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mouth ulcer

I have had this ulcer which is underneath the tonge for the past one weak. Tried mercurious solibilis 200c but no improvement.What should I do ?
Some history: Last 2 month I had lower back pain. Tried Rhus tox 30c, Ruta 30c and Arnica Montana 200c. It was Arnica that significantly improved the lower back pain.
Other history please refer to chronic gastritis of rozanosaad. Changing my diet helped eliminating the chronic gastritis but with occasional 1/month stomach upset need to take Nat Phos + Mag Phos. I believe homeopathy has the cure for my ulcer
  rsaad on 2005-04-11
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
"Other history please refer to chronic gastritis of rozanosaad."..."refer to"...Should we get out our medical books and study to find out? Regardless of the "name" of a condition, not all people act in the same way.

Why not tell us, save us the time we are giving you. Tell it in ways like "I feel.... with this condition. This way we know YOU, not just the condition.

We are not allopathic doctors that must name every little thing.

You are still an individual. Write like an individual not like an engineer. Or maybe an MD?

Homeopathy uses symptoms to heal the person. Obvously, you have other concerns like the lower back. Homeopathy does not treat one part of the body, it treats the whole person.

Ulcers/sores in the mouth could be many things. One must write "who" and what kind of person you are. What are your likes and dislikes.
Food preferences. Hates. Better warm or cold.

What do the sores look and feel like. What makes you call them ulcers?

Age, married, children, yes this tells us more about who you are. Weight, coloring, past conditions you have been treated for...with allopathic or homeopathy?

Blessings, Sabra
sabra last decade
Dear Sabra, Thanks for thr prompt reply.
The "Ulcer" looks roundish 2mm dia ,whitish in the centre and pinkish on the circumference. I think it's an ulcer because I have had something similar before early last year and the allopatgy doctor said so. I feel pain when pressing it with finger or moving my tonge.I feel pain when food gets to it or when rinsing my mouth with water.
I'm 48 yrs old married with 3 children. Wt 75 kg fairly active active in sports.
I had pain on my lower back in Feb 05 when bending to pick up a shirt.X ray done and Allopathy doctor said no fracture or disc problem. Massaging gel was given to rub before and after exercise.I feel pain not during exercise but while sitting or when surrounding temperature gets cold eg too cold air conditioning.Apart from this I've not taken any allopathy medicine since Sept 2004 ie pantaprozol for my gastritis. Arnica montana significantly improved my lower back pain. Not sure if its the right medicine.
The first "ulcer" came out on the left side but disappeared after 4 days with no medication taken.This second and only ulcer came out last week.The mouth feels dry and difficult to swollow.My throat feels itchy.Woken up 3times feeling heaty but ear temp when checked 36.5-37.1C. I like spicy food but have stopped since sept last year.I have also stooped driking icy drinks.The weather(here in Malaysia)has been hotter than normal by 3C ie 37C. I like competing in sports ( running and cycling) but was unable to do that the whole of last year due to gastritis and general fatigue.I took part in a race 2weeks ago and even though the race time was bad I feel good finishing the 4 hr race. I hate not trying hard and giving up easily making me pushing myself too hard sometimes at work meeting business targets and in sports.
rsaad last decade
Oh dear - another stress adict .
Best advice is to give up sports stop pushing yourself and find some good books to read ,

The ulcer and the digestive problem will probably go away if you take a few doses of Carbo Veg 6x [twice a day]
The back will be helped by Picric Acid 1m 3 doses at night before going to sleep .

Akso get some Szyzgium 1x and Ferrum Picrate 6x.
passkey last decade
my mouth ulcers have always been helped by vitamin C and lysine as well as homeopathic remedies.
maltesemd last decade
Yes, mouth ulcers (aphthous stomatitis) can sometimes be controlled by taking L-Lysine at 500mg 2x/day. Give it a try and see if it works. It helps me tremendously, and I've suffered from them my whole life.
jcbart last decade
Thank you for all the advise. In addition to Vit C which I'm already taking I will try Lysine. How long will Lysine take to cure this kind of Ulcer ?
I would also want to try the correct homeopathy medicine ? Any advice ?
Thank You.
rsaad last decade
Your body is telling you things and you are not "hearing." You are wearing out your body.

Yes, there are those that do these type of sports into their 60s, but it seems that your body is speaking to you.

You may be addicted to this type of rush after the physical efforts, but for some, this must be eased off as one gets older. A lessor type of sports, or get a professional to advise you. You may want to do another type of sport to enable you to do what you want.

Maybe you need more "prep" instead of still thinking you are 25 or 30 years old and are able to do just anything.

