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31 Yr. old Female with thinning hair, acne, tmj, sinus drip, depression

Hi! I am new to homeopathy, but my body is going crazy, and I really need help. Here’s an abbreviated version of what is going on with me:

- I am 31 years old, and to the average person, my life seems great. I am married to an awesome man who is a practicing attorney, and we have a 2 ½ year old daughter. However, since having my daughter, I have had periods of extreme anxiety and depression (she has had reflux and ear infections, and I definitely stress out over her health more than the average mom would.) I also get major, major anxiety over my health and the health of my husband and other family members. For the most part, I control my feelings well, and while I do “cry” to family members about my health anxieties, I rarely blow up. I do sometimes start fights with my husband even though he really doesn’t deserve it.

- I am a stay-at-home mom, formerly a paralegal. We do experience a lot of stress about money because I am not working. However, I know that for right now, it’s best for my daughter and me that I stay home with her.

- I have had acne that started in college. At first, it was severe cystic acne, but as I get older, it is more white and blackheads. My face breaks out worse before starting my period. I have seen several different dermatologist over the years who have prescribed Retin-A and sent me on my way;

- I have strawberry blond hair and am average weight and height, I have a lot of moles;

- I lack motivation

- I don’t sleep well and have insomnia.

- I have a very addictive personality and spent some years binge drinking and trying different drugs. I smoke marijuana now (no one knows about it except my sister and one friend who I smoke with) I often feel like the only way I can be motivated is if I smoke pot. I smoke about three times a week (once a day)

- I believe that I have suffered from depression on and off for my whole life. I had a very difficult early childhood, and have often found it difficult to be really happy even if great things are going on in my life.

- I started smoking very young and quit smoking three days ago. I am using the patch, and it hasn’t really been all that difficult to quit at all. I guess for the first time in my life, I realize that I have to really take care of myself;

- I have had TMJ since I was about 25; My jaw pops every time that I open my mouth. While it doesnt’ usually hurt, there are some days that it’s very painful. My neck also feels very tight

- I have a chronic sinus drip that is mostly clear, but sometimes yellow
- I have a family history of what seems like almost every problem. My mom has diabetes, and other symptoms that are strange including, but not limited to- A large extended stomach and smaller legs, white patches on her eyes and Ducheshein’s (sp?) Syndrome (a problem using affecting older men that causes fingers to get curved). I went to an endocrinologist appointment

- The most distressing thing as of late has been that my hair is getting seriously thin. This has been a MAJOR point of distress for me. I believe that it started thinning when I had my daughter 2 ½ years ago. Over the past few months, it has started shedding really bad, and my scalp is starting to be visible. My hair was always think and beauty, my “crown of glory,” and I feel like it falling out is my last straw.

- I started using Rogaine two weeks ago. I also changed my diet and have been eating fresh fruits, much less carbohydrates (mostly only the healthy kind), have started taking Woman’s One Source Vitamin and drinking an Aria Woman’s protein shake a day. My hair does seem to be falling out less. Now, I don’t know if it is because of the diet change, vitamins, Rogaine or what. My sister’s hair is also thinning, and she even has dime and nickel size bald spots in her head.

I sincerely, sincerely, sincerely appreciate any help that anyone can give me. This is the first time that I have told anyone about some of these things, and it does feel pretty good to get them off my chest. I am making an appointment with a holistic MD in May when my health insurance kicks in. However, I know that I must start changing my life now.

Once again, I am truly grateful for any help you can give!
  smiles2u on 2005-03-07
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
You have a serious endocrinal problem[s] . But it all started with the birth.

That brought to the surface problems that had always been there and which are part of your inherited pattern.

The details you give would indicate to me that you could benefit from Carsinosin [1M , 10M ,CM] also afterwards Silica of low potency say 3x twice a day .

Unless you want to try Kuldeeps type of Silica.

