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Silent GERD for 6 month old, many remedies alredy tried

Please help,

Our first and only son: born naturally, with epidural analgesic. 3.400 KG, 54 cm, looked perfectly healthy. After the birth he lose weight until 3.300, and in 4 days 3.3370. Nursing very well, despite my stone hard breasts, full of milk after the first 2 days. After bringing him home, in 2 weeks, he did not nurse well anymore, and started to cry after feedings, and few weeks later, during feedings, until he cried each feed. Also he screamed after one hour and a half after each feed, with terrible pain. The milk/acid was coming up, but he swallows again. Rarely throws up, interestingly even 2-3 hours after the meal. During the day he could hardly sleep because of terrible pain, during the night he slept out of exhaustion, but cried in his sleep. Me and my husband tried colic clam gripe waters, ranitidine, omeprazol, nexium and others with no help. Forgot to mention that the great pediatrician advice us to put him on formula because he gained only 100 grams first month. And then step by step I had to abandon the nursing...
About me (the mom): allergy when I was child almost since I was born, with purulent eczma, when I ate something that I did not enjoy, or when I was stressed. As I grow up it started to be less severe and rare. Around the age 24 it disappeared. Probably it was because of the liver, because using tea made from “Chelidonium majus” it healed. Around the age of 27 I developed allergic rhinitis,in summer, it turned out that I’m allergic to Ambrosia plant. Each year was worse, and in my pregnancy with my son was a pick (2 semester). Last semester of pregnancy I had pregnancy cholestatis, with jaundice and itching. Also last year before the our son was born I had a lot of stress at work then with my mom. The labor was very painful and it last around 2 days (without the ocitocin they gave me, probably it would last longer.)
When our son was 3 month, I tried a few days, then for 2 weeks to eliminate all dairy from my diet, and I observed that he was much better. He only remain with a strong crisis in the evening, and, during the day, after one hour and a half after each meal, I noticed his reflux, but still silent. He also increased his milk intake.
Then, we went to a homeopath, the best in our region. He tried several remedies in potency CH7. All of them make him feel bad in different ways, except one: ASA FOETIDA. The others were: COLOCYNTUS, LUESINUM, ABROTANUM (hope I wrote the names correctly), and maybe other. Then he went in vacation, but our son drastically decreased his milk intake at each meal. So, my husband started to study homeopathy (consider that we had time for nothing except hold and trying to take care of our son). We gave him AETHUSA CH5, but we observed a slightly improvement. So next day we gave him CH30. The result was very good, next meal he increased his intake of milk, he slept after the meal and we were happy. The effect last for 6 hours, then we repeated the dose, this time the effect was for 3 hours his milk intake was a little bit less, then we repeated the dose with almost no effect. Between the effect of the 3 doses he was extremely nervous. After that, we gave him Aeth CH 30, only rarely when we observed that for several day he is not able to eat just a very small amount, and, after that, usually his intake raised to a reasonable value.
We had to gave him a vaccine at 5 month, and thing were aggravating. Then we went to another homeopath, and she gave him NUX VOMICA CH200 one dose each day, for three days, then one dose each second day. After the first and the second dose he was much relaxed between meals, but his milk intake was less, and he also started to spit-up milk. After the 3rd dose, he felt really bed, his reflux and his nervousness were aggravating (here we also started weaning). We stopped it. We tried again ASA FOETIDA CH 30 for 3 days, in the evening, and it helped with the evening crisis, also next meal he increased his milk intake. But each day he drinked a little less.
Please help, we are desperate. He is now 6 month and a half, he sleeps during the night, but wakes up often, because of the pain or because he is hungry, never sleeps without waking up more then 2 hours in a row. His milk intake is usually less than 100 ml, but sometimes only with toys. During the day, usually at one hour and a half after meal he is restless, cries, and you have to keep him busy with playing, because he is in pain. Otherwise he is very nice, when he feels better he smiles at everyone, he is very developed for his age, and extremely ambitious, he wants to walk, he is able to stay on his feet alone with no help etc.. Usually he wants always something new. He cannot stay for any moment. He always have to do something. Is very hard to make him sleep during the day. I see often that he swallows, I know that his reflux is bothering him. We started weaning him, but this made his reflux worse.
  HopeMiha on 2010-09-19
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Nat Phos 6x is his remedy and you can expect to see results within the hour after his feed. Give him half a tablet which you can dissolve in a teaspoonful of water after every feed and report his response in 24 hours. Reduce the dosage to even quarter tablet when you find that he is without any pain after the first few days.

Nat Phos 6x is perfectly safe to be used unlike the PPI (Proton Pump Inhibitor) drugs like ranitidine, omeprazol, nexium that you have given him which are dangerous for a baby at that age.

