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ok, take one dose daily(of ars. alb) for next one week. If you notice any discomfort or negative symptom stop the dose and report, otherwise report at the end of the week.
maheeru last decade
ok, if you mean one dose daily in the same way i took these last three doses, i will do it and report back in one week
derangenoid last decade
Yes the procedure is same as was for the first 3 doses. THe only change is we're increasing the frequency of dosage to once daily.
maheeru last decade
it has been one week and i have a few things to report.

positive changes:

headaches are less frequent, almost gone. greatly diminished. it seems most afternoons (after my afternoon coffee) that my head starts to feel as if i have one about to come on, but it doesn't happen. this can happen a few times from the afternoon through the evening. it's significantly better than getting a real headache but i have not learned to ignore it yet as it strikes me as if i'm about to get a big one. definitly a better situation than before!

bowel movements are half and half... again, a significant change, but it's not 100% consistant yet. most are great, and i thank you for that! it's a big, big change and i no longer need to take my fiber suppliemnt to make everything work, but tomatoy and spicy foods still cause issue. definitly progress.

sleep - again with the half and half. consistantly, i am wide awake one night and get a poor night's sleep. the following night i'm exhausted and sleep well and long. then the pattern starts again. odd - but better!

in general i feel pretty good.

negative changes:

i notice more pimples or enflamed redness around my nose that i find odd. i have also had a number of large welty pimples on my back and buttocks and one on my neck. i get these occaissionally, but have had a few recently. i also notice my skin has been greasier. not sure if it's all related or coincidence.

very mucusy in the sinuses and a bit in the lungs/throat. people have been noticing i seem a bit stuffed up or appear to be suffering from seasonal allergies as my voice gives it away as well as the clearing of my throat and sinuses. it could be seasonal allergies (which i don't usually get) or recovery after my cold, but it has occured over the same timeframe so i feel it's worth mentioning.

my teeth are sore near the bottom jaw. maybe i am grinding in my sleep. feels like i have been chewing really hard on someting or on an old piece of gum for a long time. not a horrible deal, but noticable.

no changes to anything else that i've noticed.

derangenoid last decade
i will also point out a slight decrease in sex drive which i don't like.

and you can add red eyes, mild eye irritation and post nasal drip to the allergy-like symptoms.
derangenoid last decade
hahaha, so typical... i have a bit more to add.

i think my appetite has been decreased. at least i'mnot ravenous. think it's related to the lack of sex drive? like, all my lusts and passions are fading? just a thought as i also have not been painting, but perhaps it's just that i've had no time.
derangenoid last decade
ok derangenoid

Stop the dosage. Observe for a week without medicine and report thereafter.
maheeru last decade
will do, thanks.
derangenoid last decade
reporting after 1 week of no medicine, in the same priority order as i listed in my write-up:

frustration/impatience: my mood has fluctuated a bit... i have lost my temper and been moody at least once each, but mostly i'm quite energetic and happy. positive feelings in general.
i don't feel like a huge amount has changed here other than i'm generally quite cheerful, maybe more than usual. but it has not decreased my tendency to blow my top or lose patience with people or things.
i have also felt quite frustrated that i can no longer workout (see back pain) and with money issues. this has come up a lot lately.

headaches: except for some sinus congestion (see below) which feels almost like a headache starting, and one big headache after a night of heavy drinking, i have had no headaches. awesome news.
it'd be great if i could not get headaches when hung over, but i'm not complaining about that right now.

back pain: not generally present until i do the stretches i have been asked to do by the physiotherapist/chiropractor. if i take it extremely easy
i feel like i'm not really doing anything, but if i work to the point where i feel i'm supposed to i often suffer the next day from a back kink and need to take meds again. it usually only lasts a day, but is disheartening. i have already lost most of the muscle i put on in the last few years and have gained a lot of weight from lack of activity, and it's the back that is holding me back.

