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Help with patient with depression, ED, RLS and thyroid deficiency


I am new to this Forum. I have been working with a 61-year-old male patient for 8 months. He came to me with several concurrent health issues that seem to be, from my perspective, all interrelated.

1. Depression/anxiety. History of underlying anxiety for at least 35 of his 61 years. Tendency to drink to excess in his 20's and up until his 44th year when he went to A.A. and was sober for 13 years before returning to moderate drinking (2 beers a night). Also a smoker. Wishes to stop his addictions but his mental state tends to dictate his desire for self-sabotage. Feels lack of self-confidence, although he is a successful businessman. The word he uses over and over is "overwhelmed." Everything seems to overwhelm him. Over the last 8 months, we have been able to bring him out of depression for as long as three weeks. Then he gets an emotional set back from work-related endeavors (always regarding money) and he's back to anxiety. It typically presents in the morning upon waking.

2. ED (Erectile dysfunction). Does not believe he can have an erection without the aid of Viagra or similar tablets. I have been able to get him to use an herbal tablet that has Viagra-like action. But still, he "believes" he needs "something" in order to obtain an erection. This has caused numerous problems within his marriage. Has had a steady decline in passion and desire for sexual activity for over one year. Used to have spontaneous erections each morning, but not anymore. Not satisfied with sexual activity as he was before. Says he feels disconnected much of the time and is not "there" with his wife during sexual activity. Frankly, he is not "there" other times as well, as I have observed them together. He buries much of his emotions and speaks very quietly, often mumbling. His lack of passion (sexual) reflects his lack of passion for life in general. This is causing ongoing stress and has reached a crisis point in his marriage.

3. RLS (Restless Leg Syndrome). He has had this problem for at least 8 years, according to his wife. I have given him liquid minerals to address this since there was severe cramping in his calves. The minerals have helped tremendously. But the nervous leg movements along with the restless sleep disorder has meant that he cannot get more than 4 hours in a row of sleep without waking up. He has been chronically tired for nearly 5 years. This co-incides with his business ventures that created more stress on his life.

4. Thyroid deficiency. He did not come to me for this problem but it is an underlying condition that I believe resonates under his other conditions and creates related problems. He had part of his thyroid removed due to a small tumor four years ago. I have put him on Armour Thyroid (natural thyroid). He has been on it for three months and seems to be showing a small percentage of improvement.

He has had a battery of tests (adrenal stress index, thyroid testing, hormone saliva panel, cardio, complete physical, etc.) Adrenal test showed low morning cortisol levels. We are addressing this with adrenal herbs and adaptogens. The hormone saliva panel was puzzling as it showed levels of free testosterone that were in keeping with a 20 year old. Progesterone was high on first test but leveled out on second test. Estrogens were low. I had thought that his lack of sexual passion and drive may be linked to estrogen dominance but that was not the case.

As an aside, he suffers from cystic ganglias on his wrists. One was removed 15 years ago surgically. The other remains on his left wrist. Has been drained many times and has returned. No other benign growths on his body. Has arthritic knees and pain on right knee from football injury in college.

Family lives long lives. Deaths are from natural causes at advanced ages (89+). Depression runs in family on father's side. Father committed suicide and was institutionalized for the last 10 years of his life.

Patient also is VERY easily influenced by what he sees. Scenes of violence or highly charged sexual content in movies disturbs him and can stay with him for days. VERY sensitive nature. Has not cried in decades, he says.

History of homeopathic remedies:

He is a Sulphur Constitution with a slight Belladonna influence (as his mind rules his body). We did a single dose of 200 Sulphur which shook loose a lot of the residual lung-related elements (physical and psychological...presenting as extreme congestion and repressed grief). He then took three doses of Belladonna 30 which helped his sleep patterns for about two weeks then stopped working. Did five doses of Nux Vomica 30x but affecterd nothing.

Did 2 doses of Lycopodium 30x. His right hip and right knee ache, thus the profile fit as well as ED and night twitches, lack of self-confidence. However, it did nothing.

On this past Friday, when he came to my office, I gave him a single dose of Baryta Carb 30x. There were many matching elements here. It was between Lycopodium and Baryta and I went with Lycopodium first. There seems to be a bit of improvement with the Baryta Carb. I saw him this morning at a social function and he took me aside to say that there was a bit more "passion" in his life last night. However, there is still the underlying and unrelenting level of depression and fear.

I come to this Forum only because I would like new eyes to see this patient from what I have written and tell me if I am missing something here. He is starting therapy this week with a therapist he trusts and has seen in the past. I think it's a good idea and encourage him to do so. Any time he can talk and let loose of his emotional garbage, he is better.

Right now, the depression and ED are his main concerns, as they are affecting his self-confidence tremendously. When he cannot function mentally or sexually, he says he feels "lacking."

Assistance from anyone with experience in this type of patient is very appreciated.

Thank you.
  Jim Sheldon ND on 2005-05-08
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Tricky one here .

THe suicide in the family puts him in the syphilinum class -- from a miasmatic point of view .

However he seems to be , as an individual , more psoric.

