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That is great. No aggravation so I would continue with another dose, making sure it is done the same way as a wet dose including hitting the bottle.

Sepia is included in our repertories for Desires Salt, it is in fact one of the symptoms I used to determine it would help you.

It is often surprising how effective the low potencies can be.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Thanks for your help and concern!

Should I only take one single dose or do the same as before with 3 doses evenly spaced throughout a day?
brinyskysail last decade
Hello brinyskysail,

That is very good.

Please do not take another dose.

Please keep waiting for response to this dose should at least last a week to 10 days.

You have already taken 3 doses, and no more are needed for the next week.

Update at that time. Please procure a 200c but do not take it yourself.

sameervermani last decade
Wait, did you just take 3 doses of 12c? Or 3 doses of 30c?
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
3 of 30c
brinyskysail last decade
ah then my mistake I thought you were waiting to get the 30c and using the 12c until then. Of course Sameer is right do not take anymore for the time being.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
This morning when I woke up, I immediately noticed that I did not feel as good as yesterday. Later I read that camphor should be avoided while taking homeopathic remedies, and I took something containing camphor last night. To make matters worse, I had not realized that such antedoting substances should be avoided long term rather than just immediately before or after taking a remedy, and I was so frustrated by the constipation this morning that I drank a small amount of coffee (which I don't normally consume) to help my bowels move. Fortunately, it did make things a little easier, but now knowing what I know about antedoting substances I am very worried that I may have 'undone' things so a couple of questions:

1)Should I do anything about this or just wait and see how I continue to feel?
2)I'm actually allergic to peppermint so that is one substance I don't have to worry about, but my toothpaste is wintergreen flavored; should I discontinue use of this?

I really hope I have not caused a problem for myself! I am going to look up as much as I can today about what to avoid so that I know.
brinyskysail last decade
Toothpaste containing wintergreen or peppermint will not anti-dote.

However, consumption of camphor can anti-dote especially during the initial phases of the response.

You can wait for a day or 2 (to check if this is a temporary blip), and if things do not start improving again, you can repeat a dose just once.

Do you have the 250 ml solution stored somewhere or did you throw it away ?
sameervermani last decade
I made a new 250mL solution last night when brisbane homoeopath posted that I should take another dose (I did not take any, I just made it).

Thanks for your quick response
brinyskysail last decade

[message deleted by Karpo on Wed, 23 Mar 2011 15:45:44 GMT]
Karpo last decade
Karpo, I too think Nat mur covers A LOT of my symptoms, but I have already started with Sepia. If Sepia gives no relief, Nat mur is something to keep in mind. Thanks :)
brinyskysail last decade
Hi Brinyskysail,

Sorry to know about the current issues. I am just curious what did you take that contained Camphor?

I am concerned about your constipation that may lead to other issues. I wonder how long it will take Sepia to correct your constipation?

You may order Homeodent toothpaste to be on the safe side!

The following are the few things while taking homoeopathic remedies.

1. Take your remedy dose at least 1 hour before OR 1 hour after your meal.

2. Avoid coffee and other sources of caffeine.

3. Avoid raw onions, wine and liquor.

4. Avoid spicy foods.

5. Avoid strong perfumes.

6. Never touch remedy pills with your hands.
Tip 4 pills into the cap of the container they came in
And place the pills under your tongue unless otherwise directed.

7. If the remedy is in liquid form, then, pour 4 drops of the remedy into 2 sips of
water using a small cup unless otherwise directed?

8. Avoid herbal supplements unless recommended by your Doctor.

I hope the above will provide a little help.

Again, many more prayers for your good health soon!

nawazkhan last decade
If you do see that in next 2 days, there is no improvement, then just thump the bottle which contains the 250 ml 30c solution hard on your palm 4 times, and take a teaspoon from there JUST ONCE.

The thumping before dosing is very important.

This should tell us whether you accidentally anti-doted the remedy or the remedy just palliated.

sameervermani last decade
I just realized I never answered your question about the camphor; it was in Swedish bitters. I know now not to ingest anything with so many strong flavors!
brinyskysail last decade
I have continued to feel worse throughout yesterday and today. I have been increasingly more depressed, irritable, and 'non-human'. I had an appointment today with a podiatrist (I learned that the reason I have pain is because of edema in the bone marrow of my feet). My mom went with me to the appointment, but I was annoyed by everything she did and said. I felt like I was going to explode. As for the constipation, my bowels have felt very full all day since waking up but with no bowel movement. I took one dose of Sepia 30c.

