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how can i undo this damage now?

i was fairly well balanced prior to these LMs, but now i am far too easily explosive, stressed and generally unhappy.

i did get the LM3, but will not be taking it. i feel i have taken many swift steps back and it is destroying my peace. can it be erased or corrected?

i will sacrifice the headcahes etc if it means regaining my composure and balance.
derangenoid last decade
when do you travel to s. america? There's a prophylactic med. on homeopathy for malaria, but seeing your sensitivity it's not good to take remedy just in anticipation.

Please explain what do you mean by damage? In your posts you usually have been saying that except on remedy days you feel fine with respect to rage and inclination to arguments.

Do you think you're worse since kali carb LM?(that was the start point to LMs).

Leave a week without any medicine and report how this gap impacted your explosiveness/rage.
maheeru last decade
ever since the ars alb LM series (first 1, then 2) i have been shakey at best when it comes to my mood. when things are good, they seem good, but when they are bad, they are very bad.

recently (in the past two weeks or so) the explosiveness has become more constant. i can't sleep and i'm driving my fiance to concerns on whether she wants to live with someone who keeps flip-flopping their moods and getting so angry all the time. i yell at her almost every day now. i am so lin love with her, yet i am miserable!

i feel like i did a few years ago - wrought with anxiety and anger and unhappy.

this feels like i am going crazy again. like all my hard work on getting my perspective straightened out has been undone and now i am completely unsettled, a nervouse wreck. last night i could hardly catch my breath i was so worked up.

basically, this is not working, and as i said - it has been getting worse since i started the ars alb LMs.

i appreciate the help on my issues before, but we're well past that now - i need to undo this now. it's the opposite of good, it's destroying my life.

i will wait the week, but don't be surprised if i give up completely... i don`t see how anyone can think this is worth it.
derangenoid last decade

'i feel like i did a few years ago - wrought with anxiety and anger and unhappy. '

This may be a layer unfolding. So take a gap of one week to 10 days without any medicine to see what happens. Report me exactly what are the priority concerns...no matter even if they ve come up recently or lately because of any remedy, we'd try to deal with your emotional issues. (If need be an anti dote may also be applied)

I would just request you not to give up at this point of time.
maheeru last decade
i don't want to give up... but although we weren't finished a few weeks ago, i feel we've gone from what seemed like constant progress to what seems like a backward movement of mental/emotional setbacks.

add to that that now i am almost entirely intolerant of any alcohol except for three brands of beer, or else i get a severe headache. it's worse than the occaissional intolerances i have identified earlier. i can't see that as an intended effect of our treatment, when headaches were the issue in the first place.

i will wait for 7-10 days and let you know how i feel.
derangenoid last decade
a layer unfolding... interesting.

so, it's been 8 or 9 days so... here are my concerns, with brief histories, in order of priority:

anxiety/temper - a few years back, and very briefly in the last few years, i suffered from crazy, intense anxiety (see my previous write-ups). i did everything including years of allopathic medicine, but it did not resolve until i stopped all drugs and did some soulful, mental development and realization of my place in the universe. i used this stability to begin many changes in my lifestyle and as a result i gained confidence and happiness and now have a happy beautiful life with a beautiful fiance and life seems good.
i do however constantly worry about things, it's the way i always have been, the way much of my family is. i was able to put it aside for quite a while to start this happy new beginning, but it does seem to creep back in from time to time.
in addition to that is my ever present temper, which i could always work on, though is usually ok.
then i started on the LM series of ars alb, and things went really bad.
the wedding is coming, money is tight, and my physical shape has suffered due to the back issue at the beginning of this year. i have become worried about my slobby appearance and no longer feel handsome and confident, and as i cannot excersize effectively and worry too much, i am easily frustrated.
i have had quite the explosive temper in the last few weeks and had to make a major overture of apologies to my fiance. i regret many of the things i have said or done at work or with friends. this temper seems to have died down in the last week or two and become more anxiety, though i see my temper was a way of handling my anxiety - as opposed to confronting people on the things that have done to frustrate me, i now take things internally and fret about them instead of blowing up so readily.
i worry constantly, i fret simple conversations that i know are upcoming, i feel i am very out of shape when i'm really not that bad, i am easily annoyed and then worry about being visibly annoyed.
i have lost a lot of my confidence. not only do i feel weak - i feel i am obviously fragile, looking weak and unstable (unconfident and then very angry, all in quick moves) to everyone who has to deal with me.
things got a little better a bit after i stopped the drops last week, but it is still very present. i have a knot in my stomach and quaky bowels. i feel very nervous all the time.
i believe it is robbing me of sleep, making me fret unnecessarily about things i cannot control, making me seem pathetic to others, i feel pathetic to myself and i feel as though i am becoming unattractive to my fiance - all in time for our wedding three months away! i am no longer looking forward to the day, i am becoming afraid.
i am also nervous at work.
this anxiety also give me upset bowels.
nothing about any of this phase is easy, useful or attractive. these months should be romantic, not stressful.
this sucks.
you mentioned antidote? i think i qualify for the need, however neither my fiance or i are feeling confident about homeo right now as it seems i was fine before the last few remedies and we're nervous for me to take anything more.

