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This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
I have a Healwells Homeopathic Home kit which has 24 medicines of 30 potency.
1) Aconite 30 2) Alloum Cepa 30 3) Aloe 30 4) Apis Mel 30 5) Arnica 30
6) Arsenic Alb 7) Belladonna 30 8) Bryonia 30 9) Celendula 30 10) Cantharis 30 11) Carbo Veg 30 12) Chamomilla 30 13) Cocooulus 30 14) Colocynthis 30 15) Drosera 30 16) Hepar Sulph 30 17) Ipecac 30
18) Merc. Sol. 30 19) Millefolium 30 20) Nux Vomica 30 21) Podophyllum 30 22) Pulsatilla 30 23) Rhus Tox 30 24) Verb Alb. 30


1) Allium Sativa Q <br>2) Terminalia Arjuna Mother Tincture
3) Drosera Rotundifolia 30
4) Reckeweg R 21 ( contains Medorrhinum D30, Psorinum D30,
Thuja D30, Vaccininum D30)
5) Reckeweg R 76 (contains Acconitum D3, Ammi Visnaga D2, Convallaria Anjalis D1, Drosera D1, Kalium iodatum D3, Lobelia inflata D3, Mentholum D2, Stramonium D3 )

6) schwabe’s Phytolacca Berry Tablets
7) Kali mur 6X
8) Cal carb 200
9) Symphatom 200
10) Natrum Sulph 6X
11) Drosera 30
12) Phos 30
13) Lycopodium 6X
14) Ipecac 30
15) Kali Mur 6X
16) Kali Phos 6X
17) Healwell Sinus Drops
18) Bio Combination 6 SBL
19) Bio combination 12 SBL
That’s all !

What to take if I feel uncomfortable in the morning ?


P.S : I am ok as of now just a little bit of fluttering in chest and feet.
anannya last month
Why are you so worried about the morning
Let this night pass with good sleep
If you feel that flutter in the chest and stomach have another dose of Ignitia which I feel u won’t need but in case u feel
Live in the moment Abha
Yoga reiki chants they all say and mean live in the moment.
Kaps last month
I totally agree with you Kaps and trust me ... I try my best to live in the moment. I so want to be ‘in the moment’ ...

But this feeling of constant discomfort is not in my control and I am literally fed up of it now. So I feel rather than suffering I keep a remedy handy and continue with my work ... whatever little work I do these days that is.

anannya last month
Remedies will definitely get you out of it and be rest assured I respond quite fast so don’t do self medication

Bit more patience and you ll soon be out of it
Kaps last month

No self medication for me.

I slept like a baby last night.... after my hour long meditation :)
Woke up at 7am feeling quite fresh and rested.
My daughter too slept well last night and she slept just on time with me.

So far so good !!

I hope my day goes well too.

I am sorry if u had to be awake till late last night because of me.
I genuinely appreciate it ! Thank you.

I am feeling quite normal even now at 8.30am so I hope to have a good day today.

[Edited by anannya on 2021-09-03 02:57:08]
anannya last month
It’s good to know
Did you take another dose of Ignitia?
No remedies today

I suggest wait for a couple of days before taking your daughter to Batras
Kaps last month

No ! I did not take Ignitia at night also. I didn’t feel the need.

I was thinking the same for my daughter. May be she weaning off from Puls effect so I will monitor her for 2/3 days more before going to Batras again.

Thanks for your constant support,

anannya last month
Before you decide to take to Batras I suggest you post her symptoms
Not today after 2-3 days
Hope that you wo y need anymore remedies
Kaps last month

Yes I will.
I too want to stop all this running around now ... even this Dr.Batras business. Will update u after 2/3 days about her and hopefully about me as well ...

Thanks a ton again,

anannya last month

I am replying faster than u snd me thought I would.

Since yesterday, again I am having anxiety ... can’t say anything about my daughter because she doesn’t share things with me now ... largely keeps to herself and remains in her utube world. If we ban utube she tries to sleep or probably starts thinking random things but still if we insist on her to study ... she somehow can’t focus or get bored by the thought of it. She feels she’s incompetent, looks ugly, lives in a not so good a house, thinks that her teacher do not think if her as a good girl. In short, low self esteem, nothing excites her especially when one of her friends had called her and two other friends over to spend the day .. she felt the girls were too loud and somehow that too didn’t seem to excite her. That was a lil Weird !
But I observed she felt a little normal after having Dinner.

