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PLEASE HELP! Anxiety and Depression!

I have suffered from Depression since i hit puberty, i have VERY low self confidence... i have notice that as each year passes i have slowly pulled away from EVERYONE! i have become afraid of everything and dont want to be around anyone. A friend asked if she could come over but the thought of seeing her sent me into an anxiety attack! I want my life back! they only time i feel alive is when i drink adult beverages... What can i take to help me feel like i am drinking? To make me feel happy go lucky and not worry and feel withdrawn?
  jlrsg77 on 2011-07-28
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Try kali phos 6x. ajaz
ajazditta last decade
Hey exactly same happening with my 11 year old daughter who had her first period last month and ever since she anxious depressed sad has low self esteem watches utube all through the day. She seemed to have seen some cringe and scary videos as well and that makes her not go to bathroom alone for bath etc ...

I too am looking for help from homeopaths so so desperately !!
I don’t know if anyone can help me little butterfly fly free like before she was before her puberty.

anannya 2 years ago
Hey Ajaz How are you doing now beta ?
anannya 2 years ago
Hope her health otherwise is good
You have to educate her about all this
Has she got her menses this month
It is very natural for her to feel this way
She shud not have any health issues like pain itching excessive or no flow
Kaps 2 years ago
Dear kaps !
Her second period is due anytime now by 14th Aug 2021.
She’s ok otherwise except her love for cheese and butter Milk/Curd which interferes with her severe Milk allergy and makes it difficult for her to consume dairy and peanuts which she loves so much. Also I have observed she has vaginal itch .. kept scratching herself bad last night and was getting irritated.
My worry is .. she has stopped being cheerful and stopped doing any of her School work and participating in household activities like before. She seems lazy all through the day. Even the thought of leaving bed for going to loo seems like a herculean task to her. Which not what she is otherwise. She’s a super active and responsible kid but of late everything looks topsy turvy. Pls help and guide me !
[Edited by anannya on 2021-08-14 07:52:46]
anannya 2 years ago
Dear Mr. Kaps,

I have posted a query at https://abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/601...

Please share your valuable opinion.

Kind regards,

Chitrangda Sharma
Chitrangda 2 years ago
Candida Albicans 30 05 drops in water/ 05 pills only once Single dose only
for itching
Mag Carb 30 2-3 drops in water / 03 pills twice a day after 24 hours of candida for three four days
Post symptoms after three four days or if there is a significant change earlier
Kaps 2 years ago
Dear Kaps, Even before I could act on your suggested remedy my husband took my daughter to a Homeopath friend and she gave my 11 year old daughter Pulsatilla 1M (on 16th August 2021) she seemed a sobered down in a couple of days and opening up to us but after 6 days also her anxiety did not reduce as I thought it would ... 6th and 7th day she felt anxious most part of the day coupled with feeling nauseated and loose motions in the evening .. mornings she was only anxious and uncomfortable. So I took her to Dr. Batras clinic the next evening ... and they said it’s all mostly because of being locked up inside for long and no outdoor activity ... so they prescribed 1) IMMUNO FORCE 200C 2) Cal Carb 30C (Morning -Evening till 15 days) ... these two have been started from 23rd Aug 2021 but my daughter still feels anxious especially when she thinks about doing her school writing work or some other such work where she needs to focus or simply when she thinks abt her anxiety - she feels nauseated and uncomfortable.

Also she is lactose intolerant so it pains and frustrates her to be not able to eat chocolates .. milk .. curd etc ... she can’t control her chocolates craving inspite of getting all itchy and sneezes due to allergy and then she has to take Montair LC Kid.
I wonder when will my girl get rid of her anxiety !?!
And is it depression due to lockdown and early puberty or is it our genes (my mom and my fathers sister were schizophrenic) playing up ? I do not know ! But I am extremely worried for her.

Her second period started on 20th Aug 2021. If this piece of info’ is of any importance.

