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Dr. MAS Research Paper - Duration of Action

After long day efforts, we able to get replies from homeopaths.

This was received from Dr. MAS. We are thankful to him.

Hello Other Members, Ref. Your mail. Sorry, I can’t post in any other forum, So I offer the following comments here:

1. Who first compiled this list? (Boerick or any other homeopath?)

Duration of action of remedies is falsehood tip in homeopathy like any other homeopathic principle. But it has now become a prime importance if you use it the correct way. The vital role of duration of action of remedies cannot be ruled out. But the question is when, where and how it can be used? This is all confusing. Which remedy to follow after which remedy…..? Question like that is all bamboozling.

I also use duration of action of remedies but at the same time I also instruct my students don’t be confused with it, always take fresh case and prescribe what ever the remedy comes. Very simple rule.

Rehman Encyclopedia of relationship of remedies is the definite source for knowing duration of action of remedies. Dr. Rehman can be approached through email ***** for genuine enquiries only.

The earlier name was “drug affinities”, Bogger Boenninghausen in 1846 (approx) published data in concise form.

Then it got famed from Boerick materia medica but who was the first? I don't know. After publication in Boerick, every body blindly started quoting that table. This is all cheating. Nobody ever bothered to check the exact listening. The most interesting point is, every body blindly verified that duration of each remedy is correct but in my case it was all gone wrong.

2. When this list was first compiled? (Exact Date if available)

Read above.

3. Was the list compiled in one day or duration of action of remedies were added one by one at different interval of time?

One doctor first compiled it but that doctor collected data from different doctors, other sources and books having cured stories and observations. My common sense says, it was added with different interval of time but in summarized form it was compiled later on.

4. How many compilers were involved in compiling that list or only one writer took pain in compiling the whole list?

Only one doctor took pain in compiling the table but many doctors were involved involuntarily. These doctors noted their observations for different remedies, which were then collected by one doctor.

5. The duration of action of remedy of Rhus Tox was added just after the completion of Rhus Tox proving or it was added after long trial of clinical practice and experience.

When Rhus Tox proving was done, it was noted that even after the stoppage of use of Rhus Tox (in crude form), the proving symptoms constantly appeared for seven days in healthy individual. Hence it was noted that Rhus tox has exact seven days of duration of action. Later on this was practically observed by different homeopaths during the practical application / administration of first dose of Rhus tox in the patient.

For example, say when Rhus Tox 200 was given, the patient responded very well and remained calm for few days until he reported that he is again feeling discomfort, at that stage, homeopath thought that action of the first dose of Rhus tox is completed but patient is not reported total cure hence one more dose after seven days was administrated.

This type of observation in the coming days was very fruitful for homeopaths and helped them a lot in repeating the dose. One day, a patient came to my clinic, she was arthritis patient, after repertorization, I decided to give her a dose of Rhus Tox 1M for her knee complaint. I asked her to report to me after seven days. She came after nine days and said "Doctor sahib, I was feeling better but now pain has started again, give me some more good quality medicine, I want to recover as early as possible because I have to go to Saudia Arabia for performing UMRA.” To my observation, the remedy was working and the rule is, if remedy is working, then don't disturb the action of remedy by administrating over dose. I knew that Rhus tox was in her body and she does not need further treatment for the next follow up. Placebo was given and it was again instructed to report after four days, the patient came and said, “I have been recovered about 90 % but worried about relapse of complaint” , a dose of cm was given and then the patient never returned.
This observation shows that, Rhus tox duration of action is ten to fifteen days depending upon the selection of potency strength.

This observation shows that duration of action of remedies saved your case other wise you would have been spoiled the case if you don't know the duration of action of remedy.

According to Dr. Gibson-Miller, the columns of duration of action of remedies are not correct. To him; the Rhus Tox action is three to four months. So homeopathy is full of fraud like that, if you have money, you can become high standard homeopaths, if you could write some book you can call yourself scholar of homeopathy without knowing that what is the difference between remedy, medicine and drug? Believe me, everybody will quote you without actually knowing that what is right and what is wrong because homeopaths do not believe in practical observations. They supposed to follow what is written, they do not bother what they are observing. They always made mind before doing something and write observations according to their pre-planned thoughts.

