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It makes it complicated if you do that as you will have to succuss the new bottle a few times more that the number of times that it has already been succussed.

It is therefore preferable that you use the same bottle and it will not cause any problems if you keep it in the fridge.

The fungus only starts here in the tropics if the bottle is kept at room temperature and this will only be in about 2 weeks.
Joe De Livera last decade
Thanks for your help Sohail Khan.
downfall last decade
Hi Joe,

I am doing the arnica 30 now and have been for exactly a month now. While I have gradually had less pimples on most of my face, my nose has been breaking out with painful large red bumps. The condition of my nose has actually never been this bad. Why? Advice? I am tempted to go beyond the two teaspoons per day or add more pellets to the mix, but I would appreciate your advise since that might even make matters worse.

Electra last decade
Good to learn that the acne has been controlled but I cannot understand the reason for the condition of your nose.

You may try fomenting your nose with a warm towel heated with boiling water which is left to cool and dabbed on the nose to promote circulation which will help to control your problem with your nose.

Do not increase the frequency of the dosage or increase the concentration as this would be counter productive and can cause more distress with the aggravation of the acne.

I presume that you are sipping one teaspoonful after succussion of the remedy in the bottle, just twice daily.
Joe De Livera last decade
Thanks. Yes, I am following the protocol: formula of 3 pellets in 400 ml of water and one tsp taken twice daily after succussion.

I will keep you posted. Another question: will it be possible to start having a cup of coffee in the morning once I go down to one teaspoon of arnica in the evening? Basically does a little caffeine strike out the effect of the treatment if enough time has passed between the two?
Electra last decade
It is possible that the way Arnica helps with chronic Acne is by breaking out in various parts of the body with a new crop which heals soon.

Please read:

You will note that this same phenomenon is reported.

I would advise you against drinking coffee as it has been known to antidote homeopathic remedies. Abstaining from coffee is surely a small price to pay for a permanent cure.
Joe De Livera last decade
Update: the breakouts kept getting worse and worse until I had about 20 angry red pimples, lumps and whiteheads all over my face, even my cheeks where I’ve never had problems. I also had a cyst develop on my chest and one on my armpit. So, I went to the doctor and she immediately put me on penicillin. I will be lucky if I don’t have permanent scars from this episode, which was about twenty times worse than the worst rosacea flair-up I’ve ever experienced.
Electra last decade
It is worrying when at first you respond nicely to the Arnica therapy and then build up some resistance to it in a month.

I would like you to change over to Arnica 6c in the wet dose and also add Silicea 6x dose 2 tablets dry, taken twice daily. This will help to drain the pus and may help to control your problem which is perhaps due to the pus infecting more pores and thereby breaking into new lesions.

Report response in a few days.
Joe De Livera last decade
As you'll see my first post mentions that most of my face was pretty clear but that my nose (the most serious trouble spot for rosacea) had broken out very seriously and in fact many times worse than I'd ever experienced. So I never responded nicely to it but I persisted in the hopes that it would work. I wonder that since it is meant to increase blood flow it is simply making the rosacea worse since the problems are caused by too much blow flow. I am on penicillin so will not be doing anything else until this clears up. Even then I doubt that I will use the arnica again even in a lower dose since it has been the cause of these serious problems. My rosacea has turned from moderate to severe in the course of this arnica treatment.
Electra last decade
I had rosacea all over my chin, upper lip and cheeks. I had purchased at least 7 prescriptions and spent hundreds of dollars. Nothing worked, I was very frustrated. On my last visit to the physican he offered a sample of a natural health product, made with botanical extracts and with many natural propeties, I felt I had nothing to loose, and you would not believe, in three days the roscaea was completely gone, redness, itchyness and pimply symptoms had INSTANT relief. NEVER to return. everyone should try this product. We have since used this paste for evry irritation under the sun, and it works, it's a miracle paste. SkinFix Body Repair Paste. Available at skinfix.ca
kaseyanne last decade
I need help, I think I have rosacia, I have had the symptoms for a few years now. Just recently I have developed what the doctors say is an allergic reaction, but they cant say to what. It starts out as an upset stomach, heartburn and diarreah, within minutes I get severe redness and burning on my hands and face. Then I get very dizzy and weak to the point of passing out. After a little while, like 15 minutes, I get swelling in my face and hands. The doctors say it is anaphalaxis like a severe allergic reaction but they cant say what caused it. I am on multiple allergy medicines although I have never tested positive to an allergy and the attacks keep coming. If anyone has any insight I would like to hear it. Thanks
joann coupe last decade
God said in Holy Quran that ' I create cure for every disease' now it is the human job to find out the cure for every disease.
Rosacea Treatment Plan

Allopathic Treatment
If you have eyes rosacea, papule, pustule, pimples, bumps and whiteheads/ blackhead acnes on face then please get one short-term course of Doxyaycline Hyclate 100 mg OR Minocycline (Minoderm) 100 mg from your expert dermatologists/ doctor.

