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ok, sounds good. and weird, but i understand the method.
derangenoid last decade
a few thoughts to add:
i have slimmed down on the drugs and am at about a quarter of where i was earlier.
there is back ache. not severe, but present. so between getting off the drugs and taking the drops, there is still some real level of discomfort.

also, and i suspect this is the drops because this has been typical with me so far - i feel cold like symptoms. foggy clouded head, sinus congestion and sinus headache. similar to a red-wine hangover and something i have felt when i used to get big headaches due to dreary weather (prior to the chiropractor's magic). not totally severe, but present. so far all my homeopathic attempts have resulted in something like this.

just a mid-treatment report
derangenoid last decade
a question regarding this kali carb...

it may just be a phase in my life, but i feel fairly panicky and excitable, very argumentitive and afraid today.

after the huge mood swings that happened on calc. carb, i'm just afraid it may occur again.

it may also be just other factors in my life, i have been under some stress.

i have taken the one tsp dose you described and am to take the second one tomorrow, but i'm scared it will affect me too strongly like last time on calc carb.
derangenoid last decade
shortky after i wrote that last update i had a nearly full-blown panic attack.

i got a few hours of restless sleep as soon as i could, but had to take 5-htp to get to sleep.

i wake up today and my back feels significantly better. stiff from a restless night's sleep, but fair bit better.

i'm also nerve-tattered after last night.

so... do i take today's kali carb? i'm so scared and unsure...
derangenoid last decade
meerhu, listen.
i'm sorry i send so many messages.
i'm sorry i need so much support.

i feel i need to explain why i'm so squirley!

my medical needs are concerning - i just want to get better. this is why i have come to you. when my back is so bad i cannot live my day, it is devastating, obviously.

however, when the remedies i take have such a massive emotional/mental affect on me - they are a terrifying prospect. other people see the changes in me and i suffer in a completely different way.

so understand that i need to be assured. either way it's my health... physical or emotional, i want to be well. when i sacrifice one for the other, it's not an excellent trade, is it?

so anyway, i took the second dose as prescribed... please respond when you have time and let me know what you think... i have a weekend of plans and meetings ahead. i don't want to be crazy!

and as always, thanks for all your time and help and putting up with my constant nervous chattering
derangenoid last decade
Hi derangenoid

I felt you might have taken kali carb till now. But your early posts suggested you have not taken the dose till now. But in your last post again you say 'i took the second dose as prescribed'. If you indeed have taken kali carb doses, how are you feeling?

Is this panic attack a new symptom or it's there before?

Since you're already on modern meds. yes it's hard to analyse what's doing what?

And with your emotional state, if I want to suggest a remedy, again it'd be a homeopathic remedy and again you may be scared. So decide for yourself, if you would like to take homeopathic medicines along with your modern medicines or you would like to wait this back episode out and then would like to take homeopathic medicines?

And it's ok sending out messages. It's just that i was busy and could not respond to your messages immediately.
maheeru last decade
i'm following your instructions and asking questions.

as per your instructions i took the first dose wednesday.
thursday night, i felt that i had had a very aggitating day and lost my temper at least once. this aggitation continued late into the night and i ended up having a mild panic attack before i could fall asleep.

today is the day i am to take a second dose, so i began asking you if all this anxiety is to be expected or is something wrong? if you'll recall, i'm very sensitive to these things and the beginning of our relationship was all about me being sensitive and experiencing bad effects from the homeopathic remedies.

i feel i cannot risk having a mental breakdown in order to cure my back, so i asked you to evaluate this and advise.

you did not reply, and this morning i found my back pain mostly gone, which gave me confidence your remedy is working, so i took the second dose.

third is to be sunday.

i don't want more panic attacks, but i do see that in the details given on kali carb on the abc website, mental anxiety etc are all listed as effects.

so am i taking too much? is this fine?
i feel better now, but will it get worse as i take more?

you're the advisor - you need to tell me what i am to expect
derangenoid last decade
Ok so you took the doses.

So you are sure the panic attack was after taking kali carb dose? and it didn't exist prior to that?

If you feel better and pain is not returning, don't repeat third dose. But if you have to take owing to pain(you can postpone this dose after your hectic weekend), please change the way you take as I advise below.

Instead of 3 drops you transfer from the bottle, just transfer one drop to the 400 ml disposable cup. Other details remain the same. Let me know the update after this dose, that is if you take this dose.
maheeru last decade
ok, so i'll wait till i feel sore again and if i do on monday or tuesday, take the third dose the way you described.

is this from now on or just this one more time?

no, the panic should not have been something from before.
but like i mentioned with the calc carb, a day or two after i started taking it, i got severe panic/anger feelings, just like this time. i have to assume it's related to this remedy.

what do you think?
derangenoid last decade
so the pain has gone away...
i'm still on the muscle relaxer/anti-inflammatory, i feel weird there... a little weak, maybe a little fatgued, but not kinked up or sore really.


so should i take it again if it comes back?
what's the next step.

i have to assume that this did not re-set my herniated disc, do you know what it did do? has this just numbed the pain or what?

please tell me what i can expect moving forward.
derangenoid last decade
Did you feel the panic anger symptoms only with the first dose or with next dose also?

