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Sinus and ear infection

My 6 year old daughter has had an ongoing cold since the end of November. She has just recovered from her second ear infection in a month, but the general congestion in the nasal area is still there. I think it is a sinus infection and wondering what to give her to clear it up. Her symptoms:
-- NOSE: snorting all day (sounds wet and thick)
-- Nasal discharge is white and frothy, somewhat stringy
-- Clearing her throat frequently
-- COUGH sounds wet. Coughing only at night and early morning
-- Cough brings up discharge, but it is white
-- Very dry mouth; drinking more water than usual
-- Worse in the cold, especially outside
-- All symptoms worst in the early morning when she wakes up
-- I don't know if she is allergic to anything
  jilebi on 2005-01-22
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Has your daughter taken any antibiotics? You didn't say how it began. This is important information. You only wrote that she has had a cold since Nov.

Ear infection is expected, but what has been done so far? Is she running a fever?
Does she complain of being chilly?

How is she "acting?" Is she continuing in life in spite of it or complaining and laying around and depressed, or sleepy or hyper. Skin color, pale or normal. Has personality changed to grouchy?

You see, chilly calls for HEPAR SULPH which follows other symptoms. But, the cough is from the mucus OR is it separate?

A severe post nasal could be NATRUM MUR, but person loves salt. The drip is not as severe as you describe.

kali bi is a remedy for excessive mucus that the person coughs a lot. The mucus is stringy and hard to bring up.

VERBASCUM is very good for all the mucus membranes and the ears.

We need this information to choose the best remedy for her.

Keep posting.

Blessings, Sabra
sabra last decade

Thanks for your post. Here are the answers to your questions:
-- Her cold began in the third week of Nov. first with a sore throat, then runny nose, aneezing, but no traveling down to the chest, as is usual for her. Instead, it stayed as what I now recognize to be a sinus infection: occasional sneezing that brings out mucous, coughing and clearing the throat.
-- She took antibiotics twice, once for each bout of ear infection, which each time was accompanied by fever and pain. There was a gap of two weeks between the two antibiotics (two different kinds were given each time, but unfortunately, I don't remember the names. Neither was amoxycilin)
-- She is acting completely normal, except that she is tired sooner at the end of the day
-- She tends to feel hot rather than cold (in general), and that is still the same. It's a battle persuading her to wear multiple layers when she goes to school because she's feels sweaty.
-- Yes, the cough seems to be from irritating mucous, although the allopathic doctor said her chest was clear. It almost seems like it might be a reaction to some irritant.
-- The mucous is something that we "hear" (when snorting, clearing her throat, and coughing) much more than we see. What she coughs up seems more like sputum that's slightly thicker.
-- I should add that during the more than four weeks that she has had this, she would sneeze in the mornings only, and sneezing would bring out long yellowish mucous. That has stopped since the last bout of antibiotics, although she is still sneezing first thing in the morning (but nothing is coming out).

I have started giving her acidophilus and bifida to counteract the antibiotics and also echinacea, but I'd like to switch to a homeopathic remedy.
jilebi last decade
Please do not give the "over the counter" herbal Echinacea. It is not really good for young children.

There is an acidophilus made only from vegetables, ask.

She should be on chewable Vit C. This coats the mouth and throat. If gas is produced within the day, enough C for the day. So one knows the level to stay back from.

Her "less mucus" is due to the antibiotic suppression.

The closest I feel may be correct is KALI BICHROMICUM. Probably in a higher dose "30C" or 1M.

Give one dose around 3 or 4 when she gets home from school. If not in school due to illness, give half hour before lunch. One dose before bed (or hour after eating) for 3 days. Not taken with water, melt under tongue.

So that is two doses per day for 3 days. If not better by 3rd dose, not correct remedy. If very much better by 4th dose, stop and wait and see. Less is better.

If this is correct, it may bring up some symptoms to repeat. If it does, this is a GOOD sign and she will respond well.

OR she just may get better. This is how homeopathy works, one never knows.

What we do know is if there is no improvement, choose again.

You mentioned she is completely normal. You see, we have no idea what her normal is. One must discribe the personality, not relate one is normal. You see the detail?

We may have to use another follow up, so keep an eye on symptoms.

Blessings, Sabra
sabra last decade
Thanks for the suggestion. I will start her on KALI BICHROMICUM tonight before bed. I have it only in 30C.

The Echinacea I am giving is in liquid form -- Tom of Maine's brand. It's a blend of various Echinaceas. Perhaps I should hold off on it while she is taking the KALI B?

The Acidophilus is from fruit and vegetable sources and is in chewable form mixed with Vitamin C (Rhino brand).

Normal for her means fairly active all day playing indoors, mostly elaborate make-believe games; generally happy tempered, thought prone to tantrums when tired. Demonstratively affectionate. Likes to be around other people, though initially shy. Talks a lot, but only to people she knows. Likes very young kids, and older kids, but tends to have conflicts with kids her own age. Prone to jealousy. Has no siblings.

Will let you know what happens in three days.

Thanks again for the help!
jilebi last decade
I gave my 6-year old the kali biCARBONICUM 30C for three days, twice a day as you suggested. Here's what I've noticed:

-- There was a slight increase in coughing and phlegm on the second day -- not so much at night as at middday.

-- There is no longer any coughing or sneezing during the night, and noticeably less first thing in the morning (though it isn't completely gone).

-- She is still snorting and clearing her throat from time to time, mostly first thing in the morning and when she returns from school (it's the outdoors, I think).

-- When she does sneeze, stringy white phlegm is still coming out. Her throat clearing also sounds "phlegmy".

-- She has been sweating a lot during the night, and complaining of HEAT (this during one of our coldest spells this winter. On the second night, I even had to change her shirt in the middle of the night because it was damp with sweat. During the day (waking hours, I mean), she complains of COLD and is happy to put on multiple thick layers to go to school (which she would have otherwise vociferously protested).

-- In other words, the overall sinus infection seems distinctly on the mend, but is not entirely over. And it's this persistent lingering of the phlegm that worries me because it ends up in ear infections. Today at dinner time, she said that her ear hurts when she swallows, but "only a certain kind of swallowing -- like hiccups".

-- So, should I continue with KALI BI since it seemed to work, or are the three days' amount enough to work in her system; or should I give her another remedy?

Thanks a lot for your advice!
jilebi last decade

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