I have had many discussions about the nature of reality , and the fact that it tends to be whatever you believe it to be.

So yes he needs to "modify his reality".

Suggest you study Tuberculinum
and see if there are any matches.
passkey last decade

Yes, tricky is right. And frustrating as ever. This is the kind of case that makes one think they have lost their ability to do their job effectively. I give him a remedy (herbal or homeopathic) and it might work and then it just fades off in effectiveness. I've become friends with him and his wife and I truly want to help him. It just seems that his depressive state has become worse over the past three months.

Re: Sulphur. I gave him the remedy for two reasons. One, I felt it matched his constitution the best. Second, I wanted to literally shake loose the nagging myriad of problems that seemed to be buried deeply. Well, it worked big time. In fact, I can look back at my notes from that period and see that his psychological issues rose so much to the surface that he became disconnected and, at times, disassociated with his wife and his work associates. I received many calls during the first three weeks of that single dose remedy from both he and his wife saying that things were "very bad." The mental effects were compounded by the deeply physical effects: respiratory distress, symptoms that looked like a very bad flu, extreme fatigue, congestion, sinus pressure and continued disorientation. Unfortunately, this all presented during a time when he had a major family gathering and a fairly important work-related issue. He was unable to function for either which did not make him feel any more confident. It seemed to make his normal lack of confidence even worse. There was a domino effect with his family, his wife and his work associates that drove his depression deeper. Just a bad, bad deal. I felt tremendous compassion for him. Understandably, he was genuinely skittish when I proposed Nux, Belladonna, etc. as he did not want to go through the deep agony of emotional distress again. I gave him low doses of Nux and Belladonna and they seemed to work, albiet mildly. The lycopodium, as mentioned, did nothing. This Baryta Carb seems to be doing "something," although this is a pattern with him. I.E. a positive effect emerges only to be dissolved by his own mind and self-destructive mind set.

Re: Tuberculinum, I checked the profile on line and in Kent's and the only similars are likes open air, flush of heat and melancholy. The rest just does not feel like him, from an intuitive point of view. I also know that Tub. tends to really rock the boat and frankly, whatever we do at this point must be low dose and very specific as his depressive state is fairly strong now. The only "however" to that statement is that after I saw him this morning, I did notice a lighter mood after the Baryta dose from Friday. He is by no means suicidal (I have asked many times.) However, I believe he doesn't see a lot of use in living in the states he gets into lately. He has a great marriage. But the stress this has put on them is extreme, to say the least. His perception of his financial state (i.e, "financial ruin") is ever-present. And yes, one's perception of reality or nature thereof, has been brought up many times.

Still open to ideas. Thank you. I am determined to help this man as I feel he has invested his trust and health to me.
Jim Sheldon ND last decade
Just talked to him. He says that he's had a good day with greater clarity. The fatigue is still there. It's a mental fatigue that translates into the physical. This is a clear effect of the depression as I've seen evidence over the last 8 months of enthusiasm when he finds something that intrigues him.

By the way, just in case anyone suggests it, he has been on many different Bach remedies since coming to me and before seeing me. They do seem to work well for him as his sensitivity is acute. Vibrational remedies, in small doses even, are felt deeply and quickly with him.
Jim Sheldon ND last decade
From the alcohol involvment and continued discomforts and the preferred use of beer, I am certain he has a candida/thrush/yeast condition over the years. Beer is the worse offender. This condition causes many of the things you mention.

Alcohol affects the primitive part in the back of the brain, and alcohol becomes like an allergy. This causes many wierd happenings in the body. Sugar cravings and imbalance of entire body. Eating too many carbs?

He is most likely too acid. Let us pray he does not use any diet stuff. Aspertame. Read the post on it.

Any other symptoms that could be seen as allergic reactions?

One can get a natural Testosterone gel to increase the male factor if other hormones are out of balance. Besides the testing, one needs to observe mannerisms and body language. If too feminine, there is a need for the Testo.

He expecially needs Magnesium as this will correct many things and also the leg cramps. Vit C, Zink, Calcium.

He must drink 10 cups of water per day. Even if he just stands there and drinks them down. A slightly dehydrated body is very unhappy. Avoid caffeine like a disease.

See if you can get some descriptions of the type of child he was. Fears of dark...or different behavior as a child.

I will study more.

Blessings, Sabra
sabra last decade
Dear Sabra,

I have much of the information you need from my files on him.

Regarding allergies, I had him do a full allergy test for food sensitivities last fall. He has known allergies to avocados and shell fish. The food allergy panel showed far more allergies, including asparagus, mushrooms and onions as top offenders with a literal bevy of other foods that contribute to problems. Frankly, I was surprised. My gut feeling after reading the test was that this guy was so ultra sensitive to everything (just like he is emotionally), that just plain living in this world is almost too much incoming stimulation! He has kept fairly well to the diet I outlined for him. However, in all honesty, I am not a practitioner who is like a Nazi when it comes to following too strict a guideline. I believe if you eat good foods 95% of the time, you can cheat the other 5% and not have a problem. This does NOT include cheating with aspartame, soy, gobs of hyrdogenated fats or known allergens. I include soy as I've done extensive research on the automatic effects of soy on the thyroid and entire endocrine system and how it screws with hormones and increases the fatigue factor. With this guy, anything that induces fatigue is a nightmare.