sleep - i just can't get any. i get 2-3 hours now a night, somewhere after midnight. i am up in advance of that and during the wee hours of the morning unless i take a sleep aide, which doesn't help that much as i still wake up at 5 or so, hours before i need to.
if i get too few hours sleep, i will suffer from a headache for about 14 hours... it starts before i get up for the day and continues into the late evening.

alcohol intolerance - though there a few types of alcohol that i can have a few drinks of, i cannot get drunk without getting at least a bit of a headache while drunk. after two drinks of alcohol, i begin risking a headache regardless of what i am drinking.
there are types of alcohol that will give me a headache the night after i have it, regardless of how many drinks i had. one glass of the wrong wine and i am up all night with a headache. this creates lack of sleep, which creates headaches - see above. outside of the few types of drink i know are safe, one alcoholic drink of any other variety could give me a headache that night.
i suffered from headaches that were not related to alcohol for years. i only began suffering from these alcohol headaches in the last year, but ever since january when i started taking homeopathics for my headaches, i have become intolerant to many more types of alcohol and get headaches from drinking more quickly - however it comes with the benefit of not getting many of the other headaches i was always getting. seems my headaches are almost entirely sleep and alcohol related now.
this seems to be dwindling a little bit as time goes on - i am reacting less from red wine then i did a month or two ago, but i can't tell for sure.

headaches - seems deeply connected to the two above issues, sleep and alcohol.

bowels - generally, i am having great bowels these days. like the lack of spontaneous headaches, i am very pleased with this. however, it does wane, and i have frequent bad bowels. it seems that any spiciness in food can upset me, even though i love spicy food. that and tomatoes. i would say it's something like 2 days good for every 2 days bad at the worst times, three days good for every 1 day bad at the best. the nervousness i am experiencing is making things much worse.

back - i only mention this because i have been sedentary for too long while i attempted to heal. i must now slowly regain a bit of my strength and shape. this puts my back at risk. i want to start a fitness program and will be doing so in the next week or two, but will be cautious as i do not want to hurt myself. meanwhile, i thought you ought to now my plans - i cannot sit still for much longer.

let me know what you think.
bear in mind that mary and i feel nervous to take on any additional remedies as the impact they have had on me of recent has seemed detrimental to our relationship.
derangenoid last decade
may i add an additional factor?
i'm not sure if it's my pre-occupation with anxiety, but my short term memory is extremely wanting of late.
i feel anything from vaguely present to overwhelmed and as a result, befuddled and forgetful. i am making stupid errors at work a lot.

it's becoming a nuisance. it may be related to lack of sleep and all the sleep aides i have been taking, and it may be related to stress/anxiety.
derangenoid last decade
at the risk of sounding dramatic, i have to emphasize this.

i feel my joy and strength melting from me as the days wear on. even a conversation wherein i find out someone didn;t like an episode of a tv show i liked crushes my soul... like it really matters!

it's so silly, but at the same time - it's overwhelming.

please hurry with a response for me. thanks.
derangenoid last decade

Let the system stabilize, update after 10 more days.

Take a few cups of coffee. This is a general and common antidote which can take the edge of an over acting remedy.
maheeru last decade
i have a large cup in the morning and a medium cup in the afternoon every day...

how would you suggest i administer the coffee?
derangenoid last decade
so you're a regular coffee drinker?. Just try to take concentrated coffee a few times say half a dozen cups distributed over 3 to 5 days.
maheeru last decade
mmmm... i think that would be a normal 3-5 days and would more or less have been repeated every 3-5 days for the last few years.

no change in my intake, really. unless you want me to drink more...

yes, i am regular. morning cup always. usually an afternoon cup.
derangenoid last decade
Not to drink more than now :). You may try black coffee then. If you're already taking that, just wait, we'll see after 10 days.
maheeru last decade
i require a fix to this now.

if you cannot, i will be seeking professional help in an immediate sense.

i am not joking. this needs a correction now maheeru.
derangenoid last decade

Where to seek help is your discretion. I have nothing to say about that.

Since your cooperation is not forthcoming regarding taking black coffee or waiting out the aggravation, i'd suggest you to get Nux. vom. 6c. Put 2 pills or drops into 250 ml mineral water bottle. Shake it up and down vigorously for 7 times. Take three drops from this bottle to a dilution cup equivalent to 400ml. Stir the cup's solution twice(dropler, stirrer, spoon and dilution cup should be new) and from this cup take half a spoon dose once and report after 72 hours.