Nope the effect won't be just numbing off. Generally homeopathic remedies don't numb pain, they take the cause of the pain.

For now i'd advise you to take the revised doses of kali carb LM 1(with one drop transferred to dilution cup) every 3 days for 3 more doses and let me know how you fare on these doses. But if you feel any anxiety or panic symptom or any aggravation with any of the dose, stop there and let me know.

As your acute back pain eases up 90% or in full, we'd move onto the next step as we're trying to do earlier.
maheeru last decade
Shaking the stock medicine bottle for 8 times prior to every dose(I mean just before transferring the drop to the dilution cup) is absolutely essential.
maheeru last decade
no, it was just that night.
for some reason i was very uptight and had a strage reaction later into the evening. the remedy is the only variable that i could think of, but i was extremely fatigued and stressed at the time. i have assumed some stresses had been elevated by the homeopathic remedy as i have seen this in my first homeopathic experiment, but it could have just been a bad day.

i felt so far from a panick by sunday that i took the original 3-drop dose and was fine.

i will start the doses again tomorrow for three more doses, one every three days.

i will use one drop from now on or three?
derangenoid last decade
shaking - gotcha
derangenoid last decade
Hi derangenoid

what's the update?
maheeru last decade
ah, maheeru my friend.
things are good.

that remedy has worked wonders. i feel pretty darn good in the back... i'm still cautious and sometimes i feel a minor stitch there, but the agony gone and i want to thank you for that.

i notice when i take that remedy that i am a bit agressive/argumentative/easily angered later that day, but that is the only side effect.

i should point out that my allopathic doctor has referred me to a physiotherapist who has said she thinks the homeopathic treatments were useful but has suggested i continue with some theraputic massage and excersizes to ensure this doesn't continue.

i'm wondering what is next for us... do you think there is more to do on my back?
if not, should we start on a few other things?
i have noticed that i am getting a few different symptoms now than when i first addressed you obn a treatment.

bear in mind i am still getting a bit of physiotherapy and have just recently stopped taking the anti-inflammatories, but i am ready to address any of the other issues if now is that time.

thanks again maheeru!
i appreciate all your help!
derangenoid last decade
Hi derangenoid

Good to know about your relief :).

How many doses have you taken from kali carb LM?

'i have noticed that i am getting a few different symptoms now than when i first addressed you obn a treatment.'

Please elaborate on those upcoming symptoms. Also give a brief sketch overall with respect to priority areas, include the changes that might have happened very recently.
maheeru last decade
How many doses have you taken from kali carb LM?
-- i guess 6... one every other day for three doses as you suggested, then i reported back. then you told me to take three more, one every three days this time, which i did. that's it. i have not continued as you have not told me to yet.

'i have noticed that i am getting a few different symptoms now than when i first addressed you obn a treatment.'
Please elaborate on those upcoming symptoms. Also give a brief sketch overall with respect to priority areas, include the changes that might have happened very recently.
-- below is a recap with updates, as suggested. i've included everything i used before, but tightened it up and supplied new information where applicable:

Male, 34
Engaged to be married, living with fiance, no children yet, two cats.
I'm an IT Logistics Analyst. this is a fast-paced job and i'm also on-call 24/7 for emergencies, which come up a few times a week. in my spare time i get creative with food and writing and a lot of painting, hopefully for financial gain some day.
I no longer smoke cigarettes but have for a few years at a time. i drink fairly regularly (a few beers or a glass of wine a night) and more on weekends/special events. if i don't go out on a potential 'night-out' i feel i have wasted an opportunity and fear i will be sad when Monday rolls around, so i tend to go out as much as possible, but now that i am engaged this is winding down. i like to go out and dance at a dance club or a social drinking place, or go to an art gallery or anything other than stay at home - unless i'm working on a project or doing one of my arts. i smoke marijuana, but mostly just a tiny amount at night before bed... i used to smoke a lot all day long a few years back but i alleviated a lot of my anxiety and depression by quitting and have only began smoking before bed as i have trouble sleeping.

1) Family Medical History:

Dad sleeps very poorly, always has since adulthood. natural sleep remedies tend to help him. male-pattern bald.
suffered with an intestinal infection (c. diff.) a few years back that resulted in crohn's disease and some irritable bowel syndrome. he take a pill (salofolk) and lots of vitamins to keep it away.
he has had arthroscopic surgery on his knees as they have begun to grind and become painful, one has osteoarthritis in it. he has hyper-tension and takes medication for it and his blood pressure reads normally as a result.
Mom has acid reflux and can't handle any intense food, always gets indigestion. complains of sinus pain frequently. mom has had operations on both her hands and feet to deal with severe osteoarthritis. mom has developed insomnia over the last few years and has found that the natural sleep remedies do not assist. mom suffers from anxiety but does not acknowledge it. she seems to be living in a world governed mostly by fears and duties.

