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irregular periods

Dear Dr. Joe,
My daughter 21 yrs old, slim and petite. Her periods are irregular sometimes after 2-3 months. She has profuse bleeding and presently suffering from aleopecia aerata. Currently taking Selenium 10M on alternate days for aloepecia aerata which has improved.

My Qs. is can she take arnica 30C in wet dose along with Selenium 10M. If yes, please suggest how and in what way ?

Kindly help as I am much worried.

Second Problem for my Mother :

High BP + diabetes + vertigo

My mother is suffering from high BP, diabetes and vertigo for the last many years. She is taking allopathic medicines for all the three problems. She is 65kgs, 5'1' tall and 70 yrs old and obese.
Can she take Nat Phos 6X and Arnica 30 in wet dose alongwith the allopathic medicines. I will keep you posted with her BP and blood sugar levels as she progress with the treatement given by you.
She also has cramps in both legs at night. Kindly help. She is suffering a lot.

  Supriya Deb on 2010-11-19
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
It is possible that there is some imbalance in your daughter's constitution which accounts for her Allopecia and her irregular periods and I would recommend that you consult a gynecologist to diagnose the problem.

She can certainly take Arnica 30c in the Wet dose twice daily but I would that she stops the Selenium 10M which is a gross overdose and cannot be used for any extended period.

Report her diagnosis after you have followed my advice.

Your mother's case:

Nat Phos 6x Dose 2 tablets taken thrice daily. Watch her weight reduction and report progress as many obese patients have reported up to 2 kg loss weekly.

Nat Mur 6x Dose 2 tablets taken thrice daily should help her Hypertension. It will also stop her cramps at night.

Arnica 6c in the Wet dose should help her Diabetes and reduce her BS levels.

She must exercise and if she suffers from Osteoarthritis, please report.

I shall expect your weekly report on her condition.
Joe De Livera last decade
Dr.Joe,thankyou so much for your quick response.i got my daughter's all blood tests done and the gynaec said all her hormone profiles are perfect .she is taking selenium for last two months .should i stop it ? she has dark circles under her eyes .she also gets very irritable befor her periods
.before her aloepecia she had thick luxuriant hair which had thinned down much and the texture also was not so good .now i see some improvement .kindly suggest. since last 5months she lives in a hostel ,food is not good and work pressure is much .please advice whether she should selenium ?thank u again for your help

as for my mother is she to take nat mur and nat phos both along with arnica 6x .also please tell if she should weekly get her BP and sugar tested and also report to the physian so that he adjusts her dosage of medicines as per her report ?
Supriya Deb last decade
Dr.Joe ,i am writing this because i forgot to report to u that my mother is not suffering from osteoarthritis .when she walks she feels her right foot falls in different directions than shje intends to put .i hope once she starts feeling a little beter with the medicines she will start taking up little excercise .kindly keep in touch .thanking u again for your help.regards, supriya
Supriya Deb last decade
Dr.Joe,iam sorry to bother u so many times .you must be busy with things since you have not visited the site .Dr. i just wanted to know whether my daughter should stop taking selenium 10M just so or she should taper it off slowly .if so how should she go about tapering it off?Dr. joe iam sorry for bothering u so much .my mother too has started taking nat phos and arnica30 she will report to me in a weeks time and i will report to you in turn .ahanks again.regards
Supriya Deb last decade
I have already advised you to STOP the Selenium 10m that your daughter has been taking for some time as it is a gross overdose. You do not need to taper it out. Just stop her taking it.

She can take the Arnica instead as prescribed.

Your mother's cases seems to be complicated as from your description of her ailment:
'when she walks she feels her right foot falls in different directions than shje intends to put'

This can indicate some problem in her motor control and there is also a slender chance that some brain function is impeded.

I feel that the Arnica can help her but after reading your report, I advise you to use the Arnica 200 instead of the 30c as the higher potency will help her brain better.
Joe De Livera last decade
I meant Arnica 200c which is the same as Arnica 200.
Joe De Livera last decade
Dr.Joe,i will stop my daughter from taking selenium immediately.As for my mother could it be that this particular problem is because of her virtigo?She is taking Amace for B.P Concor for B.P vertin for virtigo Glyred for sugar Lopes as sleeping pill.she takes so mahy medicines i find it so worrying.I just talked to her on phone and she gave me the list She also said that she felt her foot go haywire after she fell down with virtigo .since then she started having vertin her foot is in her control.kindly advice thanks supriya
Supriya Deb last decade
Dear joe, taking Nat phos 6x, reduces weight for any body?Pl reply..thank you
pradeepx28 last decade
I cannot advise you further as your mother has not used the therapy I prescribed.

