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Dr Kadwa, Dr Deoshlok, Please Help: Possible Fibromyalgia, Cronic Stress and depression

Dear Doctors,
You have cured my GERD and Oesophagitis and I am utterly greatful to you for that.

My friend is suffering since a long time and I come here to all of you for help. I am describing his situation below:


* Your Main problem:

For the first few years the problem was predominantly musuclar, but since last year or two I have noticed decreased energy levels also.

*The history of problem

It all started about somewhere in 2003/4 with burning pain in the neck. This eventually spread to upper back/mid back. over the next couple of years it went from there to glutes and then eventually my feet(feet worsened gradually in a few months after a trekking trip). For the first few years the problem was predominantly musuclar, but since last year or two I have noted decreased energy levels. Endurance is reasonably alright but strength has decreased.Exertion sets fatigue fast.

*Your age, height, weight and appearance please.
34 years, male, 172cms, 74kg, Dark brown color.

*Please describe your mental state like you are irritable, calm, worried, depressed, frustrated etc.
I get depressed only due to my worsening condition, not otherwise. The hopelessness is what is most difficult to deal with. I am a more negative person now then before. I am irritable sometimes but only when there is a symptom flare.

* How are your relations with your close relatives and friends?

They alre alright, but its difficult to keep commitments and am apprehensive about creating newer relations...generally don't socialize that much, now especially due to my problems...

* How does this affect me ?
My problem is lifestyle threatening, so it affects everything, my relationships, my dreams aspirations, my hopes etc. I am not neurotic but become anxious as I see this problem charts its progression...
I worry about my problems becoming worse and crippling me to a point when I am not functional...

Also now I 20-25 minutes of running and some core exercies. Can't do strenous exercise for long because the muscle tire too fast with very few repetitions. Have been exercising regularly more or less now.

* What comes to your mind ?
Will I ever lead a normal life...its dificult to keep my head above my shoulders!

*What do you think is the causative factor for your problems?

It could be CNS mediated or metabolic related, or could be related to myofascial pain...I think the musculature issues are an effect and probably not a cause...
but my problem initiated with localised presentation so I don't have a clue whats wrong with me...

*Please describe your other physical symptoms like headache, backache etc.

I feel extremly vulnerable while standing...same feeling with my fingers while I am playing the guitar...feel extreme sensitivity to strings on the guitar.
The vulnerability in the feet is best charecterized by the feeling of pressure on the heels and ball of the feet. Eventually those areas start hurting via burning pain. I think the fatigue causes burning pain.

don't have GERD but my esophageal valve was found loose(upper GI scopy confirmed this) no medication for this. Happened about somewhere in 2008. This has gotten better with time although it relapsed about a couple of weeks back but I am already getting better. Am taking homeopathy medicine for this second relapse.

Feel lot of pulsation...in my feet, fingers(when i stretch my palm wide open), actually I have hieghtened sensitivity and feel pulsing all around my body...of course this is not painful. But that awareness itself is disturbing.

I sometimes get jabbing/lightening pain spikes which last for a second or two in my upper right foot(not leg), near ankle...this spikes happen once or twice a day, and generally wakes me up when happens at night.
This first happended a year back, went away with physiotherapy which included IFT and ultrasound treatment. Then happened againa and went away with same treatment...now has reoccured for the third time, about 2 weeks back...

i was found short on b12, took injections and now take b12 sublingual tablets once or twice a month.
i was found short on d3 too, since then I take cholacaliferol sachet once a month.

I feel I have more tighter and fibrous musculature now but my flexibility and range of motion is surprisingly superb.

*You prefer cold environment and open air or do you prefer warm surroundings.
Warm surroundings.

*At what time of day you as an individual feel better and worse like better in the morning and worse at night.
Highly variable so could not locate a pattern to this.

*How is your sleep?

Short(4-5 hours max) and sometimes fragmented.

*How is your sweat? It is less, more or normal? Where do you sweat more like in armpits, head etc.
Normal sweating.
*How is your thirst for water, cold drinks and hot drinks?
* Current medicine that you are taking:
1 multivitamin multi mineral a day. have been taking a multi mineral targeted for eye since last 20 days.

