline and playing outdoors. Sometimes lacks focus, can get distracted easily unless he wants to nurse or have a new train!!He is slim, 14 kg. Hates getting his hair wet, getting combed, and dislikes all ointments, maybe some of them made him uncomfortable. If his clothes get a drop of water on them, he will strip and scream for new clothes. Likes showing off and can be very chatty, although does not always speak clearly. He is competitive and often the only way to get him to do something is a competition with his bigger sister. Can be very jealous and will cry until he can get mom back. He often wakes up in a grumpy mood. In school, he sometimes rejects artificial discipline and rules and prefers to do what he feels like. It took weeks to convince him to say 'good morning' to the teacher at the morning register and to line up after break time. He'll do something if he's convinced it's useful. Potty trained quickly when told there were no more nappies available. Loves nursing (I'm very ready to stop)and argues 'but it's better for my skin'!! Happy to travel.

We use only natural ointments on him. When he had a cold recently, I used jojoba oil with eucalyptus on chest and torso, and he broke out in a rash with some boils.
Currently, he has a rash on elbows, some pussy boils on upper and lower arms, dry spots on hand. Healing rash (spotty with some boils) on his upper back and torso. Dry buttocks. Using mainly rose hip oil now.
He has intermittently complained about pain or itch (not sure) in his penis but not currently.
His eczema improved a lot when we went from UK to Bombay in December, and worsened when going to Singapore from there. Then it improved on holiday in Cyprus (no swimming in the sea)and now much worse again in UK.

I have wondered if he needs a remedy no clear all the remedies before but have been scared of giving sulphur (aggravation?).

I look forward to you recommendations!

Sincerely, Anke
  annika on 2009-03-19
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
More info: His walking was delayed, almost started at on year, then with ear infetction he lost weight and became weak. Finally walked at 17 months.
Is scared only of dogs and big animals, and bees.


annika last decade
Any ideas anyone?
annika last decade
Dear Annika ,

U mentioned about kiran that 'Severe upper RTI with otitis media with loss of right ear drum at 12 months'

1)Uptill this time that is when he was 12 months old did he have healthy skin free from rashes?

2) Does this happens , when ear infection is there rash subsides and if ear improves then rash increases.

3) Does he sweat more than usual .

4) When did the rashes first appear .
vikas_grower last decade
Thanks for your reply.
Yes, he had healthy skin except after birth he shed all his skin over 10 days. Looked like a snake, flaky...Was 10 days overdue.
Up to 2 1/2 years of age his skin was fine after that. We wonder if one of the nosodes affected him.
He doesn't sweat much except in tropical climate. Now in UK climate he never sweats. In Singapore his rash was worse. Dry climate seemed to improve. It feels like fungus.
When his ears discharge, the rash gets somewhat less.

annika last decade
'The ears improved, but rash on elbow folds developed.'

^^ Which remedy did this ? This was the correct direction of cure..

'We waited as we were too scared to return to the homeopath, and tried topical natural remedies, vitamins and diet. Sometimes cold/ear discharge returned, smelling cheesy, then rash improved. '

^^ This was suppression and the disease went from skin to more vital organs.

'Saw another homeopath who prescribed psorinum 30c weekly and Calendula 200 daily.'

^^ This guy has no right to call him self a homeopath. Psorinum, an EXTREMELY deep acting remedy, should never be repeated in a mechanical fashion. Actually, no remedy should be, but the deeper the remedy, more severe the complications that can result. He is even mixing 2 remedies , what a mess !!

Also 'Rhus tox, hepar, ars. alb., Calc. carb. pulsatilla., all in 30 to 200 potencies.One lady gave (cannot remember the order) Lycopodium, silicea, tub bov ( I think a high potency), tuberculinum.' , how many doses were given of these remedies ?

Also,, tell me what and when was the last remedy given, and at what potency, how many doses ?
sameervermani last decade
Talk more about the following symptoms-

-He loves music and dance ( How strong a liking ? improves him mood ? what is the level of rhythm he possesses?)
- Can be very jealous and will cry until he can get mom back.
-Salty and sweet taste. ( Does he desire both salty things and sweet things ? )
-Happy to travel. ( Strong desire for travel ? )
- Any fears ? Talk more about his temperament...

sameervermani last decade
Dear Sameerji,

Please also note this 'Hates getting his hair wet, getting combed'

Seems to dislike pressure on head .
vikas_grower last decade
The case appears to be very close to Calcarea Carb.

You have to try one dose of 1M potency and then no more meds for atleast 7 days.

Lots of symptoms there pointing to Calcarea Carb.

Pankaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA last decade

the first mentioned remedies Ars. Album, Rhus Tox, Pulsatilla, Calc. Carb were all used in a 30 or 200 potency. These were not mixed but tried after one another. The 30 c potencies daily, the 200c weekly. This was in 2006, at age 1. Thereafter, Belladonna 200 was sometimes used in a single dose when earache developed. Hepar Sulph or Kali Bich. 30 c were occasionally used when there was discharge, one or two doses.
I don't remember in what dose Lycopodium was given.
Tub Bov, in spring 2008, was probably a 10M, one or two doses. Not sure about tuberculinum, must ask the homeopath. I think this was also a high potency.