Re: Any remedies to remove acne scars From kuldeep on 2005-02-14
Here is the way to make silica. I make this medicine to treat the scars of my patients. In most cases it works perfect and in some cases it still works (A step away from perfection)Make Silica at a dry day (No rain and low humidity)1. Find some natural rock pebbles (You can find it in sands to make cement concrete mix). Or you can pick it up from rail line tracks.2. Try to identify the rock pebble (small piece of rock) which is semi transparent) if you can’t find it then any other natural rock will do the job.3. Heat up the stones to expel the moisture.4. Stones should be about 20 grams. 5. Now put the stones on a clean metal surface and beat the stone with hammer. In other way you beat up the rock real fine. 6. When you think you can’t beat up the rock any more you stop.7. Put the powder in a one litter mineral water bottle.8. Shake it and let it settle for 10 minutes.9. After 10 minutes heavier rock will settle down at the bottom but water will be still murky because of the micro silica particles.10. Remove top 1/3 of the liquid without shaking the bottle.That is your medicine. Use two drops three times a day just like any homeopathy medicine. You may see the results in just two days.
passkey last decade
You should consider a purifying therapy with the BARTFELDER remedy.
donnely last decade
Donnely - why should she consider it???.
Tell us all !!!.
Post the details of Bartfelder , what is it made up from and how.

What things indicate its use.

Or do you wish to remain a voice bleating in the wilderness!.
passkey last decade

Here's the info about BARTFELDER you wanted:

Cold springs in Upper Hungary; temperature from 45° to 50° F.

Analysis (Schultes), 16 ounces furnished 11.59 grains of residue, containing sodium carbonate, 6.07 grains; sodium chloride, 3.03; potassium carbonate, 0.75; potassium chloride, 0.62; ferrum carbonate, 0.40; silica, 0.35; extractive, 0.37.

Authority. Dr. Schreter, Archiv. f. Hom. Heilk., 19, 1, 176; provings by himself (1); his wife (2); and a child (3); from sitz-baths, and from drinking the water.

MIND. ► During the whole time there is a kind of slight intoxication, though no special exhilaration; nor is he less active; especially he sees indistinctly, particularly when walking, [1]. ► Lively and contented, [1]. ► Disposition rather earnest than lively, [2]. ► More fretful and sensitive every trifle vexes him; he is morose, reflective; will not speak nor answer, [1].

HEAD. ► Confusion of the head after drinking, as after intoxication. ► With this she is not lively, but rather indifferent and in an earnest mood, [2]. ► Confusion of the whole head, burning and dry sensation of the eyes and qualmishness in the stomach, [1]. ► Headache as if stupefied with pressive heaviness in the brain, [1]. ► Heaviness in the whole head, especially in the occiput; it draws the head backwards, [1]. ► Pressive heaviness of the head with drawing in the neck, [1]. ► Heaviness in the head immediately on waking, [1]. [10.] ► Plethoric persons suffer on drinking the water with severe congestion of the head, [1]. ► Boring headache, which concentrates itself in the right eye, at evening in the open air, [1]. ► Constrictive sensation in the forehead, extending down to the root of the nose, in the evening after smoking, [1]. ► Drawing tearing headache in the occiput, extending down to the neck, with a waving sensation in the brain after one-half hour, [1]. ► Drawing tearing headache in the occiput, extending into the neck, even while in the bath, [1]. ► After the bath, when he lies in bed to rest, the drawing in the occiput and in the neck repeats itself, with throbbing and pulsation in the occipital vessels, [1]. ► Pulsating in the occiput and neck, with sticking pains therein, [1]. ► Throughout the whole time scurf on the occiput; it itches and, after scratching, becomes covered with a yellowish amber-like scurf, and at the same time exudes a moisture, [1].

EYES AND EARS. ► Burning and dryness of the eyes, with confusion of the head, and qualmishness in the stomach, [1]. ► After coition, pressive pain over the left eye and in the eyeball itself, [1]. [20.] ► In plethoric persons the eye becomes agglutinated at night from using the water, [1]. ► In plethoric persons agglutination of the eyes at night, and a violent congestion of the head is caused by the use of the water, [1]. ► Especially on walking he does not see distinctly, throughout the whole time as if he were slightly intoxicated, [1]. ► Sticking in the ears, [2].