Foot pain: decreased a fair bit... not sure what has done it but i do still feel it in my dress shoes or when walking barefoot. definitely not the way it used to be. but better than the way it was a month ago.

bowel movements are generally fabulous... still, as before, a few more awkward ones after too much spice or tomato, but in general they are tight and well formed and this is great, great, great news.

sleep/insomnia: seems to be abating. i sleep fairly well, though very lightly and can be woken up many, many times in a night. but it is better than it was, and at night when the day winds down, i know that i'm sleepy and go to bed on purpose as opposed to fighting it and trying to stay awake. it's much better, though my sleep is light.

anxiety/stress: feels reduced

arthritic pain in hands: seems to be reduced.

wart: skin near my wart seems almost to be flaking again, though the nail with the yellowed part seems to be growing off and lessening with each trim... it grows so slowly i find this one a hard thing to monitor within a week.

acne: not a major change really. i grew a massive monster on my neck and i have large cyst-like pimples on my bottom. it may in fact have gotten worse. with the onset of the spring weather, this is not surprising.

appetite: i'm doing well eating less throughout the day and staving off hunger between meals, but i eat like a pig when i do eat and feel bloated for a while afterwards. perhaps i am just eating way more than my stomach wants at the time? even though my eyes say i want it? it's hard/impossible for me to stop once i start!

Immune system: felt like I have been fighting a cold for the last two weeks on and off, but not severely. The symptoms may in fact be just allergies (see below), but most of the homeopathic remedies I have taken have given me cold-like symptoms while I take them. I can’t tell if there’s been any change with this.

Memory/mind: pretty sharp actually… it seems improved.

Allergies: I will not be able to tell if I am no longer allergic to wasp venom, and no good way to test it! So I guess I’ll just ignore it and continue to take my anti-venom allergy shots?
But, could I be suffering from seasonal allergies?
I am constantly clearing my sinuses and throat, feels quite congested, but not causing sinus headaches as i usually get. sometimes a sore throat, but not severe. occasionally i feel bothered in the head with other allergy-like symptoms - cloudy head, itchy eyes, verge of headache - but really it's mostly mucus related. Sometimes I sneeze.
many people are complaining of seasonal allergies but as i don't usually get these, i don't know that that's what i have.

Baldness: I am still balding, but this is impossible to monitor over the week, obviously.

Psoriasis: this may have been cured. I’ll need more time to know for sure.

Other things I’ve noticed:

Other than the allergies, and a mild return to back pain, I also suspect I have a slight loss of sex drive... could it be situational or related to normal stresses? i'm planning my wedding now which is stressful. also having to care extreme care with my back, which decreases my sexiness, but i am surprised by the lack of interest...

Let me know if you want any more info on anything, and thanks for your help.
Let me know what I could do next.

I appreciate your help and have started to truly spread the word on homeopathy as well as started reading about it.
derangenoid last decade
may i add:

feet: actually, i think my feet have been better simply because i haven't been cooking (standing) as much. they're actually still quite pained when i do stand for a while.

my teeth! my teeth are a bit painful still, which i find strange. might i be grinding at night? i find it strange.

allergies: sore throat a lot over the last two weeks.
derangenoid last decade
Hi derangenoid

Please take ars. LM1 doses every 4 days for upto 5 doses. If you develop strong discomfort, stop the doses and report. Please procure ars. alb. LM2.

A couple of questions for you:

Do you think back is worsening or not improving beyond a point?

Are you able to satisfy your sexual desires? If yes, are you bothered by the difference between the current and past drive?
maheeru last decade
to make sure i understand:
the same type of dose as before, but only once every four days for the next 20 days or so?
i can do that.
and will find ars alb LM2 as well (can i make LM2 from LM1?)

my back:
worsening? no. getting better (stronger?), also no.
as part of making it stronger i have begun physiotherapy which involved some excersizes. i found these hurt me even if i tried them very gently and the therapist and i concluded that although i was quite strong before my most recent episode three months ago, i was very inflexible, so she has got me doing some stretches before returning to the excersizes. i find these stretches are enough to hurt me still.
at this rate, considering how much muscle-building excersize i was doing before i hurt myself, it will be six years before i can go to the gym again. if i have to stretch so slowly and gently for so long and then begin the strength excersizes again for a long time before i am 'back to normal' and can return to the gym, it will be a very long time... i have lost a lot of my muscle that i worked hard on from lack of activity. i have gained weight from it too. i am sad, and flabby, and i wanted to look the best i ever have for my wedding in august.

i just want my back to allow me to move as i did before so i can start excersizing again, but i seem to be far too fragile.

even sex sometimes hurts me, which leads to the next question...

yes, i can still do that no problem. i just don't like being held back at all. i was fit and active sexually and my fiance and i miss the amount of time we used to spend having sex and right now - maybe because i feel so fragile - it is hard on us.

but everything functions as it did, i just don't want it to decrease more.
derangenoid last decade
Hi derangenoid

So you mean to say you want your back to be strong enough to be gym ready and hard proof for heavy exercises? Ok we will try for that, but mean while you should not hurt yourself in terms of excess so much that healing process is derailed. Don't overstress yourself trying to gain muscles for wedding.

