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tuberculinum is a nosode and it acts best given in 200 and above potency.

one dose of tub 1m will, in all probability, will not cause any aggravation. however, you can go for 200c as well but not lower than this.

its not recommended to give nosodes lower than 200c.
rishimba last decade

Thank you for re-assuring this nervous mama.

I will order the 1M today.

In Gratitude
jbpeanut last decade
Good Morning,

This is the update.

On Mar 12 at 8pm bedtime I gave him one dose (3 pellets under tongue) of TUBERCULINUM Bov 1M.

Mar 13 - less coughing in the morning no other changes

Mar 14 - much less coughing in the morning. no other changes

Mar 15 - coughing returned with nasal mucus, but he was able to blow the mucus out until he was breathing through both nostrils. good mentally and emotionally. coughing and congestion with blowing sinus' clear continued throughout day.

Mar 16 - still coughing in morning. slight resisting getting dressed after breakfast. coughing/blowing all day and in a good gentle mood.

Mar 17 - 19 same coughing clearing sinus' and gentle mood.

Mar 20 - 21 went to visit father, when returned still in good mood, though the improvement in the congestion seems to have slowed somewhat.

NOTE: approx 1 week before the remedy a sore developed on the right side corner of his mouth. outside, just barely in the crease but enough to make opening his mouth to eat painful. the sore has since moved further toward the cheek and away from the mouth but if it is shrinking the change is imperceptible.

He seems quite at peace with the world, and even when a playmate did something to cause offense, my son was able to speak to the other child then come calmly to me for further assistance.

Shall we continue to wait and watch this single dose?

I apologize for not getting back to you at the 7 day point, for my computer was out of order.

Thank you so much
JB peanut
jbpeanut last decade
do you think this single dose is still holding if you notice his mentals?

based on the return of symptoms, you may give another dose of tub 1m after about a month of the first dose.

write to me after 15 days so that we can decide if he would need another dose of tub.
rishimba last decade
yes, the dose may repeat after a month for two-three months and if the the symptoms return then repeat it. if the symptoms return after long time then repeat it in the following manner.
One dose Morning + one dose Evening + one dose Morning(Such manner prevent aggrevation)

Dr Riaz
Dr Riaz last decade
Oh Missing -Only three doses may be given
Dr Riaz last decade
Rishimba, Dr. Riaz,

My son has continued to improve since my last posting. He has no congestion at all. He is at complete peace. He sleeps very well and eats very well. He is loving and affectionate.

God Bless for my sweet healthy boy returning.

If I see any return of symptoms I will post here.

Thank you so very much

p.s. Rishimba, I will post my condition to my thread.
jbpeanut last decade
Dr Riaz,

This is the update for my son.

04/15/2010 - began sniffling sneezing coughing

04/23/2010 - TUBERCULINUM 1M 8 am

04/27/2010 - have seen continuous imrovement/reduction of congestion. Very happy peaceful boy

05/08/2010 - slight cough slight fever on waking. One sneeze 7 am

05/09-13 - random sneezing

05/14/2010 - some sneezing and sniffling upon waking.

06/08/2010 - some coughing and sneezing in the morning, sniffling in afternoon, foot
pain many days TUBERCULINUM 1M 8 PM

06/11/2010 - still complaining of pain in right foot. increased sinus congestion sniffling sneezing, but very good disposition

06/20/2010 -exceptionally good health. Camping with dad, week at grandma's, big appetite, content happy disposition, bee sting on foot today at park, no
major reaction but cried and said it hurt, pain sometimes moved to other toes

07/06/2010 - complained of “cold back” his lower spine was chilled so he dressed himself in warm pants, winter sweater, slippers and mittens this morning, did not complain of this rest of day

08/29/2010 - has been complaining of foot pain off/on for some weeks, sneezed a few times in morning last week, coughed a few times also, Dr. Allen adjusted his feet/ankles over weekend, has been very happy to be in first grade

08/31/2010 - up many times during night with very sore throat TUBERCULINUM 1M

09/01 -05 - very good disposition despite this cold and cough, thick nasal mucus he is able to blow out

09/06 -07 -continued gradual improvement in congestion, one or two emotional frustrated outbursts that were mild and short, a bit hyperactive, but clear in mind and able to follow directions, expressed sadness this evening about pet goldfish that died 2 years ago.

