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Attention Dr Joe- Acid Reflux

Hello Dr Joe,
I am starting this new topic. I was doing really great, my acid reflux was much better. From past 4-5 days, I am having little nausea/acidity/vomit, am yet to go for pregnancy test, it's highly likely though. So my question is if Natrum phos and Arnica safe to take in pregnancy.

Also, in my previous pregnancy, my nausea was really very bad. so this time I want to be prepared with few handy medicines. Please advise.
  shahuja on 2011-01-13
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
You should always be cautious when taking any medicine during pregnancy. However, I treat many pregnant women and you rarely see problems as long as the medicine is selected correctly, and the dosage is always kept to the minimum needed for the situation.

My experience with pregnancy, is that women often experience a change of state (symptoms) that requires a new case taken and a different remedy prescribed.

Is there any history of miscarriage, either personally or in your family?

David Kempson
Professional Homoeopath
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
What medicine should I take for nausea and vomit? There has been no history of miscarriages.

But I really need a medicine for sore taste, sleeplessness because of nausea. and little apprehensive that acid reflux may pop up again.
shahuja last decade
We have thousands of medicines for nausea and vomiting. More details are needed to make a choice.

Firstly how long ago did you stop taking homoeopathic medicines?

Are the symptoms you have now the same as you had then?

If they are not the same, how are they different?

In respect of choosing a medicine to suit your situation:-

What makes the nausea worse?
When does the nausea happen?
What makes the nausea better?
What triggers the nausea?
What symptoms do you get at the same time as the nausea (do not have to be related to the stomach)?
What do you vomit up?
Does anything aggravate the vomiting that is different to aggravating the nausea?
Is there anything that helps the vomiting that is different to what helps the nausea?
Describe the sleeplessness a bit more?
Is there any pain with the nausea?
What is 'sore taste'?
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Also describe the exact sensation in the stomach.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
In homeopathy, we only use one remedy at a time.


Please use the homeopathy patient intake form in order to give us the appropriate information about your case. Hopefully someone here will help you begin real homeopathic treatment to resolve your issues.

Homeopathy International 1 last decade
Dear Brisbanehomoeopath,

I hope you are doing fine in the current floods in Brisbane!

I would like to bring to your kind attention that this thread is addressed to Mr. Joe only.

'Re: Attention Dr Joe- Acid Reflux'

As you state 'David Kempson
Professional Homoeopath', one starts wondering where is the professionalism?

I understand you have the right to share your opinions, but, there must be moral values and ethics as the patient in pain is only requesting from Joe not any one else.

Further, you were requested on the following thread to treat this patient on
12/06/2010, but, your never answered this request. As a matter of fact you scared this patient on the following thread with a unnecessay fight with Joe. Please revisit this thread and do justice with all of us.

're: gerd/acid reflux From nawazkhan on 2010-12-06
Dear Brisbanehomoeopath,

I am in complete agreement with Shahuja as she feels that no concrete advice has come for her issues on this forum. I would like to say sorry to her as we are human beings like her. But, there is room for improvement!

We claim we are professionals, but, we completely fail in professional attitude, service and respect.

Respectable Joe D. Livera, serving the patients in pain and sufferings for over 25 years without any financial rewards and with the best of his abilities at the age of 82 and still going with full speed must be appreciated, fully respected and must not be unprofessionally criticied.

As I strongly believe, this will not serve any purpose of helping others on this forum. This will only confuse our patients and all viewers of the posts that we the consultants are fighting with each other all the time. We must respect this forum, we must respect all patients and we must respect each other.

Difference of opinion is good and contructive criticism is healthy, but, this must be approached with professionalism.

We must at all times extend a helping hand to the patient, the person who is currently treating the patient and to the resources of ABC forum with the best of our knowledge and professional approach.

The patient already in pain due to sickness needs our help and timely attention only. The patient is not interested in the learning of homoeopathy as it might be difficult for him/her to digest the terminology and for sure the patient might not have time or strength or matching education to read a lot of material or to answer a lot of Q's. The patient is already in bad shape and his/her background might not permit the understanding of homoeopathic principles, working of the remedies and various approaches of case taking. These all must be transparent to our patients.

With due respect to all, please help the patient with a correct remedy if your knowledge, skill and experience points a better choice, then please respectfully and professionally extend your help?

It really hurts me when a patient in pain does not get timely help. He/she gets more confused, probably more sick and runs away from us. We just can not teach homoeopathy to all of our patients.