If and when she does so, we can then evaluate the next step.

Nat Phos 6x will usually reduce weight especially in the case of obese persons by about 1kg per week.
Joe De Livera last decade
Dear Joe,I'm 5.8 height and 72Kg weight...but some times if i eat too much for some days, i put some weight..(I'm not obese)..so can i use NAT PHOS 6X for some days to reduce weight? please advice..
pradeepx28 last decade
What you can do is to take 2 tablets of NP immediately after you eat a heavy meal as it will ensure that the meals will not be fully absorbed by your body.

You will also discover that the heavy feeling and the bloating will disappear almost as if by magic.

You are also advised to take Arnica 30 in the Wet dose nightly to ensure that you feel on top of the world and it will also dissolve any cholesterol deposits as proved by patients who use it like me nightly whose Lipid profiles and BP are within accepted limits.
Joe De Livera last decade
Dr. Joe,I don't know what gave you this feeling that my mother has not started the therapy given by you? she has already started taking it since 22nd or 23rd of this month .I have also told her to tell me about her condition on phone so that I can convey the same to you on a weekly basis.Iwill keep updating you on the same .regards supriya
Supriya Deb last decade
Dear Joe, thanks a lot for ur valuable sugestion.Really its a great medicine.(Nat phos and Arnica).Now my age is 31, i use thenm for my whole life.I belive u...any way u r 80+..thats really great.Where u live? what r ur food habbits and daily activities?Please reply...I feel i'm ur fan!!
pradeepx28 last decade
And one clarification pl...u said 2 tablets..means the sugar pills mixed with the drops of Nat.Phas ..right?
pradeepx28 last decade
Dear Dr. Joe ,i had promised to give you an update of my mother's condition weekly .so here i am .after many months i heard from her the sweet words 'i am feeling well.'she has taken the medicines only for a week or so .iam very thankful to you. she said she doesnt feel the acid reflux .she is usually more cheerful and her constant tiredness is much better .itold her to keep awatch on her cramps which she says is better .she is still taking tab .vertin for vertigo .i will keep reporting her progress to you .please keep in touch .i am extremely thankful to you for advising me .god bless you supriya
Supriya Deb last decade
To Supriya Deb and Pradeep

Are you mother and daughter?

I am confused as I have been treating both of you and do not know if I am correct in my presumption.
Joe De Livera last decade
Dear Dr. Joe,ihave suffered from endometriosis and ovarian cysts for many years .iwas unsuccessfully operated upon once to remove both overies and uterus but because of alot of pus [which was drained ] and adhesions nothing could be removed .Later in 2005 I was operated upon again with some success that is only 1/3rd of the uterus is removed .both overies were stuck to bladder and colon and could not be removed .All this with alot of medicines like danazol and after and before operation injection lopride .i was off all medicine since then but recently in june2010 i was again diagnosed with cyst/hydrosalpinx .iam taking boerhaavia diffusa Q 15 drops twice daily and calc flour1M once daily since last 3months .ihave asevere problem of belching .when it comes on i feel painful pricks on my back and diaphram .it seems my chest will burst .please suggest some medicine .i have tried nat phos 6x thrice after food three times daily and arnica 30c wet dose twice daily .it doesnt help much .also please advice if i can take these doses with boerhaavia and calc flour .i dont know whether my hydrosalpinx /cyst has reduced or not [8cm /5cm or so i dont remember ]i will get the sonography done in another 2-3 months time as suggested by my doctor .kindly help me with my problem of belching as the food doesnt go down it seems to sit in my stomach and i suffer for 5-6 hours .i shall be extremely thankful to you for the same regards mahua
Supriya Deb last decade
Dr.Joe .thahks very much for responding .actually i have a daughter who is having aloepecia and amother who is diabitic+has high bp and also vitigo vericose veins cramps acid reflux inconstinance
inave been discussing both of them .my daughter is using arnica wet dose for last 3-4 days .she has not reported anything till now
Supriya Deb last decade
and i dont know pradeep is and also how he is writing in my space
Supriya Deb last decade
To Supriya

Please visit the links below:



