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Take sulphur 30c thrice daily for two days and report. what about the kali carb?
derangenoid last decade
That's a reserve medicine. Just keep it handy. Don't take it yet. when you report after taking sulphur, i will let you know if you will have to take it or not.
maheeru last decade
ok... i'll get them and report back.
derangenoid last decade
cannot find Kali Anywhere.

i have taken a few doses of the sulfur and immediately got something like a head cold. surprising as i have not been in contact with many people. is it related?

right now i'm experiencing a large number of annoying symptoms and i'm unsure if it's wise to test thingswhile taking other medicvations as i'll have no idea what's causing what.

i'm constantly tired, exhausted, sleepy and have a sinus blockage, dopey eyes, foggy head. sinus congestion.

derangenoid last decade
...i have to also add this.
i feel as listless and defeated and sick as i did when i firsat took Calc. carb. at the beginning of this entire chain.

i can't tell if this is:
a) coming off of an opiate
b) being on this anti-inflamatory
c) a head cold
d) this latest homeopathic remedy.

truthfully, i have not successfully done what was asked with this remedy... i took the first two doses of three daily doses on Sunday, but forgot the third. i forgot completely yesterday and started again this morning with one dose so far today.
i am afraid to continue if this is the cause of these horrible symptoms... but wanted to give it a good go.

do i go back to the chiropractor, completely stop the meds, complete the homeo therapies... i just don't know what to do.
derangenoid last decade

physical problems aside how are YOU feeling?

How's your back pain?

'i'm constantly tired, exhausted, sleepy and have a sinus blockage, dopey eyes, foggy head. sinus congestion.'

Do you talk about chronic symptoms are these have developed after sulphur 30c?

why were you taking opiate medicine?

Don't take any more doses of sulphur 30c, let the state stabilise. I think you can also put the visit to chiro. on hold for now.
maheeru last decade
physical problems aside? i'm ok. a little down trodden, which i feel is to be expected as i have been unable to excersize and live normally through the pain and immobility. a little sad. mostly impatient and just bored of all this stuff. frustrated.
and tired emotionally as well as physically.
i just can't wait to come home and do nothing. i want to do nothing - but i have things i know i want to do as soon as i'm over this.

back pain is ok now... a little tender, a lot weak, a little achey, but not 'out' and no screaming pain.

the sleepy, foggy, exhaustion and sinus cold symptoms occurred over the last few days. i thought at first they were due to coming off of the drugs (see below), but i also started the homeo (sulfur/Kali) treatment you suggested and so wasn't sure. last dose i took was yesterdaymorning before i logged this last message. now they seem all but gone.
i was sleepy with the drugs over the last two weeks, but the completely-out-of-it feelings were mostly sincxe the last three days.

i have to admit, i'm positive they're related.
this is so similar to the last treatment at the very beginning of this chain with calc carb... feeling pointless and like i could not muster the effort to make food to eat or do anything but lay down and try to wait it out. i seem to be extremely sensitive to these remedies.

i took some oregano oil, soup and rest, and i feel better. maybe it was a cold, maybe the homeo treatments. who knows.

i was taking an opiate (percocet) because it was prescribed for me to deal with excruciating pain. i'm not sure it you're aware of what a herniated disc feels like, but i wouldn't wish it upon anyone.

i will continue with the oregano oil in case it is a cold. i have stopped the sulphur since yesterday morning. i do feel better but will continue to rest. i want to get back into some care for this back, but i don't want more drugs, don't want to risk the chiropractor and also...

i'm afraid to start the last step in your original homeo treatment, the nutrium sulfuricum (three doses for one day) in case it makes me feel the way the last two treatments have worked.

please advise, meanwhile i will do nothing but rest and go for walks, until i feel safe to start the homeo, chiro and excersize again.

valentines is coming up, hoping to feel a lot better for then?
derangenoid last decade
i was on full meds saturday, half doses sunday.
monday i took percocet during the day and the anti-inflammatory (torodol) at night.
tuesday i took only the anti-inflamatory at night.
wednesday nothing... i was feeling better, but as described, still tender, achey and very weak.

i was up all last night with a sore back. this morning i am completly crooked (spine is bent like an 's'), seized up and the pain is back, so i'm back on the pills and absoluely furious with this shiz!


i have a question, and i don't want to seem rude - but can homeopathy actually 'fix' my herniated disk? it seems too phyical... like it needs to be physically adjusted, hence chiropractor. unless the homeo remedies act like painkillers and anti-inflammatories, letting me ease back into a relaxed state (which isn't a fix, but relief - which i do need, even if it's only useful temporarily).

please advise - not just thoughts on a remedy but an explanation of what the remedy is supposed to do.
derangenoid last decade
Please avoid physical exertion for some time including love making for now.

Please get Kali carb LM1 and let me know.

Now you put three pills or drops of arnica 200c in a 500ml water bottle and 3 drops from this bottle twice daily for a week. Before every dose, the bottle needs to be shaken up and down such that bubbles rise inside the bottle. If you have trouble doing this, please ask your care taker to do it for you.

