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question about carcinosin

can anyone tell me anything about this remedy? i have read a lot of articles, but there are a lot of terms i don't understand, so i'm no farther ahead than i was when i started researching.


  samikirk on 2010-09-14
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
perhaps i need to explain why i want to know more about it.

i saw a homeopath last week who wants to give me a constitutional dose. she saw that i had reservations and agreed that i should think about it. the best way for me to make up my mind is to get information, so i am asking questions. as i've already said, i've read a lot of articles, but find them very confusing, which is why i'm asking for it to be explained to me in more simple (layman's) terms.

i have used homeopathic remedies for acute conditions with a lot of success, but have never used nosodes and know very little about them.

again, thanks to anyone who can provide any kind of information.
samikirk last decade
In the correct situation, Carcinosin can produce miracles. It is often used in those who have a family history of cancer to eliminate any pre-disposition to cancer.
Homeopathy International 1 last decade
could you expand briefly on what you mean by 'correct situation'? i'm very hazy on how the correct remedy is found. a couple of examples, perhaps, would likely be very helpful.

i'm being treated for a post-viral condition.


samikirk last decade
Too complicated to explain to a beginner. Perhaps if you described your symptoms, it would help.

If you trust your homeopath, and if they've helped you before, I wouldn't have any concerns about using a nosode.
Homeopathy International 1 last decade
my homeopath encouraged me to talk with other homeopaths as well as people who have taken the remedy. easier said than done, since those who know seem to belong to some kind of secret society ;)
samikirk last decade
I've used Carcinosin myself, and it removed many symptoms associated with the cancer miasm.

Carc. is often used in the treatment of people have not fully recovered from viral infections such as mono, pneumonia, etc.

Hope that is useful to you.
Homeopathy International 1 last decade
Generally Carc. is not a long-term remedy. Often it is used for a short period of time. A few months or less.
Homeopathy International 1 last decade
yes, thank you; that was extremely helpful, and very interesting to me personally because my condition has been traced back to viral meningitis.

i can't remember if my homeopath mentioned that carc is a short-term remedy; is it something which can be repeated if it's effective? how long does it remain active, or does that vary?

i know what a miasma is, but what is a miasm in homeopathic terms?

thanks very much
samikirk last decade
It sounds like Carc. could be appropriate to you. I wouldn't be concerned about using a nosode. As it is often used for patients who had symptoms that began with viruses like meningitis but that haven't been cured by other remedies.

Of course, Carc. can be repeated, but usually after some time on Carc. the patient will need a regular homeopathic remedy again, that will be much more effective than before.

A simple explanation of a miasm in homeopathy is a virus.
Homeopathy International 1 last decade
Sounds like you should trust your homeopath's recommendation.
Homeopathy International 1 last decade
thank you for your responses, they've been very helpful. i really appreciate it.

i do trust my homeopath ... she understood that the idea of a nosode made from cancer tissue made me uneasy (even though my logical mind knows it's safe) and encouraged me to ask questions and think about it, which makes me respect and trust her all the more.

i am now feeling quite comfortable about the carc and will be taking it, possibly today if she can squeeze me in :)

again, thanks

samikirk last decade
well, i took the 200c carc and the results were inconclusive (i think i accidentally antidoted it) although i did experience a few days with a bit less pain, so 3 days ago my homeopath gave me carc 1M. so far i'm not feeling any different, neither better nor worse. am i expecting too much too soon?


samikirk last decade
Carc. and the Nosodes in general are somewhat different than regular remedies. I've treated cases that seem stuck, given Carc. for a month or two, seen some improvement, and then when the symptoms required another remedy, gone back to a remedy we'd used before, that cured up the problems beautifully.

Sometimes Carc. prepares the system to be cured by another remedy.
Homeopathy International 1 last decade
thank you so much! ... that's the first time anyone's explained it so clearly that i'm actually able to understand.

with my multiple health problems (PVS, FMS, CMP, and arthritis), my symptoms can fluctuate a lot even in a single day, which makes keeping track of them kind of difficult, but in past experience (when i've taken a remedy) i've always felt either no change or have started feeling better straight away, so knowing that carc is different is really good to know.

someone mentioned to me the other day that a lot of people have aggravation with carc, but they weren't able to really explain what that meant, just that if i started feeling more awful than usual, it might be an aggravation. i still don't understand what that is, or whether it's a good or bad thing.

i'm not used to feeling quite so dumb, but i guess it's a valuable lesson... and it sure proves that a person is never too old to be asking new questions :)
samikirk last decade
Homoeopathy is based on a principle called the Law of Similars - what a substance can cause, it can cure (simply put).

