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Hair fall

I am a 34 years old woman. I am suffering with hairfall for last 3-4 years. Currently, front part of my head is having very broad hairline. Kindly suggest some remedy.
  ankita01 on 2009-07-19
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Hey Ankita,
The presentation is very broad, you may have to qualify your problems a bit.
how did it start?
does it fall form root or the hair breaks form the shaft?
Do you have dandruff?
Any lesions in the head?
your occupation?
Family details children, mode of deliveries etc.

If there is no lesions or dandruff then you can help your hair grow by natural means like, using hair oil preferably herbal oils if not homeopathic oils like (arnica or jaborandi).

But one stop advise, without diagnosis it is very difficult to suggest you a medicine. so throw some light on your problems, if you cannot describe then let me know, will upload a question file to make things easy. Also think of endocrinal hormonal involvements. First explain the symptoms then we will go into diagnoss.
Dr. Bagyavasan.k last decade
Thanks for reply.
I am a housewife with two kids. Both deliveries were normal. Problem started 5 months later of first delivery when I was 26. My father has baldness (male pattern) where as my mother has quite good hair. Earlier, my hair were quite long. Currently, the front of the head has broad hair line and density of hair has reduced over the period of time. I had undergone all medical checkup including Thyroid which have been normal. I don't have any dandruff or lesion in the head.
I believe in Homeopathy medicines very much. I took Jaborandi mother tincture and Selenium 30, Acid flour 30 but no improvement.
ankita01 last decade
Good that you have medically checked yourself. hair fall without any underlying cause suggests to high level of stress in you! anyways hairfall treatment may take quite some time to see improvement, mean while we may have to review the case a few times as well. we will see how it goes, i hope you know certain things about maintaining the hair, like washing it regularly, using only one kind of shampoo, use some oil for hair(preferably arnica or jaborandi hair oil), and do not brush your hair hard.

The medicines you might take are:
Sulphur 1M (liquid 4-6 drops)only one dose early morning empty stomach on the first day of treatment.

Nat mur 200 (liquid 4-6 drops) every day there after both morning and night.

Try this for 15 days, do not expect the hair to grow over night, the first changes you might expect are that the thickness of the hair would increase and you might also find some new growths, if you see these changes in 15 days then it means you are responding to the medicines pretty much.
all the best and keep me posted of the changes inbetween as well.
Dr. Bagyavasan.k last decade
Thanks for the remedial advice. As such I do not have any known stress. Shall I still continue with the suggested medicines. One more thing, my hair do not get caught in hand or in comb. But, slowly hair density is receding esp. in front region as well as lock of hair is getting thinner.

Thanks once again.
ankita01 last decade
Hey it doesn change much, so you can continue the same medications and report after 15 days, but keep me posted if you find any difference in between as well.
Dr. Bagyavasan.k last decade
lycopodium 200
phosphoric acid 200
waesbaden 200
thallium 30
flouric acid 30

mix all all ..take one dose 2 times a day
zambian last decade
Dr. Bagyavasan,

Thanks for your reply. I have ordered the suggested medicines which I will take on regular basis.

I will report the progress after 15 days.

ankita01 last decade
Dr. Bagyavasan,

One more thing, I want to ask that Natrum Mur is same as Nat mur?

And, shall I take medicine in water or directly. Also, please confirm if I have to take Sulphur only 1 dose on day 1. And next day onwards, should I take Nat Mur only.

ankita01 last decade
Yes natrum mur and nat mur are one and the same, and sulphur you have to take only one dose on the first day and there after should take nat mur only both in the morning and night, you try taking it directly but if you cannot then take with water.
Dr. Bagyavasan.k last decade
Dr. Bagyavasan.k

Thank you very much.......
ankita01 last decade
Hi Dr Bagyavasan.k
I had acne and acne scars on my back and face and was recommended nat mur 30 - 4 pills 3 times at 10 minute intervals once a week for 4 weeks. However, I noticed increased hair fall and premature white hair after I completed these 4 weeks. Im 23 years old. What can I do to reverse these effects of nat mur?
jeni_185 last decade
Dear jeni185,
I read your posts and treatment with the other doctor, it looks like that nat mur has started to prove itself in you, the right point to stop the medicine was when you had dryness of your skin, because that was the time when nat mur started to prove and eventually you got grey hair and hair loss but nothing to worry, it is not bad effect and it will go by itself if left like that alone, but before i could add anything can you specify the state of your pimples and the scars please? i understand that the pimples are more before menstruation and better after, also add if you have any breathlessness spells during this period or any time in your life.?
Dr. Bagyavasan.k last decade
The pimples and acne have returned now. In fact I've got more on my face now, bigger ones. And my back was only acne scars now I have bumpy pimples.

