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This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Just add three drops to three four tablespoons of water that’s one dose make it everytime and post symptoms tomorrow morning (sleep)
Kaps last month
Dear Kaps,

I took my three doses starting yesterday afternoon. I was sleepy in the afternoon after my first dose .. so slept for a while ... then again evening I was sleepy but couldn’t sleep due to -

1) I have Reiki healing going on me at night so 10.30 to 11.30 pm I am supposed to be meditating everyday till next 7 days (finished 5 sittings already ..)
2) My daughter was restless and scared of ghosts etc and didn’t get sleep till 2am (same happening with her on and off since last week ..) so even though I was sleepy I couldn’t sleep till 2am and was up by 7am.

Today morning when I woke up, I had lot of anxiety with pulse 97 (which luckily I did not have .. had day before yesterday and yesterday .. that badly ...)
Also I had headache at the back side of my head last evening.
I don’t know if this is aggravation or something of Ignitia 200.... but it worked for me sleep alright !!

Today we plan to take kids out to Science City here ... but the thought of going out and physical exertion is making me more anxious. I don’t know why - earlier I loved going places and used to be super excited, but no more ... also my daughters fears of ghosts at night, her lack of sleep and no response from Dr. Batras clinic is making me extremely jittery, angry and anxious. I hate Commercialisation of anything concerning healing ! Or may be it’s just that I am being impatient like always.

Thank you for your guidance Kaps,
I am genuinely grateful to you.

[Edited by anannya on 2021-09-01 03:29:55]
anannya last month
Take her to the same homeopath who prescribed Pulsa1M
You need not take anything
What was the effect on your frequently visiting the washroom and the butterflies in your stomach ?
Do not visit any of these corporate homeopathic clinics
Trust me and give me a day the symptom of dreams in children are easy to handle
Frankly I am a nature follower and wud like to sleep around sunset and wake up around sunrise but of course that’s not possible
Reiki treatment at 10.30 PM
OBNOXIOUS don’t get annoyed thank god only two sessions are left

Post on your daughters symptoms and your other symptoms
All the best for the visit to the science city (which city )
Kaps last month
Do not keep taking your pulse off and on it causes psychological issues on the heart beats like if you wud have taken 10 minutes after u got it 97 I m sure it wud have gone beyond 100

Super excited
It is that we do not remain mentally constant thru out life so don’t be too concerned about it
Leave the CONCERN just keep DOING

Anxiety Depression and words like that is terminology
You must not conclude that yourself and just post what you feel those are the symptoms, things thoughts feelings and sensations which are not normal are symptoms
Kaps last month
Dear Kaps,
Could this fear of ghosts be due to Puls 1M ?

Our homeopath friend had suggested us to be with Dr. Batras but not fall for their packages... because our friend is in Pune and she cannot physically observe and talk to the patient but a local homeopath can. Because she says symptoms in kids needs can be a little tricky at times.
However I will still ask her !

I had to take Tranquils today morning since I was very anxious and had tingling in calf muscles and chest and butterflies in my stomach ... no frequent visits to the loo though but feels like sitting on the pot nevertheless.

These corporate commercial homeopaths take one months medicines and consultation fees in advance 3000/- (our first ever visit..)

My daughter was saying she gets scared when alone ... from ghosts etc ... she doesn’t get anything like that in her dreams... it could simply be age related.... and throughout the day she’s either attending her online School classes or watching utube and goes out cycling.
She seems to have a lethargy in the morning. Difficult for her to get out of bed. Earlier till June end 2021 she would do Yoga with us from 6 to 7.30am 6 days a week ... then she got fed up of waking up in the morning and left, ever since she stopped, our problems started. We too stopped due to disturbances in both me snd my daughter and husband had to leave for Germany for 20 days - that made things worse for us back home. She seems to avoid meeting ppl especially all those whom she hasn’t met for a long time or new acquaintances. Same with me as well ... I dislike making conversations with neighbours and acquaintances, it seems like a TASK to me.

Besides, we just moved to this city in 2016 from the Air Force Campus, where all of us had company .. loads of friends ... Swimming pool ... Squash courts... and other sports which all of us were so used to playing but now in Civil none of us have any ... no friends and no sports, no social life !
This made things worse for us I guess.