The same way prepare a wet dose of Hypericum 200c in another 500ml water bottle. From this you shall take three drops thrice daily for a week. (Leave half an hour between arnica and hyp. doses)

Herniated disc pain takes time and patience to heal. Please don't panic or don't get too bothered.

(If after the week the back pain still continues i'd like to put you on kali carb LM doses, the procedure of making the dose and how to take, i will let you know after a week)

The acute remedies(e.g arn, hyp.) will help with pain and nerve compression, and the deep remedies(sulphur, kali carb) will correct the constitution to take out the cause of recurrence. Homeopathic remedies just give a catalystic stroke, so that your body can heal itself. Ailments like fractures, putting rods for the crashed bones, dental work etc only need mechanical intervention and herniated disc doesn't require mechanical intervention from homeopathic point of view.

Please make sure you rest on a hard bed. And also use ice packs on the back for 15 minutes every one hour till the intensity goes down.
maheeru last decade
i will look into this and try.
haven't found kali carb anywhere but will continue to look.

thank you for your patience nad advice again man.
it is appreciated.
derangenoid last decade

i cannot find Kali Carb in any potency other than 1m and that was hard to find.
can i convert that to LM1 some how?
derangenoid last decade
i got the arnicum 200c, the hypernicum 200c and the kali carb, but could only find it in 1m... hopefully i can dilute or concentrate it?

i will start taking the drops tomorrow morning.

please advise on the kali carb.
also, advise on whether i should take the previously prescribed natrium sulf...
derangenoid last decade

LM scale is different altogether compared to C scale(You can't convert 1M in to LM1). I initially suggested you to get 200c of this medicine. But seeing your sensitivity, I'm thinking of LM scale which could be more gentle. Yes LM is a bit hard to get in relative to C potencies. Since you have a week's time try to locate it in pharmacies close to you or you can even order online. See this site, if not look in helios.co.uk. Helios sure carry LM potencies.

You now only take arn, hyp. Don't worry about Nat. sulph. now. When the time comes, will let you know.
maheeru last decade
just a question about these drops... if there's a bit of a dribble and i get it on my skin, have i taken the drops osmotically?

i don't want to take too much
derangenoid last decade
You can try out dribbling(It's just an idea and has not been empirically proved). If you don't notice much change, move on to oral intake.
maheeru last decade
no, it was more a question of caution... i spilled some on my hand and wasn't sure if i 'double-dosed' through my skin.
i will just try to be more careful with it.
derangenoid last decade
please explain what the Kali Carb is for in detail for me.
i simply cannot find it anywhere and since there is a holiday coming, to get it here on time it will be expensive.
derangenoid last decade
OK. Don't worry you won't overdose with arnica or hyp. Just stick to my suggestions.

Kali carb is also called Kali carbonicum. I would give you a couple of links to see about this remedy. But don't get bothered about the information given about the remedy. It'd generally look confusing and overwhelming to beginners and patients.

When you post, just scroll a bit up and you will see a link for kali carbonicum on this site itself.

Some other links are:


maheeru last decade
maheeru, i can get a homeopathic description of kali carb from many resources, first and formost being google or this site.

these do not explain to me what they are expected to do.

each description includes a ton of terms and words that are vague to the new comers. they also seem to share their factors with each other, so why kali carb was prescribed and not something else, makes no sense to me. similarly, they include factors that have nothing to do with my issues, so i ask again - why this one and not something else?
no one reading these without an education on homeopathy behind them would gather any knowledge.
this is why i ask you for the info.

when i tried to figure it out myself, i ended up starting this whole chain in the first place - i took the one that made sense to me, but it was an error.

truthfully, i do not like taking things without an explanation. so far nothing i have taken has reached the results they have been prescribed to me, as far as i can tell. i just keep getting asked to buy new ones and try something else. i am continuing to do this, as i do want the help - but i don't 'get' any of it. i'm a clever guy and research everything, including the allopathic medicines i'm prescribed. those make sense to my western scientific mind.

i appreciate all you've done and i know you're tryiong to help. i will continue to be patient and do what you ask as i want the help. but if you could clear up the fogginess, i would really appreciate it.
i want to understand this science. but i am at a loss.

if you can explain to me why you wnat me to take this remedy over others, i'd appreciate it
derangenoid last decade
i was going to ask you for a bit of insight on how i could learn more about homeopathy in general, so i wouldn't need to rely of these forums... but i was waiting for some definitely positive results first.

but since the subject has been brought up, i would love to know a suggested reading on how i could use these remedy descriptions more effectively and get a better understanding of homeopathy in general.

i realize it will take years to learn, but i'd like to start somewhere.
derangenoid last decade
For a start, I'd recommend

1) science of Homeopathy by Vithoulkas

2) Lectures on Homeopathic philosophy by J.T. Kent.

3) And important philosophical books from the founder of homeopathy:

Organon, Chronic diseases by Hahnemann.

4) Leaders in Homeopathic therapeutics by Nash. E.B.