This is the complete list of duration of action of remedies, which Gibbon compiled and appeared in Boerick. This is also supposed to claim the first compilation.

Remedy---name---------Duration of Action of Remedies
Aceticum acidum-------14-20
Aconitum napellus-----
Aesculus hippocastanum 30
Agaricus muscarius 40
Agnus castus 8-14
Alcohol - Aethanolum 20-30
Allium cepa 1
Aloe socotrina 30-40
Alumen long
Alumina - Argilla 40-60
Ambra grisea 40
Ammonium carbonicum 40
Ammonium muriaticum 20-30
Anacardium orientale 30-40
Angustera vera 20-30
Antimonium crudum 40
Antimonium tartaricum 20-30
Argentum metallicum 30
Argentum nitricum 30
Arnica montana 6-10
Arsenicum album 60-90
Arum triphyllum 1-2
Asafoetida 20-40
Asarum europum 8-14
Asclepias tuberosa 40-60
Aurum metallicum 50-60
Baptisia tinctoria 6-8
Baryta carbonica 40
Belladonna 1-7
Berberis aquifolium 20-30
Bismuthum subnitricum 20-50
Borax veneta 30
Bovista 7-14
Bromum 20-30
Bryonia alba 7-21
Cactus grandifloris 7-10
Caladium seguinum 30-40
Calcarea carbonica 60
Calcarea phosphorica 60
Camphora officinarum 1
Cannabis indica
Cannabis sativa 1-10
Cantharis vesicatoria - Lytta 30-40
Capsicum annuum 7
Carbo animalis 60
Carbo vegetabilis 60
Causticum Hahnemanni 50
Chamomilla vulgaris 20-30
Chelidonium majus 7-14
Cicuta virosa 35-40
Cimicifuga racemosa 8-12
Cina - Artemsia maritima 14-20
Cinchona officinalis - China 14-21
Clematis erecta 14-20
Cobaltum nitricum 30
Cocculus indicus 30
Coffea cruda-arabica 1-7
Colchicum autumnale 14-20
Collinsonia canadensis 30
Colocynthis 1-7
Conium maculatum 30-50
Crocus sativus 8
Crotalus horridus 30
Croton tiglium 30
Cuprum metallicum 40-50
Cyclamen europaeum 14-20
Digitalis purpurea 40-50
Dioscorea villosa 1-7
Drosera rotundifolia 20-30
Dulcamara 30
Eupatorium perfoliatum 1-7
Euphorbium officinarum 50
Euphrasia officinalis 7
Ferrum metallicum 50
Fluoricum acidum 30 or 1-7
Gelsemium sempervirens 30
Glonoinum 1
Graphites 40-50
Guaiacum officinale 40
Helleborus niger 20-30
Hepar sulphuris calcareum 40-50
Hyoscyamus niger 6-14
Hypericum perforatum 1-7
Ignatia amara 9
Iodum 30-40
Ipecacuanha 7-10
Kali bichromicum 30
Kali carbonicum 40-50
Kali iodatum 20-30
Kali nitricum 30-40
Kali sulphuricum 45 written in
Kalmia latifolia 7-14
Kreosotum 15-20
Lachesis muta 30-40
Laurocerasus 4-8
Ledum palustre 30
Lilium tigrinum 14-20
Lycopodium clavatum 40-50
Magnesia carbonica 40-50
Magnesia muriatica 40-50
Magnesia sulphurica
Magnetis polus arcticus
Magnetis polus australis
Mancinella 30-40
Manganum aceticum 40
Marum verum teucrium
Menyanthes trifoliatia 14-20
Mephitis putorius 1
Mercurius vivus 30-60
Mezereum 30-60
Millefolium 1-3
Moschus moschiferus 1
Muriaticum acidum 35
Natrum carbonicum 30
Natrum muriaticum 40-50
Nitricum acidum 40-60
Ntr-sul ? 30-40
Nux moschata 60
Nux vomica 1-7
Oleander 20-30
Opium 7
Paris quadrifolia 2-4
Petroleum 40-50
Phosphoricum acidum 40
Phosphorus 40
Platina metallicum 35-40
Plumbum metallicum 20-30
Podophyllum peltatum 30
Psorinum 30-40
Pulsatilla nigricans 40
Ranunculus bulbosus 30-40
Ranunculus sceleratus 30-40
Rheum officinale 2-3
Rhododendron chrysanthum 35-40
Rhus toxicodendron 1-7
Ruta graveolens 30
Sabadilla officinarum 20-30
Sabina juniperus 20-30
Sambucus nigra 1
Sarsaparilla 35
Secale cornutum 20-30
Selenium 40
Senega - Polygala senega 30
Sepia officinalis 40-50
Silicea terra 40-60
Spigelia anthelmia 20-30
Spongia marina tosta 20-30
Squilla maritima- Scilla 14-20
Stannum metallicum 35
Staphysagria 20-30
Strontium carbonicum 40
Sulphur 40-60
Sulphuricum acidum 30-40
Taraxacum officinale 14-21
Tellurium 30-40
Teucrium marum verum 14-21
Theridion curassavicum 30
Thuja occidentalis 60
Valeriana officinalis 8-10
Veratrum album 20-30
Verbascum thapsus 8-10
Viola odorata >2-4
Viola tricolor 8-14
Zincum metallicum 30-40