About Reiki - Beggars are not choosers ! I was desperate for getting better. This guy is a grand master in Reiki. So very busy. Gets time only at night to meditate for distance healing ... hence the obnoxious time.
But I really don’t mind another 7 sessions that are left to balance my chakras and get my peace and balance in life back. So long it helps !! Btw, in the third session of healing I could feel that I am getting better. (I wasn’t on any medication then ... not even homeopathy )

Given a choice I too would prefer getting to bed early and rise early. But son has Vedantu IIT coaching till 10pm (5.30 to 10PM.. this .. to me .. is more obnoxious ..but kya kare ..) and my husband has further weird timings and responsibilities (he’s a workaholic techie guy ..)
So I can’t afford to go out of order. My husband is super supportive though. I feel the pressure on me all the time. But until now I was able to do things okay but the lockdown and further increase in pressure has taken a toll on me.

Science City in Ahmedabad.

Thanks and regards,
anannya last month
Keep taking Tranquil take it in the morning empty stomach wake up rinse mouth take Tranquil brush after 15 minutes
You did not tell me your age
Any Gynae issues with you ?
Do not take Ignitia today

Let me know about your daughter
Homeopath friend , Dr Batra, or me
Just give her healthy diet and habits

Hope u get better
Try to restart morning Yoga
Finish your reiki

Your condition is due to

Too much on ur mind
Change of husband’s career
Change of location / routine
Going thru most stressed period in life
Daughter getting periods
Son preparing for career
Husband too must be still finding the ropes
Not having neighbours like in AF Campus

All these play on your mind without you knowing it

When you have time Just STOP everything and think about all this
Rain check what is in your control and what is not
Try to control fine tune what you can
See how wud you feel after this analysis
Take care
Kaps last month
Dear Kaps,

I must confess ... you are indeed very compassionate. How I wish I had someone like u available in my city just to clear my head.

About daughter, I plan to try out the Batras just because they are locally available for counselling my daughter. Tomorrow I will visit them for checking about my daughters symptoms as well.

About me - I am 43 yr old, 5.5inches and weigh 64kgs. No gynaec issues to me. But I am on Thyroxin 25mg since last 4yrs now.
We plan to start Yoga but my energy levels are very down, I get tired and exhausted without any strenuous job so Yoga would mean I wake up early at 5.30am after sound sleep at night. Sleep pattern is disturbed since some night I just wake up at 3am ... some nights I get no sleep till 2am ... so until this settles I can’t commit to Yoga routine and disappoint my Yoga guru.
(Till June end I would do 40 Surya Namaskar and other asanas plus Pranayam everyday :( ...)

About my day today - I did not take Ignitia but had Tranquil twice, I was anxious almost the entire day. By anxious I mean... feeling restless, fluttering feeling in my chest, calf muscles and felt foggy and confused in my head. Couldn’t feel ‘in the moment’ with kids and another family around. Was mostly exhausted even as we started from home. It felt as if I will collapse any moment but had to drag myself around for 8kms just to not be a spoil sport.

What u said about the changes is right, but frankly apart from friends, social life and sports facilities I am ok adjusting other things. I have adjusted all my life (... my mom was a schizophrenic even before I was born .... my fathers sister too was schizophrenic ... Scary !! )

My husband is completely enjoying his second innings outside.
He leaves home and kids decisions on me, typical Indian family - but that’s ok so far I am fit health wise and otherwise.

About my symptoms - Tranquil calms me ... but I had to take it twice today. I wonder if Ignitia worked on me (...or not). What do u say on
that (Ignitia 200C)?
How long can I actually take Tranquil ? Thrice a day or as needed, what should be the dosage ??

Also I noticed ever since we used a Hotel Swimming Pool for three days (16th, 17th and 18th Aug 2021) I got severe itch all over my body... I am practically scratching myself till it bleeds and it still feels itchy. Especially on my chest and hips and the C- section mark on my stomach itches really really bad. I have severe dry skin. So I usually apply loads of body lotion but these days inspite of moisturising it itches real bad.
I do not know if this has anything to do with my existing issue.