My query - 1) Was Pulsatilla 1M the right remedy suggested and were the dosage appropriate ? (It seems Puls helped her quite a bit in opening up to us a little ..)

2) What was the first remedy prescribed by Dr. Batras clinic ... IMMUNOFORCE 200C - I couldn’t find it anywhere in Materia Medica.

Could u please guide me to calm my own nerves and anxiety.
I myself am taking Tranquil of SBL for my anxiety (anxiety due to daughters condition..)

Thanks in advance,
[Edited by anannya on 2021-08-24 12:13:04]
anannya 2 years ago
Stop worrying it has never helped anyone
How is tranquil affecting you
Immunoforce 200 is a combination I cud get it on google it will take time

If a qualified homeopath has advised Pulsa I do contest
How many doses of 1 M were given
I m sure it must be single dose only
Her periods are k ni it early
These days the average age of menses onset is getting down

Do not even imagine the genetic influence of your ancestors on your daughter

You are not anxious I feel that u are afraid having fear of something
Do not be whatever’s has to happen will happen

What are her symptoms now
What are your symptoms just say OMG anxiety about daughter’s health is not enough
Post these

Does she still have that itch ?
Kaps 2 years ago
Dear Kaps,
You are so so right abt my fear.
Tranquil is keeping me stable. I was having it two tabs four times a day. I was waking up every other day at 2 or 3am till 6am and was extremely anxious all the time fearing if my daughter would bear the brunt of our genes. I am extremely petrified. I have had the most horrible childhood myself so I try my best to give ‘the best’ that I possibly can to both my kids. I am ok till the time my daughter is. But still thanks to Tranquil I am a lot better than before I started this one. I had it for 7 days (2 tab four times a day ... and now from today, only when I feel anxious ... butterflies and unsettling feeling in my chest/head/stomach/feet and visit to the loos)

Well it’s not abt me, but my little one !

She isn’t complaining abt the itch anymore. Also she has had her second period on 20th Aug 2021 (first one was on 22July 2021)... Pulsetilla 1M was given on 16th Aug 2021 followed by IMMUNO FORCE 200C and Cal -C 30C from 23rd Aug 2021 morning.

- She gets bouts of anxiety randomly even now.
- Especially when she thinks abt her anxiety or studies or her allergy (food allergy and lactose intolerance) or going for offline tution classes.
- Today she tried to write her notes (just to make me happy ...) but just couldn’t. She couldn’t explain why. And then she got anxious and felt hopeless about her self. And then got angry about being expected to do her work. Although I have stopped coaxing her now.
- She keeps saying I hate studies.
- She’s also not willing to do any of the work at home which she previously willingly opted for.
- She did go out cycling today which was good else the entire day she’s only watching utube after her Schools online classes.
- A few days ago she was mentioning abt how Marvel series and Movies run in her mind and how she keeps making their different theories and ending. She felt that she is getting addicted to Marvel theories and utube in general and how she is not able to control her thoughts.

- Although, I have noticed .. earlier she wouldn’t feel anything abt things that would excite her ... but now she feels nice abt some of the things she enjoys like cycling ... swimming ... messaging friends ... watching funny Ads etc ...

- Having said that, she still seem a little stubborn, irresponsible, tries to cover up her mistakes, defiant, impatient, lacks focus and concentration, not able to write her notes etc also asking for junk and spicy food ...or ice creams and chocolates.
- She just can’t wake up early in the morning (not even by 8.30am..) for her online classes.
- She dislikes her teachers especially the one who teaches History/Civics and Geography (one teacher teaches all three)
- She’s ok with Maths (goes for tution classes for Maths ..)
- She also gets very very irritated abt her allergy (lactose intolerance..)
-She’s still a little rude in the way she talks to us which she wasn’t earlier.
- Gets irritated on being corrected or checked by brother or parents.
- Still dislikes brushing her teeth.
- watches screen ALL the time.

That’s all that I can think of right now !

Thanks in advance !