Boerick says, duration of action of remedies of Ars Alb is above 60-90 days, see above, but B-hausen said, it is upto 36 days and to my observation, in 30C it only remain in action four days and rarely for fifteen days in high potency in acutes. Dull homeopathy. L

The materia medica pura says, “The duration of the action of large doses of rhus extends over six weeks, that of small doses is less proportionally to the smallness of the dose. On account of this long duration of action the preliminary homoeopathic aggravation of symptoms is also of longer duration than with most other vegetable drugs; so that in the employment of even the smallest doses we often do not observe the amelioration until after the lapse of twenty-four hours after taking the medicine. Hence, as with every other medicine, so especially in the selection of this one, the homoeopathic rule must be strictly followed. The injurious effects of an erroneous selection are often removable by bryonia, sometimes by sulphur, at other times by camphor or raw coffee, according to the untoward symptoms produced.”

6. Who was the first homeopath that added the duration of action of remedy of Rhus tox (7 days) in remedy list? Was that the clinical homeopath who after practical experience finalized the duration of action of remedy of rhus tox or was that the Prover who first proved rhus tox as homeopathic remedy?

It was first the prover who proved Rhus Tox and then the follower homeopaths who verified the data from their clinical observations.

This was received from Dr. abdul Rehman on merc.

My dear Dr. Mas

Thank you very much for your query. I am enclosing herewith complete relationships of Mercurius. Some additions have been made very recently but I could not go through them, so you may find some typing/spelling mistakes for which I beg excuse in advance.

A. Rehman

[Solubilis and vivus]

Pso9, Syc4,8,140, SYP140.

Choler, Melan15, Phleg, Sang64.

l, r, l
r, Alternating sides.

Related Bowel's Nosode:
Gaertner (Bach).

30-60 d.
2-3 weeks187.

It seems that when Merc fails when indicated, Merc-v acts185.

Mercury given in form of Mercurius Sol. has toxic effects on the
intestinal and oral flora up to 6X125.

Should not be used lower than 12X (6C50) for danger of producing abscess
in tonsils125; is toxic lower than 6X125.

Don't give many doses of Merc in psoric cases, look for a deeper

In primary and secondary syphilis, Merc. is sovereign and reliable
remedy, it must consequently, be continued weeks and months, during the
period of pause one gives purposefully the indicated intercurrent
remedy: Kali-i, Nit-ac. both in low potencies or Syph. and Sulph. in
high potencies44.

Hesitate about giving Merc. in dysentery unless sure it is indicated39.

Sulph. intensifies its action8,16.

Merc. is not followed well by Sil; Sil. does not do useful work when
Merc. is still acting, or has been acting. Sil. follows well after Hep.
and Hep. follows well after Merc. and thus Hep. becomes an intercurrent
in that series of medicines30,56.

The relationship between Merc. and inflammation should be studied very
carefully. It is recommended in the later stages of inflammation when
inflammation merges into suppuration, the more has pus formed, the more
it is indicated ... we think of it when inflammation stage is just about
over and suppuration about to set in, it works both ways, it prevents
suppuration when suppuration has not taken place and hence is a remedy
to be used in doubtful cases of suppuration134.