So right now my symptoms are -

1) constantly uneasy feeling in mind, chest and feet.
2) Feel tired and foggy in head, boredom to even plan something.
3) lethargy and lack of interest in any work what so ever.
4) sleep disturbance almost everyday (except yesterday most likely due to Ignitia 200)
5) avoiding social interactions or even going out of the house for any work (.... Was nervous at the thought of going out today ...)
6) dry itchy skin.
7) easily irritated

That’s all I guess !

Thanks and regards,
anannya last month
This forum is there and I can do whatever I can
No harm in taking Tranquil
Ignitia has had effect on you
Why did you reply so late
Hope you sleep better today
And let me again look for a remedy for you
Half of the issues will go once you sleep well
Do not get bothered about what your mother and aunt had
Why lose sleep over something which may or may NOT happen at all
Enjoy NOW Today
worrying in any case has never helped anyone
And just don’t mention it to anyone in future
I have not delved deep into the symptoms of schizophrenia but I am sure many of those can be controlled by remedies trust me on this

Batras just ask them what all remedies they give to your daughter if they don’t disclose them post how many remedies and dosage
They are More interested in selling their packages
Kaps last month
Go thru this link

You can take 2-3 tabs three times of tranquil it’s not habit forming
Kaps last month
Dear Kaps,

Like I said - No sleep, hence the replies at odd hours !!

Also Batras tell the remedies they prescribe like 1) IMMUNO FORCE 200C and 2) Cal Carb 30 for my daughter. But my homeopath friend doesn’t know abt Immuno force (she said this must be a patent ) and so she said she won’t interfere in my daughters treatment because she isn’t sure what all remedies are being given to my little one.
Personally speaking I find this brand of Batras real farce. They defeat the purpose of Homeopathy by commercialising it so badly.
My father was a gem of a Homeopath (wasn’t a Doctor ... but very very well read ..) he helped thousands absolutely free of cost with severe illnesses using Bach flower and Materia medica for 50 years.
And here I see brands just Intrested in fleecing patients and defeating the purpose of healing through homeopathy.
But right now, I am forced to be with them for the sake of my daughter. Local homeopaths are very disappointing here.

Thanks again for supporting and helping me.
anannya last month
Hope you get sleep else try Ignitia 05 drops in some water
Kaps last month
That link ... it sends shivers down my spine reading details abt it ... it mentions abt genes .. one can have the thing during puberty as well and some of the symptoms kind of match ... it’s scary for me to read it full.
Sorry ... it will send me spiralling down with my fears ...

Thanks for your support,

#am anxious like anything now.
anannya last month
What was Ignitias effect on me ... according to u ?

Is it not the one for me ?

anannya last month
I don’t think symptoms match yours
Butterflies in stomach during the day feeling tired maybe it’s due to IGNITIA but you did have better sleep than the night before that too
Take one dose and I feel you will soon go to sleep
Again why do you get scared alongwith the symptoms the remedies that cure is also written it’s mentioned maybe genetics and where there is no answer the researchers make it genetic

Try to sleep after taking ignitia

Kaps last month

I slept without Ignitia last night.
But was worried and had fears mostly after waking up ... I fear me or my daughter should not get into any mental issues ... even though there are remedies etc ... it’s way too too stressful to go through the process itself.
I know worrying doesn’t help ... but it’s not something I can control.
So as soon as I woke up at 7 I took a dose of Tranquil ... and now waiting for it to calm me down ... it’s 8:34am already ... my chest pounds .. feel restless.

I plan to read Bhagvat Geeta today (one of the Army Doctor gave me one in MH last year ...) ... provided I am able to focus.

My memory too seem to getting effected with all this.
I am very very scared after reading from that link.
Putting the symptoms in words itself is a task, I tell u ... especially when ur heart is fluttering and mind is hay wire with worry and fear.

[Edited by anannya on 2021-09-02 03:10:03]
anannya last month
I am certain Pulsa 1M is responsible for the feeling/ vision of ghost in the case of your daughter as 1M potency was on higher side
It is purely my perception and absolutely no contest to your friend .
There is nothing to worry too as it will automatically subside in a couple of days, if it has not stopped till now

How many tabs of tranquil did you take and how long did it take to get the symptoms bearable and what all symptoms as compared to the last post by you

You slept better hence
No visits to the washroom
You did not post anything about butterflies in the stomach
[Edited by Kaps on 2021-09-02 04:06:59]
Kaps last month

My friend is a young thing, barely 32 something..And we are all open to suggestions and opinions ... that helps us learn better. My friend too is of the opinion. So am sure she wouldn’t mind this.
Puls 1M was given on 16th August 2021. So I am assuming the effect will last for 15 days. And today is 18th day. Could her sleeplessness be due to Puls only ? How long will it take for the effect to wean off ? And if the effects wean off, then is there a likelihood of she getting her anxiety also back ?

