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Hi Doctor,

I had abscess near the anus 4 months ago and when I visited the doctor he told me will have to cut it open so that it could ooze and did so. After that I was asked to sit in the tub with warm water for 20 minutes 3 times a day for 3 weeks which I did. After that when I visited he checked and told me there is a fistula and there is a hole in the inside of my anus. He has asked me to under go 2 surgeries one for cleaning and rubber banding the internal hole and then other one for putting up fibrin glue. But I am reluctant to do so and I am also worried that I would have problems in controlling the bowel movements after the surgery.

And now every once in two days I have a abscess raising in the same place it was cut open and then healed which will either ooze buy itself or I will have to squeeze it out which contains a little puss and blood. Some times only blood. This is on the right side of the anus along with this currently on the left side of the anus a sack kind of area is formed side and it will have to be squeezed or oozes with puss and blood once a week or 2.

Please advice me how to go about this and is there a remedy in homeopathy for this as well as how long I will have to under go the treatment to have a complete cure from this.
And what are the chances of reoccurrence.

Please respond to me at the earliest I am suffering a lot.

Even anybody else with knowledge about this please advice.

Thanks please respond.
  desichap on 2005-02-14
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
I usually follow a drainage with ECHINACEA 200X (near this potency) Homeopathic Echinacea. One dose 3 times a day and then once a day for 3 days. This should eliminate any pus or matter.

The body has a remarkable ability to heal no matter what the problem.

It seems like there would be more aggrivation by now if the opening was truely unstable.

Go to the library and look it up in a medical dictionary. I found it under "fistula." It is rather common and docs form them when they want to examine another portion of the body. I counted at least 20 sites of possibilities. You don't even know where it is, except your backside.

Copy the picture and take it to the doc so he can show you exactly. You deserve to know more to make a better decision for yourself.

Blessings, Sabra
sabra last decade
Thanks for the advice Sabra.

Can I have more details to what I should proceed to.

What is the opinion on surgery.


desichap last decade
Do NOT operate SEE BELOW
On Fistula :[ and its cure by homeopathy ]
By J. Compton Burnett. M.D.

Fistula is practically just a convenient term for a certain morbid state found at a given. part, and it cannot be regarded as a disease sui generies, though it is itself a generic term. which potentially includes quite a number o£ diseases of a more or less formidable nature.
Fistula is a condition that is sequential, to another condition, viz., to a gathering or abscess of some kind, and when we speak of a fistula-say a fistula-in-ano we mean that at the indicated part there is a variously shaped, often a pine-shaped, mattering portion of eroded or otherwise denuded tissue.
Now it is commonly taught that this discharging pipe-like abscess is in itself the disease, and that its cure consists in cutting it open, cleaning it, and making it heal, and there the thing is supposed to end. But is it so ? .
I know a lady who was abroad, and suffering from fistula, and the local family doctor ordered her home to London to be operated on for her fistula, he having previously tried many local applications in vain. She came home to London, was operated on and cured-that is to say, the fistula with a good deal of trouble was got to heal up. After that the os uteri became gravely ulcerated, and patient spent nearly two years for the most part lying on her back and underwent an almost endless number of local manipulations and operations. At length the ulcerations in the region of the os were made to heal. Then came leucorrhoea without ulceration, and of a most distressing kind ; a very dapper gynecologist occupied several years in stemming this discharging tide, and when the unfortunate lady had been fairly rid of the leucorrhoea by the injections so long and so strong, she found herself cured surgically and completely of-lst. fistula-in-ano ; 2ndly, of ulceration of the os uteri ; and 3rdly, and lastly, of this severe leucorrhoea.
And then ? health ? Not at all, but a hard tumour in the region of bowel and womb, which has rendered her state simply awful ; for, apart from theof the tumour per se, the exit of the bowel being almost obliterated, the going to stool can be only characterized as awful, so distressing, so tedious, and so painful .
Now, what is the meaning of this all ? Just this : the lady was ill in herself, and her organism tried to rid itself of some of (at least) the product of her ill-being ; to this end it constructed a fistula in an out-of-the way district of the economy, through which it might drain off matter inimical to itself : the surgeons, in forcibly healing the fistula practically stopped the outlet pipe.
Then the same process was repeated in regard to the said ulceration, and again with the surface outlet, which we call leucorrhoea ; and, finally, finding all direct outlets effectually blocked by the doctors, Nature was fairly compelled to deposit within the organism the before-mentioned inimical matter in the form of a tumour, and that at the next nearest available point to the seat of the fistula, ulcers, and leucorrhoea respectively Controvert his you men of the knife, if you can.
passkey last decade
Do you see from the above posting what I meant by finding out more for yourself so you can make a better decision?

