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Toddler - eczema and dry skin on legs

I have a 21 month old boy with eczema.
Main problem:
Eczema patches on thighs and redness / eczema on behind the knee. Dry, red and rough but not scaly. A little dryness on the side of the elbow, near the bend of the elbow.

Itching is worst when he's resting or sitting, sleeping and when his limbs are wet (plays with water). Scratches till bleed.

Mild eczema around the mouth.

No eczema below the back of the neck but scratches till bleed.

Also, he gets hives on his face when he cries hard.

Mind: Gets angry when he doesn't get his way. Would lie face down on the floor and cry. Likes to run around naked. Doesn't like to wear diaper. Impatient. If he doesn't get his food / toy in time, he'd cry.

Sleep: would cry out and kick his legs once or twice a night. Sometimes he'd be scratching and crying. Kicks off blanket. He likes to sleep on his belly. If he wakes up on his back in the middle of the night, he'd cry. He'd stop crying when I turn him back on his belly.

Physical looks: fair skinned, thin hair.

Food / Drinks: Likes to drink water before sleep. Likes fruits and juices.

Unvaccinated. Was on prelone once for croup. Difficulty breathing.


  dragonsaur on 2005-03-14
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
I also want to add that he has eczema on his left butt cheek. Scratches till bleed too.
dragonsaur last decade
Hey Dragonsaur, how are you doing?

Children with a severe itch and generalized dermatitis should be monitored for evidence of an immunodeficiency. Failure to thrive and repeated infections help distinguish this eruption from AD.

Frequent baths with oil (1 capful of emulsifying oil added to bath water) for 5-10 minutes are prescribed. Leave the body wet after bath. Oil and water are kept in solution by an emulsifier in the oil, thus preventing evaporation of water to the outside environment.

Apply an emollient, ie, petrolatum, all over the body while wet to seal in moisture and allow water to be absorbed through the stratum corneum.

Topical steroids currently are the mainstay of treatment.

Ointment bases are preferred, particularly in dry environments.

Patients with AD may develop contact allergy to any component of topical medications. Allergy to hydrocortisone occurs and is recognized with increasing frequency. Occasionally, an allergy to preservatives in creams is seen, which does not happen with ointments.

Results with many other medications, such as thymopentin, interferon gamma, and Chinese herbs, have been disappointing. Many medications are not practical to use, and they can be expensive.

Avoid foods that provoke acute allergic reactions (hives, anaphylaxis). Most frequently, allergic reactions occur to peanuts (peanut butter), eggs, seafood, milk, soya, and chocolate.

Apply a barrier of petroleum jelly around the mouth prior to eating to prevent irritation from tomatoes, oranges, and other irritating foods.

Avoid activities that cause excessive sweating.

Swimming in an outdoor pool in summer provides therapeutic benefit.

The basis of treatment is to provide moisturization for dryness, allay pruritus, and deal with inflammation of eczematous lesions. Immunomodulating treatments (e.g. Ascomycin) may be necessary in severe cases.

For excellent patient education resources, visit eMedicine's Skin, Hair, and Nails Center. Also, see eMedicine's patient education article Eczema.

Best wishes,
bkdaniels last decade
bkdaniels, I'm trying to avoid using any conventional steroid creams. My first son had severe eczema and was on conventional treatment. It only got worse from there. We tried chinese herbs and his eczema improved dramatically. Unfortunately I don't have the same resources for my second son since the herbalist moved. Thank you for your advice. I'm doing all that stuff already. :)
dragonsaur last decade
Does anyone have success with natrum-m for eczema?
dragonsaur last decade
I am working on this Dragonsaur. I am not magic like BKD thinks he is.

Snap, snap, all solved. He sounds too much allopathic.

NEVER use oil or ointments on affected skin. It cuts off the oxygen from the skin. Creams or water soluble is only things to use.

I have been treating 6 different children with this type of condition for 3 months now and they are all improving well. Some completely healed.

Be back asap.