I also ordered a sugar panel for him earlier this year. That proved surprising as well. He was one point away from Type II Diabetes. This information came to him at a time when he was so overwhelmed (remember, he feels and uses that word many times during our sessions) that he almost couldn't digest the idea of Type II. I explained that through dietary changes (no more sugar in his coffee and eating protein in the morning and reducing cheap carb intake) he could manage it and bring down the numbers. He did the changes and we rechecked his bloodwork the following week. In one week, he had gone down two points. Amazing! It convinced him that what he was doing was working and he has continued to reduce and even eliminate sugar, lower carb intake and have NO sugar in his coffee since then.

I have considered the testosterone gel. However, his free testosterone shows such high levels, I worry that it would throw him into a hyper mode.

Here is the puzzle (well, one of many). When you look at this guy, you see a generous spirit, a gentle man and a fellow who doesn't fit into the hard driving world we live in. He's not feminine by any stretch of the imagination. He just takes in too much from this world and has a hard time processing it. This is why I gave him a few doses of Belladonna. My automatic response when he first came to me was to load him up with "yang" inducing herbs to strengthen his maleness. I also balanced that with adaptogens (siberian ginseng, schizandra, rhodiola and the like). Well, his wife called me early on to say that while he was certainly more aggressive, it was in a way that was like a child who is not accustomed to feeling that in his body and acting on it in odd ways. She was right. He came to see me and he was quite cavalier in his words and attitude. But frankly, it was not the attempt at strength I was aiming for. (This is what has made this patient so very frustrating. If you push too much of anything at him, he goes over the edge with that influence.) Oddly enough, I got the feeling that he was running from being more in touch with his sensitive nature. Remember, this guy has not cried in eons. So, thought I, I would temper the more male-dominated herbs (still keeping a baseline of energy there) but infuse more balancing herbs and have him take a series of Bach flower remedies that address low self-confidence, paralzyed thought and action, impotence of mind and body, extreme fatigue, lack of motivation etc. Thus, Gorse, Clematis, Wild Oat, Larch, Centaury, Oak, White Chestnut, Elm and Sweet Chestnut proved very helpful. The Sweet Chestnut and Wild Oat were very effective. Again, the first two weeks he used one or two of the formulas, he did very well. In fact, looking at my notes, he mentioned that his wife remarked how much more confident and less preoccupied he was in his mind. There was a nice respite of two weeks for them and then he descended back into his morose thoughts of financial ruin, lack of self-confidence, impotence, desire to escape with beer and smoking, and just not engage in one-on-one contact. He would then re-emerge from this and be more balanced.

I have much info from his childhood in my files. Again, he was not understood as a kid. He was a true enigma to his east coast US, upper crust family. First of all, there was the in born sensitivity. They also tended to treat him as "different." He was the youngest of three (older brother and older sister). Apparently, they still treat him like the "baby" even though he's coming up on his 61st birthday! I had the opportunity last year to attend a function locally when his family was in town. His mother is still alive at age 95 and she is definitely the matriarch to the hilt. This is a family that reveres women. Even holds them up on pedestals that they cannot live up to. His older brother (two years older) married a strong woman. My patient also married a strong woman. His older brother is also sensitive and, I would say, a lost soul. He is very successful work-wise, but he has been on Prozac and other antidepressants for years!

Back to childhood, for several years between age 7 and 10 (he cannot remember exactly), my patient had to wear braces on his legs at night to correct a growth disorder. To this day, he has right hip pain and there's that right knee injury from football. He also has Osgood Schlatter's disease, a calcium build up on his right knee that prevents free movement. As a child, there was not a lot of hugging in his family. He heard words of confidence from his mother who bolstered his ego but his father seemed mainly emotionally absent. While we do not know specifics, during hypnotherapy (not with me, but a former therapist), my patient alluded to something that occured when he was around six years old. He was hiding behind the couch in the living room of their house in New York and either heard or saw something between his parents that deeply disturbed him. They never knew he was there as he apparently was able to slip away from the room on his hands and knees without being seen. It's all very vague, but whatever occurred, seems to have involved seeing his mother act in a "way of strength" that disturbed him. Here is the thing: There is this respectful bond he has with his mother but then there is this dislike of his mother that makes him feel guilty. It's love/hate. So there's this allure for the feminine and then a removal of his psyche. He "says" he enjoys being around his family who he only sees once a year. But honestly, when I spent time with him and his family last year, what I saw was not what he was telling me. They are a loud bunch. Nice, but loud. Very clanish in nature. East coast upper class with a liberal flavor. I watched as my patient slipped quietly away to smoke and simply get away from the crowd. He continued to pull away emotionally, even though he said he wanted to spend time with them. I found this eye-opening.