I believe that your gastric problems stem from your Endometriosis and Chocolate Cysts which as far as I can see have not responded to the Danosol and the other remedies you have used so far.
Joe De Livera last decade
Dear Dr. Joe,i visited the links and am now thinking why i didnt get to know about bellis perenis earlier. I have undergone 4 operations already.i developed endometriosis after the birth of my first daughter who is 21years old .i could not concieve again for 8 years .then one kind homeopath treated me and miraculously i was blessed with a lovely daughter .but my cysts came back very soon .all these years i suffered great pain in my stomach .finally i underwent one operation in 2000which was unsuccessful and was put on danazol .again in 2005 i took lupride depot injections and underwent another surgery .after that took 4 more lupride and was off all medicine .i was fine but developed a cyst .ithe gynaec said she wont operate anymore for it might be hydrosalpinx and also chances of a successful surgery are bleak .Dr. do you think if i am free of cyst/hydrosalpinx my gastric troubles will go away ?i am 45 years old .my periods have stopped.should i stop taking boerhaavia ? i am asking you this because prior to takong boerhaavia for as long as i can remember i passed only loose sticky stools but now it is well formed and my stomach is clear in one go .as for belching it is as bad as can be .your help is much awaited .since you have cured so many i am so looking forward to your diagnosis .god bless you for helping so many regards supriya
Supriya Deb last decade
It seems obvious that you are a chronic case of Endometriosis and you can consider yourself singularly blessed as you have had children which many who present Endo cannot have. It seems such a pity that you did not come under my therapy as I have pioneered in using the Joepathy that I prescribed to all patients suffering from Endo and I am indeed very surprised about its incidence as I had one only last evening who happens to be married to my nephew and at 27 years she has been suffering from Endo for 2 years and is also a bad case of Acne which I believe has some connection with her Endo.

From your reports of your surgical interludes it is obvious that your gynecologists have taken a peep at the ravages that this disease has caused in your abdomen and decided to leave you severely alone as it is impossible to dissect the Endo tissue which spreads like a web inside. I had a patient whose gyne asked her if she was aware that she only had one Kidney. This was due to one Kidney being restricted in its growth by the Endo tissue and the other had thankfully overgrown to take its place. This patient is now over 50 years of age and I believe that I have described her case in one of the links I gave you under 'Endometriosis and Heavy Bleeding'. She is now completely without any problems as after her menopause the growth of her Endo tissue seems to have ceased.

It is very likely that your Endo tissue will also cease to grow after your Menopause and may make your condition less acute as it is possible that you too will be cured of your constant problem due to the growth of your Endo tissue.

You are now aware of the many patients that I have helped and you too can take Bellis Perennis 30c + Arnica 30c both in the wet dose as this has helped all the patients that I have treated. The Bellis P will help to stop the growth of the Endo tissue if it still shows signs of growth.

We can observe your progress and decide on the next step in a few months. In the meanwhile STOP all other drugs and remedies and only use the two above but you can take the Nat Phos 6x for your gastric problem.
Joe De Livera last decade
Dear Dr. Joe .thanks a lot for your advice.i will report to youabout my progress.in a few months.but as for my mother and daughter i will keep you updated from time to time .i thank you with all my heart for advising me .god be with you regards supriya
Supriya Deb last decade
Dear Dr. Joe,as you had advised my daughter has stopped taking selenium .she is only taking arnica wet dose twice daily for the last one week .she said however that her dark circles under her eyes have not reduced nor have her pimple marks .here i would also add that she has very cold hands and feet and her nails turn bluish when the weather is colder .Dr. please advice as she is very concerned abuot her dark under eye circles .she is also having a lot of pimples on her back and they have left ugly marks .thanks alot for your advice
Supriya Deb last decade
To Supriya

'My daughter 21 yrs old, slim and petite. Her periods are irregular sometimes after 2-3 months. She has profuse bleeding and presently suffering from aleopecia aerata. Currently taking Selenium 10M on alternate days for aloepecia aerata which has improved. '

This is your first post on this thread and you have not indicated if her bleeding has been helped by the Arnica. You now state that he suffers from Acne and also has dark circles under her eyes.
'here i would also add that she has very cold hands and feet and her nails turn bluish when the weather is colder .'

This last ailment can be considered as serious and I would recommend that you consult a specialist in general medicine to diagnose the reason for her nails turning blue in cold weather as this can indicate a circulatory problem in her body.

In the meanwhile she can continue with the Arnica as prescribed.
Joe De Livera last decade

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