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What other remedies have you used besides Arnica?

I wouldn't worry about symptoms unless they've gone on for several days. Then, you should talk to your homeopath about them.
Homeopathy International 1 last decade
'What other remedies have you used besides Arnica?'

do you mean overall or high-potentcy? i'd have to go back a long way to list the remedies i've used for acute situations such as dental extraction, stomach/bowel problems, coughs, and so on. prior to taking the Carc i'd been using Guaiacum (sp?) for the arthritis in my neck.

i had forgotten til i stopped to think about it that i'd also been given Lachesis (200C) which had no effect except to mess up my emotions for about 3 months.

my memory has gotten downright pathetic recently, but i'm pretty sure i haven't overlooked any other remedies.
samikirk last decade
It's not the potency that matters, but your body's corrective response to it.

So any remedy you've used in any amount could have a good and lasting curative effect.
Homeopathy International 1 last decade
I do enjoy your comments, and your extensive clinical experience. It's good to see some higher level discussion about the philosophy of healing. -JH
Homeopathy International 1 last decade
I agree, and value your comments as well :)
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
'It's not the potency that matters, but your body's corrective response to it.'

i didn't know that (obviously :) what factors, then, determine the need for higher potentcies?

'So any remedy you've used in any amount could have a good and lasting curative effect.'

that's good to know! but that being the case, why do the lower potentcy remedies i've used usually only work for a few days or a week before they need to be repeated?
samikirk last decade
Different people have different levels of sensitivity. Hahnemann said that there was a scale of 1-1000 for sensitivity.

Some people get cured from lifetime conditions with 30c repeated many times. Others need 100c, 200c, or higher.
Homeopathy International 1 last decade
i wonder what that says about my level of sensitivity ... possibly that i'm not very?

this is something i'd like to discuss with my homeopath, but i'm not sure how to best phrase the question.
samikirk last decade
If you're responding to a 200c fine, then I'd say your sensitivity is within the normal range.
Homeopathy International 1 last decade
'If you're responding to a 200c fine, then I'd say your sensitivity is within the normal range.'

it looks as if i forgot to mention that after the 200c gave me a couple of days with less headache, she gave me carc1M, which is still mostly showing up in sleep and head ache. i haven't slept as well as i did that first night, but i believe that's because my daily routine got scrambled up a bit for a couple of days.

regarding the carc picture (is that the correct term?), i was wondering if skin and skin problems are part of that. it would take a long time to list all the various problems or oddities i have with my skin, so just to name a few:

* never had pimples, but did get an occasional boil in my late 20s/early 30s.

* extremely fragile, almost like tissue paper, reacts strongly to rough textures, humidity levels, static electricity in the air, etc.

* water blisters (a form of eczema the name of which i can't recall) on my fingers/hands.

* 'blood spots', moles and liver spots

* extreme sensitivity to light; even the light from my computer monitor (the newer type) can turn my face red and painful within 20 minutes of exposure.

* can only wear fabrics which allow my skin to 'breathe', and must have some kind of moving air indoors (either a cross-draft or a fan, but must be careful to not have it blowing directly on me).

i'm starting to wonder if i'm ever going to run out of questions, but i'll leave it at that for now :)
samikirk last decade
Every remedy can heal skin complaints, but again I am hearing some interesting descriptions of your problems that would, if I were doing a face-to-face consultation, I would be pursuing

'fragile, like tissue paper'
'reacts strongly'
'extreme sensitivity'
'< light even from computer'
'skin must breathe'

These are all peculiar and individual expressions that should be explored to see if they lead deeper into the heart of your case. Are you able to discuss that with your homoeopath?
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
btw I love questions (have you noticed?) :)
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
'Are you able to discuss that with your homeopath?'

yes; i just need to remember to fit it in amongst all the other things we talk about. i typically follow her lead unless something particularly striking arises and i remember to write it down and bring it with me to my next appointment. i'm sure i've mentioned some of my skin problems, as well as my visual sensitivity to light, but without actually going into them in any depth.

do those particular points say something to you? (not seeking free consultation; just really interested.)

'btw I love questions (have you noticed?) :)'

then i'd say you've come to the right place ... i never run out of questions :)
samikirk last decade
I've seen old skin conditions return to the skin on Carc. If these skin conditions are becoming present, that is a sure sign the Carc is doing you much good! I've almost always used a major anti-psoric and anti-miasmatic remedy after the Carc.

Moles and liver spots are due to the figwart miasm, and must be treated with a remedy for that at some point after the Carc.

That skin conditions are coming back is an extremely good sign. My recommendation is that your system is improving quickly. I'd wait and keep everything exactly as it is.
Homeopathy International 1 last decade
'If these skin conditions are becoming present, that is a sure sign the Carc is doing you much good!'

i've had sensitive skin with a lot of moles since childhood (prickly heat was the bane of my existence when i was little), but it's gotten much worse (as described in my previous post) since the viral infection which has put me where i am now. i don't really see any difference since taking the carc except that a couple of days after the 200c dose, i developed 'blood spots' (my term since i've no idea what they are) after wearing a new pair of socks which were a bit snug around the tops (the spots were located exactly where the socks were most snug). i don't know if that would have happened anyway, but it certainly caught my attention.

'I've almost always used a major anti-psoric and anti-miasmatic remedy after the Carc.'

could i trouble you to elaborate? if i understand rightly, carc is a miasmatic remedy, so an anti-miasmatic remedy would be ... (for instance)? what a psoric or anti-psoric might be i couldn't begin to guess.

'figwart miasm'


'I'd wait and keep everything exactly as it is.'