My patient is someone who has defied all conventional expectations. He was expected to be either a lawyer (like his father) or an engineer. He went to school and got his masters to teach geography but then he fell in love with the western US, came out here at age 28 and bought a ranch and lived the life of a rough and ready cowboy. He loved it! He felt alive for the first time in his life. His family thought he was mad. But then again, he's this enigma to them and remains so. He married a woman who lived in a teepee on mountain at 13,000 feet. Very unconventional. Couldn't call him a hippie becaue he always had a job and made good money. But he did his share of pot smoking and one trip on acid which he regrets to this day. Bought a business in town and started the first custom boot and repair store in this area. Still has it to this day. At one time, he had three other stores spread out over a 100 mile radius. So, he's no slouch when it comes to working hard. His first marriage lasted 20 years and produced three children. His second marriage is about 8 years in and they are great together.

Looking back on the notes, I see no notations of fears a a child. He was very reticent around women, though. Didn't date that much, although he admits to having sexual thoughts about women as a boy. Painfully shy. Still is to this day, but I think it was really bad when he was younger. Lost his virginity at age 22 with his college girlfriend. Had two more sexual relationships before being married the first time. Was not a "player" in the field. Treated women with utmost respect and love. I watch him with his wife today and he is very sweet and tender with her.

Fears today are of heights and close spaces. They are not paraylzing fears, however.

If I can think of anything else of use, I will add it later.

Thank you!
Jim Sheldon ND last decade

Meant to acknowledge your syphilinum and psoric mention. Yes, to both. Agreed. Have considered the Tub. miasm but the fit is just not there completely. I think much more psoric all in all. Thus, the Sulphur dose and the extreme purging reaction both emotinally and physically from the 200 dose. During the purge that lasted more than three weeks, my patient had NO desire to smoke or drink more than one beer a night. He told me during that time that he felt free of his addictions for the first time in a LONG time. I saw it in his eyes, too. There was clarity among the chaos. Then it seemed to wear off. I hesitate giving him another high dose of sulphur only because it was so extreme and he is not mentally able right now to handle that again.

Talked to him a few minutes ago. He said that he had a better weekend than he has in months. Wanted to know if the Baryta Carb. had anything to do with it. Told him I wasn't sure and let's see how it plays out. He said he's had an "anxious" morning about financial worries. When I asked if they were reality based on fear based, he said they were real as he just met with his accountant and saw that there are some serious problems re: debt and such. However, he is taking my advice (advice I offered several weeks ago) and taking a half day today. He going to go home and work in the yard and think. This is a major breakthrough as this guy worked 24/7 just a few years ago. The idea of taking a day off or a half day was foreign to him. So progress there! Oh, said he felt passion for his wife this past weekend that he hadn't felt in over a year.

I have not had much experience with Baryta Carb in this realm. Anyone care to add their personal knowledge. He's been given two doses of Baryta Carb 30x and I have 30c on hand but no higher doses. Any thoughts??

I hesitate to say that we are onto something.....but then again.....
Jim Sheldon ND last decade
Just ran across some other notes from my large file on this patient.

As a child, he was very hyper. Into everything. Had a tendency to break things easily. Liked to take things apart but couldn't always put them back together again. Was a "charmer" as a kid. Could use his blue eyes to beguile even the sternest person. Still has a child-like innocence that some would call "naive" and others would call beautiful.

Was given Ritalin as an adult to help rein in his hyperactive mind. DIdn't work. Was also given various antidepressants and anti-anxiety drugs, all of which ended up numbing his senses.

Has mild form of dyslexia. Transposes phone numbers sometimes. Has poor memory for conversations. Has poor memory in general except for recent events (like within a week or less.) Seems to be in a mental fog about his childhood. If something is painful to think about, he'd rather not talk about it or have a smoke to temper the edge he feels.

He is starting therapy tomorrow to see if he can learn tools to address his anxiety. Before this past weekend, he felt his marriage was in crisis (his words). After having a better weekend, he is more balanced about his marriage. I spoke to his wife briefly and it was apparent that the stress and emotional turmoil have taken their toll on her. She is one of the most supportive women I've ever met and is behind him 150% in his quest to find a healthy balance in his life. They are both people who "live outside the box." They are open to most things that are unconventional (i.e, alternative medicine) but they are also very grounded in their approach. Just a great couple to be around.

Oh, forgot to say that he mentioned his restless leg syndrome kicked up again last night. No cramps, just a lot of restless sleep. I had given him another dose of Baryta Carb 30x to take last night which he did upon going to bed.
Jim Sheldon ND last decade
hello Jim,
So he has some kind of fear for financial security?

His RLS seems to come and go-any idea what makes it so? Only at night? When he sleeps or lying down is enough? If he sleeps it wakes him up? And he had it AFTER taking baryta-c?

Can he eat dairy? Only several months ago I learned about research of dr. Johanna Budwig (search for details on the Internet) and I know he can greatly reduce his fatigue, increase libido, and as I just learned: lower his bs and cholesterol, by eating every day:
organic lowfat yogurt or cottage cheese mixed well with cold pressed flaxseed oil (Barlean high lignans is preferred). I read different proportions like 1/4 cup to 4 tbsp but it is very oily and that guy who lowered his bs says he would belch all day after it. He uses 1 cup to 1 tbsp only.