As Sulph is to psora, so is Merc to syphilis and Thuj to sycosis30.

Sal, Mercurius and Sulph. correspond to the three basic constitutions of

All mercury preparations in albuminuria are contraindicated in lower

Merc. is seldom indicated if the tongue is dry19.

Merc, Hep, Sil form trio for suppurations50.

Food[s] to be avoided:
Alcohol8,31, Coffee, Cold food, Hot food31, Sugar9, Wine31.

Intercurrent remedies:
Kali-i and Nit-ac [Primary and secondary syphilis also Sulph. and
Syph44; Nit-ac also for syphilis of bones44; Nit-ac. Also intercurrent
remedy in syphilitics when Merc. Fails; also also syphilis185 and
bones44], Sulph187.

Sequential remedies:
Merc ? Hep ? Sulph17
Merc ? Hep ? Sil17,30,56

Complementary Remedies:
Ars, Aur8,17, Bad, Bar-c [Enlargement of tonsils143], Bell [Acute
rheumatism of children, besottedness, perspiration, throbbing headache,
mydriasis, high fever, dreams, the child cries out while sleeping8,80],
Carc50, Chin157, Hep8,17,157, Hydr [Influenza when liver is tender and
torpid, the skin and sclera are yellow and there is much itching54],
Iod157, Kali-i [Syphilis36,101; venereal rheumatism101; influenza,
supplements the action of Merc. when the later ceases to act50], Lyc
[Pneumonia with liver complications to finish the cure48; acute
tonsillitis47; ulcerous or pseudomembranous inflammation of tonsils47;
diphtheria47], Mez, Nit-ac [Soft chancres occurring in weakly scrofulous
subjects, secondary ulcerations of mucous membranes26,96; cancer50],
Phyt, Puls, Sep8,17, Sil8,50*,125 [Blephroadenitis of scrofulous
persons50], Sulph8,17, Syph [In syphilitic affections47; syphilitic
ulceration157; chronic cases143], Thuj.
* The compiler has faithfully recorded the clinical observations of
different authors with respect to complementary and inimical
relationships of Merc. and Sil.