Grandparents(Maternal and paternal):
father's father - died at 50 of stomach cancer (adenocarcinoma). he suffered from intense migraines and took excessive amounts of un-coated aspirin, this is suspected to be the cause of his stomach issue. he was also hypertensive.
father's mother - supposedly dies of a massive stroke at 82, but this occurred in her sleep and is not 100% verified. she suffered from arteriosclerosis, had had a double by-pass at age 74. she had had several heart attacks, 9 or more. she had bronchiectiasis. for the few years before her death she suffered from severe anxiety mixed with depression. small spots of skin cancer. psoriasis as well.
mother's father - died of lymphoadenoma of the kidney at 76. had had a heart attack in his 60s and suffered from glaucoma. lots of fractures as he was a hellion as a young adult.
mother's mother - died of a severe stroke at age 84. she was obese and suffered from osteo-arthritis.

Brothers and sisters:
two sisters, both are in great health and have suffered from anxiety at some point. both have children and are happily married.
i am the youngest of the three, the middle child suffers from eczema in her ear and on her scalp and had some asthma. her daughter has vitalego.
the eldest has contracted every communicable disease i can think of including necrotizing fasciitis and herpes but is not suffering adversely from anything currently. she gets ill at the drop of a hat and shows massive symptoms (her poison oak blisters looked like golf balls), but seems to get over everything just fine. immune system is suspect i'd say.

Spouse and children:
no kids.
my fiance has no diseases to speak of but suffered from depression as a teen. she took medication for it (which didn't help, didn't help me or my grandma or anyone else i know) but eventually grew out of it and/or resolved it through developing her life. she went to a shrink to discuss her life with her parents and this seemed to help her out some too.

2) Patient's Medical History:
Vaccinations & reactions:
MMR - measles, mumps, rubella
DPTP - diphtheria, pertussis, tetanus, polio
Hepatitis A & B - started these but i am not 100% sure i finished and may need to start again.

Major illnesses(Chronologically):
i put my back out when i was a teenager (about 18) in an accident resulting in something described then as a slipped disk. i have had major troubles with it, sometimes resulting in loss of work, ever since. on and off, it's been persistent. i can generally get rid of it until someone asks me to help them move or i try yoga or have too much creative sex and then i'm out for a few weeks. i went to a chiropractor in 2009 and have felt much better since. as you know, i put my back out severly in February or end of january. i was hospitalized and spent a few weeks off of work dealing with it. i have taken antiinflammatories and painkillers for 6 weeks afterwards, as well as a prescription of kali carb 1LM and am doing much better.
i have avoided the gym ever since, but will begin going back as i have physiotherapy excersizes to perform. my physiotherapist claims that i have weak muscles that need strengthening and tight muscles that need loosening that will result in less frequent pinching of nerves and back spasms.

i have suffered from many intense headaches since my early years. not true migraines, but frequent and intense headaches - sometime with migraine-like symptoms including light-flashes and light-sensitivity. i generally have to sleep the big ones off and they don't respond to painkillers. the smaller ones are easier to handle and much more frequent. if i have a bad sleep or not enough of it, i will have a debilitating headache until i sleep, medication will not help. alcohol can cause soemthing very similar, sometimne/sometrimes not - i cannot determine the pattern. the chiropractor told me his adjustments would assist the headaches and except for hangovers and loss of sleep headaches, it did. they have returned a bit in the last few weeks but mostly during the consumption of alcohol or the day after the consumption of a few drinks.

i have suffered from depression and anxiety for many years, though things have subsided greatly in the last 5 years. from the age of 18 on, i've had depression (usually caused after bouts of unbearable anxiety, including the fear i will become depressed) sometimes making it impossible to live a normal life and hold a job. in general i have fought through it but without the ability to prosper and flourish as i was always paralyzed with fear or too upset to be content.
i took medication for it but this did not resolve the issue. i took at least 6 different medications over the 10 years or more i went through this, saw psychologists and psychiatrist, went through 'cognitive behavioral therapy', but nothing assisted. i saw a naturopath/homeopath about 4 years ago and she set me on the right path. she prescibed some homeopathic remedies (i can't recall which ones) that i took for a short time but i wasn't sure if they worked - i assumed it was psychosomatic. she also spoke to me about utilizing my power and my relationship to the universe.
i feel i made the changes myself through her guidance and began seeing the world anew. my anxiety and depression abated quickly and i have been truly happy for the last two years. i never get depressed, but still struggle with some mild anxiety from time to time.
biggest issue related to this is my delta-dog feeling. i guess i have low self esteem, but when i work or hang out with others i often find they easily get my goat... i'm concerned what they think and get flustered very easily. i defend in a panicked state and walk right into their teasing, hassling etc and lose my cool.
i never feel secure enough to smile and walk away. i give my insecurity away very easily.