(In case you haven't noticed it is a VERY difficult patient to treat! Overwhelming...)

Passkey: what do you think about sycotic miasm here (he had tumor, has ganglia)?
and his sycotic/syphilic miasms have to be addressed first before psoric (the last to treat) so you will not get such strong reaction (esp. that he is very sensitive).
Astra2012 last decade

Thanks for your input.

The RLS has been going on for sometime now. It was much worse two years ago. There seemed to be a connection (although I'm not dead certain) between going onto his anti-anxiety drugs and the major RLS symptoms emerging. He is since off all drugs. Yet, I sense such residual effects from them. Just a guy who should NEVER touch that garbage. Way too sensitive.

RLS occurs upon going to sleep. He says he starts twitching almost immediately (hands and feet) and that the jolts often awaken him. He doesn't think he has deep R.E.M. sleep but after talking to his wife, she said that he's out like a light and sleeps deeply.

Re: Dairy. He is sensitive to it as it causes major congestion and snoring at night. He has chronic congestion brought on by years of environmental and food allergies. He's a "mouth breather" at night when he sleeps and apparently has always been. A shallow breather. Does not drink milk. But enjoys his ice cream every now and again. He and his wife eat primarily organic, natural foods (including ice cream).

Yes, I've definitely heard of the Budwig protocol. I will investigate it for him as a nutritional ally. He loves cottage cheese so it shouldn't be an issue.

One thing that came to mind today in reference to my many discussions with him was that he is tired of feeling as though he needs to be FIXED. I understand this attitude as the last thing anyone wants to feel is that they are BROKEN.

Yes, agree with treating the miasms in order. It's just that I've had a heck of a time determining where he falls.

"Oddly" enough, after 8 months of nutritional and herbal work with him, he looks healthy, youthful and spry. Everyone comments to him how great he looks. The irony is his mind plays such major tricks with himself that his insides are in turmoil and dictating a tape of fear and discouragement that plague his reason.

Yes, Passkey, the "Nature of Reality" is a big one here. But isn't it for all of us???
Jim Sheldon ND last decade
Also meant to add that he is doing a healthy assortment of EFAs. The flax oil mention reminded me of it. He is using rice bran oil for cooking, coconut oil for cooking and virgin olive oil. NO hydrogenated fats. Even the chips he occasionally eats are "organic" and use olive oil. I urged him to use coconut oil after my research showed its balancing effects on the thyroid, especially after surgery. Also, it is energizing and increased metabolic rate. I started cooking with it last year and I've found that it has sustaining qualities to the whole body.

His wife just called to tell me that he is in the yard as we speak digging and planting trees. This is very encouraging. But, as I've said, this spurt of action and resolve is often followed by days or weeks of down time, mentally and physically. Still, it does seem that the Baryta Carb has had some effect. Worthy of note is that Baryta carb did not present any intense mental symptoms as the Sulphur did. To a minor extent the Belladonna and Nux presented with a bit of mental anxiety. There just seems to be a lighter quality in his voice and behavior since taking the Baryta Carb. It does match many of his varied symptoms (poor memory, lack of self-confidence, abdomen hard and distended, diminshed desire for sex, impotence, awakens in night feeling hot, twitching during sleep).

One other thing, I notice that the other word he uses a lot is "sad." As in "I feel sad" or "That's sad." Does that ring any bells for anyone?
Jim Sheldon ND last decade
When addressing anxiety, don't forget to include the word "fear." If this concept is left out, it will not go as well.

Fear has earlier beginnings in childhood than anxiety. Fear becomes a habit. Somewhere during the grow up process it becomes a "habit" then anxiety sets in.

Also I gather by your wording, he "speaks" continually of fear and this directs the sub conscious and this reenforces the false "reality" of fear of...

A lesson in speaking of what one wishes for...instead of what seems to be, would be helpful. "I am free of...."

As adults, one rejects the meanings of being fearful as "after adulthood, one need not be fearful like children," (guilt) so it now becomes anxiety. Society accepts anxiety with more tolerance. Fear is "foolish."

I am a hypnotherapist and the major things that show themselves is fear based childhood happenings, AND misunderstands that become truth within the sub conscious because there is no foundation within the child to counteract this concept. It all seems as truth.

Many get fears and guilt all mixed up within the consciousness and the original happening is locked away in the child, never to be remembered in the adult. These never addressed concepts are so convoluted that even the sub conscious is confused. It contains the fear and the "not fear" side by side.

In the middle of all this, throw in something like a learning disability that makes one different, not as good, maybe shamed, and all becomes guilt for not being "able" to overcome the difficulty, INSTEAD of approaching it from a "how to work with it" standpoint so that the person can go forward instead of the fear of being found out as less than perfect.

The conscious mind has an ego and also suffers from guilt while trying to conquer the "right to be" just who they are, and enjoy it.

Heaven forbid we should enjoy being the person we were born to be. Even the church forces such guilt trips on the masses that one cannot understand where the guilt begins and ends. AND just what are we actually guilty of? Born in sin, never forgiven, life in sin....One may be told forgiveness is possible, only possible, therefore not probable.