NOSE AND MOUTH. ► The corners of the nose become eroded, as in severe coryza. Constrictive sensation in the upper incisors, as if they were firmly pressed together, and hence became asleep, a kind of numb sensation, [1]. ► A hollow tooth becomes ulcerated, with swelling of the cheek, [2]. ► After becoming chilled in the night she is attacked with a raging toothache, [2]. ► Toothache in a hollow tooth, a kind of tearing-drawing, aggravated by cold water and by touch of the finger, [1]. ► Grumbling in a hollow tooth, [1]. ► Throbbing pain in a hollow tooth, [1]. [30.] ► Inky taste on the tongue, at night on waking, [1]. ► He is obliged to expectorate much frothy saliva, [1].

THROAT. ► Much hawking and raising of mucus, [1]. ► Dryness in the throat, [1]. ► Scratching in the throat, causing a dry cough, [1].

STOMACH. ► Appetite increased, especially in the evening, [2]. ► Sensation of hunger soon after breakfast, which disappeared after eructations, [1]. ► Eructations after the acid water, [2]. ► Eructations soon after drinking the acid water in large quantities, [1]. ► Empty eructations in the evening, [1]. [40.] ► Eructations, as of bad eggs, in the morning, [1]. ► Eructations, with a crawling passage of air through the nose several times (after six minutes), [1]. ► Qualmishness in the stomach, with confusion of the head, and a sensation of dryness of the eyes, [1]. ► Nausea, [1]. ► Vomiting at breakfast, [1].

ABDOMEN. ► Distension of the abdomen, [1]. ► Abdomen distended like a drum, [1]. ► Distension of the abdomen with passage of flatulence, [2]. ► Passage of flatulence, [1]. ► A kind of colic, pinching-drawing pain in the abdomen, in the morning on waking, immediately after a glass of the water, [1].

STOOL AND ANUS. [50.] ► Crawling in the rectum, [1]. ► The hæmorrhoids protrude very much, and pain when walking, [1]. ► (The hæmorrhoids protrude with the stool), [1]. ► Burning in the hæmorrhoids during the sitz-bath, [1]. ► Desire for stool (after ten minutes), [1]. ► Desire for stool, which is more firm, though normal in form, [1]. ► At night desire for stool, but with much pressure; no stool follows, [1]. ► Hard stool in the morning, [1]. ► Stool twice in the day, consisting of large cohesive masses, [2]. ► Stool in the morning immediately on waking, and followed by a second, and in two hours by a third; the last is pasty, dark greenish-brown, with protrusion of the hæmorrhoids, [1]. [60.] ► Stool six times in the day, the first normal, the others liquid with mucus and bright-red blood, with great protrusion of the hæmorrhoids; also, at other times, frequent desire for stool when only blood passes. On walking, the hæmorrhoids become strangulated and cause a constant desire, tenesmus, and pressure in the rectum, [1]. ► Stool copious, soft, normal in form and color, [1]. ► One hard stool like nuts and sheep dung, [1]. ► No stool during the day, [1]. [Secondary action.]

URINARY ORGANS. ► Discharge of a little mucus from the orifice of the urethra, which leaves a spot as of semen, [1]. ► Burning in the orifice of the urethra during a cold bath, [1]. ► Burning, twinging sensation in the orifice of the urethra during a bath, [1]. ► Burning when urinating, with a gnawing sensation along the urethra, even when not urinating, [1]. ► Urging to urinate, with burning and cutting, which returns later, and even when walking, [1]. ► Frequent urinating day and night, [2]. [70.] ► Frequent urinating of clear white urine, [2]. ► Frequent urinating, though little at a time, [1]. ► On urinating in the morning the stream is always interrupted; is obliged to stop eight times and commence again before the bladder is emptied, [1].

