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remedies for Depression and Fear? Do they exist?

Hello everyone!

I am just wondering.
I am looking for a remedy for my husband.
His feels lost and terribly stressed all the time. In this recession he was struggling to get a job - and at the moment he is unemployed - trying really hard to get back in to working.
I had given him Phosphrus 1M as on this website I was advised that it is his constitutional remedy.

He is an increadibly talented man, he is a writer and writes books - the books are not published yet. And it is always a turmoil to send millions of manuscripts and get no replies.

From the beggining: He had a really terrible birth. His mother was really healthy and pregannacy was a happy one - but the birth was horrible (he was the first child) - in the end they used forceps (after about 48 hours of labour)
Then at the age of 5 he had fallen off a tree - and had horrible head injury - it was a miracle he fully recovered.

Then at the age of about 13 he had a collapsed lung - out of nowhere.

But he is increadibly fit and has a great health. Prone to migraines only (due to dehydration). He runs increadibly fast (ran a maraphon), surfs, swims etc.

His mother was way too 'caring' in his childhood (hence the lung problem - I think)
He has a lot of inner problems with his mum - she is powerful lady - wants to 'rule' 'her poor son'.

It s devastating - they have great relations - but the undercurrent is very energy draining for him.

He is really amazing when he gets his powers back. He is fearless and adventurous.
But at the moment - I just cannot recognise him. Caught in a inner struggle of self-distrust and deprivation. He lost his appetite. Got deep wrincklesunder his once sparkling eyes. :(

He feels like there is no place for him in this world. He does not like his profession - hence he cannot find work (I think)(also he hated his boarding school - since then he has a terrible anxiety in the mornings - esp. on Mondays) - he tried other things - but all he likes to do - is writing.But he is not earning any income from it and he has a huge fear that he is useless etc. - he is like lost faith in himself in God, in everything.
I am trying to help him - saying that he should concentrate on good thoughts etc - but it not really happening. He needs a kind of a kick maybe.

I am just curious - maybe someone here will read this and had an idea which remedy may help here...maybe he should take Phosphorus again?

But it helped but not for a long time.

Thank you!
  nettle on 2010-02-17
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Please read this carefully.
- Introverted. Serious with a touch of sadness.
- Sensitive. Refined. Easily hurt.
- Sensitive to any criticism.
- Don't share emotions. Outbursts of temper.
- Emotoinal weakness, mentally strong.
- Correct. Well educated. Conscientious.
- Responsible. Disciplined and highly ambitious. Convicted they are more capable than others.
- WORKAHOLIC. Attain high position in society.
- Ailments from grief, humiliation, from business reversal.
- Self-reproach. Feels worthless, incapable. Fear of failure.
- FORSAKEN FEELING. Delusion lost affection of friends.
- Strong sobbing at night during sleep. Moaning during sleep.
- ANXIETY OF CONSCIENCE. Delusion neglected his duty, has done wrong,
everything will fail, he is unfit for the world.
- PRAYING with weeping. Despair of salvation.
- Emotions become still, cool, hard.
- Fear heart disease, high places, in crowd.
- Desires death. The idea of dying brings relief, almost joy.
sajjadakram635 last decade
Thank you Sajjad!

The list sounds pretty familiar. In fact about 70-80% of the list is spot on.
nettle last decade
Hello Sajjad!

So what is the name of the remedy? Thank you!
nettle last decade
Sounds like a depression.
If no one else can help you, then I can try.
Contact you in the morning, do not have time today. Ok? in the meantime you can read on my profile.
And try to answer my questions, important that you are detailed in your answers.

1.what is your physical symptoms?
(Pain, tenderness, inflammation, rash, itching, bleeding, nausea, Vomiting, diarrhea, sore throat, cough, fever, malaise, dizziness, headache.)

2.Main symptoms are accompanied by weaker symptoms:
(Sweating, chilliness, great thirst, desire or aversion to certain foods, lack of appetite, aversion to touch, weak arms and legs, coated tongue, swollen glands.)

