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Toddler with eczema patches.

I need help for my 2 yr old. He has been getting some eczema patches. Several are on his belly and they just look like rough skin, but there is one that is really worrying me. It's been itching him. It started looking like a ring, I was thinking he was getting chicken pox or something, but now it's nickle-sized and puffy and itchy. It's behind his right leg, under his butt. It's getting larger by the day. It's only been there a couple weeks and started out very small.

It gets worse from open air...doesn't itch him so much when he's clothed.
  anabanana on 2009-04-16
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Have you changed your diet recently?

Are you breast feeding the baby?

Are you taking any homeo meds yourself?

Is your toddler allergic to milk protein? Or any other allergies?

How does your child behave these days?

Please answer this and other questions and put your mail to Sameer. Eczema is a very serious ailment.
Dubai2009 last decade
When I saw no one responded to this post I was going to leave things as they were until Dr. Sameer looked into my case, the one I posted about whether I'm taking the right remedies or not, where he's helping me out.

I believe that, since I am breastfeeding, my sons case is very much tied to mine. Anything I go through affects him, too. Usually he will get eczema, behavioral issues, and eating and sleep issues.

I was on a liver diet before my MD put me on synthroid and threw everything out of whack again and we were both doing great! I understand that my thyroid was horrible, but that's the best I'd ever felt for a LONG time and my sons eczema disappeared within a week. I was feeling great and he was responding great. I really can't tell if his behavior was the same, but I had much more patience or if he was also behaving better.

Right now we're visiting my sister in Florida, so I'm not sure if he's behaving the way he normally would. !Like any toddler, I think, he's running wild with his cousins and I barely see a hair on his head all day; a huge change from his 24/7 comfort nursing. :)

He's being great, so it may just be our lifestyle; it's quiet and not much activity...at least not like what he's getting now. The eczema is still there.

Have you changed your diet recently?
Lately, due to depression, I've been eating a bunch of processed foods. We've been eating out because we've been on the road. I guess I've been craving cheesy stuff, something I don't normally have and he was allergic to dairy as a baby.

Are you breast feeding the baby?

Are you taking any homeo meds yourself?
I'll be starting the remedy Dr. Sameer recommended, tomorrow.

Is your toddler allergic to milk protein? Or any other allergies?
Yes, dairy is the only I know of so far. He will be getting tested soon. He was eatinga frosty recently and he got blisters around his lips, they went away completely before I could call 911, but I thought he was going into anaphylactic shock or something...so the pedi will be testing him to see what it may be.

How does your child behave these days?
He seems like a normal toddler. He's very high spirited and active. He loves to watch movies and that's the only time he will sit still.
He doesn't eat well. There will be weeks when he willonly eat one good meal a day and it's usually breakfast. He's very picky and I can name more food aversions than food likes. He loves eggs, rice, craves sweets, oatmeal, wheat cereal, bread and most fruits. He likes sweet potatoes and mixed veggies cooked into rice.
He's super needy and always requiring attention from us. He's clingy (but not since we got here!) He is very social,l but dislikes babies, especially walking babies...prefers older children.
He was born thought c-sec and wasn't breathing at fist. His blood sugar was low and they put him on formula to keep it up. He got reflux and it lasted until 4 mos and then turned into eczema. His eczema moves around his body; one spot will heal and another will surface somewhere. When I did the liver diet and raw juices it disappeared completely, but then came back recently when the homeo I was seeing put me on two rememdies. I can't think of anything else to share....
Oh, he doesn't speak very well, but is very communicative, physically. He expresses himself clearly, just not with words. Uses signs he made up himself.
He HATES getting dresses or getting a diaper change; that's a constant uphill battle in our home and it's always accompanied by lots of crying and him fighting me.
He has brown,dark hair, large dark eyes and one dimple and fair skin. His skin is kinda strange, most is white, buthe has some dark areas like around the knees, parts of his back, in the folds of his skin...his father is very dark and I'm ghostly, so it seems as if he has a mixture of both of us.
He's very impatient and there's no middle ground. He goes from 0-60 in 1/10th of a sec!

When he was about 18 mos old he had minor surgery to remove a small cyst inside his mouth,bottom lip. I think that was traumatic for him (it was VEYR MUCH for me) because they didn['t let me stay with him before they put him down, they took him away crying. His eyes were dialated, simultaneously, to check for retinoblastoma because I had seen a white-eye effect in one of his pics.

All turned out well and went smoothly outside of his crying for me while they were taking him away.