5) Materia medicas to know about remedies:

a) Boericke's Materia medica
b) Clarke's MM.

Yes it'd take time to read and assimilate things before you can get the reasonable grasp of the science. Another important tip is one can't choose one's own remedy especially for chronic layers as they can't be objective, so how competent a homeopath would be, has to rely on other homeopath to choose a remedy.

If time is not a factor, I'd be able to explain my reasoning behind your remedies. But I'd give a brief sketch.

I think you're upset that after getting nat. sulph. why it's not used. It's specifically chosen for a layer caused by head injury. But since you got into acute back pain, we're forced to shelf that remedy. If some thing comes up with so much intensity like your back pain did, it ought to be helped with, first.

The two remedies came up in repertorisation for your back ache were sulphur and Kali carb. Sulphur also comes up for your constitution(we'd use that remedy later but probably in LM scale looking at your sensitivity). It'd also raise your immunity that arnica and hypericum would work better now.

kali carb is specifically chosen for : mind symptoms which a homeopath can discern from patient's words; the causation of your pain i.e from making love; severe back pain making you crying out and making you too weak. It also covers the miasmic taint.

In other words the remedy has been suggested based on your 2nd post on 30th Jan.

Different homeopaths have different approaches. Others may have different opinions/approaches.
maheeru last decade
thanks for the resources, i'll look into them.
i know that some of it will be over my head, but i want to understand this medicne better.

thanks also for telling me what specifically turned you on to the remedies you've picked, that makes sense

ok, i'll try to get the Kali Carb. the only place that seems to have it is this site, so i'll have to order it in. i've called seven or eight places and no one else seems to carry that potency in toronto.

oh, and i have no problem with not using the nat sulf for now, the back injury definitly jumped to the top of my list of priorities too!
derangenoid last decade
hello maheeru

i'm taking the drops, but also the anti-inflammatories and painkillers. i really do need them, still.
i'm unsure how acuractely i can report back to you after the week is up as i won't know which one (homeopathy or allopathy) has been of benefit. i feel the effects of the drugs clearly, but i guess i'm not feeling that much better as the discomfort comes back after i stop them or as they wear off between doses. i'm not sure if i feel the dropos yet.
the doctor suggests i may need the A-Is for three to five more weeks.

on another note, included in our first session of my issues was my big toe's wart... i had been taking Aldara and it was really working. i stopped at your request and began your remedies. the warts had continues to clear up for a bit after that. that was several weeks back.
now they are starting up again. i know the signs and the pain and although they haven't burst through the skin, i know the area affected this time is huge. this beast has regrouped his troops and is back for revenge!

obviously the wart is not my primary priority in respect to my back, but i do not want it back! so... does you previous advice still stand? will it always stand as a basic concept of homeopathy or was that just at that particular time? let me know your over-all thoughts on this issue as i'd like to get back to the Aldara before it is too late, if that is allowed - it's been a few years and lots of effort, and Aldara was the only thing that has worked thus far.

no rush but let me know what you think and i'll report back to you saturday after the week of drops is up.

hope you had a good weekend and happy valentine's day
derangenoid last decade
...also, good news. i found kali carb 1lm in toronto.
i will get it for saturday, so feel free to tell me how it's to be used when you think it's appropriate
derangenoid last decade

Yes it's hard to be accurate when you take both h'pathic and AI's and pain killers. You can analyse if you taper the AI's or pain killers if you're able to manage with drops or not. In that case you will be able to have an idea what's working.

Yes the medication for warts is not advisable from homeopathic point of view. The principle here is your vital system is keeping the pathalogy to less important organ like skin i.e warts, and if you take some medicine just for warts in conventional medicine, warts can clear up, but disease can move inside towards more important organs. If you don't get this, don't worry. This is technical expl. in h'pathy. So we'll deal with warts when we do constitutional medicine.

continue arnica+hypericum for 4 more days after this saturday. You can start with Kali carb LM from wednesday next week.

If what you have got is kali carb LM1, then make a dose as follows:

Take a 150 ml water bottle, pour inside 120ml of mineral water. Tip a granule of Kali carb LM1(one pill only) into the water bottle and let it dissolve. Shake the bottle up and down vigorously for 8 times and from this water bottle you will take three drops(use a dropler or a filler- disposable) to a disposable cup(approx. equal to 400 ml having fresh water slightly below the brim), stir the cup a couple of times gently, and from this cup take a teaspoon(use a disposable tea spoon to stir and take dose) as a dose. You would keep the water bottle safe but would empty the contents of the cup after the dose. For the next dose, you will fill the cup with fresh water anew, and would transfer 3 drops from the water bottle after due shaking. So every time you will only change the contents of the cup afresh and not the water bottle. Keep the water bottle in a cool dry place without exposure to sunlight or strong odours. To identify the bottles you may label them with appropriate names.

Take the doses on alternate days. You will report after 3 doses.
maheeru last decade
ok, sounds good. and weird, but i understand the method.
derangenoid last decade

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