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Autism with moderate mental retardation

Please note my son age 11, have autism with mild mental retardation- he is hyper active, and putting his hands or paper or toys always in the mouth, otherwise he is non violent and attending special school, for the last 45 days we are trying with some Batch flower remedies, for 15 days he was ok, then the level of hiper active increased a bid, but he is ok, can any expert advise us some good combination of homeo medicines- which we can try

  ramu_s on 2005-04-05
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Bach flower remedies are good - keep them up .
But more homeopathic treatment is required.

Assume you have details of foods etc to avoid - but in case not gicve them below, in a sheet I compiled for patients.


Hyperactive children bring much strain and exhaustion to parents who have to manage offspring that sleep only a few hours out of twenty-four, may suffer for eczema and cannot be calmed down.
As they grow older they become even more active and can easily become hurt. Difficulties are experienced with speech, balance, and learning even if the IQ is high.
They suffer from excessive thirst and often are prone to respiratory difficulties which means cutting out all food and drink containing synthetic colours or flavours, avoiding glutamates, nitrites, nitrates, BHA, BHT and benzoic acid. Foods containing natural salicylates (like aspirin chemically) should be omitted.
Such food include almonds, apples, apricots, peaches, plums, prunes, oranges, tomatoes, tangerines, cucumbers, most soft fruits, cherries, grapes and raisins.
E102 Tartrazine E212 Potassium Benzoate
E104 Quinoline Yellow E213 Calcium Benzoate
E107 Yellow 2G E214 Ethyl 4-Hydroxybenzoate
E110 Sunset Yellow FCF E215 Ethyl 4-Hydroxybenzoate, sodium salt
E120 Cochineal E216 Propyl 4-Hydroxybenzoate
E122 Carmoisine E217 Propyl 4-Hydroxybenzoate,sodium salt
E123 Armaranth E218 Methyl 4-Hydroxybenzoate
E124 Ponceau 4R E219 Methyl 4-Hydroxybenzoate,sodium salt
E127 Erythrosine E310 Propyl Gallate
128 Red 2G E311 Octyl Gallate
E132 Indigo Carmine E312 Dodecyl Gallate .

E133 Brilliant Blue FCF E210 Benzoic Acid
E150 Caramel E211 Sodium Benzoate
E151 Black PN E220 Sulphur Dioxide
154 Brown FK E250 Sodium Nitrite
155 Brown HT E251 Potassium Nitrite
E320 Butylated Hydroxyanisole 621 Sodium Hydrogen L-Glutamate
.E321 Butylated Hydroxyanisole 622 Potassium Hydrogen L-Glutamate
623 Calcium Dihydrogen Di-L-Glutamate
627 Guanosine 5'-(Disodium Phosphate)
631 Inosine 5'-(Disodium Phosphate)
635 Sodium 5'-Ribonucleotide

Need to know what illness is herditary in your families for the last 4/5 generations.

I imagine that it would be reasonable to say that his behaviour is "childish".

Has he had many vaccinations - as these can cause problems.

Does he have fine hair and long eyelashes with a heart shaped face.

Does he have any moles and were the whites of his eyes bluey tinted when he was a baby.

Also did he ever sleep with face in the pillow and bum in the air.
passkey last decade

I am not a homeopath but I know homeopathy can help you.

I can offer you this much. A good friend of mine takes care of children and adults with retardation and autism. She started to incorporate Rice Bran Oil into their diets and has noticed a VERY significant change in their behavior. She says if they are off it for several days, the old habits and behavior patterns come back. Apparently, the natural elements of Vitamin E, Gamma Orzahol (spelling?), squalene and many other nutrients are responsible for aiding the mental profile. (Rice Bran Oil has also been used for ADD and learning disorders).

It's important to buy high grade rice bran oil that has much of the intrinsic fats still in it. For this reason, she told me she uses rice bran oil from Progressive Labs. It is $7.00/pint and available on line at: www.a1solutions.com

She gives it to them straight, right off the spoon, at 4 to 6 Tablespoons a day. You can also cook with it. However, heat burns up the Vitamin E. It tastes very good, by the way. I have started using it myself just to augment my "good fat" intake and my own good mental function.