Followed well by:
Acon [As an intercurrent in true syphilis when there is violent
inflammation of the penis following Merc101], Agar12, Ant-c, Apis,
Arg-met [Cured gonorrhoea after failure of Merc25], Arg-n [Ophthalmia
neonatorum when Merc. fails16,177; thick yellowish profuse bland
discharge from eyes, when Merc. fails39], Ars [Fluent coryza when Merc.
is not sufficient and discharge becomes more burning in character48;
coryza and dysentery17; smallpox, during the progress of the secondary
fever85], Asaf, Aur [Gummata syphilitica, gummatose tumors when Merc.
has failed to relieve101], Bar-c [Scarlatina miliaris in scrofulous,
dwarfish children33], Bell, Calc, Calc-p [Consumption10; incipient
mesenteric tabes25], Calc-s [Inflammation of skin, and subcutaneous cell
tissue and of connective tissue in every part or organ of the body with
tendency to suppuration36], Caps [Gonorrhoea when a little, thin, gleety
discharge remains48], Carb-v, Cham12, Chin, Chol [Liver diseases when
(Merc. and) other remedies fail to response36; organic diseases of liver
in which the commoner hepatics -Card-m, Chel, Kali-bi, Merc, Myrrr and
Dipl. have failed91], Cinnb [True syphilis when no benefit has occurred
from Merc10], Crot-h [Ulcers, saliva drools at night, Merc. failing39],
Dulc, Echi [Suppurative appendicitis when Merc. fails54], Guaj, HEP
[Otitis media when suppuration impends17; liver diseases138;
post-influenzal complications with involvement of sinuses in patients
acutely sensitive to draughts, improving but not cured by Merc. may be
helped by Hep51; scrofulosis44; throat diseases30; inflammation with
threatened suppuration to cause absorption13,90 when inspite of Merc.
suppuration continues36,90; caries ossicle in inflammatory process95;
atonic dyspepsia13; hypostatic pneumonia44; cold16; coryza, nares sore
and ulcerated when discharge becomes thick and yellow, more red, swollen
and tender, nasal passages sensitive to inhaled air17; furunculosis95;
atrophic rhinitis when Merc. seems indicated but does not relieve93;
catarrh16; stomatitis39; gonorrhoea, when suppuration threatens,
attended with throbbing in perineum and Merc. having proved
ineffective101; scarlatina40; when Merc. ceases to help in rheumatism,
quincy, boils and suppurations50], Hydr [Scrofulous ozaena and ulcers in
the throat128], Iod [Scarlatina40; jaundice, liver cirrhosed, stool clay
colour, tenderness over liver39], Jac-g [Pharyngitis acuta with much
dysphagia when Merc. seems indicated but fails24], Kali-bi [Diphtheria
and throat affections1], Kali-chl [Scurvy44], Kali-i [Acute nasal
catarrh when Merc. has done all it can, or fails, especially in
syphilitic subjects48; syphilis, with fistulous openings, thin
offensive, corrosive ichorous discharge, or suppuration storm; difficult
cough39; epistaxis39; gonorrhoea when a little, thin, gleety discharge
remains48; acute rheumatism of children80], Kali-m [Scurvy33], Lach
[Hepatitis40; ovarian tumours even when suppuration has taken place33;
inflammation of salivary glands and stomatitis when Merc. and other
remedies fail36; gums swollen, spongy, easily bleeding and especially if
they turn purple48; abdominal inflammation with suppuration or if
suppuration ensues and Merc. fails or if gangrene threatens, also,
typhlitis16; rheumatism when Merc. fails166], Lyc, Merc-c [Severe
stubborn forms of eczema when Merc-v. seems indicated but does not
relieve64; dysentery when Merc. fails138], Merc-i-f [Chancroid when
Merc. seems indicated but fails24], Mez [Violent pain involving teeth
and pain in face with constant chilliness when Merc. fails2; neuralgia,
worse at night, involves head, when Merc. fails39; otalgia violent,
involves the face and teeth, chilly, after Merc. fails39; chronic
inflammation of ear where Merc. seems indicated but fails13; ciliary
neuralgia after operation16; diarrhoea when Merc. has been improperly
given103], Mur-ac [Typhoid138], Nit-ac [Syphilitic affections of skin,
mucous membranes and sense organs when Merc. fails66,101; tertiary
syphilis, osteitis, periostitis101; gleet when Merc. has been employed
without benefit101; intercurrent remedy when Merc. fails in all
stages44; aphthae, stomatitis with ptyalism, swelling of the gums,
foetor oris etc. when Merc. is without avail48; throat diseases30],
Nux-v [Coryza44], Phos, Pilo [Sweating of rheumatic fever50], Plat
[Oophoritis7,20; caries of bones particularly nasal bones and tarsus24],
Psor [After acute attack of appendicitis subsides131], Puls [Coryza44;
bronchitis6], Rhus-t [Dysentery, very efficacious when diarrhoea only
remains138], Sep, Sil134* [In inflammatory processes ... Merc. does not
prevent formation of pus but rather helps it and should, therefore, be
used when you are convinced of formation of pus, Sil. follows Merc.
after Merc. has done its work, it prevents further suppuration and tends
to hasten the already long-drawn process of slow healing134], Staph
[Constipation with bad taste in the mouth, irregular appetite and pain
in the gums, where Merc. does not suffice118], Still [It has been used
with success in many cases where Merc, Aur and Thuj. failed to do any
good134], Sulph [Dysentery when tenesmus and blood has ceased and mucous
still persists16; dysentery when Merc. fails39; dysentery after Merc.
has removed the acute symptoms138; helminthiasis, hepatitis40;
gonorrhoea when a little thin gleety discharge remains48; also
gonorrhoea when Merc, Cann-s, Canth and Merc-c. do not act promptly and
satisfactorily48; skin itching134], Thuj, Tub [Constitutional diseases
when Merc-i and also Sulph and Thuj fail139].

Acet-ac, Lach8, SIL* [In potentized form Sil. and Merc. are inimical,
yet high potencies of Sil. will sometime antidote crude effects of
Mercury30,39; Sil. potentized may be used to good effect in ulcers,
caries etc. from abuse of crude Merc. when the symptoms call for its
administration17]. When a blunder in prescribing has been made and Sil.
has been given after Merc. with alarming recrudescence of the bad
symptoms. then Hep. comes in and "straightens things out56."
N.M. Chouduri has his own unique personal clinical experience of
following Sil. after Merc.