The homeopathic Echinacea will heal the reoccuring drainage. When the drainage ceases, this is a GOOD sign. It means ALL is healed, not just part. If only part is healed, it will still make itself known in some annoying way. Homeopathy heals the whole body.

After a period of time I can almost bet that a (later) examination by the same doctor will show a change in tune toward surgery.

He wants to "hurry up" and take care of it now, as this is the general demands of the public. He is used to everyone that wants NOW healing no matter the method.

The reason the public is so unable to take care of itself and runs to the doctor for every little thing today is because when antibiotics were first developed it was a miracle. The medical comunity at that time was a horror.

Doctors became gods..."gimmie a magic pill and I will be well within hours."

There are no magic pills and one must use common sense when deciding what to do with one's body. This is why one looks up research for conditions that are not every day as you have.

Again, the body has great ability to heal itself. We do not always need knives or "glue" to do it.

I thought I gave clear suggestions, please tell me specifically what you do not understand as per your reply.

Blessings, Sabra
sabra last decade
I try Nux Vomica 3X on my patient without going into any further details. (Just the word Fistula or abscuss is enough) More then half of them dont' come back because they get cured. If some one comes back then I go to all the regulor homeopathy procedures.

Nux Vomica works espacially on the abscuss cases.
kuldeep last decade
Thanks again Sabra and all.

OK I have decided to go with the madicine ECHINACEA 200X. Please suggest where can I procure this in the USA.

Also one more question. I got to read on silica 6x, kali mur 6x, zinc and vitC in the same forum.Will I need to take this as well.

Please suggest.

desichap last decade
I am sure that ABC has it. If not, go online under homeopathy information, and many places with remedies come up.

If you decide to keep Nux Vomica on hand it would be good to order at the same time.

Let us know if you are unable to get the Echinacea.

Blessings, Sabra
sabra last decade
Sorry, didn't notice the rest. No Silicea at this time as the fistula is already open and draining.

Try not to mix remedies. When someone gives you a list, it is usually to choose between, not to take all.

The Zink and Vit C are valuable healers. 3 tabs of Zink. Only a little needed. 1000 of the vit C. Bite both hard tablets as they will digest better. If the Vit C tabs are sour, it is good for the mouth and throat before it gets into the body.

Blessings, Sabra
sabra last decade
Hi Sabra,

Thanks a lot for your patience and replies I am really lost now please help me. I checked for Echinacea in Abchomepathy but they have
Echinacea Angustifolia
Echinacea Purpurea
which one to use as well as they do not have 200x instead they have 3x, 6x, 12x, 30x, 3c, 6c, 12c, 30c, 200c, 1m, 10m, cm.

And regarding Nux Vomica what is the dosage it has to be taken.
Please let me know which of the Echinacea to chose from and what dosage of the medication to be taken.

Also let me know on the potency and dosage of the zinc and vitc.

I am sorry for bugging please bear with me. I am a little week in understanding this as I am new to homeopathy.

Thanks again

desichap last decade
Hi, Get the 3C. for both.

The Echinacea is purpurea. It is called "purple cone flower.

Nux Vomica is just Nux V.

Three doses of the Echinacea daily for two or three days. If there is improvement after the 2nd day, stop.

Homeopathy is the least taken and stop when better.

Keep the Nux on hand as it is an excellent male remedy.

The Zink and Vit C are vitamin supplements from the health store. Not homeopathic remedies. Zink usually comes in low mg. Three tabs per day is sufficent. Vit C comes in 500 mgs. Take two per day.

Homeopathy has a lot of Zink remedies, but it is not called for here.

Let us know how you are. Don't worry about the questions, that is what we are here for.

Blessings, Sabra
sabra last decade
Hi Sabra,

I will be ordering for Echinacea both the remidies.

I will post here on the results once start treating.

Thanks A Lot

Will write soon

desichap last decade
Hi Sabra,

I purchased the Echinacea Angustifolia and Echinacea Purpurea 3c.
The delivery was delayed by then the frequency of the abscess had reduced from once in 2 days to once in 2 weeks.
I took the 1 of each for 2 days on eruption of the abscess. And now again in around 2 weeks there was a abscess so this time i took the course for 3 days. Now in another 3-4 days I had a abscess on the other side and erupted.
I am not sure weather to take the course again as I had just taken it 4 days back.

Please let me what is the interval required between the courses. Do I need to take higher potency or consume more of the same 3c and how many days.

waiting for a early reply


desichap last decade
To clarify my message before this one I had take Echinacea 3c one of each 3 times a day first time for 2 days and next time for 3 days.

Please suggest

desichap last decade
Sorry Desichap, lost track of you. Echinacea has 3 second names...all the same.I thought you understood when I verified "cone-flower."