You can also consider changing the Formula that you are giving him today.

Do not exceed 3 tablets Nat Phos for a day.
Joe De Livera last decade
Thank you for your post.

I remember that we also gave him Nat Phos CH 5 once between the meals, and the result was that he was even more nervous. I don't know if it just happen to be in this way or it's because of Nat Phos.
I can try it once again.

Forgot to mention that after the feeds, espeacially at night he has some respiratory problems. I guess the milk/acid goes in his nose.
HopeMiha last decade
Nat Phos CH5 cannot be confused with Nat Phos 6x which is a Biochemic Cell Salt and only available in tablet form and should help your son.

Burp him before he sleeps to avoid any respiratory problem.
Joe De Livera last decade
I understand. I'll try to find it.

I changed his formula more then 10 times. I tried also soy, but does not work. Currently he is on extensively hidrolized formula: Aptamil Pepti. The next step could be only Neocate.

He burps very hardly even when he is awake. If he sleeps during the nitght when he eat, is even harder. Sometimes burpes 1,5/2 hours after.

I'll keep you informed.
HopeMiha last decade
Forgive me my ignorance.

I asked about “X”, but it looks that there is not in the pharmacy. Here in Romania we have only “CH” and “D”. Then I found that “X” is the same with “D”.
According to the following site: http://www.elixirs.com/faq.htm
DECIMAL - potency based on the ratio of 1 part substance to 10 parts dilution. Designated with a X (in Europe designated with a D) after the remedy name.
Here they come as pellets.

Is it ok to take them?
HopeMiha last decade
The potency you have as D is equivalent to the X potency.

All X potency remedies are sold throughout the world in tablet form but you state that they are in pellets.

I presume that the pellets are OK as long as you have the assurance that they are the X or Decimal potency.
Joe De Livera last decade
Hello again,

I’m so glad that you are trying to help us.

I finally bought the pellets.
They are in a tube containing 90 pellets, totally 4grams.
It’s written on the tube NATRIUM PHOSPH, Schussler Salt (in Romanian :o)).
I called the company and they said they recommend for a baby around 2 pellets taken once.
What’s your opinion do you suggest the same dosage?

I wanted to write you more information about the child:
He feels much better outside then inside, and by motion.
His condition is aggravated by heat, and when sick does not like to be touched, except to be hold vertically, or himself is able to stay vertically, even he is small.
Since he was 4 week old we always put him to sleep on his tummy, because he cannot sleep otherwise for more than a few minutes, because he throbs (I hope this is the right word -> his body is shaken). We also observed that when he is nervous he can’t eat, if we calm him down, he is able to. We observe that it is also a connection between his nervousness and his reflux. If we can keep him occupied with something that he likes, his reflux is not coming so often. I know it’s sounds strange. But is based on observations.
In general he is a very restless, he cannot stay for one minute.
HopeMiha last decade
You have copied the label:

'It’s written on the tube NATRIUM PHOSPH, Schussler Salt (in Romanian :o)).'

Please confirm that you have received the 6x or 6D potency of Nat Phos.
Since you state that it is a Schuessler salt it is most likely 6D but I would like to be sure.

Do not give it to your baby till we clear this matter.
Joe De Livera last decade
Yes, is D6, sorry, I was in a hurry.
HopeMiha last decade
Let us start with just ONE pellet which you will give him dissolved in his formula and you will then report his response after his feed.

I would like to have your opinion on the difference between his response before the NP and after the NP.
Joe De Livera last decade
Ok, I'll start tomorrow. After he have eaten the carrots, he is usually sick next meal/meals. But today was even worse. It will be hard, because he is not always the same, but I’ll try to figure out, because he has some main lines.
HopeMiha last decade
May I suggest that you give him the NP after a feed of milk?
Giving it after carrots which you state:
'After he have eaten the carrots, he is usually sick next meal/meals'

This will not be a test that will enable you to evaluate whether NP works or not.
Joe De Livera last decade
Hello Joe De Livera,

I gave him 'ONE pellet' which I 'dissolved in his formula', as you said before.
During that meal I did not observed anything unusual, but next meal I was amazed, because he have eaten almost the double of what he usually eats!! I hope it was not just a coincidence, because he can be different from one day to another... But it looks that we have hope!!
Between the two meals I was not able to know how does he feel, because he was very tired, so a little bit restless.
How should I proceed? should I continue today to give him for other 2 meals?

Thank you for the hope that you gave us.
HopeMiha last decade
Glad to learn that my Joepathy has helped your 6 month son.