Lastly, please help shahuja, in her sickess of gerd/acid reflux and corn, if you have a better treatment? You are kindly requested to show respect to others for their valuable time they spend on each case. Please remember, they might not have the teaching and clinical experience like you, but, they are loyal, devoted, honorable, skilled, experienced and beautiful human beings. You can not handle all cases alone. You will have to live with slow people like me.

We greatly appreciate your lectures, knowledge of homoeopathy and contribution to this forum, but, treat us fairly as we all have feelings, honor and dignity.

I hope any pray for a professional response to our patient Shahuja for her complete cure and to all of us who respect you.


So, this nice lady Shahuja is asking for Joe's help only. Has she done any harm to you ever?

Please do justice.

nawazkhan last decade
I offered an answer to this patient's question without interfering, and then she asked for a remedy for her nausea and vomiting. Had she said that she was waiting for Joe to prescribe for her I would have happily left this thread for Joe to take care of. She asked for help after my answer however, and I have offered to do so.

I do not see the need to establish 'territory' around a human being who asks for help. Anyone here is free to offer help, if a patient asks for it. No-one here is a patient belonging to an person, as it is a public forum. I am sure if someone wishes privacy to engage in one-on-one with a practitioner they can contact them directly. If they wish to ask me to remove myself from their thread they are free to do that as well.

I am not interfering in current treatment, she stopped her Arnica/Nat-phos treatment some time ago. She is now possibly presenting with a new complaint (related to pregnancy). But you may not have noticed that I have asked her if the symptoms were the same as her previous ones. In such a situation I would have likely advised she return to her previous treatment (after checking that she is not prone to miscarriage).

No practitioner should be isolated from peer review.

There is no criticism in anything I have said in this post.

There is nothing unprofessional about offering help to someone not currently on treatment.

This is an unnecessary diversion from the patient's problem, and I can only wonder why you are doing this.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
To H I (and David K)

I was happy to read your statement:
'Joe is a good guy. I can see that he really wants what is best for his patients.'

You must understand that I have developed a certain mode of therapy aka 'Joepathy' throughout the past years of my involvement in Homeopathy and I have openly admitted that I do not subscribe to the diktat of Classical Homeopathy of treating the totality of the symptoms the patient presents with that elusive single remedy, simply because I have sadly been disillusioned in following this therapy to the letter as the results I had in treating many patients were dismal. It was then that I decided to be more positive in my therapy and developed my own remedies for the treatment of certain ailments as I found that my remedies worked far more effectively than the remedies prescribed in the classical texts. In a way I was using the same protocol that Hahnemann and his early followers used in using potentized remedies that are standard in Homeopathy for diseases which are not listed. The difference however is that I refuse to 'treat the totality of the symptoms' as I have found in almost every case that my 'this for that' therapy worked well. I have always maintained that it is not the methodology used in the cure of an ailment that the patient presents nor the discussion of your pet theories as to which classical remedy was better than the other.

Among the most salient of my recent discoveries are:

Arnica 6c for Diabetes
Nat Phos 6x for Obesity and GERD
Nat Mur 6x for Hypertension.

I have many other remedies which I have pioneered in using for various ailments and diseases which are not listed for the particulat ailment but this will take too long to enumerate here and it can be construed that I am blowing my own trumpet here in this post.

Nawaz has very succinctly analyzed what he feels is the real reason for your joint interference and I hope that you will take his advice to heart. It is the patient's own ailment that is paramount in our joint efforts in helping him and it is up to us jointly to respect each other's opinion and therapy and if for some reason you find that my therapy is not correct, you are welcome to discuss it at greater length with me which you can do in a separate post or by email instead of butting in on my thread and insisting that my therapy is incorrect when in every case I can think of, it was correct. I have had instances where you or David have criticized me for my remedy after the patient confirms that he/she was already cured !

I have often referred to the fact that I am not alone in my treatment protocol as the link below will show you that other more qualified and world famous bodies also use this same direct 'This for that' protocol as according to them it works even better than the classical therapy.



All I request of you and David is to just quit bugging me on every post I make and I am delighted to note that Nawaz has also cautioned you both to lay off as it is only when you or David criticize me in a manner I feel is unfair, that I am compelled to go on the defensive. You will observe that I have never had occasion to berate either of you and it is my hope that we can exist on the ABC as friends as time to me is precious, especially when one reaches my advanced age as I can use up the time that I have in the future towards achieving a more positive result than crossing swords with both of you.

Kind Regards

Joe De Livera
Joe De Livera last decade
I would like to disagree and reject the unfortunate statements of Brisbanehomoeopath.
nawazkhan last decade
Dr Joe,
Please advise me too. I can understand the diversions. But I am in need of your advice due to bad nausea.
shahuja last decade
Nausea is common in the first Trimester of a pregnancy and it is difficult to prescribe any remedy that will help to alleviate the problem.

