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Anxiety / Blood Pressure / Panic Attack?


I need some help, homeopathy is the right help for this problems, don't want to fall in the trap of the allopathic medicines... unless I have no choice.... pls pls help.

From about 2 weeks more like stress is building up inside me .. unknowingly. All of a sudden I start feeling dizzy, feel that I may pass out if it increases, my blood pressure shoots up, feel presure in the chest, discomfort in the chest. Also not sleeping properly in the night. Can't handle little bit of stress, even though I keep telling myself it is OK but body reacts... I also start trembling that time for few mins.

I went to my cadiologist, he did an EKG & a stress test & told me I was fine. That time I was not having increase in BP... I do take one tablet of Mukta Vati every day to keep my BP under control.

Possible causes..
1. My company is laying off people every week, back of the mind there may be a fear of losing job. I have absolutely nothing to do in the office & it is possible that anxiety may be building inside without my notice. I do keep telling myself it is OK as this is part of life but my body is reacting now. About a week ago my BP shot up to 190/98 at work, I went home, by the time I reached home, the BP dropped down to 155/88 & in few hours was 116/68. It is my empty head in the office causing problems don't know... I have no pressure at work...so don't know.

Another thing may be a startup cause, I was diagonosed for sleep apnea about 2 months ago & got on the CPAP machine... my heavy snoring stopped & my BP immediately became normal. But then I cut my Mukta Vati (BP Ayurvedic medicine) from 2 tabs to 1 tab. I iniatially had problem in sleeping for 3 weeks or so because of the mask issues which kept on leaking & wouldn't let me sleep... anyway that issue was resolved but did initially mess up my sleeping pattern. I am continuing to use the CPAP machine with a nose mask.

I don't know the cause but I feel OK at home but feel all this anxiety/panic mode at work. I don't want to take sometime off from work as I don't know if this is a solution & also don't want to do this as I don't know how much longer I can keep this job.

My job is mostly sitting in the room, in front of the computer designing stuff... so there is some lack of physical activity.

I need something to calm me down, sleep better & be able to handle the situation if I lose my job rather than passing out when my boss comes to tell me to go home (losing job) & making a fool of myself.

Another symptom, when I start driving the car, even for few blocks I start feeling prssure in the chest, want to be wearing lose clothes, I pull the windows down & start feeling better in the fresh breeze.

Please let me know if you have any additional questions.
Please help. I have doubled my dose of Mukta Vati to keep my BP in check.

Your help is highhly appreciated.

  RajanTX on 2009-11-05
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
I would like to add that yesterday I went to my regular physician for this. All lab work (blood & urine) tests came out normal. He presribed me a Beta blocker blood preesure medicine which is also to calm me down... I have not taken any & hopefully will not need to take that path.

In general I am helathy, eat a good healthy home cooked diet but admit that lack in exercise.

I have just today started Yoga breathing exercises (pranayam)... please help.

RajanTX last decade
hi rajan.....i see that u are under stress right now. good that u have started pranayama and yoga.pls dont stop this.continue, it will help you in every way.and i want u to specify more about your panic attacks that u say. have u ever got these kind of attacks before in your life? is so when? and why? also do specify about other physical changes during this attcck, like 1)sweat-where is it more,does it stain, any specific odour
2)any gastric disturbances like nausea,passing requent stool?
3)what do u do to calm yourself down.
4)how is you appetite?
drpriyadarshini last decade
Hello Dr. Priya:

I'll try to answer your questions & will have more info.