The podiatrist suggested that I take a pain killer, but I refused because I do not like to take such things. Hopefully I feel better tomorrow; my sister is coming to surprise my parents for Christmas, and I am picking her up from the airport.
brinyskysail last decade
Okay, let us see how you feel for the next 2-3 days.
sameervermani last decade
I have felt much better the past two days - less depressed and much more calm and focused. The constipation has not changed. It's so frustrating becuase I feel like I have no peristalsis and my rectum is constricted so it makes it impossible to have a bowel movement.

I recieved the 200c Sepia that I ordered so I have it if I need it.
brinyskysail last decade
Okay, the cure will move to outer levels later. In other words, constipation is a more superficial symptom than depression and comes later in the curative sequence.

You should wait for 3-4 more days and see how far the last dose takes you.
sameervermani last decade
I have been doing pretty good mentally/emotionally. I have been much less depressed and more calm and relaxed. When I woke up on the 25th I felt more depressed and rundown; I wasn't hungry and didn't want to be around anyone. It had been 5 days since I had last taken anything so I took one 30c dose of Sepia. I have been much better again since then, except now today (the 28th) I'm beginning to feel more anxious and depressed and less calm. It reminds me of having a dark veil over myself. Shen I feel better, it's like the veil is lifted, everything is brighter and clearer, and I feel lighter. Today I am beginning to feel darker and a sensation of heaviness and murkiness.

Nothing has seemed to change with the constipation. Although, I have noticed that I've been able to pass gas more frequently when I need to. Normally gas is just trapped, no matter how much of it there is it just builds up and cannot be expelled, but I have actually been expelling it more lately (since the 24th).

I have been craving salt again (since the 23rd), but it is not as bad as it originally was.
brinyskysail last decade
You can take a single dose of Sepia 200c as follows:

1 pellet in 250 ml spring water, and take a teaspoon.

Do not repeat this dose.

Report in 10 days please.
sameervermani last decade
Should I hit the bottle against my hand (and how many times)? And, just to be sure, you do mean one 200c pellet in 250mL of water? Thanks!
brinyskysail last decade
Darkness, Heaviness, Murkiness, Expelling - these are all Sensation words associated with Sepia. All further confirmation for the remedy.

I am more inclined for you to continue repeating the 30c for the moment.

Can I ask how else things are better? Even with this depression, is it the same when it comes back or less intense?
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
I ended up taking the 200c already.

On the one hand, the depression does seem less intense, but on the other hand, I have taken Sepia each time it has come back so it has not been drawn out or present for long so maybe that just makes it seem not as bad? I'm really not sure; it's just a really bad feeling.

When I am depressed I don't want to be anywhere near other people, and that is still just as strong of a feeling.
brinyskysail last decade
Ok it is not a problem that the 200c has been taken - I am just a bit cautious in going up in potency unless I am sure. But I believe this is a step you would need to take anyway.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Hello - Hope you are well.

It has been 10 days since I took 200c Sepia. For the most part, though it lapses sometimes, I've been feeling 'more human'. I still don't want to be around people though. I've been making greeting cards to sell which shows that I have the focus and motivation to actually complete something and that I can express creativity again. Before when I said that everything seems constipated, that includes creativity. I used to constantly make things and create works of art, but my creativity become constipated along with everything else; it feels so good to once again form visions in my head and 'bring them to life'.

Physically things aren't too much different. I'm definitely still craving salt. I've still been able to pass gas more easily but no more easily than the last time I mentioned it (december 28th). I still have to use enemas, but I used to not even get an urge to go to the bathroom when using enemas and now I do. I had been having painful headaches daily for about a week and a half, but I suddenly stopped getting them about 4-5 days ago.
brinyskysail last decade
The cure will slowly move to physical levels as well. The inner levels are getting in order first. These are good signs. I think you can keep on waiting for at-least 1 week.

Please procure Sepia in LM1 and LM2 potencies from the link below:


30 ml oral liquid, teat dropper bottles.

David, excellent selection of remedy !
sameervermani last decade

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