Yes they seem to be less bumpy after mensturatation.

I haven't had an breathlessness spells.
jeni_185 last decade
ok thats fine and don worry, just take one dose of dulcamara 30C 4 drops in the morning and 4 drops in the night for one week and let me know the difference. don worry if you don have any difference, it is just the starting stage of the treatment. by the way i understand you are form goa and you are located in mangalore now, can you specify which part in mangalore and what do you do, because i did my initial studies in mangalore, just to know.
Dr. Bagyavasan.k last decade
I am not from India.
jeni_185 last decade
I am sorry i understand that you were taking treatment form Dr. Rakesh Km Lko and your name was linked with the other csae of 'acne problem', because u have added your comments on the other forum, sorry for the confusion.
Dr. Bagyavasan.k last decade
That was the dr advising the treatment, but I never said I was from mangalore. Before I proceed with dulcamara, will it have any ide effects like white hair?? What exactly will it treat?
jeni_185 last decade
Thats fine, then about dulcamara, it will not have any direct effect on the white hair, but it will act more on the skin problem which when treated will automatically change the white hair, so all you have to do is to concentrate on the pimples you have on the face and the back, also the scar will change once you see the difference, we will see what happens to the white hair, if there is no change then i will suggest you a medicine, if not your self defence will by itself change it.
Dr. Bagyavasan.k last decade
Dr. Bagyavasan.k

As recommended by you I am taking NatMur200 regularly for last 14 days .
As far as the new growth of my hair is concerned I don,t see any change. I will let you know the further development after 15 days.
ankita01 last decade
Dear Ankita1,
Don worry about the hair growth right now, is there any difference in the density of the hair?
and the texture?
Dr. Bagyavasan.k last decade
Dr. Bagyavasan.k
I don't observe in the density and texture so far. Though, I am closly monitoring the progess but I am finding it difficult how to count on the little changes. I think it should take time.
ankita01 last decade
yes it will take time, don bother about the smaller changes but it is fine as long as you have some change. continue the medicines as suggested.
Dr. Bagyavasan.k last decade
hey kindly fill the form below and i will get back to you with your remedy.
1.How often do you get irritated or angry?
a) very often ( )
b) often ( )
c) occasionally ( )
d) never ( )
Ans:- a

2. Very small incidents affect me really badly:
a) always ( )
b) sometimes ( )
c) never ( )
ans a.
3. Seek consolation from others for my problems:
a) always/ feel better when consoled ( )
b) never/ problems get aggravated ( )
c) makes no difference ( )
ans a,c.
at times it has some effect but tevrythign is ging so bad tht many of the times infact now most of the times i m uunder depression n crying
4. Contradiction aggravates me / I don't like to be opposed:
a) always ( )
b) sometimes ( )
c) never ( )
Ans a. ..almost always
5. I am an extrovert/ i mingle with others very easily.
YES/NO- explain.
i used to but now keep to my own i go to a class but i am not friends with any1 b'coz i feel very -ive.

6. Even minor incidents and happenings hurts me a lot.
a) very often ( )
b) often ( )
c) occasionally ( )
d) never ( )
ans a,.
7. Such incidents or happenings stays for a very long time in my mind.
YES/NO- explain.
ans yes

8. I think of some bitter happenings in my life and brood or dwell on them.
a) always ( )
b) sometimes ( )
c) never ( )
ans a.. nowadays coz evrythign is falling apart infact this one year i have undergone a liot of bad things n somehow i have lost faith in myself i used to b a very bubbly vivacious person but not anymore
9. I get resolved of my past experiences and bad feelings.
a) on my own. ( )
b) with the help of others/ family/ friends. ( )
ans b.