I took two tabs of Tranquil around 7.15am today and till I guess almost 9am I kept feeling restless in my head and chest ... felt as if going to the loo will sooth me .... by 10am now I am a lot less restless now but not able to leave my bed stil ... 90% less butterfly in stomach feeling now and a lot less restless in head and chest ... but feel like a visit to the loo will help me relax some more.


It simply made me dull and sleep right from the first dose itself.
I can’t afford to sleep all day or be drowsy ..so was largely fighting to stay awake.
Frankly, I don’t remember much details abt that day now since my mind was dull all through the day that day ... my daughter too wasn’t sleepy and I had to stay awake with her .. that was even more difficult for me ... so it’s a difficult game I am in I feel sometimes.
God can only help me !!

anannya last month

Take 04 tabs of Tranquil around 11 AM
Post symptoms around 2PM

Ghosts dose she still see those?
Why is she not falling asleep ?

What are her symptoms now?

4PM take a dose, 05 drops in water or 04 pills Of Ignitia

7 PM 04 tabs tranquil

What Do you like more, Silver or Gold ?
[Edited by Kaps on 2021-09-02 04:47:18]
Kaps last month

I read ur post at 11.28am ... just had Makhanas (Thursday’s I fast !)
So will wait for my second dose of Tranquil now ... will have it at 12 and will post its symptoms at 3pm. Will that be good with you ?


No she only tells me once in a while when she doesn’t get sleep at night.
Besides, she doesn’t tell me much of her symptoms ... nor do I ask .. for fear of psyching her out with constantly asking for symptoms.
She seems bored largely. Bored of just attending classes online with no human interaction and individual attention, I guess.

She keeps tossing and turning simply at night and then I hug her and start talking to her about her friends .. teachers .. different songs she likes these days (she loves to sing... karaoke etc ..) and at times I tell her to just repeat Hanuman Chalisa ... whatever little she knows of it since I do not know and we all read Ram Raksha and Hanuman Chalisa along with Shanti mantras at home every evening.
The ghost thing is forgotten then and by around 1.30 to 2 she falls asleep.
There aren’t specific symptoms as such in her except she’s bored so lazily she attends her class, doesn’t remember about her class tests and other such assignments. Also very un interested in her friends too.
She got excited yesterday though about our visit to the Science city.
When I once asked her abt anxiety she said she doesn’t get it anymore. I hope she’s not covering up (fingers crossed !)

My husband tells me all this could be age related !

By Ignitia I presume u mean Ignitia 200C ?
I hope it doesn’t make me a sloth through the evening today also ?
I will take it, nevertheless, unless u advise me something else in ur reply.

Also, if I take second dose of Tranquil at 12noon now then when should I dose myself next with Ignitia 200 and Tranquil, please ?

About my choice of metal between the two - it would be Gold.
I dislike jewellery though.
(However the jewellery that I bought for myself is mostly diamond, lightest weight jewellery I like ! )

Thanks again,
Sashtang Pranam to you !
anannya last month
You take Tranquil 12 PM
Have Ignitia 200 C 05 drops in water / 04 pills at about 3 PM
Repeat Tranquil 4.PM
Your husband is right about your daughter
It is your inherent fear about her health so one thing less to worry

You won’t sloth after IGNITIA
Post in case you feel anything
No need please to do sashtang to me. Regards is just fine
Kaps last month
Update of Tranquil taken at 12 pm ....

By 1pm I felt ‘in the moment’ and could see I had so much cleaning to do at home.
Took stock of my groceries etc.
I was still feeling tightness in chest, butterfly feeling in stomach .. although the intensity was only 30% but it was there.
However, I did not feel like going to the loo ... feeling.
I had pain in my left ear too .. like lightning but .. that’s just once. Happened earlier too a lot many times. I don’t know if it’s related, but thought I will share it.