P.S : I have also posted another query on a topic here in forum ... I have written things in details there .. if you could please take some time out reading that as well I would be very grateful to you.

[Edited by anannya on 2021-08-24 18:24:02]
anannya 2 years ago
I have replied to that too
See you are expecting a miracle just like in a snap of a finger

She has at such a young age undergone a drastic experience give her some time nd let those remedies act on her system
She will come around
But if you do. Not stop being so tense how will you care for her

Post the composition of Tranquil ( contents)
Kaps 2 years ago
Thanks for understanding Kaps !

Tranquil (25mg) Tablets by SBL (140/-)

Composition :

Abrus precatorius 3X
Aconitum Nepellus 3X
Calendula officinalis 3X
Viburnum opulus 3X
Kali Phos 3X
Zincum picricum 3X

anannya 2 years ago
You must understand children are very fast to recover
Do not bother too much about her just be there for her I feel another few day maybe a couple of days she will come to terms with herself

No remedies as she is under the care of a doctor

You shud too now reduce tranquil to once a day
Kaps 2 years ago
Yes I have reduced it but I may need it twice because morning (on waking up ..) and evening I get anxious looking at my daughter. Also I have hypo thyroid (25mcg Thyroxin) ...however,I will try my best to stick to one dose.

Abha .
anannya 2 years ago
Start a new thread for your symptoms
Go to forum tab and
Click on the post new topic tab at the bottom left of the page
Post all your symptoms
Kaps 2 years ago
Thanks again Kaps !

Right now I am too exhausted mentally and numb in my head to write details abt my problems.
And my entire focus is on my girl. Once she’s living happy and carefree I will feel better anyways.
And Tranquil is helping me quite a bit so far.

So a post abt me can wait for now.

[Edited by anannya on 2021-08-25 10:00:25]
anannya 2 years ago
Kaps, how long can I take Teanquil one tab a day for ?
I woke up at 3am and couldn’t sleep back last night when I tried staying without Tranquil for the whole day - it was a wash out attempt I guess.

Every morning 2 or 3am and onwards I am usually anxious .. extremely anxious ... through the day I am better.

I am also taking Reiki distance healing sessions.

Could u suggest me if Tranquil for more time will be safe for me or not ?


P.S : My daughter seems ok now. Except she hates to study and complete her blank note books. She hates to open her books even. And is on an eating spree, totally ! Hungry all the time for soy milk, cheese etc not the regular Roti sabzi n Dal.
anannya 2 years ago
Continue with Tranquil as of now
I m a bit busy wud like to gather more symptoms from you
Sometimes later today or tomorrow early

You post the replies and think of your symptoms pertaining to sleep like dreams and what wakes u up at 3 AM is it a dream disturbance or is it just that u wake up like we wake after normal sleep

How is her lactose milk tolerance ?
Since she is eating cheese
Don’t worry about her eating she is a kid and she will get better soon

Tell her to go for some physical activities cycling etc
See my words which u refuted that u need to be more concerned about urself anyway
That is with all Indian parents
[Edited by Kaps on 2021-08-29 05:31:36]
Kaps 2 years ago
Dear Kaps,
I agree, may be I need help more than my daughter.
Please take your time to get back at this post ... I am just grateful that I have someone understanding my problem.
Weird enough I wake up at around 3am .. just like that .. no dreams .. nothing... and remain awake till 6/7 am ... drowsy in the morning.
Also I keep going to the washroom, it constantly feel like I have pressure. Whatever remains in my stomach simply just gets washed away.
I feel heat in my face and chest, constantly tingling feeling in my both hands and feet. I feel nervous and dizzy whenever I get anxiety. Stomach feels like it has butterflies fluttering and is practically empty.
Not able to eat properly, feel extremely weak, lack of energy and interest in anything what so ever.
I have lost close to 2kgs weight in one month alone. I get irritated easily. Teary for no reason at times.