Yes ars. LM1 doses in the same manner as you took earlier doses but the interval between doses will be 4 days.

Get ars. LM2 from a proper source itself (reputed brands or registered drug stores). A lot of things go in preparation of meds. so it's best to get the remedy from a good source.
maheeru last decade
i haven't sourced the LM2, but should have it for this weekend.

thought i'd point out some things.

i had two beers, one dark, the other quity hoppy, at a friends house when he did not have my brnad. i feel asleep early that night (2330h or so) and was up by 0230h with a headache. this kept me up all night and i had a horrible headaches all day - the day's headache was due to lack of sleep, the night's headache was due to the dark/hoppy beer.
the following night was a big party for a friend of mine, and although i was very tired from not sleeping the night before, i drank a fair amount, but stayed with a brand i know does not cause me headaches (light and not hoppy). the following day i was fine and had no headaches.
the initial headache is an allergy to beer and the follow-up migraine-like headache is due to lack of sleep?

further thoughts...
i tend to be VERY quick to temper after a dose of this. the day of or the next day. fly off the handle easily, but then back to normal in a bit.

my back has been aching quite a bit since last week... dose break? not sure. it may have been overly-active sexual activity and lack of rest, but it's been bad ever since. i don't seem to be getting very far with the strength-training and stretching excersizes, as they leave me in pain afterwards.
i'm not sure i can continue them - but i need to get back into shape.
not sure what to do about it.

bowel movements fluctuate and acne doesn't seem resolved yet.

just leaving those thoughts with you...

but i also wanted to say, on my list of meaningful relationships, i've got you - you have done me a lot of help. it's taking a while, but for the first time in my life, i seem to be getting health care i can use.
thanks for that.
derangenoid last decade
if you can help me find a way to get a grip on my temper i'd appreciate it.
though i always feel justified to be angry when i am, it's quick and intense and i never feel that blowing my top and yelling at anyone is a good way of handling a situation - i just feel worse in the end.

very frustrated and getting mad very easily.

please help me, should i stop these drops?
derangenoid last decade
Hi derangenoid

Yes stop ars. LM1 drops. when you get ars. LM2, prepare in the same way you prepared the solution for ars. alb. LM1(follow every step). And take doses every 3 days upto 10 doses. Report every week briefly.
maheeru last decade
will do, sir.
derangenoid last decade
my 1 week report.

maheeru, i know this is supposed to be brief, but i have some issues... i fear the next dose, so i have included everything i am feeling:

i am sleeping very poorly.
i take 5-htp (all-natural sleep aid) to assist, but it only works for 3-4 hours. i fall asleep earlier in the evening than i ever used to, 0000-0100h, but i inevitably wake up around 0300-0500h and am tossing and turning until about 0600h, when i start to feel tired again, but then i need to get up for work.
while i toss and turn i am bothered by joint/muscle pain (see below) and stress (see below), and sometimes i have to urinate but i think that's typical.
the exception to this is that usually on the day i actually take the drop i have a better night's sleep, sleeping the whole night with the exception of urinating (yet still taking 5-htp). this may be just exhaustion catching up to me though... i don't need more than 5 hours a night it would seem (as i never get it), but 3 is not enough.
this lack of rest may be adding to my stress and frustration (see below), but definitly causes me to have headaches on the day after i get the least sleep.

i have noticed increased pustules and pimples on my thighs and buttocks.
same as before but somewhat worse now, and a definite increase in the pustules. not massive, but greater than before. it could also be related to the increased heat of this season, but i am unsure.
similarly, i have noticed pimples on my forehead, chin and nose but not in a grotesque way, just a slight increase. i also feel greasier on my face than i did before. these could be stress and lack of sleep related.

my appetite has definitly decreased.
it's been good to be able to cut back on my over-eating, and i know this has helped, but i also have felt a bit of disgust associated with food and a lack of interest in cooking. as a constant chef, i find this a bit disconcerting... i feel ill after rich food and very full everytime i eat. i'm sort of complaining because it's very atypical for me to not enjoy food but right now it's sorta grossing me out. just an observation.