I never had panic attacks before. I am 49years old & have been taking Mukta Vati now for about 2 1/2 to 3 years, about 2 tabs a day. I would like to add that I have reacted abdominally under stress. About 6 years ago, I was extremely stressed out at work & one day had bad abdominal pains, like some body stuck a knife in my lower abdomen every few mins. Anyway, after taking few home remedies/doctor advised medicines didn't work, I was asked to go the emergency room (hospital) in the middle of the night. Digestive medicines at the hospital didn't work & they finally gave me 'Demoral' a narcotic pain killer. The allopathic doctors said there is a blockage in my colon & needed to do exploratory surgery as did not know the exact location from the MRI. Anyway no surgery was performed as I was very resistant towards it. After few hours I was completely fine & next day was released from the hospital. After that I did have 2-3 episodes of diverticulitis which is an infection of the lower colon. What was explained to me was that diverticulosis is very common where small pouches are formed in the colon usually to people who are non-vegetarians & not enough fiber in their diet. So if a seed like material gets stuck in those tiny pouches in the colon it will create an infection (diverticulitis) which spreads very fast & if not taken care of immediately may end up in surgery. I learn't from this site that Nux & Arsenicum may help & every time I have this I take Nux 200 single dose followed by Arsenicum 200 after a week & my diverticulities (infection in colon in these tiny pouches) heals off. I am not sure if Nux or Ars which one helps. Usually the symptoms are heavy bloatedness & pain in lower abdomen on the left side. I have had diverticulitis a few times.

About 2 years ago I was on a road trip & driving in some mountain area & I felt similar symptoms of dizziness & passing out feeling but not panic attack. I felt like I will pass out, my BP shot up to about 170/100. I pulled over, stopped driving the car & was fine after a little while. Later in the day when I was driving the same thing happened & a friend of mine thought I have motion sickness & suggested me to put some mint in my mouth & felt better. This things never happened again. But now when my current coindition is not normal I drive little bit & I feel the same things... some semsations going to my head.. feeling that I will pass out, I pulled over, drank some water & after a little while I was fine.

So normally when I am stressed out the stomach gets heavily bloated... I say that it becomes 'a Tandoor', I don't feel gassy & I am not paaing gas. My right side of the head also starts hurting. Drinking Soda water or canned coke helps me. Applying moist heat to the head & resting helps me here.

So this time when the symptoms started initially, I was having heavy bloatedness I took a single dose of Nux V 200, this helped little bit in my chest pains & pressure. The chest pains were all over the chest in random. Then I had seen the cardiologist & he told me all was OK after performing EKG & stress test. Then when things started getting worse my stomach was heavily bloated one day...lots of uneasiness, & having some anxiety.. I remembered of Arsenicum & took 2 doses of Ars 30, one each day for 2 days, followed by 200C single dose of Ars. So it has been a week of taking Ars 200 single dose.

Currently my stomach is not bloated as I am watching very carefully, eating smaller portions or skipping dinner if feeling heaviness/fullness in stomach. I would say my appetite is OK. But yes, I have old gastric problems. I used to be constipated as a child, not now anymore. If I am in meetings, discussing some material seriously my stomach starts growling... lookss bad. I used to pass smelly gas as a child & it sometimes happens even now although rarely even when I am not constipated.

No frequent passing of stools during this panic attak or otherwise.

Dr., I do get palpitation also during my attacks, I can feel the heart pumping.. & I just check my pulse & feel that the BP is getting high. I feel sesations going up my head & feeling that I will pass out. I am trembling also that time. My hands are sweaty & but a new symptom during this panic attack is feeling a lot of sweat at the bottom of my feat especially the right foot. In general I sweat heavily. Currently if I think about my health & start feeling sick, don't want to check my BP etc.

What I do to calm myself, I just get up & stop thinking that I have a problem ... take my mind off, start walking, walking helps, I have now started having a few sips of water during the episode... don't know if drinking water helps but walking does, fresh air does.

My current stage feeling is whether something good or bad just quickly tell me & get it over as it builds pressure inside me. When I went to the doctor yesterday, the nurse was checking my BP & had to go over it few times to get a accurate BP number & the pressure inside me was building up,.. get it over quickly.. can't tolerate it.
Last night I did sleep a little better but the previous night I did not sleep the whole night. My legs become achy around the knees & upper part later in the night.. say may be around 2 or 3AM & are ok a little while after waking up.

All my previous blood work has been normal, cholestrol etc except the triglycerides which were 200 & anything over 200 is rated as high.

The above post has been a long one but needed to let you know all the details. Please let me know if you have any additional questions.