Stronger people like his mother are apt to accept herself in a way of "I am who I choose to be and SO THERE!" (and don't get in my way) Refusal to accept societies dictates as to what is OK or not.

This is very daunting to a sensitive type that can never live up to expectations, from their point of view, NEVER realizing they do not HAVE TO live up to any expectations.

He was never given permission to be who he wanted to be, and after a time, the "wish to be" was lost and now forgotton. This causes grief.

It still resides within the sub conscious. The emotions are never forgotton, they are lodged within each cell. The offending memories are hidden within the "grieving child" within the sub conscious.

When hypnosis is used, the hidden can come out safely to be examined, but memories are never removed. One is the memories, they now need to be placed where they belong, not to reside within the adult consciousness.

When all is said and done, the memories are now known, set to where they belong, to safely stay, and the consciousness now knows both stories and with sensitive careful understanding of the former confusion.

Now the person is instructed to take permission into the senses and realize they can give themselves permission to be just who they are, and free of the incorrect, but believed, grief and guilts.

An example of child's concepts is the woman, as a child, that made a repeated phrase: "No matter what I do nothing will ever come of it." As an educated adult with a chosen field of work, she couldn't make any headway or money. This was her "barrier."

After removing this memory phrase from the adult and setting it as belonging with the child, (longer and deeper than stated here) the adult was free, and within 3 days there was an increase in business and income. 3 years later, very successful and an invited world traveler doing her chosen work. Her greatest "wishes" are now realized. She knows all that happened and in what order as the conscious mind now knows what was hidden within the sub conscious mind.

Idle, careless remarks by parents and other people of power, are always believed by children as total truth. These remarks reside in the adult as truth.

Because I could hear how well you are "hearing" your patient, I felt compelled to write what I find the most prevalent in hypnosis work.

I also am studying for a remedy. Or to confirm yours.

Blessings, Sabra
sabra last decade
Dear Sabra,

Wise words. Thank you. Yes, adult anxiety is often repressed childhood fear. Fear has ruled this guy's life ever since he took on more financial responsibility than he should have five years ago. I do "hear" my patient well and that's why I am so deeply frustrated that I cannot seem to help him alleviate his burden. There is fear as to feeling. I asked him three weeks ago to write down this question: "What would happen to me if I allowed myself to feel deeply?" He has yet to answer it.

He is a procrastinator. I forgot to mention that. And that is FEAR, is it not??
Jim Sheldon ND last decade
Sometimes procrastination is the inability of being able to make a choice of the way to go. So, one just doesn't do anything. Then the justification is the anxiety and depression, and one need not feel the guilt. The body is sick so I do not need to feel responsible.

It has now become a habit of life and although the fear is still there, there is absoultly no awareness of it's presence.

Have you reminded him...maybe he has conviently forgotton. Another justification.

Often, in some circumstances, one must spell out the consequences of a certain action or lack of and draw a picture of the immediate future.

It is like taking the chance on "calling someone on commiting suicide." "Go ahead and here is just what will happen. It will be ugly, you'll end up on the morgue table, being cut up, because that is the law for suicide...and how will your family feel?" etc.

These types must be told some real strong, but carefully planned truths and the picture must exceed the worse of the present problem. They must be made to see that their lack of actions are holding them in the condition they are in.

And on the other hand, ask: "what if you try a few things I have suggested, and can see some value in the action? You can see that a little effort will bring reward in ways you did not know about and may be surprised at the results?"

Also, is his immediate family giving support in ways that keep him weak? Kindness can be crippling also. If he feels like he really may lose someone important due to not following through. The family needs to understand the conditons of enabling. Calm, straight talk, no threats.

I am thinking of some of the things I do in "unwilling to put forth any effort" types of depression personality.

As you know, depression has a root of anger. So, sit him down and ask what things is he angry about.

Once I sat a man down that had become another person over the past year. I asked him to talk to me. He couldn't. So I told him to tell me how he felt. Couldn't. Then I told him to say "I feel." He couldn't, so I said, "whisper, I feel."

He did, then louder, then louder, about 5 times, and he suddenly yelled out what was troubling him. He was astonished...asked me what he said. I made him say "I feel...and the sentence," over and over until he was released of it. We discussed how it happened, and it was not a true evaluation of the what had happened, and he could now let it go.

He really does feel deeply, and he doesn't recognize it as a truth. He thinks he is hiding it, and his actions prove his deep feelings.

Blessings, Sabra
sabra last decade
Yes, much of what you have outlined here I have done to some degree or another. So has his wife. There is a point where this guy cannot be pushed and I have had to learn that point over the last 8 months. I tend to not pussyfoot around patients. I'm known for that, for good or bad. I've always said that if you choose to come to me for help, I am not going to coddle you and extend your treatment any longer than is necessary. Frankly, 8 months with varying results (as with this guy) is NOT my usual m.o. That's the reason I posted the issue on this Forum. I figured new eyes might see something I'm missing. It's good to hear all of you basically reverberating much of what I have said to him. At least I don't feel as if I've lost my touch. I guess we all have a patient or two that really tests our ability to trust what we have learned and what has worked for others. What I notice with this fellow is that he can be a parade of opposites. Perhaps that is why he was given Ritalin to calm his mind. Give Ritalin to a "normal" person and they will go hyper; give it to a hyper person and they calm down on the outside. But then we all know what results on the INSIDE don't we?