*Whether the complaints aggravate after movements or while taking rest.

They aggravate whenever I statically overload my body. e.g. excessive sitting, excessive standing...I am most comfortable when body is mobile!
*How is your bowel movement? Constipated, loose or normal. How is the digestion?
Normal, although since last few months my anal canal has become more prone to injury.

* Family back ground
Dad is a businessman, almost retired. Mother is a homemaker and a younger sister is married and settled elsewhere.

* Qualification
Masters in computers. Bachelors in Science, with mathematics as major.

*Do you think that you are able to satisfy your sexual desires?
Libido has decreased but has not vanished! I believe my reduced endurance and strenght would affect my performance too!

Please help.
  viz_oz on 2011-02-14
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Please take three doses of Lycopodium 200 as follows and report back after 15 days.

day 1 morning
1st dose

day 1 evening
2nd dose

day 2 morning
3rd dose

One dose means
If the medicine is in pills form 4 pills. Don't touch pills with hand. Use cap of bottle to take pills.
If the medicine is in liquid dilution form, 3-4 drops in some 20 ml water. Sip up slowly.

Please follow homeo restrictions like no coffee, no raw onion/garlic, no strong perfumes, don't eat or drink anything within 30 minutes before or after taking medicine.
kadwa last decade
Thanks for the prompt reply.

I am currently on homeopathy meds with a local homeopath and I am not sure what those meds are.

I am going to get of them in a week. Will I need to do something to cancel the effects of those medicines before I start the medicines suggested by you?
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viz_oz last decade
Whenever one swicthes one's homeopath it is better to take Nux Vomica 30c thrice a day for one day and to have a gap of 2 days before and after Nux.
kadwa last decade
Thanks for the info Dr. Kadwa.

I have done the vomica 30c routine as recommended by you. I also started the lycopodium 200 since today(Sunday morning).

I had some alcohol last night. It all seemed fine. Only today morning(Sunday)
an hour after my first lycopodium dose I had some tea and breakfast and soon afterwards had mid abdomen tightness, mild burning and belching. My heart seems to pound at a slightly faster rate. Of course the symptoms subside two to three hours after having food. They are very similar to the symptom I have mentioned in the above post.

Please advise.

viz_oz last decade
Please wait for 15 days without taking the remaining two doses. If you have taken the second dose, don't take the third one.
kadwa last decade
Thanks for the response. Unfortunately I read your post a bit late and had already taken the third dose too.
Fortunately the symptoms went away after this incidence and have not returned. They went away the same day.

I have another symptom but its more then 3 weeks and it has persisted so I though I would seek your opinion about this.
I am experiencing this for the first time in my life.

For past 3 weeks or so I have been sneezing quite a bit and have mild running nose. I sometimes feel like my nose has blocked(One of the nostrils) in the morning although I don't think there's any congestion. It is uncomfortable. Actually the left nostril sometimes feel abnormally dry and have trouble taking deep breaths through left nostril alone. The runnyness and blockage reduces to minimum after i wake up. No cough or other cold symptoms.

I took cetrizine and montelukast sodium 10mg intermittently. I think the sneezing has reduced but the slight runnyness is still there and early morning blockage persists. Please let me know if I have not described my symptoms clearly.

Please advice.
viz_oz last decade
You may take 2 pellets each of the following tissue salts thrice a day at a gap of 4 hours to get relief...
natrum sulph 6x
kali mur 6x
ferrum phos 6x

Whenever you experience aggravation in any of your problems you should take a single dose of Lycopodium 200 and wait for 15 days.
kadwa last decade
Dear Doctor,

Thanks for the prompt reply!

I still have a question or two but I will report back as you had suggested at the end of this week.

At the point I will also give you a more thorough description of my problems in a different format as a separate document attached to the post and then we can take it from there.
viz_oz last decade
I took lycopodium as prescribed but there are no changes in my symptoms.

Also I am reposting my original problem description as separate post since the original post doesn't describe certain aspects of my problem very well. I have added some more things to it too. Do you think creating a separate topic is a better idea?