SEXUAL ORGANS. ► Male. ► Throughout the whole proving, no erections and no sexual desire, though to-day when caressing sudden desire for coition, which was reciprocal; his wife had until this time complete want of sexual desire (seventh day), [1]. ► Strong erections toward morning, and also in a warm bath; on coition, however, very little sensation, and none with the ejaculation; the semen is watery (seventeenth day), [1]. ► Burning in the genitals and hæmorrhoids during a sitz-bath, [1]. ► The testicles are heavy, larger, and seem swollen in the evening, [1]. ► Female. ► Biting and burning internally in the female genitals; feeling well generally after a bath, [2]. ► Sticking in the female genitals, [2]. ► Usually after menstruation there was desire for coition, but this time none, and on coition only transient enjoyment, [2]. [80.] ► Menstruation appeared on the thirty-second day (the previous time on the fortieth day), the first day more profuse than usual, the blood passed in clotted masses like liver, is very fetid; the second day no blood only at night; the third day almost none; formerly she had pains, this time none, [2].

RESPIRATORY APPARATUS AND CHEST. ► Hoarseness during the whole proving; most severe in the morning, [2]. ► Hoarseness, even in the bath, and also in the morning on waking, [2]. ► Hoarseness and a scraping sensation in the throat, [1]. ► Difficult breathing, [1]. ► Sticking in the chest, with pressure of breathing, and dryness in the throat in the afternoon, [1].

HEART AND PULSE. ► After drinking coffee, palpitation of the heart, anxiety, heat, congestion of blood in the head, with confusion, sleepiness, and restlessness in the whole body (after two hours), [1]. ► Cramp of the heart; it seems as if it were constricted, though only for a moment with a stitch, [1].

NECK AND BACK. ► Oppressive pain in the neck, extending into the occiput, [1]. ► He feels sore below the shoulder and in the lumbar region, especially on elevating the arms, and on walking, [1]. [90.] ► He feels bruised and lame in the small of the back in the evening, [1].

UPPER EXTREMITIES. ► Trembling of the arms and hands, even when resting them upon anything; if he holds anything in the hands the trembling is worse, [1]. ► The balls of the little finger of the left hand feel frozen, are red, itch, and burn for several days, most severely in the morning, [1].

LOWER EXTREMITIES. ► Bruised pain in the flesh of the nates and hip-joint, [2]. ► While walking the knees knock together, and a sensation of fatigue and weakness in the thick flesh of the thigh, [1]. ► Weakness of the knees, especially on walking; they knock together, [1]. ► Throughout the whole proving, weakness of the knees and heaviness of the feet, [2]. ► Weak in the knees, especially when walking, with yawning, [1]. ► Spasmodic contraction in the left calf, [1]. ► Throbbing and pulsating in the tendo Achillis of the left foot, as if something were in it, and then it goes to sleep as if it became numb; this disappears on walking, and returns on sitting still (noticed during a walk in the morning), [1]. [100.] ► The right heel feels frozen; this extends as far as the toes, [1]. ► At night, in bed, sticking in a corn, which wakes him, [1]. ► The nails of the toes are colored bluish, as if from tan, especially in the corners where they are covered by the neighboring toe, [1]. ► The skin between the toes is inky black, [1].

GENERALITIES. ► So weak that he can scarcely rise for sleepiness, in the forenoon, [1]. ► General well feeling after a bath, [2]. ► Transient swarming sensation in the face and on the body, [2].

SKIN. ► Nettlerash for several days, especially in the morning and evening, with sticking pains, which compel him to scratch, after which it burns, [1]. ► A tetter on the forehead and below the right eye, which itches very much, and dries up after a few days, [1]. ► During the last days of the proving a pustular eruption appeared on the abdomen as large as a half dollar, with itching in the evening; it then became dry, and remained stationary for some time, [2]. [110.] ► On the right nates a small furuncle, which dries up after awhile, [1]. ► In a cold bath, a pricking sensation, as with needles; the whole body becomes red, with elevated patches like nettlerash; especially are the hands and feet swollen, so that he cannot extend the hands well for two hours; the legs become red, [1].