30 years of illness, debility and dis-ability have taught me patience (most of the time :), so i'm quite content and willing to wait and see what happens, and what will follow. my optimism is still a tad shaky, but given that i've seen what homeopathy can do, i can believe that there's a very good chance i'll get sorted out eventually. the hardest part is keeping my curiosity and seemingly unending flow of questions at least somewhat under control :)

thank you for taking so much time to answer what must often seem really dumb questions.

samikirk last decade
Again, if skin symptoms are returning to the skin, then I think you are best to wait a few more weeks minimum.

If you want to learn more about homeopathy, you could read this article.

Homeopathy International 1 last decade
I've seen Carc. move old skin conditions back to the skin. However it is not a remedy known to cure other miasms.

The figwart is another miasm that is sometimes called sycosis. The link may help you understand the miasms.
Homeopathy International 1 last decade
i can't say that they're returning; they've been present for a long time, and i don't think they're worsening any. i was basically just wondering if my particular skin problems were part of the overall carc 'picture' (i'd heard of moles and 'cafe au lait' spots indicating carc, but nothing about the others). the desire to learn and understand leads me down many paths. i also feel that the more informed i am, the better i'll be able to provide the information my homeopath needs. (i.e. while i have no doubt mentioned one or two skin issues with her, i've never discussed them to the degree i have here, let alone all in one go, which now that i'm aware, i'll need to do next time i see her) i don't need or want to suggest remedies to her; my objective is to present as clear a picture as possible.

i won't do anything until she is satisfied that the carc has done all it's going to do, and at that time i'll do whatever she thinks should be done next.

thank you for the link ... i'll be exploring in about five minutes :)
samikirk last decade
Actually, from the viewpoint of a professional homoeopath, the more the patient knows the harder it becomes to make confidenct prescriptions. This makes students and other homoeopaths amongst the most difficult patients I ever see.

I find those patients who know nothing of homoeopathy at all, who do not read up on the remedies, the easiest patients to prescribe for. Their expressions, when they clearly point to a medicine, can be trusted.

When someone knows our materia medica, they will tend to talk in that language, repeat things they think are useful to us (again based on what they have read). It is not spontaneous. They will direct their attention away from whatever is natural to them to try and help us out.

I find this an obstacle in case-taking and have to spend a lot more time waiting for them to revert to their natural language.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
I wouldn't try to wrap your head around miasmatic theory. It is a fairly advanced aspect of homoeopathy and not easy for many homoeopaths to grasp, especially early on in their careers.

In terms of those statements being interesting to me, I have no idea what they might mean. They would just be access points for the case - where they might lead who knows. Because of my style of case-taking I am alert for those kind of access points.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
'Actually, from the viewpoint of a professional homoeopath, the more the patient knows the harder it becomes to make confidenct prescriptions.'

i can see how that could happen, and i can see why it would be a concern.

fortunately (?) i don't think i (or my homeopath) need worry about it becoming a problem. i'm no farther ahead in understanding more than how to (hopefully) prevent some of the confusion which attends a lot of our conversations (if i don't understand a term, for example, it's very hard for me to give a useful response; i can easily spend an hour wandering down a completely irrelevant path, which as you can imagine causes no end of frustration for both of us).

a perfect example of what i mean would be that i looked up figwart miasms (the word 'figwart' piqued my curiosity), which led me to sycosis, and i was very quickly completely bogged down trying to figure out how any of it could apply to me. there's mention that sycosis has 'produced the fewest number of chronic diseases' ... a statement which promptly had me scratching my head. i have no idea what 'produced' means, but i do know that my body is hosting a chronic disease convention (i count at least 5, though two of them might more accurately be comsidered conditions rather than diseases). the only thing that rang any bells were the moles and (i think) something to do with 'rheumatic' conditions.

i probably used the wrong term when i referred to liver spots, as they're small patches of discolouration rather than thickening of the skin ...

so as you can see, i'm almost as confused regarding specifics as i was when i began. i couldn't begin to think in terms of self-rx or trying to 'nudge' my homeopath toward choosing a particular remedy even if i wanted to.

once i've taken a remedy, however, i do find it helpful to have some idea of how it might behave, and whether i'm experiencing an aggravation or if it's just a 'downswing' (which can appear at any time, seemingly without rhyme or reason) produced by one or more of my conditions.

i don't know if this is relevant, but i can very safely say i'm not prone to 'power of suggestion' ... i've always been inclined to stand back and observe than to have any kind of expectation.

and all that having been said, i will refrain from allowing my passion for learning run away with me :)
samikirk last decade
by way of an update re: carc ... i don't know if it's done all it's going to do or what. i'm still sleeping better than i had been, but the small handful of other symptoms which had seemed to be somewhat improved are back with a vengeance.

i will of course report this to my homeopath when i'm next able to see her.
samikirk last decade
would it be a case of too much information if i were to ask what it means to 'prove' a remedy? i've heard that a remedy has been proven in general terms (which i think i kind of understand), but also that a person has been given a remedy in treatment and 'proven' it. the latter especially confuses me.
samikirk last decade
I disagree with saying that Carcinosin is a short-term remedy. My experience is that with some patients Carcinosin is only necessary for short periods of time and in other cases it is useful over extended periods.
As with all prescriptions, the patient's susceptibility and sensitivity are assessed and reviewed each time they present before a prescription is arrived at.
As with all deep acting remedies,a single dose is advisable with careful monitoring as to when the next dose is required.
margwood 8 years ago
I have a daughter who has mild autism and her daughter prescribed medicine Carc 30c 2 pills 2x a week. Does it works?
kinnn 8 years ago
Carcinosin has the potential to be helpful in autism, but only if the remedy fits the patient picture. It is a deep acting remedy and so can be deeply curative if it is correct and used correctly.
margwood 8 years ago

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