Please advise.
viz_oz last decade
I am a 34 year old software engineer and have been working for well over 9 years. Below is a brief history of what I suffer from its course of progression and associated symptoms.

The mail has multiple sections. They outline progression; chronologically on what things went wrong, major problems summarized, Noteworthy observations, tests and treatments that I have undergone etc

Hopefully they together will give you a complete picture of my current being.


The sequence is as best as I can remember, but may be slightly inaccurate.

• 2003/4- burning pain in the neck which would present itself only at work. Base of the skull, and along the length of trapezius neck muscle.
• 2005 - upper back/mid back discomfort and inability to sit for longer time. Feel as if the midback musculature is experiencing a pull, don’t recall any burning pain here. I remember this being triggered after a very long bus ride from Bangalore to pune.
• 2006/7 – Glutes would go extremely sore very fast. Inability to take long bike trips. Currently I feel as if am overloaded(pressure!) at my butts when I sit for longer periods, say from 45 minute onwards. I keep shuffling positions to deal with this. Much longer periods bring about burning.
• 2007- Feet. I remember feeling awkward sensation after a trekking trip. This became a feeling of pressure and discomfort diffused across the entire foot (the heel and the forefoot). My ability to remain standing has progressively decreased since then to now. I can barely stand for more then 20 minutes now. Keep shuffling to stand longer. I feel this even with shoes on, no matter how great the cushioning. I can walk for an hour or two without much problem. Burning starts on overstepping my limits. Currently I feel vulnerable on top of my feet(dorsal) too.
• 2008 – Strength and energy. I was doing aggressive strength training for almost a year then and went sick(no infection detected), not sure what it was but I just could never do strength training after that.. I still try pull ups, push ups, but tire fast with very few reps and can’t seem to increase the reps or the strength. I could try harder but fear prohibits any further effort.
• 2008 - I had a loose sever esophageal valve(not GERD) episode around this time. No medications, has gotten better with time. Had relapses but were of mild severity.
• 2008- Fingers. This was a very bitter reminder and happened suddenly during one of my band jam sessions. My pinkie got razed and I would fear touching the strings of my guitar. Ever since all of my fingers feel pressure (again!) and sensitivity to steel strings of my guitar. I play with a rock’n’roll band so aggression is the name of the game. My fingers don’t approve. The longer I play the more vulnerable my fingers feel. The musculature their exhausts like elsewhere too!
• 2010 – Lightening like jags at the top of my feet, at the base of the ankle. 3 episodes so far. The first two went away with minimal ultrasound and IFT, the 3rd one went away after continued jogging and walking!

Major Problems Summarized

Mostly Muscular. Affected body parts in order of severity feet(mostly while standing), glutes(while sitting for too long), neck(while typing a lot), mid back(while sitting too much), fingers (only on playing the guitar).

I can't hold static postures for more then 20-30 minutes (standing or sitting). Can’t ride bikes for longer then (30-35 minutes max).

Lack of strength (for my age) and endurance. Endurance is slightly better off then strength though!

Minor Problems Summarized
Border line high intra ocular pressure and muscle imbalance in the eye(noticeable only when I am tired)

Noteworthy Observations

• My musculature seems to have changed almost everywhere..its more wiry, fibrous...like in older people, I feel this subjectively and only when I palpate muscular strands. There are no visible signs of this.
• Don’t have gerd but my esophageal valve is loose (upper GI scopy confirmed this) no medication for this. Happened about somewhere in 2008. This has gotten better with time. Although I do feel mild mid abdomen tightness and slight hearburn once in a while but can’t figure out its correlation to my diet pattern.
• I think that I may be loosing muscle mass. I draw this conclusion because I have thinned out in all regions except for my low abdomen (I don’t look mal-nourished just thin). No noticeable drop in weight however (may be an odd kilo or 2). Strength reduction is noticeable. Watching my weight on a weekly basis now.
• There is no pain while sleeping...don't sleep that long (4-5 hours max) though. Sleep continuously when I do and I take some time falling asleep.
• Feel a lot of pulsation...in my feet, fingers (when i stretch my palm wide open), even glutes. I feel especially after some exertion as if there’s blood gushing in my heels. Actually I have heightened sensitivity and feel pulsing all around my body...of course this is not painful. But that awareness itself is disturbing