i suffer from insomnia frequently and have since i was about 28.
not so much these days, but i sleep extremely lightly, awaken a lot throughout the night and find it difficult to get to sleep and stay there. i awake early even when exhausted.

i have been hospitalized on an emergency basis twice, once for banging my head about 2 or 3 years ago - cracked it really hard while i was alone, had a concussive dementia wherein my brain swelled which caused me to have a fit that i only remember as a bad dream, but i threw things around my apartment before passing out for 18 hours or so.
i went to the hospital when i woke up the next night and had a cat scan and a checkup, but there was nothing they could do. i lost memory of the event and was unable to retain new long-term memories for about a month. i behaved erratically and was unfit to live on my own, but surprisingly this ended after i accidentally banged my head a second time.
i have suffered a loss of problem solving skills, increased frustration, poor memory, poor ability to learn new things and a general slow-down of my mind, but also a gentler and far more calm and patient nature emerged. over the last two years or so this has slowly adjusted back to more the way i was before the incident, but i am definitely a changed man.

my second hospitalization occurred after i was stung by a wasp and had an anaphylactic response. i have a severe allergy it would seem, so i have begun immunotherapy, which is essentially allergy shots. i am going to have to continue the shots for a five year span, about four more years now.

Operations(if any chronologically):
no operations i can recall.

Present medication:
i was taking Aldara topically for an extremely aggressive wart on my left big toe. freezing and home therapies (banana peel, garlic, duct tape, etc) have not helped. it hads begun to spread. Aldara seemed to greatly dimish it, however i stopped at your request. it has not returned, but my nail has become brittle, yellowed and pale and there is a bit of a dark spot under it near the original site so i fear it may have receded there only to emerge again later. we'll see.
i am also taking the wasp venom shots for the allergy.
i take small amounts of tadafil to prolong sexual encounters occaissionally, but that is recreational and not necessary. just an improvement appreciated by everyone.

Previous medication:
i have taken a bunch of drugs for anxiety and depression, but cannot recall all of them or how long i was on them. they include paxil and welbutrin.

3) Complaints in order of priority:
b) Can you connect these complaints to any other events? What was going on in your life personally, physically, emotionally, socially, environmentally when the complaints came on?
c) What are the things, which aggravate your suffering and which are those, which make you feel better? Example- time, temperature, pressure, rubbing, washing, eating, tight clothing, movement, climate, music, consolation, thunderstorm, exam or other important events, smell, noise,light etc. Are you worse on any particular side of the body ?

frustration/anger/impatience - i am very easily frustrated by people, am very impatient and am very quick to anger. i feel almost that i have to resort to aggression in order to prove my point or be heard, though i know this is not true. when i have work to do, or a place to be, i am very focused on my goal and find other people are often in the way. it's been enough to have me dubbed as a jerk on a number of occasions. afterwards, i feel bad and exposed for being that way.
b) i have become more patient since i banged my head, but have also become quicker to frustration and anger.
c) these reactions are directly related to how stressed out i am or under how much pressure or excitement. it is bad at or around the work hours, or when conducting some other sensitive business - dinner parties where i am cooking, working on technical issues at home, etc. definitely aggravated by stress or anxiety, see below. nothing relieves it but removal from the situation or completion of the task. occaissionally i can remind myself that things aren't that important and to calm down, but that would come from cues people have given, like looks of being surprised by my intensity.
similarly, people who see me getting stressed out can easily tease me and make a bigger deal as they see me losing my cool... i get played with this way. people easily get my goat and i feel i make a fool of myself.

headaches - (see above)
b) no, i seem to have always had them, but they have gotten worse and more frewquent the older i get. likely related to stress in part.
c) sleep deprivation is definitely a cause of the big ones, so see below regarding insomnia.
the recent chiropractic visit seems to have assisted, but they are starting to creep back into my life after i stopped - perhaps i need to continue those treatments.
there is something like a headache that comes with a sort of mental blinding in my forehead, a numbness above the bridge of my nose that makes focussing difficult like a golf-ball wedged between my eyes that i get from some alcohol sometimes. this precedes larger headaches often. i frequently get hangovers, especially from beer on tap or wine, even when i have not had much.
stress can definitly cause tension in my head which can lead to headaches and i have been practicing some stretches to relieve it, but i'm only starting this now and cannot report success yet.

