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Heavy Prolonged Period, Arthritis, Severe Depression

I am 23 years old. I have been taking homeopathy for about 3 1/2 years now, for severe arthritis, depression, and a very heavy, extremely long period. My arthritis has improved slightly, but I still get very very depressed and my period can last up to 6 months, and is so heavy I can barely do anything. I have had scans, and blood tests and nothing seems to show up. I wonder if there are problems with my liver? I have also suffered trauma during my 23 years of life. Nobody knows what is wrong with me and homeopathy so far hasn't got to the root of the problem. Can anyone help? I want to know of a remedy which will get my body back to normal, and not have to keep treating it each time the symptoms reappear. Also, I follow an almost organic diet, and am currently living an unstressful life.
  Alabama on 2005-05-09
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Assume a slow but almost continuous discharge .

Is there any relation to the trauma you mention, if so how?.

It would seem that we are looking at a problem that may be related to your genetic ancestry.

Any eczema in the family history?.

Assume the checks you have had would have eliminated the possibility of fibroids?.

Is the discharge thick or thin/with clots /dark or light?.

Is the arthritis deformative or inflammatory?.

Do you get either hot or cold feet in bed?.
passkey last decade
The discharge is continuous, though at times excessive. And sometimes painful in my lower back and abdomen.

The trauma I went through came about during a time I was losing weight (due to excessive exercise as I believed I was overweight). Then I suddenly plummeted to about 43 -45 kg immediately after the most traumatic event. Over the next few months I put on about 10kg rapidly then noticed the first signs of pain in my right shoulder. I was 18 years old at the time.

Yes, there is a history of eczema in the family, although there is no history of arthritis as far as I know, and I, myself, do not have eczema. I do suffer from slight asthma, and haemmoroids.

The scans I had showed there were no fibroids.

The discharge is thin-medium with dark clots.

The arthritis has swollen my wrists and they have also begun to take on a strange shape. They are very warm.

I always have cold feet and fingers. Yes, cold feet in bed.
Alabama last decade
I forgot to mention that the problem with my period has been there ever since I went through puberty. It has never been regular or normal.

The depression probably began around the age of 13 also, but has escalated over the years as my health has deteriorated.

I was also a reserved type of child who got recurring colds, and suffered from bronchitis. I still get a terrible cough occasionally now, which is absolutely debilitating. A bout of coughing can last half an hour and is painful in my chest, and is exhausting. Moving round in the cool aggravates it, and I get a tickle which leads to the uncontrollable coughing. The cough can last weeks, in which time I find it hard to accomplish much as it tires me out.
Alabama last decade
Normally I would look at the hereditary background , but in this case I think we attend to that later.

So to start get some--

Ipecacuanha 10m and take one dose on three sucessive nights , on going to sleep ? but after cleaning teeth ,[about 20 min after].

Wait about 7 days and report , advise earlier if there is any problem.
passkey last decade
Thanks so much for your reply.

Before I buy the Ipec, I wanted to clarify a few things. In the past I wonder if I have left out information that could be important in choosing the remedy. I have tried so many different things, that this time I want to be absolutely sure, so I will attempt to outline a few extra things in the hope that it sheds a bit more light on the problem...

I am about 1.65m tall, of slim-medium frame. Dark brown hair and eyes.

I have issues with religion. I have had an unhealthy outlook on spirituality in the past. I feel pressure in this area by my parents. This has been an underlying thing my whole life which sprung to the fore front while I was in my teens. I have always felt different to others because of the strict religious background. It has contributed to insecurity and unconfidence. I feel like I'm sinning even while writing that. I have made some progress in the last two years with trying to understand it all, but I fear it will always plague me, as my family is always there. (I want them to be). I love my parents beyond measure. They have done so much for me and I know they also love me so much, but I'm so afraid to hurt them in any way.

I have a very strong tendency to become unhealthily independent on a partner in any relationships I've had. Usually this ends with me insecurely begging them to not leave, and even if they treat me worse than I deserve, I put up with it. I feel I have made slight progress in this area of late too, but I still have a self esteem issue niggling at me.