If the cyst is draining, the Echinacea is for the inflamation and to heal. If it closes and fills up again, one will usually use SILICEA to push out from within the offending matter. One dose each week.

If this is not happening, we will have to go further in the study.

As I am late in response, please bring me up to date.

Blessings, Sabra
sabra last decade
Don't squeeze, use the silicea and do not mess with it except to clean. The body knows how to heal itself in marvelous ways if not full of allopathic stuff. Squeezing is irritating and one does not want to push it in wrong direction. Use Silicea once weekly. Echinacea inbetween.

Blessings, Sabra
sabra last decade
Hi Sabra,

Thanks for your response I really do not no much about homeopathy. I am trying to understand.
You mean once the abscess erupts I need to take Echinacea till the wound starts healing but what is the gap I need to give between courses of Echinacea as I get 2 abscess one on each side and one erupts when the other heals. (I am concerned of the time needed to be maintained between courses as you had mentioned over dose would act -ve)

What silicea potency do I need to take (And what does a course mean is it one pellet once a day of the mention potency or number of pellets number of times per day)

Do I need to take silicea even when there is no growth of the abscess or only when it starts bulging?

If u need further details let me know and please suggest on the above.

Thanks and Regards

desichap last decade
Whew, I hope I understand your questions. You say you have TWO parts to deal with and they activate at different times?

Silicea 30X once per week and Echinacea 3 times per week. We will have to see how it progresses to know further.

I will get into my remedy books and see if there is another to use.

Never mind what the bottle of remedy says, I have never found them to be very accurate. If they tell you to take 5 pellets, this makes you buy more, yes?

ONE large pellet is just fine for a dose. Because you are taking more of the Echinacea, why don't you place one pellet in a drinking bottle of water, shake up to melt, and take a swallow out of it 3 times a week. Keep in rif.

If not clear, let me know.

Blessings, Sabra
sabra last decade
Hi Sabra,

This is what I have understood.

Echinacea Angustifolia 3c
Echinacea Purpurea 3c

one of each three times a day for 3 days in a week

Silicea 30X once a day once in a week

Till the abscess stops bulging and erupting.

(Just for clarification I had bought 3c potency 80 pellets. So each pellet is supposed to be of potency 3c am I right?)

Please correct me if I am wrong.


desichap last decade
Almost. By your questions, I learn more.

The two Echinaceas are the SAME. It is all the same with 3 last names.
Manufactures do this.

Echinacea 3 times a week, say tues,wed and thurs. One ball in glass of water or a bottle of drinking water. A swallow or a spoonful is one dose. Swish around in mouth before swallowing. Keep in rif.

Silicea once a weekend. Do this for 3 weeks at least due to the two areas that are not working at same time. One ball is one dose. Melt under tongue. Don't care what bottle says. The manufacture wants you to buy more often.

Do not take Homeopathy with water, it does not digest as we know it, it works in the mouth to the brain.


Blessings, Sabra
sabra last decade
Silicea drains OR heals. Echinacea corrects the inflamation and pus and heals from within outward.

Blessings, Sabra
sabra last decade
Thanks Sabra I will follow this and post the result here.


desichap last decade
Hi Sabra,

I have been taking Echinacea Angust 3c and Echinacea Purp 3c one pellet of each 3 times a day 3 days a week and sil 30x one time once a week as advised by you now for past 5 weeks.

I was getting abscesses on 2 sides one of which was opened by a surgery. After following this medication one side (on which the surgery was performed) one abscess forms and erupts once a week but it is less aggressive compared to earlier to following the above mentioned medication. The Other side looks like has subsided as had only one abscess in these 5 weeks.

Do I continue with the same dosage of the medication or do I need to some other medication please advice.


desichap last decade
looking forward for your advice on the following link



desichap last decade

I have had an anal fistula over 5 years now. It is on the outside of the anus and oozes or bleeds most of the day. I jam a tucks wipe in there to absorb whatever comes out. It also has a small piece of skin coming from it that looks like I grew a tail. If I try to tear it off it will bleed alot. I have tried silicea and echinecea and a few other things which I can't remember. I also don't remember the doses. Is there a way I can get heal this? Is there a way to stop the bleeding. Is there a way to stop the oozing. Please help.
CHIPPER last decade
I have an anal abscess which is oozing constantly. I had surgury 1 month ago to insert 2 setons to promote the draining of pus, I was also placed on Azathioprine (Imuron) to reduce my white blood cell count, which in turn should reduce the pus formation (hopefully). Obviously this is western medicine, but I am interested in alternative treatments as suggested in this forum. Would there side effects if I took Echinacea, with my current treatment?
Pwkim1 last decade

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