He had one dose of psorinum C30 in Feb 2009 and developed more dry rash, I stopped. two doses of Berb mar and berb aqua and card mar c12 each, with aggravation-same rash all over body.

The last thing he had was one dose of Calendula 200 two weeks ago, no effect.

A week ago the elbow rash became sticky and exuded a honey like liquid, only in the folds. This went away on its own. I have been using topical pure rose hip seed oil only.

About the personality.
He likes dance and music, but I wouldn't say it is extreme. His sense of rhythm isn't great when he dances but he likes to move. He can recognize many different artists when listening to music.
Has very good visual memory, does puzzles well and remembers detail.

Jealousy, probably within normal toddler behaviour. he often screams and protests when his sister has to get picked up from school- wants to go and play somewhere instead, but will also let her read to him and put him to sleep.
Can also be caring and affectionate.
Can be obstinate about getting ready/dressed. Often says he likes to be cold and has to be forced to wear a jumper, socks, shoes, coat...'it's too stiff'. Likes to be naked.
He likes to do many things himself but will usually as to be fed and have his teeth brushed for him.

He is very attached to me but usually once he is settled in an activity he will play happily and in a focused way by himself.

Kiran likes all vehicles- he's a boy! and traveling in them, esp trains and airplanes, but also carousels or going down a fast slide.
Likes climbing but needs time to overcome a worry of doing something new.

Fear: Increasingly complains about darkness after switching off light but this he might have learned from his sister who has to sleep with lights on. He used to be ok.
Big animals, dogs, cats. He is intrigued and wants to touch but scared nevertheless. Otherwise he isn't overly fearful, only of mommy leaving when I go out occasionally with my husband at night. But at school he is fine, no separation anxiety at all.
He is intensely aware of people's emotional states and has told strangers in the supermarket 'Be Happy' when he perceived distress. He is generally quite cheerful and happy.
He is quite alert and likes to ask many questions about where we are going and names of places. He is interested in foreign languages as well, and likes to count. Loves sand and playing with pebbles.
Taste: Likes some salty foods, like roasted pistachios, potato chips, cheese. Will play with and lick sea salt but not excessively. Likes fruit smoothies, mango. Sometimes honey, dark chocolate but again, not too much. A spoonful or a few pieces will do. I wouldn't say he has many cravings except his current desire for eggs.
Generally eats little. He is slim and his face looks small, somewhat fragile. Sometimes bluish tinge around mouth/nose/eyes.
About his head, he cries when a jumper is too tight on his head when getting dressed.
He likes to act funny and to play tricks, make silly faces and even plays word games. We spoke about green vegetables, and I asked him about rocket (arugula) salad, so he said with a cheeky grin, all veggies should fly up in the air like rockets! He knows both meanings well.

Thanks again,

annika last decade
yes, music can improve his mood when he's grumpy.
annika last decade
I think the rash first showed up after tub bov. If not sure, what can we do?
annika last decade
Okay then , please follow the prescription below exactly:

Three doses of Sulphur 6c to be given for ONE single day ONLY as described below.

Dissolve 2 pellets of Sulph 6c in a 250 ml spring water bottle. If leave the pellets in water for 20 mins, they will melt. You can shake it gently after they have dissolved.

Take a teaspoon from this bottle using a disposable spoon 3 times, spaced by 2 hours. This is to be done for one day ONLY.

Let me know in 5 days after these 3 doses. I look forward to your response.


1/. Nothing should enter the mouth for 40 minutes prior to, or after taking the remedy.
2/. Do not touch the tablets with your hands, tip them into the cap of the container they came in and then into the water .
3/. Avoid coffee, tea (including green), and other sources of caffeine such as some fizzy drinks and large amounts of chocolate, except where this would cause a drastic change in consumption
4/. Avoid wearing perfume/aftershave, or exposure to anything with a strong smell on the day and 3 days following the remedy administration. This includes any and all essential oils, and incense.
5/. Avoid the consumption of excessively spicey foods
6/. The use of medicinal herbs, either as 'teas' or supplements should be avoided during Homoeopathic treatment, as should the use of over the counter medication, unless this has been recommended by an MD.
7/. Nothing of a medicinal nature should be applied to the skin

sameervermani last decade
thanks, will find the sulphur an report back to you.

annika last decade

I have given Kiran the Sulfur as directed. I waited until the holidays to make sure I can observe the reactions. The morning after the 3 doses, he developed small flat soft welts on his flanks, armpits and neck. This subsided after 1 day. His rash on elbows and back improved for a few days, now it's about the same as before. Rough and itchy folds of elbows, dry, reddish back, shoulders and neck with small, pus filled boils, also on upper arms. His legs are quite clean now, but some spots on buttocks. He has been asking for yogurt a lot, maybe the sulfur made him feel hot. I have given him some, but feel the dairy makes him worse. He also wants to drink alot, usualy water mixed with some fruit juice or lemon water. He has a few small, movable, hard nodules at the back (under either occiput) and side of his neck.
The weather has been drier and sunnier in the UK, up to 20 degrees and he has had more outdoor and sunshine time. He has been more clingy with me (when at home), but also very chatty and sociable with is friends since he's back in school.

Please let me know what to do next.


annika last decade

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