Thanks again Doc.
RajanTX last decade
hi, you have done a good work in explaining your symptoms elaborately . nothing truely disastrous is going to happen to you.dont worry calm down. as far as your heart is concerned you are competely fine according to the test results u have said.i also see that you have kept your diverticulosis under control. now what we will concentrate on the mind level........your anxiety and panics.
i want you to answer these questions before i give you the remedy. when you are under stress how do u feel if someone consoles you.do u like to be with people? and how is your thirst?
drpriyadarshini last decade
I have successfully treated this dreadful issue with a few. It was a big challenge to know what works and what not for these patients.

Please try the following medicine. I will suggest the well proven follow up medicine to help you permanently.

Argentinum Nit 6c in the morning and LILIUM TIG 30c in the evening.

Take this for 1 week and let me know. I will let you know the next steps.

If you have questions on general instructions, please see my Profile.

Reva V
Reva V last decade
Hello Dr. Priya

I am not sure how I feel when someone consoles... but my wife says I feel better. I love to be around people, I like interactions and don't like a job where you just sit in a corner & do your work e.g. research type.

My thirst is low, it's been always low. I know I need to drink water & I just go & drink it but generally don't feel thirsty.

Dr, I have doubled my Mukta Vati dose, 1 tab in the morning & 1 in the evening, same as before my sleep apnea CPAP treatment. My blood pressure is under control. Last night I checked was 129/79. Before the CPAP treatment I was getting the feeling (by monitoring my BP) that soon I may have to go to 3 tabs a day... The point I am trying to make is that currently the BP is under control but what after I get used to 2 tabs of MV this may go up higher again, may be in a month or two.

Like my allopathic doctor said, he was not sure if the high BP caused panic attack or the panic attack caused the higher BP. I could be wrong but I think it was because of the high BP... but again I am not a doctor. So the underlying cause of the BP needs to be fixed. I understand that homeopathy does not treat a disease, it treats as a whole person.

I feel that since yesterday I am less panicky but twice I got the feeling of dizziness / passing out, once driving car at lunch time at work & once after lunch yesterday... but became OK after a few mins of resting completely... drinking some water etc.

Because of the stress my right jaw hurts in general since 3-4 days & more so on chewing. This happened long time ago also & took Arnica on the advise of Dr Deoslok & got OK. Currently I am applying moist heat & wearing a chin strap to take the pressure of my jaw which has helped. I am not sure if this happened due to stress last time but I think I do grind my teeth in the night... may be because of that.

I am off for three days, Fri, Sat & Sun & hopefully with rest & away from work will probably give me the needed rest.

I was bloated yesterday & feel that if I can get rid of the bloatedness, my abdomen will probably 'go in', I am a little big at the abdomen & decreasing my waisteline is definitely a big plus for my health.

Thanks for all your help. Please let me know if you have additional questions, I will be frequently checking the website for prompt reply.

Dr. Reva, thanks for your input, I will look into the remedies & also would like input from Dr Priya.

Your help is highly appreciated.

RajanTX last decade
Dr, one thing even though my BP is under control.. I do feel palpitations once in a while...

RajanTX last decade
hi Rajan.......u continue Revas
advice. take care have a nice weekend.relax and enjoy.remember,dont keep worrying about job.whats the worst thing that could happen ? you may have to find other job.am sure you are talented enough to do so. so prepare yourself for any situation and u will find yourself better. the anxiety attack will be less.
avoid cigarettes(if u smoke),and caffaine coz this may provoke your symptoms. breath deeply when u feel anxious. by learning breathing control(which u r already doing) u will develop coping skill that calms u down.take care
drpriyadarshini last decade
I am still trying to find a store which may be carrying these remedies; homeopathic remedies are not easily available here in the US but may have to special order them & will get them in a week or so.

In the meanwhile, please let me know if arg nit & Lilium are just to immediately control the panic attacks or also for the BP & underlying causes?

Your help is highly appreciated.

RajanTX last decade
If you are in US, you can order from this website itself: abchomeoapathy.com

Alterately, you can find the nearest WHOLE FOODS or similiar natural food store. They carry most common medicines, but not all. (I know they carry arg nit, but not Lil Tig). However they can take your order and buy you in a few days.

This is a good start in the curative path and help your immediate problem. I found that a few other follow up medicines are required to give permananent results.