Yes, I have gone down the road with him that depression is repressed anger. As a former member of A.A., he reminds me that resentment is re-feeling anger (an A.A. motto). I have seen true glimpses of anger from him but never heard him yell. He just never gets angry. Again, this is why I came up with the question a few weeks back for him to write down: "What would happen if you allowed yourself to feel deeply?" Hey, he's scared to answer that question because the idea of feeling enough to answer it is too scary. I had him write another question down which he did answer. The question was "What is keeping me from being whole and healthy?" His answer: "Self-love." As I had suspected all along, he doesn't love himself. Now, you tell me how you get a man to love himself???? It's damn difficult. This is an ingrown lack of self-worth. When I visited with his mother last year, she said an interesting thing about her youngest son. She said that as a young child, pre-teen and teenager, he would obsess before a test, saying that he was "going to fail." She would assure him he would do fine and he would do fine (getting A's). Still, this pattern of doubt would continue the next time and the next time. So, yes, there has been a long-held pattern of self-doubt with him. I KNOW how important it is for a man to have a positive father figure in his life. I was fortunate to have a great dad and it has meant all the difference for me as a grown man. But this patient of mine had a father who was emotionally absent, consumed by his own mental anguish and checking into mental hospitals on and off from the time my patient was 15 until his father committed suicide when my patient was 26. My patient never learned "guy stuff" from his dad. He's had to learn it from guy friends but he's embarassed that he doesn't know "what he should know" (i.e., what other men know from being with their dads.) Consequently, my patient was not the best father to his two sons and one daughter. He, too, was emotionally absent but not in the extreme way his father was to him. However, there was a period of 10 to 12 years during their early life that he was a full blown alcoholic before he went to A.A. I guess it was pretty bad at times.

I saw my patient's wife at the post office this morning and she told me that she is "very encouraged" by the Baryta remedy as it seems to be doing "something." When I asked her to be more specific, she said that he worked in the yard yesterday for nearly 3 hours and got more accomplished than he had in months. She said that she observed him and that he was very focused and not easily distracted as he usually is. Instead of fallin asleep on the couch last night while watching TV (another thing he usually does when he opts to watch TV), he stayed awake and even got very invovled in a program on classical music. (My patient loves classical music, old country music, bluegrass, showtunes and some opera). So, it seems that there has been another shift. Again, I hesitate to call this "the one" because I've been here many times before. It's the sustaining of the action and behavior that is so diffiucult with him. With other patients, I help them reach a comfortable place of growth where they have greater perspective of their lives and better tools to handle their daily stress. With this guy, he reaches a great peak and then fears his own success. Then no words can suffice for him. He automatically turns to smoking, beer and self-destructive self talk which degrades the effect. Perhaps that is the key element to sorting out the remedy that will finally shake loose the demon that is causing him to destroy what God made perfect.

Thank you all again for your valuable input. Keep posting when you get inspired. I will check back today.
Jim Sheldon ND last decade
Had a brief office visit with my patient this morning. He went to his therapy session yesterday and said that he realized during their session that when his life is going well, he is more apt to be open and gregarious. But when life (i.e., his financial life and work) or in turmoil or their is fear surrounding that part of his life, he pulls back and doesn't want to deal with anyone. He said it's because he thinks people are judging him that he's a failure. This is the first time he has opened up to me with this information. Thought it might help add a new puzzle piece to his psyche for anyone reading this who has ideas.

Also, the Baryta Carb. seems to continue to be doing something, although I'm just not sure what that "something" is. All I can tell you is that my patient's resolve seems firmer and his vibrational field feels stronger. He took a single 30C dose of Baryta Carb. two nights ago (he had taken two doses of 30x prior to that). He did this on his own as I did not give it to him. He said he just felt he wanted it.

I simply have not had enough experience using Baryta Carb in my practice. I'm wondering if I should give him three doses of either 1M or 10M of Baryta Carb on three consecutive nights and wait a few weeks to re-evaluate. He said his sexual passion is coming back and that there is a lighter energy around it for most of the time. While he is not religious in the traditional sense of the word, in the past, he made references to feeling a sense of "odd guilt, like coming from a religious place" regarding certain sexual practices. I'm not going to outline those practices here, but suffice to say, they are not considered perverted by any stretch of the imagination. And he had done these sexual practices before and enjoyed them. He used the term "demeaning" to describe one such sexual practice. However, it's all in perspective. Ironically, when his wife came to see me professionally a few months back, she mentioned how much she missed the sexual intimacy with her husband and that what he suddenly has found "demeaning" was never thought of that way to her. So, there is a conflict of communication it seems in this area.

Jim Sheldon ND last decade
Seems like Baryta is still working (somehow, but for good) on him--accord. to A.Rehman encyclopedia it is used against tubercular miasm mostly--seems that this miasm was predominating.