The lower back pain means you are using up the free-flowing calcium "fuel" of the body with your overuse. The body NEEDS this fuel and is leaching it out of the back (spine) to give you the energy you are demanding of it.

In several seemingly small (to you) ways, you are wearing out your body. It is telling you this.

You need to get some liquid calcium to take for the lower back. Arnica is a good choice, and arnica cream is helpful too, but it will not heal in the long run, if calcium is missing. Take late in the afternoon and again at bedtime, promotes better sleep.

While the lysine is good for mouth ulcers or canker, it will not help in the long run, if there is another cause.

It us unfortunate we cannot always know the causes, but by symptomology, we can get Very close, but the final help will come from your choices in your life for health.

Choose, increased bad health from overuse, or good health by repair and less demands on a mature body.

HYOSEYAMUS 30C would be beneficial to help balance your body at this time. 1 dose every other day for 6 doses=12 days.

Keep posting as you go and let us know how you are.

It is close in your symptoms. Also from my own point of view, a hyper personality may have found vent by doing all this physical activity. Think on this and see if you think there is any corollary here.

Let us know how you are.

Blessings, Sabra
sabra last decade
Dear Sabra,
Thank you for your reply.I'm afraid I have to agree with you on hyper personality and that in the long run not easing off on this kind of physical activities will only self destroy myself. Several other people have given the same advice.
Before I try on Hyoseyamus 30C a question, will my personality change with this medication ?
and do I need to balance my magnesium with the additional calcium I have to take. For the short term I will also try the Lysine and keep you updated.
Thank you once again.
rsaad last decade
I have started on Hyoseyamus 30c yesterday.
Dont seem to be able to get Lysine locally but will keep trying to source it elsewhere. The ulcer is still there ,no change but less painfull.
rsaad last decade
What you can do for the ulcer - is: gargle 1) with warm salt water (please use sea salt) at least thrice a day, and 2)gargle with 'raw' milk (i.e. unboiled, pasteurised milk) at least twice a day. Don't swallow the milk - spit it out after holding in the mouth for as long as you can.
Minsa last decade

I'm definately no expert... but... I have heard that some toothpastes effectively kill bacteria in the mouth that assist the healing process. When ever I accidentally bit my cheek or tongue, I would always get an ulcer. Since changing toothpastes I haven't had any problems. (Don't know what ingredients to avoid, sorry)

Just an idea that might be worth trying.

Can anyone with more expertise support my theory?
Muffinman last decade
Toothpaste must not be used close to the taking of a remedy.

Might consider chewing Vit C tabs. Heals the mouth and sinus areas, preventing other conditions to develope while you heal. If one takes too much vit c...one gets gas!

Homeopathy does not actually change a personality. It causes the body to balance to heal itself. If tense and stressed, one feels less and more able to cope.

Hopefully, you will not feel so very hyper/driven. Your energy and awakeness will remain. You will be able to do same things, but with a "choice condition," not because you are so driven.

With Calcium for the back you should feel better. Use the calcium and magnesium separately so that one can control the mag intake. Many times if taken in combination the mag causes diarrhea.

Keep us posted how you go.

Blessings, Sabra
sabra last decade
Thank you for all the advice and sharing of experience.
I have also increased my calcium intake, gargling with salt water and chewing more vitamin C.
The ulcer is definitely shrinking in size and no more pain when touched. Generally I feel much better.Better sleep and somehow feel good and more relaxed.Perhaps its the medication. Hopefully this will continue.
There is a lot of people out there who wants to help others in this forum. May God bless us all.
rsaad last decade
Latest development
I felt feverish with ear temp38.5Cusually
rozanosaad last decade
I do not understand the Ars Alb unless that is what you took before for the stomach.

You are going back over the symptoms to get to the cause and possibly heal it, or maybe another remedy will be called for.

Your problems were surpressed and is being released. This is a good thing and not to worry. A little discomfort is worth it.

Wait after this third dose and the ars alb and see what the body does. Please report all conditions.

Do not become anxious, this is the way homeopathy works, it reverses the condition to wellness. Please be patient.

Blessings, Sabra
sabra last decade
Thanks for the reply Sabra
Ars Alb was one of the homeopathy medicine I took for my stomach before.
I have taken my third dose of Hyoseyamus. The last Ars Alb I took was seven hrs ago and now no more stomach pain. Not like yesterday every 2-3 hrs. I will not take anymore Ars Alb or any others without your advice and i willhave to learn to be more patient.Currently I feel good.
Thank you.
rozanosaad last decade
Dear Sabra,
My mouth ulcer is gone and no more stomach pain since the last communication.
There is pain on my right big toe now especially when pressed or flexed. I experienced this in 2001 when my uric acid was high and allopathy doctor told me I had gout. Medicine was given but I could not remember what it was. I remember the pain disappeared after one week. Uric acid has always been high since then, sometimes above the upper limit. I know I need to watch my diet especially avoiding those high in purine and drink sufficient water.There were also instances before (last year) during a long run or cycling expedition when I had pain urinating which allopathy doctor told me was due to possible uric acid crystal due to lack of water.
My current concern is pain on my right big toe.
What's your advice ? I'm just about on my 4th Hyoseyamus dose
Thank you.
rsaad last decade
You seem to be going back in time in the body. All conditions are showing themselves. Homeopathy treats the whole body.