back pain (see above)
b) i got off a bicycle after an energetic sexual experience and slipped a disk. this recurs now frequently
c) strenuous activity - moving heavy objects, sometimes sex, sometimes excessive - aggravate it or bring it on. it stays until it goes and i have found that only time cures it. hanging from a bar by my hands or swimming (floating in water) help, as does walking. lying down or sitting make it worse.
the recent chiropractic visit seems to have assisted, but it got much worse after.
i hear excersizes, specific to the injury will help, i am starting them.

foot pain - the bottoms of my feet, ball and heel, very painful - like my bones are pressing down on my thin skin when walking or standing.
b) my feet have started to ache a lot ever since i moved to an apartment with hardwood floors. did not suffer this before, i have never had any foot issues or pain.
c) standing in the kitchen cooking, standing, walking - shoes help it out a lot. slippers, etc. i need to get out of dress shoes and into walking/sports shoes as the soles are more padded. i am frequently shocked at how unbearable it is and that this seems to have come out of no where.

weird bowl movements - i have what a specialist described as 'sticky' feces. it would seem that my BMs are sticky like raw dough and not tightly packed like modelling clay. wet without being diarrhea. they never seem to completely evacuate and are very messy. they require a lot of wiping and several re-visits to the bathroom for further clean-up. much like the mouth of the toothpaste tube getts messy and needs to be occaissionally cleaned up, my feces is like that paste and needs a lot of special attention. sometimes it seems some of it gets stuck during the evacuation and exits slowly over the next few hours. seems to be because they are mushy and never firm. it can cause irritation in the area, and occasionally a mess or reason to not be naked.
b) i can't remember not having this issue, but it has gotten worse with age as my diet and lifestyle have changed.
c) it has been aggrivated by my use of coffee, bitter foods, tomatoes, cheese, red meat and spicy food, as well as stress and anxiety.
i take a fibre supplement (psyllium husks) everyday. they bulk up the BMs and make them more compacted, defined and solid, and easier to pass completely. if i miss a day, it goes back to the way it was. it's a lot to drink down and it's not pleasant. it adds a lot of bulk to my movements.
dehydration can help, but that's not a good solution as it can cause headaches.
medicines for pain can help - oppiates and coccaine derivitive medices, as well as a few others that cause constipation make my movements perfect, but i can't stay on them unless i need them for pain as that's very unhealthy - but the side effect is awesome! why can't i find the side effect in a pill without the main effect?

insomnia/poor sleep - sometimes i find it hard to fall asleep but generally the issue is staying asleep. i often wake at about 0400h and cannot get back to sleep. when i do sleep, i sleep very lightly
b) comes on more in stressful periods of my life, but not exclusively
c) stress, anxiety. i dwell on things all night when my mind should be resting. i am sensitive to sound at night - it wakes me easily. sleep is a thin sheet i can usualy see right through. alcohol makes me sleep less. headaches often wake me, as do any noises, light or movements near the bed. nothing but sleep-inducing medicens make this better.
there sometimes comes a day when i am so tired, i fall asleep at 2130h or so and get a full eight hours seemingly to recharge spent batteries. this happens once every month or two, but not often and this is not something i can inititate, it just happens.

anxiety/stress - my major bout with debilitating anxiety has ended but i still suffer from it from time to time. see above for additional details related to my reaction to the stress, ie - frustration and impatience.
b) sometimes shaky on the way to work, social events etc, the onset of any pressure is preceded with anxiety. seems to be somewhat learned as i feel my mother is preoccupied with fearful thoughts of things failling, not working, being dangerous, generally negative. i stay up at night worrying about things i have to do or things i may have done, like social indiscretions, etc.
c) coffee does not help, marijuana does not help, both seem to aggravate. i HATE wristwatches, they make me very anxious - clocks are somewhat similarly disrupting but less so. time off of work relieves it, as does alcohol. it's just generally present at a gentle level most of the time, worse or better at various times. worse on mondays and in the morning (the period before i enter a stressful situation), much better towards end of day and weekends, and with the completion of tasks

arthritis-like pain - in my little finger, forefinger, thumb and wrists on both sides. my mother has the same pains.
b) has been developing for the last year or two
c) cold aggravates it as does strenuous use of my hands, working out and lifting weights, typing. it is not arthriti, according to the doctore. my hands are slight and feminine.

warts on my toes - see above
b) picked up the wart from a gym change room floor i suspect. it spread from the inside of my left big toe to the other side and to the adjacent side of the next toe down. one wart was removed successfully after about 9 months of freezing treatments, but came back 6 months later with a vengeance and began to spread, forcing me to seek alternate treatments
c) nothing increases or decreases it. i treated it with duct tape, banana peel and garlic, but no fix. Aldara seemed to diminish it greatly, but i stopped upon homeopathic advice. seems to have receded to under my toe nail but i am not convinced i have seen the last of it... my nail has become brittle, yellowed and pale.