By 1.20 - 2pm I realised I am getting annoyed by watching both my kids watching utube and gaming ... I requested them to swich off for sometime since 8.30am they were online for classes. But they didn’t, so I got hyper .. scolded them and switched off the Wi Fi.
I had tears rolling down explaining my angry kids my side.
All this while my hands and feet were trembling or probably tingling I don’t know what word to use apart from mental confusion.
I felt sad, silly and kept asking myself if I am a control freak by any chance ?

I realised I was feeling hyper.
Then cooked lunch. Ate by 2.50pm ... I was a little calmed by then but was still unhappy with myself. I self blame all the time (have low self esteem ... ) or may be I sympathise too much with me ... oversensitive ?

I will now take Ignitia by 3.15 and update later.
[Edited by anannya on 2021-09-02 09:59:10]
anannya last month
Ignitia at 3.15pm

By 3.45pm i felt so relieved as if some stone has been lifted from my chest. Was happy speaking to my husband discussing how Covid would be instrumental in changing so many lives for good or for bad.
Some amount of tingling sensation remained in my legs.
Some butterflies flying in stomach feeling but only 10%

By 5pm I was feeling like how I was feeling before all this started - absolutely NORMAL.

Then at 5 pm I took 4 tabs of Tranquil.

Till 5.25pm continued speaking to husband ... was feeling a lot better after a long time. No stress, no tingling .. nothing.

At 6.14 slight heaviness in chest with tingling sensation. Tingling in calf muscles as well.

Feeling of intense heat coming from my chest via throat n mouth as if I have fever of 100 degree .. but again it’s not very bad ... say 30%

Mind too felt as if some nerve is under pressure ... but still better than before.

Need I dose myself again with either of the medicine ?

anannya last month

Nothing no more remedies now for you today
I feel you shud stop Tranquil as it is not suiting you

In case you do not feel sleepy at night
Post it
What about the consultation with Batras ?
Kaps last month

I am having a little bit of anxiety ... fluttering feeling in chest .. restlessness in mind again .. but may be just 50% ... I guess manageable with evening prayers etc ...
Ok No Tranquil for me then.

I hope I get to sleep easy tonight, if not, I will post here.


Dr. Batras are closed on Thursday !

anannya last month
What all remedies do you have with you ?
Kaps last month
I have a Healwells Homeopathic Home kit which has 24 medicines of 30 potency.
1) Aconite 30 2) Alloum Cepa 30 3) Aloe 30 4) Apis Mel 30 5) Arnica 30
6) Arsenic Alb 7) Belladonna 30 8) Bryonia 30 9) Celendula 30 10) Cantharis 30 11) Carbo Veg 30 12) Chamomilla 30 13) Cocooulus 30 14) Colocynthis 30 15) Drosera 30 16) Hepar Sulph 30 17) Ipecac 30
18) Merc. Sol. 30 19) Millefolium 30 20) Nux Vomica 30 21) Podophyllum 30 22) Pulsatilla 30 23) Rhus Tox 30 24) Verb Alb. 30


1) Allium Sativa Q <br>2) Terminalia Arjuna Mother Tincture
3) Drosera Rotundifolia 30
4) Reckeweg R 21 ( contains Medorrhinum D30, Psorinum D30,
Thuja D30, Vaccininum D30)
5) Reckeweg R 76 (contains Acconitum D3, Ammi Visnaga D2, Convallaria Anjalis D1, Drosera D1, Kalium iodatum D3, Lobelia inflata D3, Mentholum D2, Stramonium D3 )

6) schwabe’s Phytolacca Berry Tablets
7) Kali mur 6X
8) Cal carb 200
9) Symphatom 200
10) Natrum Sulph 6X
11) Drosera 30
12) Phos 30
13) Lycopodium 6X
14) Ipecac 30
15) Kali Mur 6X
16) Kali Phos 6X
17) Healwell Sinus Drops
18) Bio Combination 6 SBL
19) Bio combination 12 SBL
That’s all !

What to take if I feel uncomfortable in the morning ?


P.S : I am ok as of now just a little bit of fluttering in chest and feet.
anannya last month

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