I realized after giving him the most recent dose of TUB that it was the forth dose and that I should have posted here first. Have I made a mistake?
Was he only to receive 3 doses one month apart?
And then I also did not give the forth dose as morning / evening / morning.

Should I take any steps at this point or just continue to watch and update this post?

Thank you so very much
jbpeanut last decade
Go on trying one or the other remedies. When fed up then provide your 1.Date, 2. Time and 3. Place of birth. May be I have some answer?
RSGUPTA last decade
please not repeat the medicine and wait for result. it is a deep acting remedy and work for long time. if needed then repeat after two to three months.
(expressed sadness this evening about pet goldfish that died 2 years ago.)
if he still expresses sadness about his pet goldfish then give Ignitia 30 morning+after noon for three days.
Dr Riaz last decade
Dr Riaz,

Though he has not spoken of the pet fish, tears did come very easily for him at school yesterday. (I volunteer there on thursdays so watched him all day)
He is also experiencing much frustration with his homework, pounding his fists on the table, throwing his pencil. He is able to recover with much intervention from me, but it concerns me. I have not seen this behavior in him since he last took TUB in the spring-time. Usually he enjoys his homework.
Shall I expect these emotional outbursts to fade away in time, as they did last spring?

Thank you
jbpeanut last decade
Please wait, I hope these sypmtoms will disappear with the passage of time. if he did not spoken about the pet fish Repeatedly, no need of Ignitia.
Dr Riaz last decade
Dear JBPeanut,

How your son position now
Dr Riaz last decade
Dr Riaz,

Thank you for your inquiry.

My son is quite well. We just returned from a week of camping in the forest. He was very healthy and strong all week. He was emotionally hurt when some of the other children were behaving inappropriately (throwing dirt and rocks) and further hurt when they would not hear his request to stop.

These are my note from before we left to camp:

09/17/2010 - got straight into homework before breakfast, decided to do extra sheets to “get it all done” but got quite upset and cried over his struggle with new words, and then seemed to be crying for no reason other than to cry. Ate breakfast then felt better.
Less fidgeting, seems more able to stop when I remind him.

09/19/2010 - coughing and 1 sneeze upon waking. good/great all day, complained of pain in right side of neck starting afternoon until bedtime

09/21/2010 - cough once sneeze twice in morning, neck still hurting

09/22/2010 - happy boy, one or two sneeze, but still getting upset to tears when reading late afternoon

09/24/2010 - very happy, calm, no congestion sneezing or coughing, calm with schoolwork

09/25/2010 - coughing some after waking for 10 mins, clear mentally and emotionally, then crying and stomping when asked to clean room at same time of day that my symptoms began to return (2:30 pm)

So it seems all is well for now.
Shall I post again in 2 weeks? Or only when symptoms return?

Much Gratitude
jbpeanut last decade
I m happy on the return of your son. please ignore small symptoms as it will dis-appear with the time. no need of any post if the symptom return then u can post us.

Dr Riaz
Dr Riaz last decade
Dr Riaz,

For the past 5 days my son has shown increasing symptoms.

Coughing upon waking in the morning.
Sinus congestion, green ropey mucus, that is now lasting all day long,
Increasing emotional upset while doing schoolwork. Broke down and cried in class on Wednesday, then threw a full tantrum during homework this morning.

Please advise.