Blessings, Sabra
sabra last decade
I could go on about the whys and wherefors, but I expect ARGENTUM NITRICUM 12C to do the healing. ONE DOSE.

Then as the child goes back to the presence of the former antibiotic it will completely clear.

I treated following the mental and breath.

Later and ONLY if needed, you could give one more dose. Do not do this for at least 2 weeks or more. Keep holding off to see what symptoms he goes through and how they are handled.

This child is very sensitive to antibiotics and needs homeopathy. Might as well learn all you can so he will be a well child as he grows up.

Homeopathy is great with croup. Has broken the habit of croup tents in hosp year after year.

Please let us know from time to time how he is.

Blessings, Sabra
sabra last decade
Sabra, Thank you for taking the time and effort in this. I really appreciate it. I will read up about the remedy and give it to him when I get it.
dragonsaur last decade
Sabra, I'm sorry but I didn't list anything about breath. I just want to double check that it's arg nit for eczema, right? I read it and there is no mention of eczema.
dragonsaur last decade
I do not know why I latch onto these things. I read the "difficulty breathing" when you described the croup.

I never "see" croup this way. So from my point of view there was something more than simple croup.

When reading, odd things bounce around in my mind as important or not as important and I go from there. I agree there is no mention of eczema, but on other occasions this same thing has happened and I go with it. Try it and see. Won't harm.

Blessings, Sabra
sabra last decade
Don't mean to butt in but rather to encourage... I am skeptical as you are Dragonsaur but the good thing about homeopathy is that it will not harm your child as antibiotics and steroid creams will. Trust Sabra and try the arg nit.
Hope it works for you. I also have a son who has eczema on his legs which we are still trying to figure out using homeopathy, I will never go back to antibiotics and creams. He is much heathier now, eczema is not all the way cured but is getting there!
Good luck!
homeofive last decade
Thank you, homeofive. I needed that encouragement.
dragonsaur last decade
Sabra, I gave him arg nit 30c since that was the only thing I had on hand. Will wait and hope to see something. Thanks again.
dragonsaur last decade
Because a different potency, do not be alarmed if any symptoms show that seem odd or increased for a bit.

Hand on and keep reporting.

We will watch and reply.

Blessings, Sabra
sabra last decade
This is the 5th day since he took arg nit 30c. No noticeable improvement.
dragonsaur last decade
Sorry, my server was down for 3 days.

This sounds odd, but it is ok, I am known for this so I won't mind....Take a glass of water and put one dose of the arg nit 30c in it.

Stir about to melt and as you stir, repeat several times. "The potency of the remedy in this glass is 12C now." Say it as least 5 times with surety.

Then give one half a teaspoonfull as one dose for 3 times in one day. Repeat the sentence each dose. Wait one day to see.

I will watch for your report.

Blessings, Sabra
sabra last decade
How is your son's itching? He sounds exactly like my grandson, who has been suffering for almost two years. Seems to me like his 2 month vaccines might have been instrumental in setting this whole thing off. He has also been diagnosed with multiple allergies. Doctors have no answers. My daughter's friend, whom she grew up with, gave birth at the same time and her toddler has a carbon copy of the same problems that our little guy is having. This baffles me. Could it have been a bad batch of vaccinations in our area or a result of the power lines and cell towers that fill our small community?
There is a reason that all of these babies are presenting with cancers, allergies, autism, etc. This was not happening thirty years ago.
scalab last decade
Dragonsaur, hang in there. I had a child with severe eczema (that, like you, I refused to use steroids on) who was healed entirely using homeopathic treatments. But, it's not a fast treatment. Take note, every day, of the changes in your child's eczema. You might start to notice things and see improvments.