Hope this helps.
Laurel last decade
Dear Passkey

Thank You very much for the reply- I have replied to your questions:

Need to know what illness is herditary in your families for the last 4/5 generations: There is no notable disability either my side or my wife side

I imagine that it would be reasonable to say that his behaviour is "childish": Yes, speach almost nil, behave like a child almost the mental age of 1.8 years to 2.4 years

Has he had many vaccinations - as these can cause problems: at the time of vaccinations there is no notable problem, it was smooth

Does he have fine hair and long eyelashes with a heart shaped face: My hair is soft but my son's hair is very stong and grow very fash, eyelashes looks normal

Does he have any moles and were the whites of his eyes bluey tinted when he was a baby: Moles in the eye - No; no wite spots in the eye, but at the time of delivery there was a late by 20 to 30 mintiues to do the operation - he was blue, starts cying after the doctor splash water in his face

Also did he ever sleep with face in the pillow and bum in the air: Yes, he always sleep like that and his legs will be like tri angle shape

Pls help me to do something better - Thanks for your time

Regards- Ramu
ramu_s last decade
Dear Laurel

Thanks for the advice, I have a doubt that if we give the rice bran oil stright - is it will not affect the digestive system, or lead to loose motion! - pls check with your friend, anyhow first I will try to use the Old for my whole family for cooking purpose, till I get a reply from you

ramu_s last decade
Dear Passkey

Thanks for the list of items not to give, can you just help me with the items what to give, normally when we are going out, if he behave funney ( like making noice, or starts laughing or starts screeming, we used to give some sweets or prune or something to close his mouth and divert his attention - is there is any adive what to give to manage this kind of the situation and also for the normal eating in the day today like

ramu_s last decade
Dear Ramu,

I checked with her and she said that she started with 2 to 3 Tablespoons of RBO (rice bran oil) spread out throughout the day and taken either plain, mixed in almond milk or mixed into cottage cheese. The cottage cheese is like the Budwig Protocol for cancer and helps the body assimilate the oil and fat. She said that only a few of her kids had loose bowels but that many of them tended to have constipation which led to irritable behavior. I suppose you should start with maybe 2 Tablespoons and then work up to a larger dose and see how it affects the bowels. She did say that the greatest improvement for the severely autistic kids was seen when she gave them six or more Tablespoons a day. After a month of what she referred to as a "loading dose" she backed off to a "maintenance" dose of 2 to 3 Tablespoons a day. She absolutely swears by RBO and says it has made her job easier as she is responsible for two autistic children and one autistic adult in her care. She said an interesting thing as well: it brought the kids out of their shells and made them more sociable and easier to manage regarding their outbursts of anger. She also mentioned that for a while she took care of a 22 year old autistic girl who had not had a period in years. The RBO seems to regulate her hormones, bring back a period and, thus, regulate her emotions as well. I realize that you have a boy but I figured someone else may be reading this who can benefit from that info.

She stressed again to me that she ONLY recommends the Progressive Labs brand because it is the purest and has the greater amount of natural fat in it. (I use that brand, too).
Laurel last decade
Dear Laurel

Thanks for the message, really surprising and gives me a new hope, will try immediately

Thanks a lot

ramu_s last decade
Prunes and most dried fruit ok but sweets and ice cream/lollies can have coloring in that upset the applecart.
As far as possible use natural products from health food stores and check the contents against the list I gave .
If you use canned or packeted food chech the labels for E numbers.

Vaccinations may not cause a problem at the time of injection but the material injected can cause problems much later - in the following couple of years .

So how many did he have , when did he have them , and what was each one for?.

Yes I think we can start soon but need to know what country you are in as the remedies and potencies you may require may not be available where you live.
passkey last decade
Dear Passkey

Thanks for the reply, the boy born in India and lived upto 5 years in India, now we are in Singapore for the past 6 Years.

Vaccination: I cannot remember off the hand but he have completed all even in Singapore standard

Pls hlep us

ramu_s last decade
Two remedies are required .

Medorrhinum 10M . Give one single dose and wait at least two weeks before trying to judge if it is working [maybe more] . The body works at its own individual pace . But take note of the 'normal' conditions in the week before the administartion of the remedy. Use these as a 'yardstick'.

Baryta Carb 10M this is only for use AFTER the above has been done and not until at least a month - 6weeks has elapsed , after judging the result of the Medorrhinum. .
Assume you can obtain thes potencies in Singapore ?.
passkey last decade
Dear Passkey

Thanks for reply, I hope I can get these in Singapore, will to get it today itself.

Further more, now we are giving some bach flower medicines - I hope we can continue the same, any special diet or any list of avoidable items- like stong smell (45 days time), or spicey foods to be avoided?- anything please let me know

Thanks for the time

ramu_s last decade
Bach flower remedies OK .
Avoid ANY highly spiced food and avoid ANY Strong smelling substances such as Menthol, eucalyptus,garlic , mint etc.
passkey last decade
Dear Passkey

Thanks for the time, yesterday I have got the Potencies and applied the Medorrhinum 10M does, will update you the development.