Looks like the Puls effect has weaned off in every way and she’s back to feeling sad and dull and un interested in things around her ... utube makes her feel lil better it seems. She’s happy watching pets videos etc ...


I am as good as my daughter.
I have felt anxious since last night .. when my daughter said that she doesn’t feel too good about visiting her friends house. Then she couldn’t get sleep till 2am ... and that got me thinking again.
I was anxious more or less through out the day ... by anxious I mean .. feeling restless ... fluttering feeling in chest and stomach .. no urge to visit loo though.. but mind has fear ...

I don’t know if this is going to stay with us forever or something. I am genuinely exhausted.

[Edited by anannya on 2021-09-05 16:50:06]
anannya last month
YouTube and all such video based apps are quiet addictive
There has to be some discipline and the rule followed long back spare the rod and spoil the child holds good today but let the ROD be if they do not listen with love coaxing then some ground rules have to laid down
Fix up hours for everything let us say you fix a time to study and she won’t study tell her sit on your study table, don’t study but keep sitting there no doing anything else believe me she will open her books
DO NOT give in to any excuse on this

I feel olden days were good when kids were exposed to only parents relatives nd books and magazines but humans have to progress and everything has plus and minus points advantages nd disadvantages this has to be explained to her

Everyone in the house hold has a job, if you stop cooking and don’t order food from outside all of you will go hungry

so tell her that it is her job to study and she must do that job and that is final you need not be very authoritative but firm without your emotions make both of them sit maybe with your husband

I feel she is having her way by telling you all this take her to her teacher and clarify face to face with her similarly with her friends take her to them
Atleast you will know the truth since you are so hypersensitive to her condition this will also clear your mind

This is not what I expect from an Air Force wife you guys are very strong and mentally robust.

I am sounding like a counsellor which I am not but these are life’s experiences

Pulsatilla has effect for about 30 days and if it has not cured her then it was a wrong remedy

Tell her that her behaviour is not right specialty about sharing things with you and if she can talk about the feelings of her teacher with why not other stuff? She will tell you and if she says she is ok then don’t start reading between the lines

Let us first do this then any remedy
Ignitia effect is for short duration but not so short
How is your sleep? How is your tiredness?
Let me think and analyse
Do not self medicate or give anything to your daughter till u hear from me
You may take one dose of Ignitia if you don’t fall asleep
Kaps last month


Daughter is always so apologetic about over doing screen and not able to study. Infact, she even at times picks up her book but can’t read and focus and simply sits around with the book in her hand or sleeps. She says she just don’t feel like studying -she hates to study.
I explained her about our duties and roles and why we must not ignore them n all ... she understands that and agrees as well ... but then she says she’s a hopeless and a bad girl who can’t do her primary duty also properly. She goes on self blame and low self esteem trip.
She does not allows me to share things with her teachers or friends and says ‘that’s why I don’t tell u any of my things ..’
since probably I am reactive she stopped sharing how she feels health wise as well.... nor do I coax her anymore. I feel she will tell me Shawn she has to !
The Schools are opening on 4th Oct 2021. All these days she was yearning to go but now looks like she feels anxious about the idea. As she has no friends left with whom she shares any bond ... she feels she’s hopeless and a bad girl ... doesn’t study like before so she will never have friends etc
Her half yearly are due to start from 20th Sept .. it being online, she doesn’t feel the need to study like she would do earlier .. she says she will pass.