Doxyaycline Hyclate 100 mg. (Dose = 1 + 0 + 1 capsule)
Minocycline (Minoderm) 100 mg. (Dose = 0 + 0 + 1 capsule)

Direction for taking Doxyaycline Hyclate up to reduction of your internal rosacea, eyes rosacea and whiteheads/ blackhead acnes.

· When you eat your breakfast (minimum two slices of bread medium size) then after 1:30 hours of breakfast, take one capsule of Doxyaycline Hyclate with minimum full glass of water. (Doxyaycline Hyclate is not recommended for pregnant woman) Don't take any food or cold drink up to 30 minutes after taking Doxyaycline Hyclate.
· Take other one of Doxyaycline Hyclate with full glass of water before 25 minutes of your dinner. After 25 minutes, you must eat your dinner/ two slices of bread. Remember don't take any food or cold drink 1 hour before your second capsule.
· Don't lie down for 30 minutes after taking Doxyaycline Hyclate.
· Breakfast to dinner time will be minimum 10 hours.
· Doxyaycline Hyclate is low potency medicines same as Tetracycline so don't worry. By this way, you will get 100 % result to treat your internal rosacea, eyes rosacea and whiteheads/ blackhead acnes.

Direction for taking Minocycline (Minoderm) up to reduction of papule, pustule, pimples and bumps.

· Take one of Minocycline capsule with full glass of water before 25 minutes of your dinner. After 25 minutes, you must eat your dinner/ two slices of bread. Remember don't take any food or cold drink 1 hour before your this capsule.
· Don't lie down for 30 minutes after taking Minocycline capsule.

Homeopathic Treatment
If you are not interested in antibiotics capsules then try homeopathic medicines.
Chose one of these medicines best matches to your symptom or contact to your erpert homeopathic practitioner. Potency may be 3x or 6x or 30C.
a) Silica : For pustules or pit forming acnes on face.
b) Thuja : For acnes on nose and face.
c) Hepar Sulph : For pimples having white pus.
d) Aurum Ars : For pimples on face.
e) Belladonna : For inflamed pustular acnes.

Direction for taking Homeopathic Medicine
· Don't take any food or drink 20 minutes before and 20 minutes after of your homeopathic medicine.
· First take only one dose (3~5 pellets) of Nux Vomica 30C under your tongue then after one day start one of the above homeopathic medicines.
· Take 3~5 pellets of 3x or 6x under your tongue, three times daily for two weeks.
· Take 3~5 pellets of 30C under your tough, three times daily for two weeks.
· Don't touch your fingers to pellets.
· Keep all homeopathic medicines away from smell and perfumes.
· Homeopathic medicines may be used in pregnancy.
· If you are no better after two weeks, change medicine.

Avoid Milk, Milk Products, Sweets, Vitamins and Iron Supplements during taking of capsules/ homeopathic medicines otherwise yours medicine reaction will be neutralized (ineffective). When you will stop taking capsules/ homeopathic medicine then again drink and eat these products as normal.

Coconut Oil Treatment
Get Pure, Unrefined, Natural Coconut Oil, it will reduce/ stop redness, dryness and itching.

Direction for Coconut Oil
· When your acnes and pimples are stopped then start coconut oil massage. Dry your face before applying coconut oil and lie down on bed. Get coconut oil in your two fingers and massage your nose, deep nose corners, checks, chine and forehead (Rosacea Affected Areas) thoroughly with mild pressure up to 10 minutes giving upward and outward stokes. During massage increase oil quantity for easy and smooth massage. These 10 minutes is only for Rosacea Affected Area, not for remaining face. If you like to massage your remaining face with coconut oil then massage your face with small amount of coconut oil up to 5 minutes.
· In hot and humid weather, after massage immediately get a piece of Ice Cube in polythene beg (Milk Grade) and move the ice beg continuously over nose, deep nose corners, checks and forehead to cool down the temperature of rosacea affected area (Important after massage in hot and humid weather). When ice cube is melt down then get one another Ice cube in polythene beg for remaining face. Don't wet your Rosacea Affected Area and face, directly by Ice Cube. This massage will be once or two times in 24 hours at bed time in night and when you are at home. Left oil on your face upto minimum two hours. This massage is not recommended when you will go out in sunlight.
· Don't touch coconut oil to your eyes; if oil touches eyelids, eyelashes or eyes sides then clean it by clean wet cotton swab.
· When washing your face, don't wash your face with soap/ shampoo. Only wash your face by tap water. Close your eyes tightly.
· Massage daily up to two week then, as you required for maintenance, minimum two days a week on Saturday and Sunday. It will keep your face soft, neat and clean.
· In very hot summer days, use one Ice cube beg before massage and one Ice Cube beg after massage on Rosacea Affected Area.
· In dry and cold weather, ice cube beg is not required. Massage your face daily.