He doesn't take any meds regularly, but we do use the Hylands Kids kit occasionally, for many things. Recently I gave him sulphur, out of desperation, one time (because the bottle says eczema) and it seems to have dried it out. We had seen a homeopath before for eczema, a while back when he was 8 mos, and she gave us two remedies, calc s and sulphur. I didn't keep up with that because I didn't trust her because she couldn't tell me if what she was giving me, which she did so without even checking anything out or knowingmuch about me, and was also sulphur, was safe during breastfeeding. That just didn't make sense. I had given him both remedies before then and they seemed to help, but I stopped when she gave me the sulphur...I hope that makessense.

I would SO much appreciate it if Dr. Sameer would help him, too!!! Thanks.

Please answer this and other questions and put your mail to Sameer. Eczema is a very serious ailment.
anabanana last decade
Bump this until Sameer sees this. You can also provide a link in your own thread.
Best of Luck.
Dubai2009 last decade
Another thing I thought of...Eden has a hard time falling asleep peacefully. He moves around and is very antsy. It takes him a long time of twisting and turning before he goes down.
anabanana last decade

I've been giving my toddler Aconite for cold/flu symptoms, but he's also teething and was wondering if I can do some hyland's teething tablets as well...??

His eczema is worsening...
anabanana last decade
Do not give him the Hyland formula.

Please wait for a few days. I will analyze this and let you know what I think.
sameervermani last decade

thanks! :)
anabanana last decade
hey! anabanana this is sounds like fungus on skin. my sister's have child 3 months old he had same problem doctor suggest her to use athletic foot care cream. yes now the baby run out of this problem. it is type of ringworm so don't worry but treat the problem as soon as posible . take the child to a doctor
lving last decade
Ringworm was my first thought and it does look JUST like it, but it doesn't react to Apple Cider Vinegar the way ringworm does, where it dries it out and it's gone.

I'm actually thinking it may be PITYRIASIS ROSEA, which starts out just like ringworm, but isn't a fungus. His is starting to look more like this now... However, it's looking better now that we're back home and reacted to the humid, warm, climate of Miami...so it may be ringworm... :/

We don't do chemical creams, though...I'll only use natural remedies and homeopathy (for most things) In desperation, once, I used something the pedi gave me for his eczema, to stop the itch, and it made his skin RAW! Never again! It swelled the area and he wasn't only itching more, but in a lot of pain, too.
anabanana last decade
Dr. Sameer, when trying to diagnose is it important to know some family info? I mean, like ailments from his father's side or mother's side?

Just in case:

My husband's family has a strong history of diabetes. They are also very nutty and violent individuals...well, at least most of the men (I think the women are repressed!).

When I say this I mean it's very serious!

My husband's uncle just murdered his wife and child and then killed himself last year.

His father beat husband and brother, severely, and called it discipline.

His father also stabbed his mother while she was preg husband's youngest sister. She had her prematurely.

Grandfather used to hang his kids, by the wrists, and beat them with whips.

This sort of enraged, violent, behavior runs throughout. Even husband's brother has violent tendencies.

Husband is very sweet and gentle, but I fear that he probably feels these violent emotions, but has them 'in check,' or doesn't show it. I wonder sometimes... He is severely closed up with his feelings, though.

In my side of the family there's actual insanity and depression. My own father was abusive, too.
anabanana last decade
Hi Ana,

Since he is being breast fed, I would recommend doing nothing for the eczema right now, as once you get to a balanced state, his eczema should heal as well.

Moreover, eczema being worse from open air is very much covered by Ars which you are already taking.

So my advice is to not give him any remedy. Focus on curing yourself, and his condition will correct as a consequence of your cure.
sameervermani last decade
Will do, thank you so much.
anabanana last decade
Extremely sensible advice... hallmark of a prodigy.
Dubai2009 last decade
You asked somewhere about a good book on homeopathy. I have come across one more:

The Homeopathic Treatment of Children: Pediatric Constitutional Types
By: Paul Herscu

In fact I have already ordered this one from amazon.com. Why don't you browse this book in amazon; browsing is allowed after opening a free account.

This book is clearly indispensable.
Dubai2009 last decade
Thanks! I'll take a look at it.

Right now I'm doing a bunch of reading online. I'm reading through the Materia Medica and Lesser Writings by Kent. Very interesting stuff! I'm still just becoming familiar with the terms; proving, constitutional type, etc.


anabanana last decade

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