Dr. Priya's advice a great too. Thanks.

Reva V
Reva V last decade
If I find arg nit, & not Lil Tig, should I start with Arg Nit or wait till I have both the remedies?

Just 15mins ago, I again had nausea/dizziness/passing out spells. I was just relaxing in front of the TV & started feeling sick... BP was checked & was OK.

RajanTX last decade
I am sorry to hear about your state.

Given the history that Nux Vom and Ars Alb helps, I would suggest to go with lower potency:

Nux Vomica 30, once in the evening and next day Ars Alb 30 in the evening.

Do this alterately for roughly 10 days. After you are over with Nausea and dizziness, take arg nit and Lil Tig as a preventive for future attacks. During the attack, I still believe Nux Vom and Ars Alb are great, except that you should repeat more often to get a real benefit (you can alternate even every 4 hours till you feel better)

Yes, you can start with Arg Nit only, till you get Lil Tig
Reva V last decade
OK thanks Dr, I have both at home & will start with these; Nux & Ars 30 as directed & will report back.

I am in Texs, US, are you in US or UK?

Thanks Again
RajanTX last decade
I don't feel good. I keep getting on & off, nausea type, dizziness / fainting spells. I do feel bloated that time too. This happens all of a sudden & don't know what is causing it.

Last night I went to a movie & was have my symptoms described above all the time. Had a difficult time sitting in the chair. My toes were cold but bottom of the feet were sweaty. I did pass some smeelly gas twice. Once I got out of the movie hall I was fine after a little while. My BP is under control /fine with the Mukta Vati.

Can we do anything about the dizziness/nausea/fainting, passing out feeling? I really feel very sick that time, that I will land up in the hospital.

I general I am not having a feeling of well being & want somebody with me ... just incase I pass out.

Please help.
RajanTX last decade
Sorry to hear your condition. This is very typical complaints of Panic Attack. You are no different.

Seeing the suffering of such patients and desperately looking for solution, I tried several remedies on different patients and short listed, what works and what not.

Take with confidence these two remedies. This will both help your Panic Attack and digestion (well proven)

Argentinum Nit 6c - twice a day for 3 days

Phosphoric Acid 30c - once a day for 3 days.

Report after this. For long term benefit, you have to take several follow up remedies. Take with confidence.

If you are ever in the habit of masturbating, please restrain.

There are several research on Panic Attack. One of the observation is that who sits long hours in front of monitor is more prone to get this, than who did not.

WHOLE FOODS stocks Arg Nit and hence start with it asap.

Also place order either in this website or Whole foods, the following medicine:

- Lilium Tig 30
- Lilium Tig 200

Reva V
Reva V last decade
I started taking the arg nit & Acid Phos yesterday as directed. I am taking Arg Nit 6C twic a day & then Acid Phos 30C in the night alongwith Mukta Vati twice a day for BP.

Half an hour after taking Arg Nit I had strong same feeling of dizziness / passing out feeling but went away shortly as usual. But later in the afternoon I felt heaviness in the chest all day... alike a light uneasiness / nausea type feeling.

Today again this morning my BP was 119/73 & 61 heart rate at 7AM and around 9AM I had a very bad same dizziness / passing out sensations, my BP at that time was 149/73 with 100 heart rate. Also I was extremely exhausted this morning. This whole thing of dizzy speells lasts only 10-15mins but shakes me up internally ... as if something is going to happen to me bad. Now after about 45mins I am 80% fine.

Am I on the right track? Do I need to get any more tests or check-ups done?

RajanTX last decade
One more thing, yesterday I was very gassy all day, paaing gas frequently. Not so gassy so far but it is just the start of the day.
RajanTX last decade
One more thing, yesterday I was very gassy all day, passing gas frequently. Not so gassy so far but it is just the start of the day.
RajanTX last decade
Again, every thing you are describing is common to all Panic Attack patients. They always doubt whether this medicine is going to help them or not.

You are on right track. Every medicine given to you is tried on several Panic Attack patients and found curative.

Did you got Lilium Tig 30c,. If yest, pelase start taking to provide further help. I would not experiment with you, especially on a Forum like this.