my bowels are good but fluctuate.
they are often good like they have been since recent treatment, but are often the old style issue as well. it seems to fluctuate.

i have been experiencing pain in some of my joints and muscles.
in my history, i occaissionally would experience an increasing pain in my shoulder, shooting down my arm to the elbow for a few days after a big workout. this might happen more often on the right arm, but would also occur in the left. it began to develop last summer and seemed to increase over the months to the point of frustration this winter. i have since been forced to stop working out due to my back issues. sometimes i would also get a pain in the knee and a stiff neck, again after strenuous excersize.
lately however, i have experienced a lot of pain in my shoulders just like before, and occaissionally in my knee, my neck, between my shoulder blades, my lower back (as before) and sometimes my abdominal muscles in my sides. strange, because i have not excersized or done anything strenuous.
it has been so bad i have felt plagued with aches and sometimes i feel it makes sleeping harder.
strange, eh?
i have also been suffering a spasm under my left shoulder blade for over a week.

final and maybe the largest issue - stress and subsequent rage.
i am feeling stressed. i am getting married, financially strapped, unable to work out, feeling grossed out by food when i eat, plagued with aches and pains, and very, very tired.
this could be related to all of the above, and the lack of sleep, but on the day i take the drop - i am so ready to dive into a fight, i should be held back. i get so overwhelmed with stress i turn to rage and fly off the handle.
this will affect my relatoionships with everyone!
i'm feeling either stressed out, angry - or regretful. ultimately, my pleasant moments are flanked with some miserable moods. it's not been a good week.

i'm wondering if i'm on the right treatment...

please advise!!
derangenoid last decade
note about the rage - it seems to only be a major issue the night after i take the does. i calm down over the next few days. although i'm feeling stress in general, i only fly off the handle on the dose day.
derangenoid last decade
last thursday night i was so irritable and stressed out that i let loose on my fiance and yelled at her about everything that came across my mind.
i regret this event and have felt better since, but as i stated earlier - these drops are riling me up and i am losing control.

i have discontinued the drops until you advise further...

i have slept and felt better since and have noticed a decrease in the large pimples on my buttocks.
derangenoid last decade
ok. How many doses have you taken till now?

Is this rage on same scale as you got after calc. carb, k. carb and on ars. alb. LM1 or is this different?

You talked about pustules or eruptions on thighs and buttocks and the connection between heat? Have you had this problem....to have prickly heat or rashes or eruptions in summer?


Try a couple of doses modified in a way that instead of taking one teaspoon from the 2nd cup as a dose, take half a teaspoon of solution from the 2nd cup; if you still feel the rage, stop the doses and report.
maheeru last decade
at the time i reported back (last thursday) i had taken three doses: one the thursday of the week earlier, the second on the following sunday and the third on the following wednesday. i noticed a pattern of explosive temper on the day i take the drop - reducing slightly over the next few days, but all the while i am unable to sleep, feel extremely stressed and experience stiff shoulders and shoulder blades to the point of spasm-like discomfort, out making my temper even shorter.

it's really too much - i fear the person i become.
i am much better within a few days of not taking it - i feel great now!

i feel it's more or less the same as the rages i felt on earlier remedies, but perhaps more acute and sudden... a steady increase in pressure and stress, a decrease in patience, an almost entertained bewilderment at how pathetic, frustrating and stupid everyone else is - and then i lose it on them and spend the next few days feeling terribly.

i feel this is more consistent and obvious then on other remedies.

as for the pimples and the connection to heat - i sweat profusely from my feet, hands and buttocks. as the summer picks up, i must change my socks and underwear more frequently as they are consistently wet. this increases the pimples on my backside and somewhat on my thighs, however they never really disappear even in winter.
there is no prickling or rash (other than a minefield of blemishes).
the heat i speak of is environmental, and the pimples are made worse by it.

it would seem to me that the pores on my thighs, buttocks and upper back/shoulders are getting clogged in the sebaceas glands and as i seem to have a thjick and tough outter skin, it heals over trapping the small infection which goes deep and cyst-like or comes closer to the surface forming a pustule.

i will do as you suggest BUT!!! i am only taking 1/4 teaspoon for now.
i love this beautiful woman and feel like tearing my eyes out when i see that i have made her cry. it is not worth the risk, so i am going to go slow.

i will start tomorrow - feel free to comment or ask more questions.
derangenoid last decade
i have been doing some reading. i am reading 'lectures on homeopathic philosophy' by James Kent, but i am still only 1/2 way through and it is true philosophy, not practise.

i have questions i feel you should be able to answer for me please.