I like to be alone. I dislike the company of people I don't know well. I'm happier to stay home by myself if it means I don't have to be in situations with a lot of people. I rarely go out by choice. Even just going to the shop down the road would put fear in me. I often need time to prepare myself mentally before doing anything at all.

I used to abuse alcohol to overcome this fear (I only did that for about 2 years after I got the arthritis), but have since stopped for the sake of my health. (Also stopped socialising). I still worry that if the situation arises again, I will turn to alcohol.

I think about suicide sometimes.

I am scared of the dark. I am scared of people breaking into the house at night, and during the day. I usually sleep on my stomach with my arms under me, and I used to always have my back to the wall.
I am scared of spiders.

I worry about money especially as my illness is hindering me from proper work at the moment. I worry about my parents and that they have enough for a comfortable retirement.

I used to exercise a lot, excessively when I was 17. Looking back I think I had anorexia. I still feel fat now even though people are constantly telling me to put on weight. I usually don't believe them and think they are just trying to be nice to me. Now I don't exercise at all because of my arthritis and period. I find I get painful stiff joints the next day and find it better if I don't do any exercise at all. (Even swimming hurts). I miss being able to vigorously work out my frustration. I hate being unfit and useless.

I have taken Bach Flower remedies in the past, and maybe they helped me, but only for a short time, and I fear my mental problems will never go away if my physical ones don't anyway. I always felt like I had every problem on the list, and felt like I should be taking all of them!

My mum gets eczema now and then. One of my grandparents had cancer of the bowel. Another grandparent had alzheimers disease. And an uncle suffers from very severe depression and has done all his life. Those are the only significant health issues that I know of, although my father suffers from a number of things.

Five days ago (Friday 13th May) I took Arsenicum Album D200 given to me by a homeopath. I had a slightly sore lower stomach area before I took it and the discharge was slightly bloody, then the pain got a lot worse over the next two-three days after taking it. I have felt like vomiting, and I am doubled over in pain. The bleeding has gotten so heavy that I can barely leave the house if I wanted to. Yesterday I took Naprogesic to ease the pain (I very rarely take drugs, but I was desperate). The pain has subsided a little. But I'm weak, tired and still bleeding heavily. Also, in case it is important, I was given Ferrum Metallicum C200 in the middle of April. I got very depressed a few days after that administration.

Currently I'm probably only a 3 on depression levels out of 10. But that can change at times I do not understand.

I'm very confused about what is driving the timing of the depression. Sometimes it appears when an external influence makes me feel bad about myself, but other times its random. The times I bleed excessively also seem random to me. I know they must happen for a reason, but I cannot pinpoint it, and it always changes. All this confuses me so much. And doctors ask me when it is due, or when I get depressed, and I DON'T KNOW!! I am just so tired of feeling like I might've told them the wrong thing which could've influenced the remedy choice, and so I hope what I've told you now helps. I also feel bad for the doctor about different remedies not working over and over again, or my symptoms just repeating over and over again, that I sometimes feel like an annoying case and that theres something I'm not doing right. This has stopped me from reporting details in the past because i've believed I was the annoying frustrating patient who must've been doing something wrong since nothing worked.

Should I wait for the Arsenicum Alb to do its work, or shall I take the Ipec now? I'm not sure what to do? I also live in New Zealand, so I'm not sure where to get the remedy from.

Thanks so much for your input so far, and I await your reply expectantly. Thanks.
Alabama last decade
Well the extra info is what I would have wanted if I was going for the miasmatic/hereditary aspect.

From a psychological point of view you have before the age of 7 taken on board a sort of template from your parents.

These very adult things have meant that the usual childhood has been partly by passed. They may have contributed to you fear which seems to have a large shadowy background.

Most children dissipate their fears within the confines of fairy tales. Perhaps you did not do this .

Must admit that I was scared of spiders until a comparatively few years ago.But i am sure that this was due to my mother's panic at the sight of a spider.

Do try and avoid the 200 potency it often affects sensitive people , I do not normally use it . I jump from 150c to 1m.

But nothing you say makes me doubt the Ipecac. So go ahead with that .

Additional questions ---

Do you or your parents have any moles.