Keep it in mind that antibiotics, creams and laser therapies are the temporary cure having side effects in prolong usage such as all antibiotics in prolong usage weak the overall body skin and the person cannot face the sunlight, heat, etc. I suggest antibiotics only once for short period under expert dermatologist supervision up to reduction of acnes then coconut oil will help you forever. I had dry spots on my checks from 1989, which was converted into Rosacea in 1992. I used different treatments for my Rosacea through expert dermatologists and Doctors. At last I had stage three rosacea and I could not face any one. Personally I took capsules first, my acnes reduced then I start coconut oil massage with ice beg therapy and fifth day of my massage I left capsules till now. My face is still soft, neat and clean from February 2005. May and June are the hottest months in Karachi, Pakistan having 43 oC Maximum Temperature with 70 % humidity and I had no red face during these days. (Doxyaycline is of Tetracycline family. Both are ok but in past, I used both separately and I found Doxyaycline only more effective). The capsules will prepare you for coconut oil massage otherwise coconut oil will increase yours papule, pustule, pimples and whiteheads/ blackheads acnes. The real medicine is not Doxyaycline/ Minocycline; the real medicine is Coconut oil and Ice beg therapy having no side effects. When weather change from hot to cold and cold to hot, pimples and bumps appears on my face then I take one short term course of Minocycline capsule.

· Minimize Sun Exposure. Use sunglasses to protect your eyes by ultraviolet radiations.
· Keep distance to heat during cooking.
· Stay cool in hot weather, humid days. Wash your face, hands and foots with cold water in afternoon. Reduce your body temperature. If possible put a piece of Ice in tab and take bath of normal cold water in afternoon or in evening in hot summer days only.
· Always avoid hot water, use luke warm water in winter and cold water in summer.
· Use mild baby soap/ shampoo once a week on face. (Now I am daily using ordinary soap/ shampoo because now I have no Rosacea)
· Don't use any cosmetics during this treatment. After treatment always use those cosmetic products on face, which are made for sensitive skin, check expiry date and made of a good company.
· Get facial after sun set from expert beautician for cleaning of face skin, once in three months in hot weather and every month in dry weather. After facial use coconut oil with ice beg. Alert your beautician about your sensitive skin.
· Cover up your face in windy/ cold days, limiting your time in cold weather.
· Use pure coconut oil in dry winter for your face (With Ice Cube In Polythene Beg), hands and body at night. If required use that moisturizer in day time, which is made for sensitive skin.
· Never treat your face harshly by towel.
· Always tell to your Eyes Doctor that you are affected by Rosacea. Please treat your eyes always to an expert doctor because most of eyes drops make reaction with Rosaceian eyes.
· Eat and drink normal diet as a normal person after stopping of capsules. Don't avoid
any food, fruits, vegetables and milk products etc. If you avoid, you will become weak and your skin will be weak. These are the God gifted items, important for every one health and skin fitness. Further more consult your diet expert.
· Always use sensitive skin shaving gel for shaving. (I am using ordinary shaving cream)
· Avoid alcohol forever.
· For immediate control of your face conditions in any emergency, please consult your expert skin doctor.
· You are Rosacea suffer, now when you use any thing on your face and it makes your face itchy, burns and swollen, immediately stop it. Every your medicine must improve your face otherwise this medicine is not for you. Always alert.

Q) My face is almost free of bumps or pimples and acnes right now?
A) It is good; now you are ready for coconut oil massage with ice beg therapy. Your face redness will be stopped/ reduced become soft, neat and clean.

Q) Normal routine diet will affect rosacea?
A) I think not too much, if you avoid, you will become weak and your skin will be weak. Avoid Milk, Milk Products, Sweets, Vitamins and Iron Supplements during only taking of capsules/ homeopathic medicines. When you will stop taking capsules/ homeopathic medicines then again drink and eat these products as normal.

Q) It is possible that I just massage the coconut oil and followed all your other directions without taking capsule?
A) If you have no pimples and whiteheads/ blackhead acnes on nose and checks then you are ready for coconut oil massage with ice beg therapy. Your face redness will be completely stopped/ Cleared become soft, neat and clean. If you have pimples and whiteheads/ blackhead acnes then take antibiotics for few days to stop acnes as per direction of your doctor.

Q) Whats the result of Metronodozol Gel on Rosacea face.
A) Three years before I used Metronodozol Gel but it makes my face dry and worse due to gel then I made this medicine by adding Flagyl having metronodozol by weight 0.75 % in my sensitive skin moisturizer by expert paramist and I use it in only dry and cold weather and in all cases I found it not too much effective.

If you not understand any thing clear, feel free to contact.

Engineer Sohail Khan Kakar
Karachi, Pakistan.
Khanjee last decade

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