• I am generally not constipated, but if I retain stool then they become somewhat hard(the initial stool atleast!) and I generally am not able to empty my bowels in one attempt and don’t always have strong urge. I have good fibre intake in my diet and don’t take anything which causes hardening of stools or problem in evacuation(e.g. no maida, excess tea and no coffee etc)
• My ano-rectal skin after an incident of small fissure has become weak. The surgeon tells me this can happen due to age related structural changes in that area. I take half a tablet of cremalax (10mg)almost everyday for stool softening and urge. When I am better, I avoid the tablet and take softovac or something equivalent?

Tests, Treatment, Supplements & Medication
• Was found b12 deficient...took meythl cobalamin injections for it...levels are better now...sublingual tablet once a month. I don’t see any improvement with the supplementation though!
• vitamin d3 insufficient(20 ng/mol i guess)...taking calcierol satchets on a monthly basis... I don’t see any improvement with the supplementation though!
• Have borderline high cholesterol and borderline high blood pressure(137/88). This is puzzling since I don’t have sedentary life-style and do mild exercises regularly. This was detected in March 2011. No medications just precaution and preventive measures.
• Low levels of free testosterone
• Nerve conduction study which was normal
• Hormone profile, metabolic profile all found normal.
• Take multi mineral and vitamin tablet on a daily basis.
• No conclusive assessment done by any of the consulting rheumatologist and/or neurologist.
• Psychiatrist prescribed anti-depressants for pain management but discontinued them after 2 months of trial. Have borderline high ocular pressure so ophthalmologist has advised to stay away from such drugs.
• CPK level was recently(march 2011) reported at 157 ( ref range 55-170 u/l)
• C-Reactive Protein level at 23.7 (Ref range up to 6 mg/l) and a week later at 5.18(ref range 1-11 mg/l). This is also in march 2011. ESR levels were normal both the times.

Queries and concerns

I don’t expect you to answer this but they are questions that I have been asking myself a lot. They are too many and could be disorienting but I have been pondering about them.

Is this progressive?

Can the progression lead to something harmful or other syndromes/diseases?

What additional tests(blood, x-ray, MRI etc etc) would you recommend?

Are there co-existing conditions and/or co morbidities?

How do I increase my sleep hours? Or am I already sleeping normally?

I would want to achieve regular smooth motions without any supportive treatment and figure out how to have soft stools and complete evacuation in one go. How do we achieve that?

How to increase energy levels and be able to sit and stand for long like normal people?

My feet, glutes, fingers and mid-back are major concern(although I believe this is body-wide)…how do we rectify this?

Thanks for listening.

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viz_oz last decade
Please take three doses of Sulphur 200 as follows and report back after 15 days (only 3 doses in 15 days).

day 1 morning
1st dose

day 1 evening
2nd dose

day 2 morning
3rd dose
kadwa last decade
Dr. I have taken the 3 doses as recommend over 15 days.

I do not see any change in my symptoms. I have observed the following things:

-> my sleep worsened midways where it was fragmented and less in number of hours and then improved for a couple of days...now it has worsened again...fragmented and less in number of hours and not deep enough
-> I have more mid back tightness and discomfort...this is on sitting only.
->feel more discomfort and pressure in the right feet...more then the left feet...feet symptoms same as before...it is possible that the right more then left was before too and I may have only recently observed it more closely...just guessing.
-> i am anxiety prone these days, but its something I have to work on...

I am on no other medication and the only thing I have done differently in last 15 or more days is increased the intensity of my strength training program. fortunately I did not have any trouble increasing the intensity of the program. I don't use any extra weights, my program uses my body weight only and comprises of exercises like lunge, squats, step up, push up, pull ups etc and some core strengthening exercises.

I recently got brain MRI and spine MRI. Let me know if you're interested in the results of those studies.

Please advise.

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viz_oz last decade
Please take three doses of Calcarea Carb 200 as follows and report back after 15 days (only 3 doses in 15 days).

day 1 morning
1st dose

day 1 evening
2nd dose

day 2 morning
3rd dose
kadwa last decade

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