10. I am sympathetic
a) to my own self or problems ( )
b) to others problems and sufferings. ( )
c) to nothing. ( )
ans a,b

11. I am anxious
a) to meet other new people. ( )
b) before a presentation / stage performance. ( )
c) during a presentation / stage performance. ( )
d) after a presentation / stage performance. ( )
e) for everything that i have to do. ( )
f) every morning when i get up and think of the days duties. ( )
g) never.( )
ans b..

12. My appetite is
a) good
b) reduced
c) poor
d) very bad
ans b. now reduced greatly..i lost abt 18 kgs in an yr without any effort i just dont want to eat n earlier i used to stay in my dark room all day long n just wanted to cry my whole life is mess..

13. Thirst/ how many glasses of water you drink a day?
a) very thirsty
b) moderate
c) mild or nil
ans a.. abt 5-6 ltrs atleast ione ltr during the night i get up n need to drink a lot of water.. also because of the medication i hv been given for hiruitism
14. sweat
a) profuse
b) little
c) which part of the body you sweat the most-
d) does you sweat has any odor or does it stain you clothes-
ans itr has the normal odour n sometimes yes it causes discoulurations but not a lot of sweat.

15. Cravings: Those food items which you long for/ which you cannot resist eating.

ans no... i dont eat heavy food almost never.

16. Aversions: Those food items which drives you away form them/ those which you don like at all.

.....cant think of anything as such
17. Disagrees: Those food items which does not agree with your body, if yes then explain what happens when you eat them?
ans:- first n foremost loose motions.

18. Bowel and bladder: How many times you pass stool and urine in a day? any difficulties associated with that- explain.

ans urine a lot... even twice or thrice during the time i m sleeping b'coz of hirsuitism medicines.stool once or twice a day

19. Menstrual history:
a) no. of days of flow:
b) nature of flow (eg: clots) :
c) profuse/ scanty :
d) other aches/ pains associated with menstruation:
ans a= 4 or 5days
b= sometimnes heavy sometimes low.. also its more during 2nd day
d. back ache ...
20. Did you suffer form any illness like TB, Asthma, Diabetes, Hypertension, Cardiac complaints, and Jaundice.

Ans no

21. Did you undergo any surgery in the past?
a) if s for what and how long did you stay in the hospital?

b) Was there any blood transfusion done before, during or after the surgery?

c) Were there any complications associated with the surgery?

Ans no
22. Please do elaborate / detail the present complaint with which you are suffering from. Like when it started, how it has progressed and when the complaint is more and how do you feel better etc.

other details:=- i have a Sinus prob i had undegone a surgery too to remove or cut some part of the nose bones(right side. Hair fall prob reduced earlier. But sometimes when it starts there is a very heavy loss of hair.. nowdays its worse i eat a lot of sprouts.. one big bowl almost evryday.. and pulses too.. and hair oil i use is the aloe vera +jawakusum oil home made for this purpose..nowadays i m under a lot of stress n depression.. and my hair fall prob might hv something to do with it. but not completely due to tht..
When i loose hair it goes from the root.. i wanted to have longer hair so i didnt get a trim is it b/c of tht.. i apply curd +eggs+ besan evry week on my hair.. earlier they wr so good tht i never used to loose any hair even when i washed them now they r so bad i loose abt 3-4 strands like evry hour. i apply mehndi once in 15 days. wash hair generally twice a week. i take a lot of care of my hair but all in vain.. nothing is working.. i protect them when i go out in the sun or anywhr outside.
abt two three months back it wasnt as bad as it now it ws better maybe it might have some effect due to rains n all...

Note: Please be true to yourself while answering the questionnaire.
Try to explain with 'WH' questions ( when, what , where, how and why) were ever necessary.
doodle last decade
Dr. Bagyavasan.k

Thanks for your suggestion.
I am taking Natmur 200 regularlly for last 10 weeks now.
I am seeing some minor changes in the texture of hair. The wideness around mid-line esp. on rear side of my head is decreasing. However, on the front part of head there is no change. I think it should take time. During this time shall I continue with the same medicine? Kindly suggest.

Thank You,
ankita01 last decade
No it has been a long time since we reviewed the case, i should ask you to explain what is the condition now in detail so that we can go about the next line of management.
Dr. Bagyavasan.k last decade

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