I wish you and your child well. Watching our children suffer with eczema is so painful.
josiewales last decade
Try out virgin coconut oil for eczema its a natural oil extracted from coconut milk.I have been uinsg MeritVCO extra virgin coconut oil it works well.

check out some testimonial

------------------------------I am surprised that, unless I missed it, no one has recommended coconut oil. Used both topically and internally it has had wonderful results for a lot of people with eczema.
Here are some testimonials I found at one site about Virgin coconut oil:

9/18/2007: Liz from Nairobi, Kenya writes: 'My 8 month old son has had eczema since he was four months old. I have tried many prescription creams that did not seem to work or worked for only a few days. A friend asked me to try coconut oil. Its worked miracles. I got results in a day. There was no itching and the dry patches were gone. I now make sure to keep a bottle in the house all the time. I have also noticed that water and soap worsen eczema, so when he has it, I avoid them on the patches and use the oil instead.'

8/9/2007: patty from pembroke, virginia writes: 'Hi, i wanted to let everyone know i have spent 9 years of my life going to the doctors for skin yeast on my legs, every cream, steroids, soaps , lotions, etc. and pure coconut oil has healed them in 2 weeks! i take 3 capsules a day , plus rub the oil on my legs. it is a wonder drug for yeast. i use it on my face and all over. i am 53 but look 43. it stops the itch -which will drive you insane. try it and good luck!'

5/19/2007: Janet from Morayfield, Queensland writes: 'I have suffered from skin ailments all my life. I had heard about coconut oil but it seemed too simple an idea to really work, and I had tried every remedy, scientific and natural, under the sun and nothing ever worked. So after reading all the latest hype about coconut oil I decided 'why not?' Well, sometimes I wish wasn't such a sceptic and then I might have tried it years ago. How it works I don't know but after less than a week of applying it twice a day my rash had cleared up, the redness and itching was gone, and has stayed gone despite the fact that I have stopped using my usual prescription anti-inflammatory cream. The kind I use is the extra virgin pure coconut oil made without chemical processes. I'm now taking it orally too.'

3/29/2007: Marietta ) from Montpelier, Vermont writes: 'Virgin Coconut Oil: My teenage son had raw, red and cracked skin where the ear meets the head. I remembered reading somewhere that VCO cures eczema, so I spread some on the backs of his ears after he showered. Amazingly, the very next day (after only ONE application) they were completely healed; no raw, red, no cracks! We also eat it often, on popcorn, straight off the spoon and in stir-fries. Yum!!!'

8/4/2006: Jay from Chicago, IL writes, '1 TBS daily of oral supplementation has helped by facial eczema and atopic dermatitis. I have become immediately convinced that Coconut oil is nothing short of a miracle remedy for the skin and immune system. I was suffering from weekly eczema outbreaks on the face, and within 4 days of using 3 tablespoons daily and dabbing it with vitamin E oil, I noticed an almost immediate improvement. The itching and redness stopped, and the inflammation was way down. I would strongly urge ANYONE who suffers from this condition to try it, because in my opinion, there is nothing else like it on the planet.'

3/1/2006: Bonnie writes, 'It is the only thing that gets rid of my daughter's eczema and mine. In fact mine was really bad when I was pregnant and it was the only relief I found. I used to take primrose oil internally -- that really helped, but it never offered any immediate relief. When she was about 2 months she got a bad flare up on her forehead and it cleared it within days. As a side note lice was going around the school and my boys came home with it. She never got it (I think it was the smell of coconut oil) & they always put their hats on her head.'

2/11/2006: Amy from Reeseville, WI writes, 'I use coconut oil half and half with butter to make my cookies or if the recipe calls for shortening, I use all coconut oil. It also cleared up eczema for me and my son. You can add it to bath water just a tablespoon or two. It works great.'
meritvco last decade
Hi fellow parents!
I had a baby who suffered from the same symptoms of toddler eczema, itchy, red, dry skin and i followed a report written by an alternative medical practitioner who recommends home remedies instead of meds.

It may have more details that you're looking for:

toddlereczema dot com
lindahafer last decade
For this problem I went to 3 different doctors, spent over $500 trying to find out the source of my itchy legs. One doctor said to try Foderma Eczema because she thought I might have eczema. OMG....what a difference. My legs do not itch anymore and no more scratching until I bleed. What an absolute miracle!!! I recommend before going to any doctor to try foderma first.
Megan Holman 5 years ago

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