3.What is typical for your symptoms:
(Where in the body they are, whether they comes suddenly or gradually, whether they are constant or come and go, how frequent they are.)

4.Do you have mental problems:
(Restless, irritable, angry, nervous, crying for nothing , self-pity, hypersensitivity, indifference, will be alone, anxiety, desire for sympathy.)

5.Do you know årsken for your symptoms:
(Damage, viral infection, bacterial infection, high or low temperatures, strong wind, stress, nervousness, sadness, over the work.)

6.Is there anything that makes the symptoms better or worse:
(Heat or cold, fresh air, hot or cold compress, to sit or stand, to lie in a certain way, prysiske physical exertion, emotional stress.

Parakletos. last decade
Thank you very much for your reply Dr P!!!

I have asked my husband to treat it seriously and be as honest and as detailed as possible. Here are his answers:
Thank you!
1. Horrible feeling in my stomach for no apparent reason. Toss and
turn and can't get rid of it. Feel powerless and totally useless. Weak
and not wanting to do anything. Only way to counteract it seems to be
go for a run. It is strongest Monday to Tuesday even though I'm not

2. Listlessness, can't focus. Feel like I'm going nowhere. Aversion to
touch or loud noises. Thickness of thought. Can't respond quickly and
become clumsy. Do not feel like eating anything. Sometimes only eat
one meal a day.

3. Worst time is early in the morning than it goes away. I wake with
it. Or if I wake early it builds in my stomach (horrible feeling)
until I get up and start moving. It was really really bad when I first
lost work. Now it seems to be less bad as I'm getting used to it.
(Bad) When I do get work (freelance) it comes on strong, because I am
so out of the working mentality and the fact that I have to work at
peak potential even after having so much down time.

4. Restless, irritable, self-pity, hypersensitivity, indifference,
loneliness, anxiety, desire for sympathy. (All especially extenuated
when I'm not usefully utilizing myself or have not exercised)

5. Not sure what the question for 5 was?

6. A long warm shower temporarily relaxes me. Or a good book. (Or any
other immersive experience video, game) Definitely a long run helps
the most. Laughter in company of wife or friends. Or simply
remembering that all things change and rubbish situations pass.

Things that make symptoms worse - arguments, fears about challenges.
Also, no sense of direction or stability. (I.e current situation being
out of work)
nettle last decade
Her kommer det en gang til, veldig viktig å få med svar på denne også !

Dr. P.

5.Do you know the reason for your symptoms:
(Damage, viral infection, bacterial infection, high or low temperatures, strong wind, stress, nervousness, sadness, over the work.)
Parakletos. last decade
Here it comes again, very important to get the answer to this too!

Dr. P.

5.Do you know the reason for your symptoms:
(Damage, viral infection, bacterial infection, high or low temperatures, strong wind, stress, nervousness, sadness, over the work.)
Parakletos. last decade
Dear Dr P - I speak only English:)))

Thant was his reply:

5.Lack of work - direction - stability
nettle last decade
Only english, not norwegian? ;-)
You said: '5 Not sure what the question was for 5?'
Thats way i wrote this. And because i was in a hurry, I wrote wrong.

Anyway, it was the shock of losing his job. What was the first thing he thought when he had to leave the job?

Is it long since he took Phosphorus?
He noticed nothing from this medicine?
When he says; 'horrible feeling in my stomach.' What does he mean by it,could he explain it a little more? Is it anxiety, fear for the future, etc?
It is worse in the Monday and Tuesday, perhaps because it was when he began the work after the weekend? May have a feeling that there is something he has forgotten, or should have done?

Dr. P.
Parakletos. last decade
:)) I thought it looked like Scandinavian language:) I went to Oslo last Dec:))

1. For him it is very improtant that he can provide for the family. ANd he has fears about it - and he kind of attracted his worst fear - as now I am working and he is not:(
Well - since we arrived here - he was sure he will get a nice well-paid job as in the first time. But it did not happen due to this crisis or whatever - and he did not have a stable job for about a year. Only short stints. It was really demoralizing. And now for 2 months there are not even short employment available. So he is suffering from it.