Acet-ac34, Alum139, Ang, Ant-c31, Arn139, Ant-t, Aran, Arg-met31, Ars
[Also rarely useful for intoxicating effects of massive doses111], Asaf
[Bone affections, extreme sensitiveness of diseased parts, extreme
soreness around eyes12,16; ailments from abuse of Merc. in Syphilis25;
chronic effects50], AUR [Suicidal mania157, caries of bones especially
patella and nose12,16; melancholy after abuse of Merc39; effects of over
dosing with Merc. in treatment of venereal diseases56,95; suppuration of
glands after Merc79; rheumatism after mercury166; deep ulcers affecting
the bones50 -Kali-i50, Nit-ac50], Aur-m [Over dosing of Merc. in
multiple cerebro-spinal cases54; profound melancholia in
arteriosclerosis, in leutics, after misuse of Mercury50], BELL, Bry,
Calad, Cadm-i, Calc, Calc-f, Camph, Caps [Abuse of Merc12], CARB-V
[Pathogenic effects38], Caust [Sometimes12; abuse of Merc. in
scabies1,31,56], CHIN [Chronic ptyalism12,16,157; also rarely useful for
intoxicating effects of massive doses111], Chion [Hepatic derangements
after abuse of Mercury33], Cina, Cinnb [Effects of over medication with
Mercury50], Clem, Cob-n, Con [Swellings of lymphatics25], Cupr, Cory-c,
Coral, Daph [Pains of Mercury25], DULC [Salivation especially when worse
in damp weather16; ptyalism worse by every damp change12; bad effects or
abuse of mercury1,33,111; abuse of Merc25], Elec, Ferr [Also rarely
useful for intoxicating effect of massive doses111], Fl-ac [Abuse of
Mercury25], Guaj [Abuse of Mercury in rheumatism, gout,
contractions25,120; also rarely useful for intoxicating effects of
massive doses111], HEP [Principle antidote especially for pain in head
at night, falling off of the hair, painful nodes on head, inflammed
eyes, ptyalism and ulcerated gums, swelling of glands etc. etc33;
chemical antidote, the inconvenience produced by small doses of Merc.
unhomoeopathically administered71; mental symptoms12; anxiety, distress,
suicidal and homicidal mood, bone pains, sore mouth ulcers and gastric
symptoms12; itching of upper limb after abuse of Merc39; especially
abuse of Mercury16; overdosing with Merc106; mental, bones, gastric and
ulcerations157], Hydr, Hyos, IOD [Affections of glands12,16], Iris,
Jac-g, Kali-bi, Kali-chl [Spongy gums bleeding easily, aphthous ulcers
in mouth, throat and foetor of breath16], KALI-I [[Said to be the best
antidote for all the bad effects of Mercury50 though doubtless NIT-AC.
is equally valuable50; also intoxicating effects of massive doses111;
syphilis and mercurialism combined; bones, periosteum, glands, ozaena,
thin watery discharge, upper lip sore and raw, repeated catarrh after
Mercury, every little exposure to damp or wet air - coryza, eyes hot,
watery, swollen, neuralgic pains in cheeks, nose obstructed with
simultaneous profuse watery scalding coryza, sore throat worse every
fresh exposure12; syphilitic iritis after abuse of Merc39; overdosing
with Merc106; osseous troubles and hypersensitivity to cold157], Kali-m
[Scorbutus fetor12], Kreos, LACH [Occasionally when mercurial poison has
been engrafted upon the constitution16], Lyc, Mag-m [Metrorrhagia12],
Merc [High potency to antidote bad effects of crude Mercury1], Merc-c
[The best antidote of Merc-sol98], Mez [Large doses or too frequent
repetition1,50; invalidism36,111; poisoning by Merc36; affections of
nervous systems157, neuralgia12,16, in eyes, face, teeth etc. etc2,12;
violent pain in teeth and face2], Mur-ac, Nat-m, NIT-AC [Best
antidote98; syphilitic ulcers after abuse of mercury, when lower tissues
are attacked, as periosteum, the bones and fibrous tissues, particularly
if secondary syphilis is complicated by Mercurial poisoning16; abuse of
Mercury1; abuse of Merc. after ulceration of palate and throat56;
inflammatory swelling of inguinal and axillary gland after abuse of
Merc56; also intoxicating effects of massive doses111; troubles grave,
cachectic tendency, ulcerations, haemorrhages, lesions bony and mucous
membranes157], Nux-m [Inhalation of Merc120], Nux-v [Tremors12,25], Op,
Phos, Ph-ac [Caries of vertebra after abuse of Mercury16], PHYT [Bone
pains38; mercurial poisoning, stomatitis54], Podo [Bad effects of
Mercury1,34, vapours12], Puls [Bad effects of vapours of Mercury13],
Ranun, Rat, Rhod [Pains of syphilis after a prolonged course of Merc79],
Rhus-g, Rhus-t, Ruta, Sars [Antidotes Merc. and establishes the
reaction30; red spots64; rheumatism after Merc39; marasmus after abuse
of Merc103], Sel [Itch suppressed by Mercury1, 34; moist itching spots
and tingling of skin after local treatment of eruptions especially by
Merc145], Sep, Sil [Effects of crude mercury16,30,111], Spig, STAPH
[Nutritional disorders by excessive mercurialization157; bad cases50;
chronic effects13; system depreciated by mercurial poison16, depressed
system, sallow, dark rings round eyes, spongy gums, ulcers on tongue12,
and well marked bone pains16; fig warts dry pedunculated, after abuse of
Merc30,64; constitutional effects of Merc134; swelling of tonsils after
abuse of Merc30], Still [Broken down constitutions with periosteal
inflammation and nodes on bone16], Stram, SULPH [Abuse of Merc. in
typhoid115], Sul-i [Bad effects of Merc. on mouth30,50], Ter, Thuj [Also
intoxicating effects of massive doses111; after long term use of Merc.
in strong doses157], Valer, Zinc. All symptoms agreeing Merc. high in
potency12. Sulphur bath.