Do not rush to the next dose, I also wouldn't jump so high in his case (basically mental). like 200x for example.
sabra? passkey?
Astra2012 last decade
Yes, "somehow" Baryta Carb is working. I just shake my head. I chose it based on the profile for impotence, twitching during sleep and a few of the mental matches. Did not know about Rehman's saying Baryta Carb is used for the Tub. miasm. Yes, sometimes the puzzle pieces do start to fit when you let the intuitive mind take over, eh? Will go slow on higher potencies. Agreed.

Passkey or Sabra, any input?
Jim Sheldon ND last decade
For the most part, I agree with Astra, but as the patient took 30X and is seeing positive responses with it, I would hesitate to change the potency at this time.

One dose of the 30X twice weekly may be an ongoing treatment until one sees a difference in the response.

Then and only then, one may consider 1M to see. I am feeling he will do well on lower potencies.

Not often, but some people take a remedy for many months for a life-long condition or combo of conditions. When it is in the one person, one must consider the life's accumulation of suppression in allopathic meds, AND the self suppression of feelings and "permission" to just be.

I once knew a man that took the same remedy for any ailment he came into. While we were puzzled, it always worked.

A telling point it the man's own impulse to take it on his own. Wait, watch, and see the picture of the outcome.

One does think of the question of what we called the "cronic" 30 years ago, now referred to as the "constitional." Frankly, I feel that treating the presented symptoms has priority over this drive for many to find their constitional.

Does no one realize that when changes occur, so does the constitional????

Blessings, Sabra
sabra last decade
Re: Your Aspartame posting.

I buy films like this all the time. I am consumed by the corporations need to rule the world.

Have you seen "what the Bleep do we know?" about quantum physics, done in story form. I bought it in both dvd and vhs so I could loan it out.


I will get "Sweet Misery." Boston Video may have it. 1-800-255-9424. Boston carries all the Nova films shown on PBS.

I just got the MENINGITIS one called "Killer Disease On Campus." Shows how it progresses and what to look for.

This is the only vaccination I tell young people to get if traveling abroad or beginning college. It is "too much" to contemplate the ramifications of this disease.

I just heard the description of the black plague on the news...actually the Meningitis, black plague, and bad flu have similar beginnings of the fever and body pain and discomfort. One must be alert to see if one needs the ER. Meningitis must be treated very quickly.

Thank you very much for this information.

Blessings, Sabra
sabra last decade
Just spoke with a colleague of mine and his experience with Baryta Carb (while not extensive) showed that it beared repeating frequently in the lower dose potencies. Said it was slow to action. So, I'm rather perplexed. My patienty appeared to get relief within 24 hours.

Jim Sheldon ND last decade
Further, I don't think Baryta';s action is any placebo effect. I've been down that road with this patient dozens of times and he needs to see the proof in the pudding before becoming a believer.
Jim Sheldon ND last decade
I have dr. Grandgeorge (25+ years of practice) book "spirit of hom. rem." and baryta to him "feels he doesn't understand anythbing at all" so I'd say is OVERWHELMED. (we always thought about old "lost" people though).

I can hardly call it sad, to me nat-m is sad but not baryta-but there is no better tester than body!
Astra2012 last decade
Interesting here. Without trying to push words in his mouth, I'd say that "feels he doesn't understand anything at all" rather fits him. That would go for the way the world operates, the way society uses and discards and much of what is going on within his business today. For example, two years ago, he said he was "forced" to install a computer at his shop and do all of his taxes on it. Up to that point, my patient apparently did his taxes by hand on a ledger. He felt very comfortable doing this and the only reason he had to stop was that his accountant forced him to. He has learned computers but he is, for the most part, confused and not technically savvy. He has to swallow his male pride (something he really doesn't like doing) and call in tech support all the time to help him when his computer goes haywire. This all leads him to not feelng as if he knows anything at all....

I think there is some progress happening. His wife told me yesterday that her husband told her how "angry" he feels suddenly over the fact that he has put his work life in such financial stress over the last 5 years. Remember, this guy just doesn't get angry. I've been trying to get him angry during some sessions and he's too afraid to feel it. So, once again, baby steps.

Thank you all for your insight. Please continue to post as ideas present themselves as I am enjoying learning more about this remedy.
Jim Sheldon ND last decade
This is not about you patient but I keep forgetting to ask you: what's wrong with the soy? I drink a lot of soymilk, eat tofu--and enjoy it!Never noticed any adverse effect or anything.
Astra2012 last decade
Hi Astra, many people are sensitive or actually allergic to this, just as many are allergic to "natural" things.

Essential oils for example can send some to hospital. The distillation of the trees and plants is the culprit. Some are allergic to certain oils.

Aromatherapy can put many into hospital ERs. No one can seem to believe that even natural things "can be" harmful to some.

Over the past 15 years or more, it has been found that many women's hormone balance is affected by soy products.

Environmental disease is affecting many in very odd ways due to the chemicals in our environment, not counting air and water.

EI is getting so bad that the senate has actually judged it as a disease and allowed for disability for it.

Blessings, Sabra
sabra last decade

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