I need a another favour from you- my another son - Normal boy - age 4+, very active - he has the following problems:

1. Bed wetting in the night
2. Thum sucking when he wants to sleep
3. There is a slight dragging of words like Da.. da.. da.. daddy - not regularly but when he wants to convey something with enthustiatically, we have checked with Speach therapists, they said he is Ok, but this problem happend only after we visited Science centre in Singapore and after watching the big screen science fiction movie, when he is dragging if we alert him - he is rectifying immediately, any solution - pls help

Otherwise he is very active and smart boy

ramu_s last decade
Will try but please answer the 4 questions above - starting with the vaccine one -- as they relate to this boy.
passkey last decade
title: bed wetting, thumb suckking

thanks passkey

this boy is a normal boy, so i changed the tile


12 jan 01- bcg child bcg
11- apr-01 - dpt (1st dose)
09-may-01 - dpt ii nd dose
12-jun-01 - iiird dose
13-jul-01 - 4th dose
12-jan-01 - hep b 1st dose
12 feb 01 hep b 2 nd dose
11 jul 01- hep b 3 nd dose
12 apr 02 mmr
11 apr 01 polio 1st
09 may 01 polio 2nd
12 jun 01 polio 3
13 jul 02 polio 4th dose

does he have fine hair and long eyelashes with a heart shaped face. : yes he have a fine hair, long eyelashes and eye brows but round face

does he have any moles and were the whites of his eyes bluey tinted when he was a baby. - no

also did he ever sleep with face in the pillow and bum in the air. - sleep always face up or side wise never face down

hope i have answered all the questions

pls note: this boys great grand father (my grand father) - drags the word when he speaks other then no other problem and bed wetting - my mother told me i too bedwet in the age of 5 and 6

thanks for the time

ramu_s last decade
Oh dear -- vaccinations are evil from a health point of view, He's had a lot. So the first thing to do is to try and neutralise the ill effects .

The most likely thing is Thuja -- but Sulphur also shows up .
So does he get hot in bed , have a bowel motion soon after waking , have a quick 'up and over' temper . The fine hair is negating this but lets check.

Also is there any TB in the family background.
passkey last decade
Thanks for the reply

He is very short tempered and gets angry very quickly and convincing him is a very big problem, always he want to go first and in the common play ground if anybody is using he will sit, he won't go near to the play ground.

He is bed wetting after two/three hours sleep not at early morning

ramu_s last decade
Thuja seems to be best - for first thing.
Get Thuja 10M and give a single dose at night after cleaning teeth - 15 min - then go straight to sleep . Allow at least a week to see if any effect is visible.
passkey last decade
Thanks, will try Thuja 10M today and update you the developments for the both cases

Thanks again/Ramu
ramu_s last decade
Dear Passkey

Pls note as per your suggession we have given one dose of Medorrhinum 10M on 8th May - nearly 20 days back and we are monitorning him, sure we will wait for another 25 to 30 days to give next dose of Baryta Carb 10 M.

Now we have noticed that his sleep is disturbed - he start sleeping only after 2 or 3 am but we go to bed around 10.30 pm, while in the bed he will be twisting his hands and doing all shorts of hiper activity, till he gets tired - then he sleep around 9.30 am (nearly 6 hours)but we wake him up to go to school at 9.30, otherwise he may sleep more, but some days he wakes even early on his own.

Is there any advice to improve his sleeping time, without distrubing Medorrhinum 10M, or we need to wait for further more days, no problem we will wait

Pls advice

Twisting of hands and making his mouth sharp and waking, doing this habbit when nobody notice him, he will sit loanely and doing this kind of habits ( but this is not only know but he is doing this for long time)

ramu_s last decade
I think we can now give the Baryta Carb.

Wait at least 2/3 weeks to judge result.

Jut a thought -- are there any ghanges still happening -- or have ALL the effects dissipated?. If there are still things happening then we go on waiting .

A level playing field is required before restarting.
passkey last decade
Thanks for the mail, Yes - we can see some improvements, no problem we will wait for another 2/3 weeks and give the next does (B Carb) - Thanks for the time

ramu_s last decade
Dear Passkey

Please note still we are in teh waiting period after giving the dose of Medorrhinum 10M - now 25 days over.

But we have noticed his sleeping time is reducing, yesterday night he got sleep only at nearly 4 am but continues to sleep for 7 hours but in the whole night he was very hyper active ( twisting the hand) but remian in the bed.

Any suggession on these stage or still we wait for 2 more weeks before going to B carba 10 M-

Pls advice

ramu_s last decade
Assume we are talking about number two ?.

If so yes now try the Baryta Carb and wait.
passkey last decade
Dear Passkey

Sorry, my previous message got mix ups, I am talking about the Autism with moderate mental retardation boy

Shall I goahead with Baryta Carba?

ramu_s last decade

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