About Me

Sleep last night was great. Since I had been out the whole day long and was in Car for almost 3.5 hours waiting for my daughter ... I was very exhausted .. so both me n daughter slept really well .. woke up at 7 on my own like always.
Sleep is ok but yesterday the fluttering feeling in chest n upper stomach got me thinking ... also I do feel I lack energy to do things faster. Constant worry. Driving too makes me anxious (I am not a very confident driver yet ...)
Can I not take something only when I am very anxious and worrying non stop ... something which will last for just a few hours ?

anannya last month

Keep Aconite with you always whenever you have this feeling try one dose
3-4 drops preferably directly on your tongue and post the feeling once you try it
Give me some time please

Kaps last month
Arsenic Album what potency do you have ?
Kaps last month
Arsenic Album 30 I have with me.
And Aconite 30 I have in small balls form. So I am assuming just 4 balls on tongue makes a dose !?


P.S : My daughter is doing good today, trying to study as well. I guess she gets anxious only on going out or meeting ppl/friends etc...
I will observe more about this once she starts going to Offline School from 4th Oct 2021.
[Edited by anannya on 2021-09-06 08:41:30]
anannya last month
Then Arsenic 30 must be in pills only
Give one dose to your daughter
02 pills single dose
And learn to keep her secrets only then she will share
Aconite for you 04 pills
Kaps last month

I don’t know if u recollect my daughter is already on Immuno Force and Cal Carb 30 ... both medicines in morning and evening ... for last 15days ... tomorrow will be her 15th day ... and we are expected to go for review at Dr. Batras ...
The Doctor there ... refused to accept her anxiety as an issue which needs attention especially after such a high dose of Pulsatilla ... so she started to treat her for her allergies ...(lactose intolerant and dust + dust mite allergies ..)

So do I still dose her with Arsenic Album 30 ?

Fun fact # Arsenic Album 30 was distributed generously in every household (even in the slums etc..) in Ahmedabad during the first wave of Covid ... so now even those who had no idea about Homeopathy at-least has Arsenic in their house. Just sharing !!

[Edited by anannya on 2021-09-06 09:18:02]
anannya last month
So sorry yes do not give her anything till final consultation from Batras
Kaps last month

It’s been 5 days now, those guys at Batras just aren’t giving us an appointment for a review check up.
Thankfully my daughter is looking good now, although still not interested in studies but I guess it’s the lockdown effect. So I will just let it pass ! She’s sleeping well at night, has become rude and short tempered but again it could be the teenage approaching personality change. She still has low self esteem, says she’s a bad student and that she is left with NO friends at all. Also when she steps out of the house, she often says that the ppl around are all looking at her (she asks me if there’s anything wrong in her dress or face ....!)
.... but I will let this too pass .. this must be normal at puberty I guess !!!

About Me -

Uh ! I am okay mostly. Only at times I get butterflies in my chest and stomach feeling ... (but no loo visits or nausea etc ..) especially when I think or face a stressful situation ... or if I have to take my kids out to their friends or to simply shop etc ... routine mundane kitchen work exhausts me mentally completely ... I hate to think of cooking at all.
I realised how so ever much I try to divert myself I feel sad mostly.
There’s still some unknown fear of our kids future that haunts me ... fear if my kids would be healthy when they grow up ... mostly their physical, mental and emotional health.

I try to keep myself busy with either work or something constructive but in a day I still feel mildly anxious atleast 2/3 times in a day everyday.

By the way, all these days I did not take Aconite at all.
My 18 days Reiki sessions are also all done.

Is there some remedy which I should take to just feel happy and break my habit of getting worried for nothing and being in constant fear for myself and my family members health ?

anannya last month
Make a choice between Batras and this forum, as the symptoms are not relenting, keep a note that the symptoms are aggravating

Repeat Ignitia 200 single dose

Chinta chita smaan hai hope you follow it
Whatever has to happen wi happen so why worry
Whatever happens happens for good
With so much yoga reiki and remedies a bit of change in thought process has to be done
Hypothetically kids have their own destiny and the worries are not going to change that all you and they can do is do your bit
I ll look up for something for this feeling of being sad and anxiety
Take care
Kaps last month
The way you have described and concluded that she has low self esteem
Just think over this and check if it is low esteem or self pity or both
Kaps last month
Dear Kaps,

Just returned from Batras. The Doctor there just doesn’t believe in explaining about anything. She has repeated the same remedy as before for another 15 days. Her food and dust allergies are a little better than before, I admit, but she doesn’t seem to give any heed to her feeling low esteem and uninterested in studies all together and is a tad rude, lazy and brutally straight forward. I don’t know if a typical teenager looks like that because my son wasn’t like that when he was 11/12 yo.
Well ... then the Doctor just asked if my daughter is getting decent sleep. Which she is !