acne - i have had cyst-like acne across my shoulders, similar cystic acne and red blemishes on my buttocks and get frequent pimples on my face around my lips and below my lip above my chin and on my forehead
b) started in puberty
c) removing as much sugar and fat as i can from my diet has helped my shoulder zits. i do not know how to get rid of the pimples on my bottom, they are aggrivated by heat and sweat and stress. they are sometimes large and generally unsightly.
pimples on my face seem small and blackheadish, sometimes pussie, on oily skin.
nothing really seems to help - but sugar, caffeine and fat definitely make them worse.

appetite - i over eat.
b) i seem to be hungry all the time, almost like a reaction to boredom or simply being awake. i start planning dinner as soon as i wake up. i never feel full until i feel way too full and can't move - binge eating at every meal. i then feel hungry as soon as i feel a little less full, and want more food.
c) seems to be something i need to control cognitively.
i take hoodia to supress my appetite for a few weeks, eating only a small lunch and a regular dinner - no snacking. i can slim down this way, also reducing the size of my stomach and then i can reduce the hoodia as i become less hungry and more easily filled. i generally do this every couple of years and end up returning to the over-eating state slowly over time. it has been hard to keep constant.

lowered immune system - i get cold really easily. colds and flus. they affect me greatly, my symptoms seem to be very defeating.
b) no
c) i get them a lot after i work out so i started taking glutamine after a work out, which has helped a lot. since my last bought of constant colds (one year ago) i have had them far less often. this is a marked change that i cannot confirm came from any conscious actions i took.
my fiance and i noticed that i used to get colds all the time while i lived in a basement apartment thoroughly covered in dust and cat hair. since moving in with her and her cleanliness, they have greatly dimished. is it related to the dust/pollutants/irritants? i have tested not significantly high in any allergy (other than my occaisional food and wine allergies, and the wasp allergy), but get frequent sinus congestion and sinus related-headaches. is there a correlation? i'm always clearing my sinus passages.

memory/mind - still feel foggy and forgetful
b) ever since i banged my head
c) has been getting better slowly, but i miss being as quick and reliable as i was.
i lost a mjor level of iq and recall.
nothing makes this better, but i do feel it has aided me in my impatience and other things that my razor-sharp mind made difficult before.

allergies - i suffer from many small food allergies, had an allergy to Sulfa (an antibiotic made from sulphur) when i was an infant, and have an allergy to wasp venom (see above)
b) i get sinus headaches from various wines, beers, etc. sometimes i get small reactions to certain foods but they are all fruits and a few fungi - red apples, eggplants, yellow zucchini, black fungus.
c) i find if i eat too much of the fruit i will get an itchy throat, some wheezing and irritability/stress/blood pressure. i can generally avoid it by eating less and have gotten over most allergies through time. it's been a while since eggplants affected me. i can eat 1 red apple a day without issue, but 2 may cause a reaction. recently i discovered i can't eaat my favourite veal-parmesan sandwhich at a local restaurant as i will become very stressed and anxious with high blood pressure four hours afterwards for about three hours, then it goes away.
i am getting immunotherapy for the wasp venom, this should be effective

baldness - i'm going bald. i also have extremely fine, thin hair where i do have hair.
b) probably genetic
c) nothing helps... it's just so sad. i want thick hair.

psoriasis - in my ear. maybe eczema? not sure.
b) got it as an adult, never left
c) nothing fixes or helps or makes it worse that i know of, just using q-tips or my finger nail when there's a crusty build up.

4) Physical Profile:

blond/dirty brown
yellowy Caucasian skin tone. i get a yellowy tan in the summer.
i am tall and thin, but skinny-fat (thin arms and legs, barrel-ish chest). prone to breast-like fat developments on my chest, which no man wants. find it hard to stay slim in the chest/gut.
my long neck protrudes a bit and i slouch, probably because i am tall and lanky
currently struggling to maintain a good weight. i liked my physique best at 163lbs, but have been fluctuating by a few pounds on either side of 175 for the last year or so.
my nails are generally strong - so strong i can't bite them, i have long nail beds, they go right to the end of my finger so any nail length looks like i have long nails. i have a wiggly thumbnail on my right hand. it undulates along it's bed as it grows. ripply, both down the length and from side to side.
i have baby-fine, thin hair, prone to excessive dryness after being cleaned. i cannot use much shampoo or it's too dry, conditioner makes it drop and makes it lifeless as it's too heavy.