He took Phosphorus about 2 months ago. I think it suited him really well - and I can say his morals changed. But then it went back. I gave Phosphorus again yesterday - and I think it worked finally. He was in fantastic spirits as in old days! So I am intending to give Phosphorus now every three weeks? What do you think?
Also I gave him Nat Mur - as I read up on it and thought it could benefit him...so I am not sure what actually worked :))

Yes - stomach problem - it goes back to his boarding school days - he hated mondays and developed this anxiety in the mornings (on Mondays it was really unbearable ) it worsened with years - and now no boarding school:) - but all the worries happend to become most acute and give him a very intense anxiety. He evn was trescribed some mild antidepressants - but thanks god - he is off them for at least 7 years.
nettle last decade
You've been in Norway, Oslo? Great, hope you enjoyed yourself. :-)
Where are you from?

You have given him Phosphorus. And it was a posetiv response, but for how long? Was it only briefly, or over longer time?

One should be careful with self treatment with homeopathy. Indeed, it is not harmless, as some believe.

Based on what you said, your husband has a great sense of responsibility, or do you think it is something else behind?
Can you say something about this anxiety / stomach he had at school, what do you think it is that triggers this. Is it possible to describe this fear with words.?
And why did you choose Phosphorus, why do you think this is suitable for him?

Parakletos. last decade
Hello Parakletos!

Sorry for such a great delay! We were moving countries.

The reasons he hated going to school on Mondays - were:

he felt trapped/he didnt like the people/he felt like he had to be someone else - he cannot be at ease. he was bullied a bit when he was about 13 - hated it as he couldn't fight back as that was the system in the school - you had to be bullied until you are 16 or so - even the teachers were involved. Very unkind environment (name calling/tricks playing) etc. My husband was not the guys bullied most at all - but he felt he is trapped there. Funny thing that he never thought of leaving it!

I think Phosphorus is his constitutional remedy as he llacks centeredness/ he is all over the place - has really great ideas - but prone to subbotaging them and his own efforts. He is worried that he is putting his efforts in the wrong direction.

Hmm - really trying to find his path. Thinking of studying full time now...
nettle last decade
1. His miams is tubercular. (hated the place he was brought up in) always felt he belonged to somewhere else.
2.Also had problems with lower jaw.
3.and lungs.
4. He is tall and very slender (almost emaciated) . 5 .Very fast metablism.
6. Quite a nervy person.
7. narrow chested.
8. He is sensitive to sounds/light/touch etc.
9. slender figers
10. Rosy red cheeks
11. Fears of the unknown/ being left alone
12. loves company
13.tendency to be hyperactive
14. Loves to be stroked (like a cat/dog)/ cuddle
15. suddenly Low blood sugar
nettle last decade
I think...Sajjad Akram gave you a 'drug picture ' of Aurum Mettalicum.
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
Read about Aurum Met.
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
Thank you very much!

I had a look at Aurum - I will buy it tomorrow and try it too.

I am not too convinced as Aurum is more for left brain people. and it is for syphilitic miasm whereas I am 90% sure he is tubercular.
But for responsibility and guilt - is perfect! So we will give it a go! Thank you very uch!

Should it be 3 doses (morning-eve-morning) 200c?
nettle last decade
Just give one dose in the morning on empty stomach...and ...wait for response..for 3 days.

Pankaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
OK will do tomorrow - will report if there are results;)
Thank you!
nettle last decade
Hello Pankaj VArma!

I have given my husband a dose of Aurum Met 1 M on Sat. morning.

He felt better.
SHould the remedy work straight away - or should I repeat the dose?

he is in a lot of stress at the moment. hope it helps him. he was still a bit anxious today.
nettle last decade

I am just wondering if we should repeat the dose of Aurum MET?

And how to determine that the dose should be repeated? When you see symptoms coming up again?

It's just - I am not sure- afyter the 1st dose it definetly worked. In fact my husband got a job for 1 week ...but still something...

and now he is a bit low - but not too much. not depressed like used to be.

Should we wait more?

Thank you!
nettle last decade

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