Avoid coffee, alcohol for a few days before and after while you're taking this remedy.
maheeru last decade
maheeru, my life is falling apart. i am a nervous wreck, screaming and tearful and all over the map of emotions.
afraid to go to work.
tearing up my home life.
you need to realize the severity.

i have cooperated with everything you've asked. the coffee - i already take it exactly as you've prescribed, as i explained. you then dropped the matter.

as for waiting - you're asking me to now wait for 14-20 days and meanwhile, all joy in life is gone and yet, i have to deal with everything in my life and try to keep it all together. again, how can you accuse me of not cooperating?

this has simply gone on too long.
derangenoid last decade
after a quick re-read, i see i started complaining about the ars alb making my temper and my mood crumbling back in mid-april. this started after the ars alb.

i have taken nothing for more than 2 weeks now at your suggestion, and the symptoms do not appear to be going away.

i feel i'm justified to want to end this treatment as this seems more detrimental than the issues i came into it with.

i feel compelled to follow your suggestions as you have assisted with my other symptoms, but they i would now prefer over being completely destabilized in life.

i'm an absolute wreck.

please explain exactly why i'm taking the nux and what i can expect it to do.
derangenoid last decade

Nux v. is an anti dote to ars. alb. I'd expect it to calm your nervous system down and provide your emotional state some cooling off.

Since you're too sensitive I ve suggested it a very low potency with good dilution. I just hope this dose doesn't create new problems.
maheeru last decade

Please stop panicking and becoming too anxious/excited. If possible please try yoga or meditation whatever you're comfortable with. I understand your feelings and your emotional state. Be positive and confident and proceed with nux. vom. dose as suggested above, we'll proceed with caution and will try to deal with your problem. I'm trying to help you and will try my best to fix your problem.

Please don't think negatively like wreck, everything is lost etc. It's a cycle and it would beget more negative ideas and would affect the peace and calmness.
maheeru last decade
maheeru, i have to imagine that you have never gone through anxiety or frustration of that level. you cannot ask someone to please stop, as they are out of control.

i went to see a homeopath from the clinic i buy the remedies you suggest. i told them what was happening, how it came to be and what you had suggested to resolve it.

a) they agreed with your suggestions thus far and felt you had been correct in your diagnoses and remedies.

b) they agree with me, that when it gets to the point where you make your family cry and yet are too scared to deal with your associates at work, one needs to decide if now is a good time to allow the complete unfolding of a layer.

i don't have time to risk my career right now, i need to be on the ball and ok to work, not cowering at home and shouting at everyone. i have a wedding to plan. it's supposed to be a joyous time.

so... i would like to one day revisit this remedy, and maybe allow the complete resolution of that past anxious/raging layer. but not now... it's far too sensitive a time. and when i do decide to do it, it needs to be less powerful - that was way too much for me.

i have dropped two pellets of 6c into 250ml of water, allowed to dissolve. i shook it 7 times and took three large sniffs through my nose over the top of it. i have done that a few times over the last day.
this was at the suggestion of the local homeopath who feels i may be more sensitive than either of us were thinking.

i immediately had a good night's sleep after the first inhaling. my temper and anxiety has abated over the last two days with a few more sniffs.

thank you for the nux vom suggestion - things seem to be getting back to normal.

i may take a few more sniffs, i may just wait it out now, but i will keep you posted on my progress, thank you for your patience
derangenoid last decade
** there was a slight error in my dosing report.
i shoiuld have said:

...three large sniffs through my nose over the top of it. i have done that a few times over the last three days.
derangenoid last decade
The request i made of to bring your mind under control was based on homeopathic guideline that excitement/mental stimulation won't help in healing rather they would interfere in healing.

I'm happy that you're a relieved man now which is a good thing.

When you feel better emotionally, stop taking nux vom 6c. Or even if you notice any discomfort stop it immediately.
maheeru last decade
i only have done what i reported earlier... i have not revisited nux vom or anything since those sniffs.

since then, i have slept much better, and although i'm still a bit quickly angered and or frustrated, it hasn't been explosive and i have not gotten in any fights or arguements or yelling.
i feel much better, much more under control and my fiance is happy again.

not sure what i want to do next... i have no idea if i if i have concerns that still need addressing or anything, this balance has been recent and times have been busy so i'm not exactly sure where i'm at.

thanks again for your help and i will re-address in a week!
derangenoid last decade
i should add that the anxiety is gone as well, which is a relief.

it's funny, but i haven't even thought about it since it abated, which i suppose is a good sign. i am happy again.
derangenoid last decade
Ok, fine derangenoid.
maheeru last decade

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