Aloe [Acute ulcerative colitis -Merc, Nit-ac, Podo], Ant-c [Ophthalmia
worse from glare of fire], Apis [Children have stool as intermingling of
blood, mucous and food like tomato sauce], Arg-n, Arist-cl, Ars [Anuria
and terminal uraemia -Phos, Plb], Ars-i [Temperature extremes agg.
-Ars-i, Calc-f, Calc-s, Calc-sil, Cinnb, Ip, Lyc, Nat-c, Nat-m, Sulph,
Sul-ac, Syph], Asaf [Iritis], Aur, Bapt [Stomatitis of nursing mothers],
Bar-c, Bar-m [Obstinate scrofulous affections and suppurations of
glands], Bell, Brom [Endocarditis or pericarditis with pain from below
upwards], Cadm-i, Calc [Scrofulous diathesis, also Bar-c, Calc-ph,
Calc-f, Hep, Merc, Psor, Sil, Sulph, Tub], Calc-f, Canth [Child pulls at
penis], Capp [Polyuria, glandular affections, mucous diarrhoea,
influenza], Carb-v [Reaction remedy in cachexia syphilitica], Cham [Pain
with profuse sweating], Chel [Lower lobe of right lung, stitches through
to back -Kali-c], Cinnb [Affections of eyes], Cist [Mononucleosis],
Cob-n [Bone pains], Con, Epil [Chronic diarrhoea with tenesmus and
mucous discharges; ptyalism, dysphagia; wasting of body and much
debility, cholera infantum], Eryth [Pityriasis rubra and syphilis], Euph
[Blepharitis and conjunctivitis from cold], Gaert, Guaj, Hench
[Gastro-enteritis, nausea, vomiting of bile and frothy mucous, stools
watery, profuse, slimy, tenesmus, never get done feeling], Hep
[Panarthritis], Iod, Jab [Salivation], Kali-i [Hard chancre; burning in
face, running coryza and agg. from heat and warmth of bed], Kali-m,
Kreos [Gingivitis of diabetics], Led [Nocturnal emissions stained with
blood], Lept [Bilious troubles], Lol [Trembling of hands and legs], Lyc,
Lyss [Tendency to kill spouse when asleep], Mag-c [Every change in
temperature affects profusely -Bry, Chel, Kali-i, Mang, Phos, Rhod],
Mag-f [Focal infection in nose], Mag-m [Lying on right side agg.], Med
[Profuse salivation at night on sleeping], Merc-ac [Congestion with
stiffness, dryness and heat of parts affected, lack of moisture, throat
dry, talking difficult, chancre in urethra], Merc-ar [Syphilis tertiary,
especially of bones; syphilis of glands], Merc-k-i [Inveterate colds,
acute facial paralysis], Merc-c [Violent inflammatory processes;
syphilis with extreme depression; rapid spreading ulcers in diphtheria;
Merc: slowly spreading], Merc-d, Merc-o-f [Syphilis in patients with
gastro enteritis or if very sensitive to ordinary Merc. preparations],
Merc-i-cum-kali-i [A wonderful sinus remedy as well as valuable remedy
in certain chronic rheumatic states. Arthritis, neuritis and all painful
complaints worse at night and resisting all other remedies], Merc-i-f
[Eye diseases and throat symptoms -Merc-i-r], Merc-n [Pustular
conjunctivitis and keratitis, gonorrhoea and mucous patches with
stitching pains; syphilides], Merc-p [Nervous diseases from syphilis],
Merc-pr-r [Suffocative attacks at night on lying down while on the point
of falling asleep, gonorrhoea, urethra felt as hard string], Mez [Crown
intact, roots of teeth decay -Merc: crown of teeth decay, roots intact;
pain in long bones, periosteum, worse at night -Kali-i, Phyt], Nit-ac
[Ulcers which are offensive, granulating, bleeding easily,
characteristically irregular in outline, tending to dip deeply, agg. by
light touch, pain giving sensation as being produced by splincter;Merc:
ulcers superficial, painful to touch giving senstion of sharp point
stitching into the tissues; when mercurialization is conjoined with
syphilis], Nux-v [Dysentery with tenesmus which ceases after stool, -
Merc: persistent tenesmus], Op [Answers questions slowly -Lyc, Ph-ac],
Phos, Phyt, Plan [Pain in teeth with increased salivation], Plb [Black
spots on nails, also Carb-v, Phos], Puls [Ripe cold in nose with
greenish yellow discharge, ophthalmia purulent; milk in breasts of
non-pregnant women and girls; Merc: of boys], Rhus-t [Pneumonia in
alcoholic patients], Ruta, Sep [Cold and heat of room agg. -Carb-ac,
Graph, Ip, Merc], Sil, Sulph [Pruritus vulvae worse at night and from
contact of urine], Syph [Hutchinson's teeth], Thuj, Thea [Urge to kill a
loved one especially own child - Arg-n, Nux-v, Sulph], Til [Sweat
increases as rheumatic pains increase], Tub [Extreme sensitiveness to
atmospheric influences, so sensitive to change of weather, to cold and