It is the 17th here, you must be in another time line, interesting, yes?

After this 4th dose, wait 3 full days and report as you go.

You must think of water as medicine. LEARN to drink it for life and comfort. Drink only bottled water and drink 10 cups a day. This is 4, 20 oz bottles.

ALSO, do not drink any caffeine in any form. It gets rid of the water as fast as you take it in. As you have this uric condition, you must take care of yourself. Think how uncomfortable you have been. Allopathic meds have not helped you.

Trust and patience.

Blessings, Sabra
sabra last decade
Thanks for your reply Sabra.
Just to confirm my understanding I will proceed with my 4th dose ,stop Hyoseyamus for 3 days as I report back ,see what happens and wait for your advice . Is this correct?
I stopped caffeine altogether since 1.5 yrs ago. The occasional heart arrythmia was the reason to stop taking caffeine which improved the situation.There could be other contributors which I have yet to pin point. I do still have them every other month, missing a heart beat for 1-2 seconds, half a dozen occurance in one hour. Medical stress test and other test which I do twice a year revealed nothing wrong with my heart.
The arrythmia only occur during rest not when doing exercise (light or strenuous).
Thank you for taking time to respond to all my queries. I know there many others all over the world living in different time zones you are also trying to help.
Thank You.
rsaad last decade
Dear Sabra,
3 days gone after 4th dose.
Something "serious" developed yesterday and today. I had arrythmia ( heart missing beats)yesterday and today and because there were slight chest pain I somewhat panic and saw the doctor who put me on 24 hr observationECG , BP monitoring. No arrythmia,normal BP 120/80 but ECG results makes Dr wants to further check and test. Blood results indicates LDL high 4.0
HDL OK Total cholesterol 6.4.What worriesme is the slight occasional ache at the chest area and left shoulder.
previous illness ,mouth ulcer,back pain etc all gone.
There is anxiety in me ,worried of heart problem what should I do and medicine I should take ?
I'm resting more now only brisk walking in the morning.
Sabra please help.
thank you.
rozanosaad last decade
Dear Sabra,

Please help .I feel very very weak. and my left arm is aching badly.

Please respond.
rozanosaad last decade
Carbo Veg 10m is probably the best bet , One dose and wait.

Nat mur may be of use so get some 10m
passkey last decade
Have gone over whole posting and seems you need to go to next remedy for treatment.

EUCALYPTUS 30C. 1 dose every other day for 3 doses only.

Good for heart: Painful palpitation and local pain. PLEASE do not take any allopathic meds. You are doing so well. Of course you got scared, but please continue with homeopathy.

Remember, when you become upset, all is worse. Must trust that homeopathy treats the whole.

You should be better soon, please continue to post results.

Thanks, Passkey.

Blessings, Sabra
sabra last decade
Thanks for your reply Sabra & Passkey.
I was under observation again warded for two days with ecg/bp etc online monitoring attached to me. Nothing negative. No conclusion given by allopathy doctor.Angiogram was recomended but not compulsory.I dont fancy having my leg artery punctured with probes / colored die inserted for this angiogram. I have not taken any allopathy medicine so far. I will get Eucalyptus 30c later today. I still feel weak and the chest ache is still there. Dissappered after a short nap.I am in no mood to do strenous exercise. Just light cycling and short walk.The chest discomfort seems to occured more after meals.I still believe in homeopathy but frustrating because I do not talk to anyone else about indulging in homeopathy other than my wife and this forum. And when I was warded with no computer to communicated I feel helpless and terrible.
Thanks for help.
rsaad last decade
My, I think you need to learn to meditate and take a yoga class. Learn who you "really" are inside.

You have been warned by your body that this hyper/stress freak needs adjustment.

Now, you are distressed by not having a computer. This indicates a loss of communication with the body, mind and spirit.

To be happy in your future in growing older, one must become one with your body that is carrying around your mind and spirit. Without this healthy body, the mind and spirit will go on to the next phase of "life."

You are being told to expand your horizons or suffer the consequences. I feel this is a great opportunity to "be more than you are."

Be at peace, keep posting.

Blessings, Sabra
sabra last decade

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