Do you suntan easily. How do you feel about salt like/dislike.

Are you better near the seaside , or on board a boat.
passkey last decade
What you say sounds correct. I used to always feel slightly older/wiser than my peers.

Moles - I don't think anybody has any moles in my family. I do have a small brown slight lump on my leg which could be a mole but has never changed size or colour.

My whole family tans easily. I hardly ever used to burn (would just tan), but in the last few years I have burnt more easily. (Could possibly be due to the fact that I spend a lot less time in the sun).

I like salt. But I rarely salt my food. Will eat salty potato chips in large quantites at times.

I really can't say if I'm better on a boat or near the seaside. I like to do both. I would prefer to be next to a relaxing stream than the sea though. I'm a little bit scared of swimming in the sea even though I still do it.

I looked at the info on Ipec on this site and noticed that the coughing I described fits with it. I do not have the cough at the moment though?? Does that matter? The pain in my lower abdomen has also nearly gone. I am bleeding heavily still. And I have painful joints that don't work well. Those are my two main symptoms today.

I will try and find some place that sells Ipec at that potency here in New Zealand.

Thankyou so much for your time. I appreciate it a Lot. I will keep posting...
Alabama last decade
hi, I just thought it might be helpful to add that I have some wart-type spots on my leg ... about 10 little ones about a millimetre wide each. I also had one on my hand which has disappeared over the last couple of months! I didn't have any warts at all until about a year ago...?

I also have a sweet tooth, and every meal is usually finished with something sweet. I drink quite a bit of fruit juice too.
Don't eat much dairy. (Rice milk instead).
Like fatty/greasy foods.

Have a mouth full of silver fillings. Lots of holes in teeth.

The bleeding has quietened down tonight, even though I haven't taken anything yet?? Maybe that was the Arsenicum Alb working?

The Ipec is on its way.

Thanks so much for taking time to think about my problem. Very very kind.
Alabama last decade
Sounds as if thins are about right on the points I have used for Ipecac.

AS for the fillings -- take a look at mercury and see if it has any points of corresponence.
passkey last decade
i've had my first dose of ipecac 10m. Today I've woken with a sore jaw (arthritic feeling). I get that now and then - hurts to chew and open mouth wide.

I checked out Mercury Vivus in this online materia medica. Only some of the things match - (mind, joint pain, chilliness).

I'm feeling quite negative, anxious and depressed. Do you reccommend any bach flower remedies? I don't know what to do with myself. Nothing is really interesting me. I'd rather just go to bed and sleep. I have no confidence in myself. I hate being like this. Can you help?
Alabama last decade
OK -- one dose of Ipecac is obviously enough. Dont take any more.

Yes ok to use the Bach Flower remedies.

Sometimes the best thing to do is to go to bed and sleep -- lets the body get on with healing itself.
Keep posting and good luck.
passkey last decade
oops, i already took the second dose on the second night. (I think that being in NZ, our time must be ahead of wherever you are.)

Anyway, I also took the bach flower remedy Honeysuckle, as I felt depressed and it said "feels lonely and has been rejected." I have been having a difficult time coming to terms with a relationship that didn't work out.

The bleeding has slowed down a LOT. And there is no pain anymore.

I have been taking walks which I enjoy, but end up with rather stiff joints which gets me down.

The arthritis hasn't changed, and I'm still really unhappy... not very responsive. Cry all the time. I can't bring myself to go anywhere there are people. I am pretty much a recluse. I am SO TIRED of being like this. It is driving me crazy. (Crazier). This is NOT normal. NOT how I want to be living. I want to be happy, carefree.

I have noticed in other posts that people are being advised to take x and c potencies ... is there a reason you have suggested a stronger one for me??
Alabama last decade
The low potencies are useful where there is no particular emotional/psychological symptoms. I felt that in this case the higher potency was justified.

If we have a situation where the bleeding is no longer a problem then will maybe use lower potency.

Keep taking the Bach and advise when the bleeding has stopped for say a week.
passkey last decade
Hi Alabama,

I am going through this mail list. Along with using Homeo, please do follow Yoga. I know it will keep you relieved from most of the symptoms. Plese give it a try.