  Challa on 2005-02-26
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.

We really miss you. I don't know, whether the administrator has any means of retreiving your password or not.

I have a suggestion.Why don't you try to register again, with a slight change?

For examle, you can register as DRMAS, by simply removing the dot, in between.I think it should be possible.

Pl.try for the sake of all of us.

Now, regarding duration of action of remedies, I feel, it varies from patient to patient, depends on the potency, and the nature and severety of the disease.There is no way, you can quantify it .

Your experience should guide you when to repeat.

bandarbabu2000 last decade
Do you mean, duration of action recorded at proving time is different from what it was observed on clinical trial?

What is the email address of A rehman, I want to buy book from him.

I am not a doctor.
I am not a doctor last decade
Good article and quite informative. Thanks
Qutab last decade
This all cradit goes to ABC Forum and its member.

Challa last decade
The email address is mentioned at this site by dr. mas.

Challa last decade
An informative research. Please let me know how does variation in potency change duration of action?

New observation for me....

ABC Hompath.
ABC Hompath last decade
Hi Need help on antidote of rhus tox

I locally applied mother tincture of rhus tox on my genital and after that it statred paining, inflamation, soreness, hot/heated, nerves came out and were very visible, nerve pain, feeling of fullness and heaviness, curvature of head of penis swollen
Though the situation is declining with each passing day but has not completely gone off and today is 4th day after application of mother tincture.
Can anybody help me with the antidote
Believer last decade
Could you tell me the duration of action of
-kali phos

a_gnan last decade

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