5) Mental Profile:

a) Describe yourself in your own words:
i am jumpy, excitable, insecure, immature (in a fun way, i like to think), clever and creative. i have had a long history of wanting to create as opposed to just work. i am an artist in most senses of the word, painting, writing, cooking, music. i am a scientist as well, testing things, experimenting, trying to figure out how everything works. i love music and dancing, movies, art, science, animals. i would much rather be cooking or chatting about the world of science or art than doing anything else.
i am impatient, go off on tangents, always ALWAYS mentally active, sometimes hyperactive, a bit moody, very spontaneous, quick to anger but also quick to joy. defensive with a short temper. passionate may be a good adjective. prone to a bit of drama. i like to party and go out and have fun and feel that staying home at night is often a real let down - like i'm missing out on a party, and that makes me very sad. i am outgoing, when not shy, and not shy for long when i am. i worry what people think of me, to the point that i sometimes just want to be a loner to i do not feel this social pressure. it's often easier.
generally positive and helpful and always want to make things work out for everyone, at home or at work. i work very hard and tend to be a perfectionist. perhaps a bit obsessive. i like patterns and symmetry. i'm known to be generous and a nice guy, easy to get to know - but can become a jerk if i get too edgy or frustrated or defensive. a big personality.
i like knowing everything and always strive to learn more about everything.
very curious and fascinated by many things.
i have a fear of being alone but generally do not make deep long lasting friendships as i tire of people's issues and have had many of my own. not much for team sports.
always been known as a weirdo.

b) Any grief, broken relationship, any anger/resentment against anybody, any fears, any phobias?
no major grief, but have always been deeply upset at the end of a relationship - get my heart broken easily. i have resentment towards those who have dumped me or left me in mean or sudden ways, which i feel makes sense. i am still friends with my longest term ex-girlfriend as we ended it mutually without anger. i have a bit of resentment towards one sister who i feel bullied me all through our childhood. we are more or less good friends now after i told her how i felt when we became adults.

c) Do you have any strange, peculiar or unusual symptom or feelings? How are you different from others?
i wish i could explain. i am not like others. i get told this all the time. i can't explain it, other than to say that maybe i'm a crazy-genius. just never what others expect or find easy to digest.

6) b) If Male:

Any problem with intercourse or sexual organs?
no. i have a healthy sex life and a large penis, but i would like to have some of my teen or twenty-something verility back.
i do occaissionally take viagra-style products to make my girlfriend appreciate more of what i can give

7) Do you think you are able to satisfy your sexual desires in general?
indeed. i am very happy sexually. every man wants to last longer or have more stamina, but i am not complaining. i take small amounts of tadafil (viagra) to prolong experiences. this makes everyone happier i think.

8) What do you crave for in food items and in general and what are your aversions in food items and in general?
i crave pizza more than life itself. pepperoni.
i like cheese a lot. i like cured meats, raw meats, tacos, indian food, curry, spicy food, chocolate, pastries, salads.
no aversions to anything except organs (liver, kidneys, etc) but like pate and pho which have all sorts of organs in it.
i find rice, potatoes and pasta a bit too boring, but everything is good.

9) Describe your thirst and hunger? (Examples: Average or Excessive or thirstless or loss of appetite or any other associated details)?
see above about my appetite - i am almost always hungry and stop eating because i feel i need to, not because i'm full. but i can go for many hours without eating, once i start i find it hard to stop.
i never feel comfortable drinking and eating at the same time, strangely enough. i drink between meals
sometimes i get thirsty but generally drink because i hope it will be good for my health or help stave off headaches.

10) Describe your sleep? Do you have a particular posture of sleeping?
Are there any Recurring or significant dreams?
my sleep sucks. i find it hard to start, toss and turn, and find it hard to continue sleeping the whole night. i sleep about 4 hours a night, sometimes more. i am rarely comfortable in bed as it often affects my back. i like to sleep supported by many pillows and or wrapped around a warm lady.

11) Describe about discharges (colour/odour/consistency)? [ Nasal, from ear or sweat (where do you sweat more? head/trunk/limbs etc), stool and urine.]
dry nasal passages and dry boogers. constantly picking and trying to clear the nasal passages.
waxy ears, need a lot of cleaning.
i do not sweat much and when i do, it rarely has odour. rarely need deodorant. i sweat from my palms, wrists (weird, i know), feet and genitals and bottom. i sweat from my bottom a lot.
stool (see above) is sticky and problematic, require a fibre supplement or medicnes which cause constipation to have a normal BM.
urine... nothing to describe i don't think. yellow and salty, sometimes not very yellow if i drank a lot of water. that's normal.

12) what is your preferenceĀ—in climate, weather? (Examples: sun/shade/cold dry/cold damp/hot humid/not extreme/well ventilated)
i hate the cold, i love the heat.
i like heat and humidity, florida/georgia/southern states temperature is nice, i hate the cold and do not like being cool. everyone looks better when they're sweaty, i find it sexy. i like the blazing sun.
it's a big deal too... i was born in canada but would love to move someplace warm if i could convince my fiance and we could both get jobs there. i love vacationing ion warm climates and being drenched in the sun.

