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3 year old with Stomach flu

My son is 3 years old and just had the stomach flu for the past 3 days.
Day 1- threw up everything, about 10 times a day, even water. Kept drinking water, and throwing it up. Maintained hydration. Had one loose motion- woke up with a soiled diaper. Yellow/light brown stools. Homeopath put him on Ipecac 200.
Day 2- vomiting stopped. Loose motions through the night, soiling diapers. Yellow. Lots of stomach pain. Tummy pain was better with pressure, and sleeping with legs bent. Kept drinking water. Fever present. Broke the fever with puls 200 (2 doses)
Day 3- Gave aloe soc 30, 4 times a day. Had 4 loose motions, yellow- a lot of flatulence. Still tummy ache. No appetite. No thirst. But drank when persuaded.
Day 4- Only one bowel movement this morning- semi-solid. Still yellow. A lot of flatulence, Main complaint- tummy pain. No appetite. No thirst. Just gave one dose of aloe soc 30.

Today is Day 4. Help anyone??
  karinamom on 2010-03-26
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Okay anyyyyone with some suggestions- please?? He's really got a bad stomach ache- writhes in agony, and doubles in pain.
I've tried colocynth 30.. seems to help temporarily. How often can i give it to him? It makes him have a bowel movement after- diarrhea.. does that mean it is helping or aggravating? Please suggest something... Now he has zero thirst.. really have to force him to drink water. He's tired with the whole thing...
karinamom last decade
Please give him 1 pellet each of the following tissue salts four times a day at a gap of 3 hours for few days until there is relief
natrum sulph 6x
mag phos 6x
kadwa last decade
Thank you!
By evening today the tummy pain seems to have settled, altho still a lot of rumbling heard and flatulence. Stopped writhing in pain. He had one loose motion this morning, but none after that. Very white, cloudy, bubbly.
He's extremely lethargic. Not much thirst or appetite, drinks only when forced.
I did not have the nat sulph, so I gave him reckewegs BC 28- which had those salts in that potency.
Should i add any other medicine? Or continue with the same protocol?

Much appreciation for your advice. Thanks so much.
karinamom last decade
day 1 ipecac 200

day 2 puls 200

day 3 aloe 30

day 4 aloe 30

You have already given him the above medicines, now let these medicines work unless something alarming happens. You may continue with bc 28.

Whenever one seeks a remedy one should provide the following information.
1. mentals like irritable, mild, calm, fearful, restless, panic etc.
2. physicals like body pain and other symtpoms.
3. thermal preference like he prefers open air and cold surroundings or warmth
4. time at which condition worsens and at which he feels better.
5. thirst for cold drinks, hot drinks and water
6. he likes to keep moving or remain still.
kadwa last decade
Thank you so much, he seems to be in much better spirits and is recovering.
If you don't mind, I would actually like a constitutional remedy for him. If you have one in mind, let me know when I can start it and the dosage.

Since he was a baby- he was extremely colicky- cry in pain, massive spit ups after nursing, and then cry for more milk- just to start the cycle over again. Sleep was poor, very restless, would only sleep on dad's chest curled up with legs pressing against his abdomen. Lots of flatulence, lots of burping. Rarely any bowel movements.

After his colic settled, teething was a very hard process, would get up crying at night, and again, only slept in someone's arms. Started teething at 7 months, finished by 18 months.

However, during the day, his aggravations were less. Happy baby, would love to nurse, nursed ALOT, gained a lot of weight early on. Loved the company of people. Never played with toys much, only wanted people around. Never wanted to be alone.

By 8 months- began to have one red patch on each side of his cheek, with small bumps- almost acne looking. No pus, just little bumps. No itchiness. And it never bothered him. He still has them today, it never went away. It never increased. When he's crying, overheated, or cold, it seems redder.

Crawled by 7 months, walked by 10. Hyper energy. Always likes attention of people, seeks center of attention. Clown at parties- dances, sings. Easily befriends people, talks to strangers.

Here are the negatives- very obstinate. If he doesn't get his way, will tantrum.(tantrums never violent, only loud cries). I have to resort to reverse psychology.

Doesn't like to displease anyone, doesn't like fights, quarrels.. feels guilty easily. Sensitive. Shows appreciation.

Now at 3 years old- he's generally a good eater. Eats really well for a kid, but doesn't gain much weight. Where does the food go? (example- oats, milk, egg, & bread is his breakfast). Loves meat, eggs, bananas. Does not like juices or fruits much. Drinks a lot of water. (room temp). Does not care for cake or cookies. He's moody with milk. Loves yoghurt and paneer. Does not like vegetables. Does not care for junk food.

VERY prone to constipation. Complains of a stomach ache if he's hungry (and food will make it go away), and also complains when he eats too much. Will religiously have a stomach ache around noonish after his lunch. And again at evening. Prior to every bowel movement, he complains of tummy ache. Has to be persuaded to go use the washroom and have a bowel movement. Usually I'm the one that tells him to go, as opposed to him saying he needs to go. Will usually go have a bowel movement after a meal. As an infant, didn't have bowel movements for days.

Only days when he's sick, or about to get sick, does he grind his teeth at night. And on those nights, he grinds them a lot- thru the entire phase of the illness.

Immunity is not the best, prone to catching illnesses. And when he does, takes a while to recover. Becomes very clingy and pessimistic when sick. Seems sicker than he is. Cries a lot during that time. Clings to mom.

Head sweats at night, the moment he falls asleep. Sometimes sweats are so profuse, it wets the neck and upper back. IF someone is sleeping next to him, has the habit of rubbing his feet against that person. Prefers colder temperatures.

When he gets sick, he gets flushed. Cheeks, and lips get very red. Corners of the eyes are red. Fever goes up very high very fast. FOr example, he'll feel tired by 5pm, go sleep, and then by 8... his fever is at 102, climbing to 103.5 by 11pm... And that fever lasts a few days. Very hard for it to break.

Normally, when he feels well, he's always on the move, loves to talk. Does not like to sit in one place, likes to do stuff with company.
But when he's sick, he's totally lethargic- complete opposite.

He's 3, and day time potty trained, but night- pees a lot, a lot so still in diapers. Not sure how that fits in. Hope i've given you an accurate picture for a remedy.

Thanks so much!!
karinamom last decade

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