1) when i take a remedy and it makes me show the symptoms i am complaining about, what does this mean?
1a) is it different if i experience them mildly?
1b) is it different if they are severe?
1c) what should i expect if the remedy is working?
1d) how do i know if it is not working?
1e) what if it creates new and unwanted symptoms?
1d) how long do you suspect i will fluctuate as i am before being resolved?

2) are you treating me for alcoholism?

my report after my first three days after taking 1/4 dose:
i was a bit uptight tuesday evening. i went to bed angry that my fiance had left a radio on and was tired before i was. i had a lot of trouble sleeping and began to worry a lot about plans - reworking them in my head and fretting.
i awoke wednesday feeling that i had wasted my thoughts on unnecessary issues the night before when i should have been sleeping.
i decided i would report to you and complain about it, but all in all i had a good day wednesday and decided to wait.
as the day progressed, i felt a twinge in my lower back coming. it is still sore today, though i had done nothing to provoke it.
i also developed a headache towards the end of the evening, which i had all night and have much worse today.

my spirits are up, my bowels are ok, but the back/shoulder cramps/pain and the headaches are concerns, as are the mood swings towards anger.
is this to be expected??? for how long???
do i dose tomorrow as expected??

note: last night i had one shallow shot of whisky in a glass with water that i sipped for an hour. i developed a headache.
previously whisky did not bother me, but now whisky, wine and any beer other than Stella Artois give me headaches.
is this part of the anti-alcoholism aspect of the ars alb? are these food/drink-related issues going to last?

i assure you i am not alcoholic, just a connoisseur of fine food and drink and yet, i efel i am being steared away from being able to be tollerant of these things.

a as-needed homeopathic remedy for the headaches would be appreciated as aspirin/ibuprofen/ASA do not work.

please advise.
derangenoid last decade

I'm not sure if you read the vithoulkas book, it'd serve as a good introduction answering many of your questions.

Qn. 2: No our objective is not to treat you as an alcoholic.

Q1: Though there are some thumb rules about how remedies work and how the effects would be seen, a lot depends upon individual's vital force and their sensitivity. For sure you belong to that super sensitive group, so general thumb rules won't hold good for you. Generally if a remedy works in a good way, the person will see changes first in any or a combination of factors like: Energy, general feeling of well being, good spirits, sleep, then the changes may slowly come on in physical complaints.

One won't see changes if a remedy is not working. Sensitive people would get new and unwanted symptoms called accessory symptoms, for them a homeopath would move forward taking into account of those symptoms too.

The working of remedy, the duration for which it will work, the results it will show with or without fluctuation may differ for every other person, so it'd be hard to predict how the case will evolve.

Some people will do well on alternate series of LMs either odd ones or even ones. In your case LM2 didn't work well in comparison with LM1. So before we review and move on to another remedy, I'd like you to try LM3 of ars. alb. Get it, prepare the same way following every step of what you did with ars. alb LM1, LM2 and take half a teaspoon(precisely; no quarter tea spoon please) from the 2nd dilution cup and report 72 hours after the dose.
maheeru last decade
ok sir.
i will look into vithoulkas. i find this all very interesting.

2) good. my ego was hurting.

1) ok. yeah, i hear i'msensitive in a number of ways. supersensitive in homeopathy too.

i will get the LM3 and report back!

thanks for the effort.

ps - i'm being advised i need malaria shots and intenstinal parasite protection for travelling to south america. is there a homeopathic alternative you would suggest?

pps - you do not want me to treat a big headache if i get one?
derangenoid last decade
how can i undo this damage now?

i was fairly well balanced prior to these LMs, but now i am far too easily explosive, stressed and generally unhappy.

i did get the LM3, but will not be taking it. i feel i have taken many swift steps back and it is destroying my peace. can it be erased or corrected?

i will sacrifice the headcahes etc if it means regaining my composure and balance.
derangenoid last decade

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