13) Other details you want to say or if there are any peculiar things going on in your physical or emotional plane.
i think i have given you everything i can give in the above questions... i hope i have been thorough.
derangenoid last decade
classic to my syndrome... every time i submit, i dwell on it for hours and worry i've left stuff out. it's some sort of anxiety and over-thinking.

here's an example of my anxiety/frustration at work that happened right after i submitted the previous post:

a guy who i sometimes see eye-to-eye with at work and i were discussing some graffiti i saw on a wall.
he dismissed it as being crap.
personally, i feel i know way more about art and found it more compelling than crap.
i told him i disargreed.
for a long time afterwards, i mulled it over... i was frustrated he had dismissed it so easily and angered that we differ. i expect to differ from most people, but wanted him to share my opion. there was no arguement or need for hostility, but still... i will be frustrated by this for a long time.

but the truth is - i don't think i really care. why will it bother me so much when it doesn't really matter and i am confident that i have the greater knowledge of such thngs?

just an example of how my mind works - i will worry about things i logically cannot find important, to the point of being greatly bothered.
i just want it to stop.
derangenoid last decade
will get back to you after going through your responses soon.
maheeru last decade
Hi derangenoid

Please get ars. alb. LM1. Prepare the solution as follows:

Take a 150 ml water bottle, pour inside 120ml of mineral water. Tip a granule of Ars. alb. LM1(one pill only) into the water bottle and let it dissolve. Shake the bottle up and down vigorously for 8 times and from this water bottle you will take one drop(use a dropler or a filler- disposable) to a disposable cup 1(approx. equal to 400 ml having fresh water slightly below the brim), stir the cup a couple of times gently, and from this cup take a teaspoon(use a disposable tea spoon to stir and take dose) to the disposable cup 2(the quantity same as the previous cup). Stir the disposable cup 2 gently for a couple of times and take a teaspoon from this cup as a dose. You would keep the water bottle safe but would empty the contents of the cups after the dose. For the next dose, you will fill the cups(1 and 2) with fresh water anew, and would transfer One drop from the water bottle after shaking 8 times. So every time you will only change the contents of the cup afresh and not the water bottle. Keep the water bottle in a cool dry place without exposure to sunlight or strong odours. To identify the bottles you may label them with appropriate names.

Take doses every 2 days. Report after 3 doses.
maheeru last decade
ok, i will get it and do it exactly as prescribed.
will report back in about a week... unless something unexpected happens in which case i will pipe in earlier.

maheeru, i wanted to add a few thoughts to the headache portion of my profile.
my headaches are usually in the front forehead above the eyes but often soundly on the eyebrow or above the bridge. they are made better by direct pressure to that area.
they are definitly cause by lack of sleep, but defeatingly enough - i often lose sleep because of a headache!

i have also mentioned alcohol related headaches... i am worried i sound more like an alcoholic than a sufferer of undue headaches so i felt i need to point out that these are not often hangover headaches - maybe an allergy?
i can get a headache from drinking a small amount from time to time, and sometimes i will get no headache after a whole night of excess. it seems to be more related to the drink it'self, or the time and place.
the pattern of time and place has eluded me thus far, but there is an obvious relationship to some brands of red wine and darker or more full-bodied beers.
last night i had a regular beer and about 1/3 of my fiance's dark beer and was up all night with a headache, thus having a horrible headache today due to lack of sleep.
could this be allergies?
sometimes a wine that usually does not bother me will make an already present headache or sinus pressure more severe.

please tell me your thoughts on the headaches in relationship to the drinks, as these are clearly not hangover headaches.
does this change your prescription of ars alb?

meanwhile, can you suggest a treatment that can be taken for accute headaches? ibuprofen and ASA have little to no effect.
i get a debilitating headache at least once a week, sometimes four times.

and if possible, for when i have gone too far, is there any remedy for a hangover?
or am i wrong to even ask...
derangenoid last decade

Please go ahead with ars. alb. It should work on multiple fronts, we'll have to wait and see. With your sensitivity, we will have to go slow and cautious. Usually nux would be suggested for hang over headaches. But i'd like you to go moderate on alcohol till we see the action of ars. alb. And if need be further remedies can be suggested for issues that remain after usage of this remedy.
maheeru last decade
ok man, sounds good.
i had a horrible one yesterday, which is what prompted me to ask. lasted all day.
i've had two asprin already today... a sinus headache due to a cold. the cold will be over soon but the headaches seem to be an almost ever present issue that only went away after a few neck-twists with the chiropractor, but has since come back.

meanwhile, i took the first of three doses of ars alb yesterday... and will report back thursday or friday.
derangenoid last decade

i had a headache until two days ago that lasted for about six days, but after the second dose, it wained and has not returned.

third and final dose was yesterday.

i am still recovering from a cold, so feel a little run down congested, but other than that i can't suggest any changes.

i feel ok. good spirits, but no major changes.
derangenoid last decade
ok, take one dose daily(of ars. alb) for next one week. If you notice any discomfort or negative symptom stop the dose and report, otherwise report at the end of the week.
maheeru last decade

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