Please remember that you must not OVERFEED him as this too can be counterproductive.
You stated:
'During that meal I did not observed anything unusual, but next meal I was amazed, because he have eaten almost the double of what he usually eats!! '

I note that you have given him ONE tablet which you refer to as a PELLET. Please describe it precisely to enable me to advise you. If you have used the standard tablet this can be too much of a dose.

This is what I stated in my advice to you:

'Nat Phos 6x is his remedy and you can expect to see results within the hour after his feed. Give him half a tablet which you can dissolve in a teaspoonful of water after every feed and report his response in 24 hours. Reduce the dosage to even quarter tablet when you find that he is without any pain after the first few days. '

There is no doubt that he will progress from strength to strength from now on but you will have to maintain some discipline in his feeding routine.

You can certainly give him Nat Phos but in a reduced dosage of half tablet as this too will work as well.

I may have to also add Arnica 30c in the Wet dose and you can get it in the Liquid Dilution in Ethanol to be used if and when necessary. Arnica will quickly replace the inner tissue in the Esophagus which has been 'burnt' by the gastric juice.

Do not however jump the gun and give it to him without reference to me.

Keep my informed of progress on a daily basis.
Joe De Livera last decade
One pellet is the smallest dose I can give because a pellet is a tiny
ball like a poppy seed and can not be reduced to a smaller part. It is
not like a tablet which can be cut in smaller pieces.
Also when I said 'he have eaten almost the double of what he usually
eats' I meant he ate around 200ml which would be the normal meal for a
baby of his age. He usually hardly ate 100ml at a meal and this only
with some toy distraction.
HopeMiha last decade
I've read a book about Schuessler, and my eyes were cached be 'Magnesium Phosph' -> all the symptoms were identical to the ones my baby have.
What do you think about it? Shouldn’t I gave this to him?

I understood that Nat Phos is for excess of acidity, but he might actually have not enough acid of the stomach. This is the reason that the majority of population have reflux and not too high acid containment of the stomach as some might expect, but the too low acid of the stomach. I suspect this, because after hours he is able to throw up milk and that milk should have gone long time ago. So, or it’s a problem of motility, or the too low acidic containment of the stomach.
HopeMiha last decade
I note that the Nat Phos 6x you have got is in the small round pellets and cannot be divided. Nat Phos is generally sold in tablets about 5mm ø and you may use just one pellet immediately after a meal as you state that he is not overeating. You will soon notice that he will not need any as my experience is that the body takes over, rendering it unnecessary to use any artificial means to help in the digestive process.

As for Mag Phos I would advice strongly against using it as you already have proof of the effect of Nat Phos which has worked as I predicted 'within the hour'. It is a remedy that I have promoted for adults suffering from GERD which has worked excellently to cure even chronic cases which were being treated with the standard PPI drugs which are absolutely dangerous in the long term. I was flabbergasted to learn that some pediatricians prescribe a 'junior' Nexium and note that your son was not one of them.

There is absolutely no question that your son suffered from hyper acidity aka GERD throughout these past 6 months and I have been instrumental in hopefully curing him. All I can state at this stage is that I have given you the best of my expertise aka 'Joepathy' freely, and have proved that Nat Phos 6x has worked in a manner that all the drugs and remedies you have given him up to now have not equalled.

It is up to you as the parent to accept it or to reject it.
Joe De Livera last decade
So, today I gave him only one pellet with one of his meal, and next meal he was able to eat better than usual. But, afterwards, unfortunately he was restless, he could not sleep at all, even he was very tired. And it was very hard for me to make him sleep. Yesterday, it was different, better I would say.
One more important thing I would like to say is that, I never felt acidic taste in his mouth, even after he threw up, so I’m really not sure that hyperacidity is the problem, I would rather say that is hypoacidity. This one we cannot know for sure, only if a specific test called: “PH-meter”, which measures the ph inside the esophagus would be done. Unfortunately in our country there is not the one for small children.
There might be also an issue with milk protein allergy, because when I interrupted dairy (in the days when he nurse) for 2 weeks, it was a big difference.
One theory could be that the NP make him produce less acidic reflux, that’s why he could eat better, because the reflux was not hurting him so bad, but after that meal, because he had anyway problems with low acid-> the reason for reflux, the reflux was even more intense. It’s just a theory, might be wrong.
I want to let you know that I appreciate that you are trying to help us out.
HopeMiha last decade
Forgot to tell you that the antiacid medication that we gave him, made him feel worse in the way that the pain was not so intense, but it last for much longer time. This is another reason that I suspect that not hiper-acidity is the problem.
HopeMiha last decade
It will take too much of my time to spell out to you how Nat Phos 6x works in the stomach. If you would like to get more information on this remedy and how it works in the stomach, please visit my website:


Click for GERD.

