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hi im taking phosphorus , 2x 6c three times a day , for severe anxiety , im on my third day now , can anyone tell me how long i should take it for .
  joanied on 2009-09-23
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
6c is too low a potency to give mental relief from anxiety in the long run.

even if you get a relief after much repetition of this potency, the effect of this remedy wont last long.
rishimba last decade
what do you suggest i should be taking , i have had severe anxiety for at least 12 years , have tried lots of treaments and medication , and nothing seems to help , im now house bound , and someone has to be with me all the time , as i am frightend to be alone in case something terrible happens to me
joanied last decade
1. Describe your main sufferings and other related or unrelated sufferings with exact sensations, locations, modalities and probable causes.

2. Write an essay on yourself, your personality, nature, likes and dislikes, thermal preferences, cravings and aversions, fears and dreams, your ambition in life, your inner-most desires, your place in society etc.

3. What is your profession? Do you enjoy yourself at work? Is it a profession you have willingly chosen? If not, what would it be as per your choice?

4. What would you like to change in your personality, if at all?

5. Please pick out the adjectives which best describe your personality;

Nervous, Anxious, Shy, Worrying, Paranoid, Proud, Asocial, Guilty, Depressed, Hypochondriac, Untidy, Weepy, Emotional, Impractical, Confused, Suspicious, Jealous, Timid, Aggressive, Headstrong, Forgetful, Follower, Insecure, Immature, Impulsive, Rigid, Restless, Feminine.

6. Did you have any bereavement in life? If yes, how has it affected you?

7. Do you often suffer from depression? If so, do you prefer company or solitude during those times?

8. Do you get angry often? If not, do you feel the anger inside at least? What are the things / issues on which you get angry the most?

9. Do you have any issues regarding your parenting by your guardians? How were their nature / behavior towards you during your childhood and adolescents? How has it affected your personality and thoughts?

10. Would you say your sex drive is high, low or average? Do you think you are able to satisfy your sexual desires?
rishimba last decade
1. i dont travel in cars as i think im going to open the door and fall into oncoming traffic, heights or bridges as i think im going to jump off , walking along the street as ithink im going to walk into the traffic , being alone as im going to stop breathing or hurt myself

2.i was always a strong person , enjoyed life , i had a very bad up bringing , with a violent father , and spent most of my time in foster care, i want to get lots out of life , but at the moment im stuck in this nightmare , i like having fun and did love bieng with friends and family .

3.i work in a big super store , i like the job , but its stressfull and is not the job i would have chosen , i like jobs that i need to use my brain like book keeping and figures.

4.i think i would like to be a bit more honest with how i feel somtimes , i tend to keep my feelings to myself.

5.im very stubburn , sensitive to what people say or do to me , get upset over small things .

6.my father died a few years ago , but it didnt realy affect me , as i had no love for him .

7.i do get very depressed sometimes , i like to be alone when im like this , as there is no talking to me when im like that.

8.i sometimes get angry , mostly with how my life is now , or if things dont go my way , when i know im right.

9. i hated my father for being abusive to my brother and my mother , and making our lives so terrible , i love my mother very much cry sometimes for the life she had.

10. my sex drive was average , but the last few years is very low sometimes nil for months.
joanied last decade
would like to add when im in any of these situations , i loose all sense of what im doing , cant think at all , im a screaming wreck , i just cant move , breathing is very hard , once in a car i had an attack and managed to lock my foot under the car seat , wasnt until my husband stopped the car we saw what i had done , broke my ankle and ended up in hospital , but i never felt or realized i had done this , i was in such a state
joanied last decade
are you a hot or a cold person, please tell me your thermal preferencees.

which taste do you crave in food items. is it sweet, sour or salt.

do you often feel or have tremors in your body.

do you tend to do your work in a hurry.
rishimba last decade
im a very cold person even when its warm . i dont like sweet things , i eat a lot of salty products . sometimes i do have tremors , but not to often , and yes i always work in a hurry , i hurry in most things i do
joanied last decade
i need to clarify one important mental symptom of yours.

you want to do strange things like jumping from a height or getting out of the moving car etc.

do you try these things with a specific objective or intention in mind.

do you have an ultimate motive of destroying yourself.

do you have any explanation of why do you try to do these insane things.

do you fear death, but have such involuntary tendencies which are difficult to control.

do you think you are possessed by two minds, one trying to destroy you and the other trying to protect you.
rishimba last decade
hi / its not that i want to do these things , just it seems that in any situation im in , i think of the worst thing that could happen , i suppose always ending in pain or death , it seems i terrify myself with these thoughts so much im avoiding all places or situations that could hurt me , its like a little voice in my head saying dont go there or do this incase your in danger , but the thoughts leave me so terrified im a thinking about them every second
joanied last decade
i think PHOSPHORUS is the right remedy for you but the potency has to be higher to get a sustained mental relief.

you may take PHOSPHORUS 1M one dose in the morning in empty stomach and note the changes for the next 7 days.

one dose would be 5 drops of the remedy in some 10 ml of water slowly sipped up in empty stomach.

please note, no food or water or even washing mouth for one hour before or after taking the dose.
rishimba last decade
thankyou for that , at the moment i only have phosphorus in 6c tablet form would i be able to increase this doze, or would i need to buy the drops
joanied last decade
6C is too low for mental relief.

i reckon you buy some PHOSPHORUS 1M and 10M so that you can use then to get long term benifit.

If PHOS doesnt help even in 10M potency, you can try the second best suggested remedy like GELSIMIUM, ARGENT NIT etc.
rishimba last decade
thankyou again , i am ordering some drops now , if i see an inprovement how long would i have to take this for , after the first doze
joanied last decade
you need to first take just one dose or maximum two doses separated by some 30 minutes.

after this you have to wait for the changes in you.

once you see that the symptoms are again recurring, which may be after a few weeks or months, you need to take another dose then.

once you see that 1M potency is no more showing the same effect, you should go for one dose of 10M potency.

if you take doses in frequent intervals, say, every couple of days or maybe a week, the remedy will not be fully effective.

take the second dose only when the symptoms return.
rishimba last decade
thankyou again for your time , i will let you know what happens .
joanied last decade
hi, i took 1 ml of phosphorus 7 days ago ,i havent really noticed any change in my fears as such , any advice on what to do now
joanied last decade
you have written that you took phosphorus 1ml some 7 days back.

please clarify if you have taken 1 ml phophorus in volume or some drops of 1M potency of phosphorus.

i will suggest alternate remedy once i know what exactly you have taken.
rishimba last decade
5 drops of 1 ml phosphorus in 10 ml of water - 7 days ago
joanied last decade
i am still not clear as to what you have taken.

thats because, 1 ml ( mili litre) of liquid volume would be some 20 drops.

taking 5 drops of 1 ml is confusing.

i wanted you to take PHOSPHORUS 1000C potency remedy some 5 drops which is the same as 1M potency.

if you have not understood, you may please go to a homeopathic pharmacy and ask for phosphorus 1M.

M here stand for 1000 ( millenium )
rishimba last decade
sorry to confuse things , i just looked at the bottle and it is , 1m phosphorus in a 10 ml bottle , i put 5 drops in 10 ml of water , if this was wrong , what do you think the doze should be from my bottle
joanied last decade
now its clear.

the dose was correct.

i will check and suggest an alternate remedy if phos 1m has not produced any effect.
rishimba last decade
thankyou ,
joanied last decade

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