To help your present condition you can add a flower medicine called RESCUE REMEDY (available in Whole foods). Take 1 or 2 drops, twice or thrice a day for 1 week, till the Homeopathic medicine takes complete control.

I am always in favor of taking any test that are suggested by your health care practioner. Limit invasive tests, if possible.
Reva V last decade
Hello Dr Reva:

Thanks for your nice reply explaining me nicely & having patience with me.

Today is the 4th day. I feel little better but still lack a little confidence that I have it under control. Yesterday again I had some uneasiness / LIGHT dizziness spells & the BP that time was 145/83... kind of OK but not high to cause those dizziness etc. It went down to 127/73 after a while & same thing again in the evening BP jumping at same levels etc.

I think the remedies are helping me out, I am able to sleep although like last night I was heavily bloated and feeling stressed out with heaviness in chest. I was under the impression that I may not be able to sleep but did fall to sleep immediately.

I have started doing more Yoga aasans (gently) to help me relax & take conreol of my health.. seems helping... let's see how things develop... doing Anulom Vilom & Kapaal Bharti which I have heard is good for BP & specially for abdominal problems.

With due respect, I want to add something so as to make sure there is no misunderstanding, I feel that Lilium Tig does not match my symptoms based on Boericke Materia Medica...? Just let me know what you think. Should I continue with arg nit & Acid Phos or should I stop that as today is the 4th day, please let me know.

I am on the lookout for the Rescue Remedy & will start on that.

Thanks for all your help, really appreciate all your efforts.

RajanTX last decade
Glad to know that you feel a little better.

Keep your confidence that the medicines I suggest is going to get you better eventually, even if you fall back again during the course.

You have every rights to read about the medicines and consult any physicians for 2nd opinion. (Boericke is an exceptional leader)

There are several good reasons why Lilium Tig for Panic Attack. It works. Enought tried. Have trust.

arg nit and Acid Phos alternately is uncomparably good. However for complete cure, it needs several follow up medicine. Lilium Tig is one of the key medicine.

If you got Lilium Tig 30, take Arg Nit 30 in the morning and Lilium Tig 30 in the evening for 3 more days and write. If you did not have it yet, then continue with Arg Nit and Phos Acid alternately for a few more days till you get Lilium Tig.

FYI, Lilium works very good only on 200c potency. I will start with 30c, then switch to 200c.

Reva V
Reva V last decade
I am not sure if I am getting better, I may not have communicated propoerly so will write my key symptoms agaian:

1. BP ok with Mukta Vati except when I don't feel good & it shoots up all of a sudden... varies; 160/90, 145/80 etc.

2. When I say I don't feel good, I get pressure in chest, discomfort in chest, not really nausea but kind of (although no feeling of vomiting) & not really dizziness... hard to explain. I feel discomfort & pressure in chest & feel sensations going up my head & feeling that I will pass out... I do not actually pass out. Walking around gently, drinking/sipping water helps. This is happening all of a sudden even when I am in relaxed mode, nothing exciting or stressful going on... starts sometimes in a sitting position or standing position or driving in a car. After a little while I start feeling better & my BP comes down & becomes normal.

I am getting desperate now to get better, don't know what is causing it & what I can do to stop this.

Thanks for your help
RajanTX last decade
And sometimes when I 'don't feel good', I also feel palpitations & nervousness / anxiety without any cause; no stress & no excitement.
RajanTX last decade
Another thing, I am gassy in general & bloated on & off.... can this be just due to gas?
RajanTX last decade
Please see my last 3 posts. This 'not good feeling' was earlier mostly felt in the office or while driving car but was OK at home. Now I have it at home when I am basically doing nothing.... Is my condition worsening? It is ok while jogging or during a brisk walk... just comes on & off. Had it few times today.

Remedies taken yesterday was arg nit 30, one pill in a little filtered water to avoid aggravation. Today started Rescue Remedy, Bach Flowers Remedy. I took 3 drops in 350ml of water & have sipped it few times... I have not yet finished all the 350ml potion.... this was just to update what I have taken last, no other remedy taken.

RajanTX last decade

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