This means that when we see certain symptoms in a sick person, we look for a medicine that is known to cause similar symptoms when given to healthy people.

Because you already have those symptoms, when you take the medicine, the initial response is to feel your symptoms intensifying.

The reaction of your Vital (Life) Force is to 'push back' in the opposite diretion - in other words to cure itself.

And so, the aggravation is usually the first sign that a homoeopathic medicine is working.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
so if i start feeling worse, i shouldn't worry that it's a bad sign, is that right?

thanks so much, i really appreciate these explanations; they help a lot!
samikirk last decade
If your symptoms are worse you should detail exactly what symptoms are different and let your homeopathy know as much information as possible immediately.
Homeopathy International 1 last decade
i haven't started feeling much difference at all so far, but i'm keeping a journal to make sure i don't forget or overlook anything, and will let her know of any changes.

btw, my homeopath told me that based on what i'd told her, she believed my vital (?) force was extremely weak. i'm very unclear on what that means and haven't had a chance to discuss this with her yet at any depth. what is the vital force? at one of our appointments (the one when she decided to give me the carc) i told her i feel as if i'm evaporating, like all the parts of me are simply going to dissipate and vanish. would that maybe be what she meant?
samikirk last decade
Difficult to say without knowing what symptoms she sees.
Homeopathy International 1 last decade
The Vital Force is a very important concept in homoeopathy. It is the life force, the governing influence over ever living thing. It is intelligent and adaptive, and it is non-physical. The Vital Force and the remedies are made of the same stuff, both energy. The remedies directly affect the Vital Force, which then transmits instructions and changes to the rest of the person (mind, emotions, body).

The Sensation of dissapating and vanishing is a very interesting one - and is not a typical expression of the Carcinosin patient.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
thank you for explaining vital force to me; once again you put it in terms i can comprehend. (if you're not a teacher, maybe you should be :)

'The Sensation of dissapating and vanishing is a very interesting one - and is not a typical expression of the Carcinosin patient.'

well i don't know how else to describe it. i just feel like i'm wasting away from the inside out, even though none of my conditions are fatal in and of themselves (opportunistic disease is usually the cause of death). i have gone from being a very mentally and physically strong person with unlimited energy and insatiable appetite for learning, and now, no matter how hard i try, i'm not able to do much at all so i feel totally useless (it's really hard having to say 'no' to people or to feel as if i'm letting them down because i can't do what they ask) and because i can't think as clearly as i used to, i can't even spend my time reading anything more challenging than light fiction. all this plus the constant pain make me feel like the life is being drained out of me.

i don't know if that's carc or not (though i must have said something to make her think of it), but it's as close to a description as i can get. some things just don't translate well.

thanks again

samikirk last decade
Well, lethargy is a symptom that can indicate a need for Carc.

Other important Carc. symptoms are coffee colored skin, or coffee colored marks on the skin, family history of cancer, a feeling of being a victim, excessive self-lessness, etc.

However, some homeopaths use Carc. just on the basis of a family history of cancer. Many homeopaths have found very good results using Carc. just on the basis of a family history.
Homeopathy International 1 last decade
lethargy doesn't begin to describe the level of profound exhaustion i have experienced on a chronic basis for nearly two decades.

*coffee colored marks on the skin

yes, lots of them

*family history of cancer

yes, both sides of family

*feeling of being a victim

i don't feel like a victim, but i have experienced a great deal of abuse (all kinds) most of my life. i was in my 30s before i realized how much of the way certain people treated me wasn't 'normal'

* excessive self-lessness

i'm not sure what that means.
samikirk last decade
I was being general with the description of a victim and self-lessness. Generally, Carc. patients will work themselves self-lessly for others, such as nursing sick relatives.

Other Carc. symptoms are a craving for chocolate, and a love of animals.

That shows that Carc. is probably a good remedy to use in your case.
Homeopathy International 1 last decade
If you feel much worse on a remedy, or if you have any new symptoms that you've never had before, you should tell your homeopath right away.
Homeopathy International 1 last decade

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