Almighty is with you.
bhamidi last decade
hi, thanks for the yoga tip bhamidi.

passkey, the bleeding has stopped for a week now.

the depression hasn't been so bad either for the last few days. Arthritis is bothering me a lot. Wrists very swollen. Think I've either got the common cold, or the flu. Started off with a sore throat and now I have achy muscles, and spitting out green phlegm. I have had a busy week... may have been brought on by lack of sleep, lack of good food? Arthritis is worse during times such as these.

I find it harder to close my hands into a fist. A couple of my fingers just won't bend. Knees get achey and sore when tired and been walking/standing too long. This side of things seems to have gone downhill in the last 10 days or so as I could bend all my fingers 10 days ago.

What do you think would be a good step to take from here?
Alabama last decade
If we have got rid of most things except the arthritis then we have done well .

y feeling is that we should now try a single dose [tablet] of medorrhinum 10m, and wait at least 3 weeks to judge results.
passkey last decade
hi passkey, thanks for your reply...
i have developed a cough which is hanging on. i mentioned above that i was spitting green phlegm...

the cough seems to come during the day, but be fine at night. it starts with a tickle in my throat. I am coughing up a LOT of phlegm. I also have a runny nose and congested head. My ears feel a little blocked. If I feel the tickle coming on, I can stop it by throwing back my head and breathing in deeply at the same time, which sort of tightens my throat.

at times the cough sounds really wheezy and in my chest. Other times I can cough just to get phlegm out. I am continually coughing to get all that stuff out! Its never ending! The cold air irritates the tickle too.

I know if I go to a conventional doctor I will be given antibiotics, but I seem to get this cough/bronchitis thing every year.

I took Phos 30x last night, and this morning... nothing has happened so far.

I'll hold off on the medorrhinum until i hear further....

Alabama last decade
You could try Hepar sul 1m ONE tablet and wait.
passkey last decade
Alabama last decade
Hep Sul Calc.
passkey last decade
hi, I took the hep sul, but accidentally took 10M. I took that 6 days ago, and I am still coughing. My cough sometimes sound like a barking cough, other times not. Coughing up a lot of stuff still. (green).

nothing much has changed...
what do you think I should do?
Alabama last decade
At this point I think the best thing would be Pulsatilla 1m, and wait to see the result.

When this is complete ,I have in mind to follow it with Silica.

I am away from 10th to 28th june.
keypass last decade
I have taken Pulsatilla 1M 24 hours ago. No Change as yet. How long should I wait? I have also purchased Silica 1M. As you will be away I was wondering how long I should wait before taking Silica? Or what signs should I wait for before taking Silica?

I have also purchased Medorrhinum 10M. Should I just wait until my cough has cleared up until taking this one?

Feeling tired, exhausted, lethargic and a bit down.

Thanks Passkey,

Alabama last decade
Give it 7/10 days before taking the Silica.

wait a couple of weeks aftertaking the Sil , to see if it would be worth taking the med.

IF after taking anything! - you get ANY improvement - wait until that improvement vanishes before taking anything else.
keypass last decade
hi passkey,
thanks for all your input so far.

I just thought I'd let you know that I have not suffered from depression for 3weeks now. It feels amazing to feel glad to be alive! Thank you so much! I have realized the power of the mind also, and have taken this rare oppourtunity to teach myself to stay positive.

The last few days have been slightly less happy, since taking Pulsatilla, but I will try some bach flower remedy again.

I know my cough is going to disappear. My body is just getting rid of something. I am so glad that I have not resorted to antibiotics this time round.

It (the cough) has been bothering me for 2 and a half weeks now, but it has improved a lot and I have faith that it will go, helped by this homeopathy that you have so kindly advised to take.

Should I still take the Silica after 7-10 days, even if my cough has gone by then? Is that for my cough, o the arthritis?

The arthritis, by the way, hasn't changed a great deal. My wrists are still hot and swollen and I can't hold my own weight on them. (My goal is to be able to do a handstand!!).

As for the period... it should be due by now, (it has been 4 weeks since the last one stopped I think) but for the past 10 days or so I have had an annoying discharge.
Alabama last decade

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