Btw, it’s not self pity that she feels, it seems more like low self esteem. (Like ...she feels her teachers don’t praise her because she’s not good in anything anymore, her friends are avoiding her for whatever reasons, her house is not presentable and her friends have better homes etc ... Weird it is !!)

So that’s that about her.

We have to stick to Batras for another 15 days. We will not go back to them thereafter. Most likely !

About me,

I took Ignitia 200 at 1.15pm today. It’s 4.58pm and I feel no better infact it only increased a little by 2.30 pm ... inspite of me trying to divert myself ... forcing myself into conversations etc ... but I felt fluttering feeling in chest/stomach and my calf. Mind feels a little numb or confused. This feeling wasn’t all that severe before Ignitia I feel. ( Sometimes, I so wish there was some anxiety meter or something ... !)

I feel my anxiety is more incident driven. Because today it started after a phone call from my brother who mentioned about his son (a year older than my son ..) studies for 6 hours in a day ... and he inquired abt my son and I said my kids have given up on studies and I don’t force them anymore ...
.... and after I hung up .. I felt worried, anxious and could not concentrate on my work. I had to sit down. My legs felt weak and I felt helpless and hopeless about things. I feel sad for kids as well. I do understand their plight so I don’t blame them, but time waits for none.

I also know, whatever has to happen WILL happen and it will be for good. But my mind is so beyond logic I tell u !!
I probably have this fear of unknown and negative thoughts that bother me all the time. Also I may be having low self esteem and self pity myself because of my unhappy childhood ... just sharing .. it may make no sense in choosing a remedy fir me but still I thought I will share.

That’s all !!

P. S : it’s 7.31pm ... I still feel uncomfortable in my chest/ stomach and calf and feet .... just updating !

[Edited by anannya on 2021-09-12 14:02:23]
anannya last month
Dear Abha
Sorry for the late reply I was driving
How are you now nd post how do you feel after dinner
If shud go away soon

There is no comparison between your son and nephew
You mark my words when your gets a good college and your daughter overcomes her issues you will tell yourself the you worried unnecessarily.
Kaps last month
Dear Abha
Check my profile and you may share what you do not want on the forum
Why did you go to Batras in the first place?
Post those symptoms

Self pity and low self esteem I am surprised
How are you feeling now?
Regards kaps
Kaps last month

About me,

I did not eat anything at night. There was no appetite.
I was a little less anxious around 12pm .. and so we slept late.

I woke up at 8.30am. Woke up fresh. So far so good.

About daughter,

Took her to Batras for the following symptoms-
Daughter wasn’t talking to anyone of us much since almost 15days before her first period started on 22nd July 2021.
She was lost in her ‘Marvel’ theories imaginations.
She wouldn’t get sleep at night.
She would feel uncomfortable ... butterfly in her stomach n chest feeling.
She would have upset stomach ... loose motion etc.
She was binge eating all the time.
She would be rude, angry and lazy.
She was constantly imagining things she saw on utube etc ... especially Marvel movies ending ... she would make different endings in her mind ...

So along with these I mentioned abt her lactose intolerance and peanuts, dust + dust mites allergy (we had her blood tests reports for allergies ..) and how she gets all itchy and swollen if she has things she’s allergic to.

But before taking my daughter to Batras, my homeopath friend had advised us to give her Pulsatilla 1M on 16th Aug 2021 and 22nd we took her to Batras because I felt she’s not showing signs of any improvement. Although her anxiety had improved a little. But I still thought of showing it to a Homeopath face to face so that Doctor will speak to my daughter and figure out something if the things which seemed insignificant to me or may be some things are just plain normal for her age.
Allopathy Doctors had suggested anti psychotic drugs for her and that completely freaked me out ! So I decided on Batras.

That’s all I remember.

anannya last month
Just post in case symptoms do not subside
Let us wait for the medication by Batras to finish and review symptoms
Kaps last month

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