Over reaction (..and sarcasm...) to situations has always been there in me (I dislike it but can’t help it ...)
Like for example, I got extremely angry at my kids (aged 11 and 16yrs) for not doing any work or studies and watching screen all day long. I did not speak to my daughter for almost a week and that’s the first time I got so - so cheesed of on her. That was somewhere around 10th June 2021.... Actually that’s how this whole anxiety thing started with my daughter (around July mid .. when on 22nd July she even had her first period) ) and later with me in August (first week) ....

My memory has become very weak. I don’t seem to recollect details of some of the events which happened before or during our (so called) fight.
Also I do feel foggy in my head these days and low self esteem is something I have lived all my life, so yeah .. I do feel I am useless and can’t be of any help to anyone, in any way. I am a burden! Don’t feel like stepping out of the house or meeting ppl.

By nature I am extremely (read overly..) sensitive and caring and friendly. I can’t see anyone suffering (not even stray animals, poor ppl ..even my maid who was 9th month pregnant with HB- 6 ...whom I admitted to the Hospital for transfusion and delivery later) but still I can come across like a little straight forward and rude yet confident at times. I like to dig deep in everything I am involved in, don’t like anything shallow. I am extremely inquisitive by nature.

I also have hypothyroid, chronic sinusitis, 90/60 low BP (hereditary) and I at times grind my teeth at night so I have very small teeth now. I am prone to sinus congestion whenever I have something cold, soda, tamarind or anything sour. I like salty dishes more and I am kind of scared of water, I feel breathless when I go to a beach and look at the far end and feel as if the sea will either drown my family members or me in.
I can’t sit on a boat or a cruise, the feeling is unnerving.
Although I have learnt to swim and I can swim in 4 feet water (in Hotels etc) but can’t in deep. I am trying to overcome my fears bit by bit.
(I push and challenge myself but my complexes and anxiety defeats me.

Talking of fears - I always have this gene thing in my mind and I am always extremely careful abt checking symptoms if me or any of my kids are having psychiatric issues due to my hereditary.

I am very watchful of how my husband is keeping health wise ... I fear for illnesses in my family.
I dislike cooking, but I am a fan of good hygiene and keeping things in order and presentable. But the lockdown has locked us all indoors and left my house dirty .. difficult to handle the extra work pressure all by myself.
Also I feel I am very lazy generally and hyper when in stressful situation involving my loved ones but reasonably calm when it comes to helping others in trouble.
And I just got my blood reports - my B12 is 216 and Vit D - 17 (Low)

Okay that’s a looong post there.
I thought it will help you pin point a remedy, somehow.

Thank you for your time,
anannya 2 years ago
Just got back after a long day out my phone was dead too read your symptoms
Whenever there is an accident the news always mentions these many people loser their lives and there were so many kids too
Children are the FUTURE of human race
So never get angry on them be EXTREMELY patient with them atleast till they understand the world
In my view you must sincerely apologise to your daughter keep hugging her often that is the best remedy for her

Ignitia 200 03 drops in water / 03 pills thrice a day half an hour before meals
Post sleep symptoms next morning
Rest tomorrow
Kaps 2 years ago
Dear Kaps,
God bless you for being so helpful.
I wanted to know if Ignitia 200 can be taken along with Tranquil
Do I still continue with Tranquil once a day or as needed ??

[Edited by anannya on 2021-08-30 04:46:43]
anannya 2 years ago
Have Tranquil if you feel like no issues
Kaps 2 years ago
Did you take Ignitia?
Kaps 2 years ago
I haven’t taken Ignitia yet, couldn’t find it around my house yesterday due to Janmashtami holiday. I have got it now today in liquid (SBL) ... Could u pls tell me in how much water I must add 3 drops of Ignitia 200C ?
And do I make this dose every time fresh or am I supposed to take this from the preparation I make once (... 3 drops in some water ) ??

anannya 2 years ago
Just add three drops to three four tablespoons of water that’s one dose make it everytime and post symptoms tomorrow morning (sleep)
Kaps 2 years ago

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