In Gratitude,
JB Peanut
jbpeanut last decade
Dr Riaz,

Here is my sons update:

10/16/2010 - much less congestion, very happy all day, gave me a HUGE rolling hug and told me he “loves me soooo much”

10/17/2010 - woke very happy, no coughing, went out to play in rain, happy all day despite me being snappy during lego clean-up

10/20/2010 - very good mental, emotional and physical. Some slight congestion at bedtime

10/21/2010 - no congestion, very short tantrum about reading homework at 5pm

10/22/2010 - sneezed many times this morning, otherwise very good, he set up a board game tonight and played very well very smart.

10/23/2010 - woke 2 am with fever and headache, fever and chills and off/on headache all day. Sweet temperament, very cuddly affectionate, no congestion

10/24/2010 - woke almost no fever, couple of sneezes, good happy disposition

Any thoughts or advice, Dr. Riaz?

Thank you
JB Peanut
jbpeanut last decade
Sorry for so late answering as my DSL net work was out of order and also have some urgent work.
If the case is not cleared then used Phosphorus 200C (Morning+Night+Morning) and wait for 15 days as already recommended by Rishimba.
Dr Riaz last decade
Dr. Riaz,

Thank you. Since the last post my son has continued to improved and seems to be going through a growth spurt.
He slept alot for a few days. Then wanted to go out and excercise alot for a few days, and now for a few days has been eating like a horse.
He is in great mental and emotional disposition also.
We will just enjoy this and post if anything comes up.

Thank you
jbpeanut last decade
Good to hear such news.
No need of any medicine.


Dr Riaz
Dr Riaz last decade
Dr. Riaz,

Update to my son.

11/13/2010 - front left top tooth is very loose now, is does not bother as much as fascinate, is very happy, and peaceful, only complaint is of stiff legs (normal for growing boy?)

11/15/2010 - slept long, woke well, good spirits, came home from school with headache front of head, slight fever developed 4pm, ate well at dinner, but layed down with ice pack on head after, chills at bedtime

11/16/2010 - woke happy, fever much less almost gone, headache lessened and moved to back of head then moved to neck at bedtime

11/17/2010 - came to my bed 3am, woke coughing/barking, sneezing occasionally, good color, no fever, good temperament, stayed home from school, mentally clear, voice
growing hoarse as day passes, congestion in sinus beginning 2 pm

Do you have any suggestions?
Move to TUB LM2?
Or wait and see?

Thank you
jbpeanut last decade
further update:

11/17/2010 - headache returning to front of head at bedtime, hot and cold at bedtime, came to my bed at 10pm, slept well through rest of night, began coughing when he began talking upon waking (he always wakes up talking), sinus congestion making breathing difficult but not impossible

thank you
jbpeanut last decade
update to my son's case:

11/17/2010 - came to my bed 3am, woke coughing/barking, sneezing occasionally, good color, no fever, good temperament, stayed home from school, mentally clear, voice
growing hoarse as day passes, congestion in sinus beginning 2 pm

11/18/2010 - came to my bed 10pm, slept well, cough worse in morning, stayed home, slight fevercoming/going, took herbal cough syrup

11/19/2010 - woke 6am, coughing, came to my bed complaining of sore stomach muscles from coughing, took more herbal cough syrup, went to school with agreement he could come home early

11/20/2010 - went to sleep no coughing, woke no coughing, good day

11/21/2010- woke at stormi’s coughing, congested sniffling all morning, but in good mental emotional state

11/22/2010 - woke happy, sneezed once, sniffled all morning
jbpeanut last decade
Dr. Riaz,

My sons condition has worsened again. Just one month after the last bout of congestion and tantrums. During that time in Nov./Dec. he lost 4 baby teeth.

For the past 7 days his sinus' have grown more and more congested and the tantrums have increased in intensity. Last night the tantrum came on at a family party when he lost at a card game, and was intense enough that I held him really tight in my lap (he responded well to that) wrapping him in a little ball for 10 minutes.
This morning he woke with a barking cough and is blowing green mucus.

Do you have any recommendations?

Thank you
jbpeanut last decade
Plz used Phosphorus 200C tree doses only(Morning+Night+Morning)

report after 15 days
Dr Riaz last decade
Correction-three doses
Dr Riaz last decade

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