I believe that the reason why your son is showing some distress is because the dose in just one pellets is too small to help in the stomach. The first dose helped but his stomach is demanding more of the NP to help it to digest the food and the answer is to:

Increase the dosage to 2 pellets.

I would like to know the Diameter of a pellet.

I would also like you to get:

Arnica 30c in the Liquid DIlution in Ethanol. This remedy may be necessary to help your son and I shall give you instructions on how to use it if necessary.

Where do you live ?
Joe De Livera last decade
So much time and no cure?

I am experiencing that people are finding it difficult to answer all the quetions to reach to the real ailment and correct remedy.

Would suggest -
Organs in the body which are weak and not producing sufficient material to counter act the ailment /weakness needs to be addressed and then related remedies be suggested. This definitely brings results.

For this you have to provide to us:-

1. Name
2. Date of Birth
3. Time of Birth, and
4. Place of birth.

World's 1st Astro-Homeopathy
RSGUPTA last decade

For Mr Joe de Livera:
We are in the middle of weaning the baby, so it’s very hard to tell if a specific food makes him feel worse, or if it’s a consequence of NP.
My aunt has also acidity, but she had never reflux. She feels pain in her stomach when she drinks wine, or eats apples, grapefruit, etc. Sometimes even if at night she feels the urge to eat something because of her acidity. 3 days ago she took one pellet of NP after her dinner at 11 am and she felt horrible. First, she was very agitated and anxious, after 4 am she threw up 3 times everything that was in her stomach, she was even not able to reach the toilet, it never happened something like this with her in her life. She could not eat almost anything, she had reflux, and stomach spasm, and felt better when she was not staying horizontally. Now she has diarrhea. I don’t know how such a tinny pellet can have that impact.
To answer your questions:
We are living in TImisoara city, which is in the west of Romania country, which is situated in the middle of Europe.
One pellet has the diameter around 3mm.
1. Name: Damian ARDELEAN-CAPRITA (where Damian is like “George” from “George Bush”, and “ARDELEAN-CAPRITA” is like “Bush”)
2. Date of Birth: 01 March 2010
3. Time of Birth: 5:50 AM
4. Place of birth: Timisoara, ROmania (Europe)
HopeMiha last decade
I am indeed very surprised with your anunt's reaction to just ONE pellet of the Nat Phos you have got in Timisoara. Quite frankly I am suspicious of the product you have purchased as the Biochemic Cell Salt Nat Phos is never sold in the rest of the world in 3mm pellets which is the standard No 30 pellets which are used for Homeopathic remedies in the C potencies.

You are advised to mail order the Nat Phos from any one of the suppliers listed below and you will see that Nat Phos 6x cannot possibly cause the distress you have described both for your baby and your aunt.

In the meanwhile do not use any more of the Nat Phos you have purchased.


The Zorastrian Pharmacy
600 J S S Road
Chira Bazaar
Next to Wadia's Fire Temple
Mumbai 400 002



Homoeopathy clinic
2, Commercial complex
Shrestha vihar,

syarikat tm shafi
7-4 jalan tun sambanthan-4
50470 kuala lumpur
tel/fax: 03-22745627


P&L Pharmacy Pte Ltd
19, Tanglin Road,
#01-40 Tanglin Shopping Centre, Singapore
Phone : 6235 0915



Hahnemann Laboratories


Homeopathy Overnight

Natural Health Supply

Natural Living Products--Bengal Allen remedy kits


Washington Homeopathics
1 800 336 1695
Joe De Livera last decade
Hello Mr Joe,

So much time passed, and I did not wrote to you. This is because I was exhausted. He wakes up very often during the night because of the acid reflux pain.
However, I wanted to tell you that my aunt felt so bad because of a digestive virus, and not because of NaPh, virus, that finally all the family had. We, all, were very sick and threw up.

So, about my baby, I’m almost sure that his problem is not to much acid, his mouth never smell sour, and when he was smaller he threw up milk even 3 hours after meal, which is not normal, the milk should be digested in an hour.
I think he is not digesting properly, or he has a functional problem, because he is different from day to day, even if he eats the same thing. But, still I suspect that he has multiple allergies, because he is reacting with severe acid reflux to some foods, interestingly not the fat ones, e.g to rice.
So, might be the problem that he is not producing enough enzymes, and maybe also a functional problem, too.
But I’m almost sure that he is not having to acidic stomach, rather the opposite.
HopeMiha last decade
I am relieved to note that your aunt's reaction was not to Nat Phos but to the gastric flu that your family had caught.

If your baby is responding positively to the Nat Phos you can continue to give him half a tablet twice or thrice daily after a meal as it can only help his digestive process.

If however his symptoms go from bad to worse, you will have to consult a pediatrician and report the diagnosis.
Joe De Livera last decade

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