SLEEP AND DREAMS. ►► Yawning, [1]. ► Much yawning in the forenoon. ► Sleepy and weak the whole day, [1]. ► Very sleepy in the morning; he has no will to rise, and feels chilly, [1]. ► In the forenoon and afternoon so very sleepy that she is obliged to sleep several hours; at night many dreams and restless sleep, [2]. ► For three nights he wakes several times, but soon sleeps again, [1]. ► (Falls asleep late and wakes early, with restless, indistinct dreams), [1]. ► Vivid dreams of funerals, [1]. ► Dreams at night of journeyings, with restlessness and anxiety, [1]. [120.] ► Anxious dreams of being pursued, [1].

FEVER. ► Dread of a cold bath; he will not remain long in it, [1]. ► (In the night while asleep he took off his shirt, laid the pillow at the foot of the bed, and finally awoke on account of chilliness. The child has two attacks of fever like quartan fever; chilliness in the evening, alternating with heat without thirst, with pain in the head and abdomen without sweat; it disappears after several loose stools; this followed eating pears, [3].) ► After the bath internal shivering and chilliness in the hands, with blue nails and burning heat over the whole skin, [1]. ► Heat in the face, alternating with shivering in the back (after one and a half hours), [1]. ► Heat and confusion of the head, [1]. ► Heat and sweat on the forehead (after half an hour). ► Heat and sweat on the forehead, with restlessness after coffee, [1].

CONDITIONS. ► Aggravation. ► (Morning), Eructations; on waking, immediately after a glass of water, colic in abdomen; hoarseness; itching etc., in little finger; nettlerash. ► (Forenoon), Yawning. ► (Afternoon), Dryness of throat. ► (Evening), In the open air, headache, etc.; eructations; testicles seem swollen; bruised feeling, etc., in small of back; nettlerash; itching on abdomen; chilliness. ► (Night), On waking, inky taste on tongue; agglutination of the eye; in bed, sticking in corn. ► (During the sitz bath), Burning in the hæmorrhoids. ► (At breakfast), Vomiting. ► (After being chilled), In the night, raging toothache. ► (After drinking coffee), Palpitation of the heart, etc.; heat, etc., on forehead, etc. ► (After coition), Pain over left eye, etc. ► (During a cold bath), Burning in orifice of urethra; prickling sensation, etc. ► (Cold water), Toothache. ► (After drinking), Confusion of the head. ► (Holding anything in hand), Trembling of the arms and hands. ► (After scratching), Nettlerash burns. ► (On sitting still), Throbbing, etc., in tendo Achillis returns. ► (Touch of the finger), Toothache. ► (On waking), Immediately, heaviness in the head. ► (When walking), Sees indistinctly; hæmorrhoids protrude, etc.; hæmorrhoids become strangulated, etc.; sore feeling below shoulders, etc.; knees knock together; weakness of the knees. ► Amelioration. ► (Evening), Appetite increased. ► (After a bath), General well feeling. ► (After eructations), Sensation of hunger disappears. ► (On walking), Throbbing, etc., in left tendo Achillis, etc., disappears.
donnely last decade
Well we squeezed some info out of Donelly . Please look closely at what he has posted and tell us if these indications match .
If they do then we may have to twist his arm to come up with a source of supply.
If you feel you do not match up to what is posted then tell us and we can go from there .
passkey last decade
Are you eating naturally? Not cooking everything? Have you been on anti-biotics that could have diminished your healthy intestinal flora? do you take probiotics? Forgive me for not suggesting taking convenient little pills as an easy remedy-- this route has never helped me with any malady like changing my diet has helped. Some of the symptoms may be from overgrowth of candida as well as stress, and a lack of healthy assimilation. Smoking has definitely taken a heavy toll on your system. Fasting and meditation will help you no matter what you are experiencing. D-lenolate, an extract from the olive leaf, is exceptional in treating yeast overgrowth--which is accompanied by thinning hair, acne, sinus reactions and depression for sure.
sky17 last decade
Smiles2u...I wanted to see if you have gotten any better. I have several of your symptoms and would love to find out if everything was resolved.
tryinghomeopathy last decade

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