My daughter in law who now has an 8 month old baby girl used Nat Phos 6x after each meal and Arnica in the Wet dose twice daily and it helped her. Since you have responded to these remedies, you are advised to continue to use them and report your response.

I presume that you are taking Folic Acid and you can also add Ferr Phos 6x dose 2 tablets taken twice daily.

Do not take any analgesics like Paracetmol as they can affect the Foetus. Drink plenty of liquids and carry on with your day to day work as this is essential to keep your body in tune with the new life developing in you.
Joe De Livera last decade
Joe I have not criticized you in this post. Your comments are unnecessary as I was not addressing you at all.

If the patient wishes to continue with your treatment this is her choice and I have not suggested anywhere that she does not.

It is prudent with pregnancy to be cautious with prescribing as homoeopathy if used inappropriately, as can other kinds of drugs, can create problems especially in those women who are prone to easy abortions.

Again I would urge Joe and Nawaz to stop reigniting these pointless arguments, as this only keeps alive the ill-will that has grown between the homoeopaths and the other kinds of practitioners on this forum.

I also do not see the point of discussing the Banerji Protocols again, as I have done that on another post and you did not enter into any debate on the subject. If you wish to discuss how Banerji's methods fit into classical (or traditional) homoeopathy (which they do by the way, a point which you may be surprised to hear)we can do that on another post. Discussion of homoeopathic philosophy is something I particularly enjoy, and everyone can learn from such discussions.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
To David

I was glad to read your comment:
'I have not criticized you in this post. Your comments are unnecessary as I was not addressing you at all. '

I am now so used to your constant bugging me on almost every post I make and I agree that you were not for once critical of the therapy I had prescribed Shahuja.

You will note however that I have had some previous experience in treating nausea associated with early pregnancy as I stated:
'My daughter in law who now has an 8 month old baby girl used Nat Phos 6x after each meal and Arnica in the Wet dose twice daily and it helped her. Since you have responded to these remedies, you are advised to continue to use them and report your response. '
I would also like to add that I do not go by theory (classical or otherwise) alone. I use the wealth of my experience in Homeopathy and must admit that I also rely on prayer and 'inspiration' to identify the remedy that I feel will help the patient and my choice has so far been proved correct up to about 95%.

I should have qualified that she used my therapy early during her pregnancy and that it stopped her feeling sick especially in the mornings.

You state:
'Again I would urge Joe and Nawaz to stop reigniting these pointless arguments, as this only keeps alive the ill-will that has grown between the homoeopaths and the other kinds of practitioners on this forum.'

You must understand that you and H I have invariably been the protagonists on almost all my recent posts and I must admit that I was pleasantly surprised to discover that Nawaz whom I have never met before has also joined me in my singular efforts to justify my 'Joepathy' which both of you seem allergic to. The mere fact that I do not follow the classical protocol that you both have been taught is not sufficient to berate me as you have done in the past and it is my hope that you will leave me in peace to do what I feel is best for the patient.

All I request you both is to LAY OFF my posts but I would welcome any criticism if you find my therapy is dangerous or otherwise faulty (which has never occurred so far).

I did not read your response to the Banerji Protocol and would appreciate if you will please provide the link to your post. I too find Homeopathy a fascinating science to study and I believe that I have proved how positive its effects can be at my age of 82 years as I am still able to keep abreast at least mentally with both you and H I whom I presume are perhaps half my age. You must understand that it is in the sharing of one's knowledge and experience that this science can progress without the constant infighting that has spelt the death of Homeopathy in the UK which I am convinced is due to this ill will fostered within our own fraternity.

I shall welcome the exchange of Homeopathic Philosophy with you and hope that we can maintain this camaraderie in the future too. It is possible that I cannot match your grasp of this science of which I read that you used to lecture on, but any deficiency on my part can be met by reference to my own background experience over so many years since the time I first encountered Homeopathy as a skeptic but changed my mind after I was cured of my frequent colds which allopathy could not do, which impelled me to study this science since 1968.

I have always maintained that Homeopathy to me is only a Hobby to which I am passionately dedicated as I have ample evidence from my own self and the patients whom I have treated in the past, always free of any charge, that if one uses Homeopathy in the manner that I do, the chances are good that one can survive to a ripe old age and enjoy a quality of life that is not possible by those who are constantly wedded to their doctors and drugs, both of which I abhor.
Joe De Livera last decade

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