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I was detected with hypothyroid 5 years ago and am making every effort to cure or find a a natural alternative remedy for it. My physical symptoms are - puffiness under and over my eyelids, poor memory, cold feet and hands, falling hairs and also turning white, more fat around my abdomen. In particular the falling hair and puffiness under my eyes really bothers me. My eyes have a burning feeling and I have a headache over my right eye. I am take "125mcg Thyroxine" every day. What is making me really worried is that my periods have gone down from 4 days to 2 days. I am 36 years old. I am taking a chinese medicine with Ginseng, kelp and vit B complex to help with the situation. But would like to find a homeopathic remedy that may allow me to shift from alopathic to natural medicine

MY mental symptoms are: Fear of Ghosts (most severe between 8:00 pm to 5:00 am in teh morning), think of death quite frequently. My parents have both passed away so miss them. Due to work, I live away from my family so miss them, worried about my financial stability and my future when I grow old.

Could I move to a lower potency homeopathic remedy to some how stop taking thyroxine.

  geebee on 2005-05-14
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
to your last question - yes, possibly and hopefully you could be helped by homeopathy, but would need to be with a homeopath you could meet and who could get a full and proper case from you...do you have a homeopath nearby...where do you live?
erika last decade
Thank you for the response Erika. I live in London. Is there someone good you can recommend ?

geebee last decade
You can get listings of registered and qualified homeopaths from the Alliance of Registered Homeopaths UK and the Society of Homeopaths UK (see yellow pages). Also Nelsons homeopathic pharmacy in London run a homeopathic clinic. Not cheap In london but worth it! There is also a clinic in Walthamstow with qualified homeopaths.
Just make sure the homeopath is properly qualified and preferably registered.
erika last decade
Hi Erika,
I would like to get in contact you as i have the same problem, & am also seeking natural treatment. I am taking 500mg of L-TYROSINE which is helping, and kelp ( i will up the dose to 1 tblspoon a day ?) i do not know whether to discontinue with beta-carotene, and take vit A. I also take antioxidants and a range of herbs. please contact me via email. Rose
rose123 last decade
Hi Rose - you need a nutritionist to help advise with the supplements you are taking and I am not trained in this. I'm sorry but I do not contact thru email, only on forum. If you want me and the others to give homeopathic advice then start a new thread and we''l advise what we can. :)
erika last decade
I have a thyroid issue as well that seems to be the cause of my recent hair loss....I was swithced from levothyroxine to armour and that is supposed to be more natural and help with the hair falling...my holistic nurse/nutritionist has me taking all one mulitmvitaming(alternate every third day with phytogreen), fibermax, probiotics by natren, cod liver oil and pro efa oil and a digestive aide called digest max, these are all taken in the morning in powder and liquid form made into a smoothie...at night she has me taking calcium and vitamin c in powder form 60 minutes before bed...
I have already noticed a change for the better in my energy level and I no longer feel or look bloated...hair is still falling but this will take some time
Hope this helps
heather30_72 last decade
my hair has been falling out, but i noticed an improvement with l-tyrosine. i have heard evening primrose oil is beneficial, although i was experiencing numbness in my limbs so i have stopped that. i have facial, lip and eye puffiness, fatigue, low spirits ( i am taking st. john's wort & herbal teas (rosemary, oat straw etc). i do not have a doctor since i have moved to NW6, and have been plodding along on my own with this.
rose123 last decade
the omega 3's are supposed to be even better than evening primrose that is why she has me taking cod liver oil...whatever she has asked me to take, it has definitiely worked on my mood, my spirits are elevated and I am not as moody...as I said before, the bloating is also gone...I would give the above products a try.....natren has a website as does all one
good luck
heather30_72 last decade
yes i take flax seeds every morning, along with other seeds. i was taking fish oil but questioned whether it was from an uncontaminated source. but i was told that flax is great too. i have just started taking vitamin A daily, as i read that this is helpful, & beta-carotene isn't converted in hypotyroidism. i am not sure how much kelp to take. i read on an internet site to take a tablespoon daily. i was taking about 1/2 teaspoon. i'm also trying to eat more sea vegetables, atleast some nori. but the biggest improvement was when i started L-Tyrosine, which reduced puffiness & hair loss. I am only taking 500mg daily, but the recommended dose is higher...
rose123 last decade
To rose123
Is L-tyrosine prescription or over the counter
heather30_72 last decade
L-Tyrosine can be obtained from Holland & Barrett, or other health stores.
I have increased my kelp intake to 1 teaspoon daily, so I'm going to see how that goes. I'm quite excited that I can make some real progress, as for 20 years I have been struggling with many symptoms, and my friends etc have told me it's all in my head & to pull my socks up etc. I'm glad we can support each other. I'm going to join the thyroid support group. It's £10 to join, and you get 25% discount from the nutricentre.
rose123 last decade
PS. As L-Tyrosine is an amino acid it needs to be taken in between meals (ie: away from protein) with fruit, or fruit juice.
rose123 last decade
I have just read on the web that the dosage for kelp is 1 teaspoon of powder, 3 times daily.
rose123 last decade
Apparently cooking with coconut oil is also beneficial.
rose123 last decade
I have heard about cocunut oil....and how it is beneficial for the thyroid...but I have a real problem with it because it is very high in saturated fat which has a whole host of other problems related to it...as for the L-tyrosine...can you take that with prescription thyroid meds or not?
I live in the US so I don't think I can joing your support group, but glad that you found one
heather30_72 last decade
coconut oil is excellent. new-fad diets recommend it. it is healthy.
rose123 last decade
there is plenty of info on the net eg: http://www.coconutoil.com/thyroid_coconut_oil.htm
rose123 last decade
Hey, I just learned from the natural cures website that 1 M Calc Carb is a good remedy for hypothyroid. That is Kevin Trudeau's, author of "Natural Cures They Don't Want You to Know About," wesite. So, I'm going to try that and the ginseng. The materia medica on this website has some interesting things to say about Calc Carb that match your fear of ghosts. Godspeed to you.
tamiswed last decade

I am very interested in knowing more about Kevin Trudeau's cure of the 1M Calc Carb for my brother. He had a partial thyroidectomy four years ago when they found a pinpoint spec of a tumor on his thyroid. He had approximately 30% of his thyroid removed and has been suffering from fatigue and related thyroid problems ever since. The fatigue is so bad at times, he can hardly function. I got him doing the coconut oil which he cooks with every night. He was on Armour thyroid but it really didn't seem to do much. He's been on every known herbal remedy for the thyroid (bladderwrack, irish moss, etc.) and noting really works. SO what can you tell me about Calc Carb??? I did a search on Calc Carb and Trudeau but one has to be a member to join his website it seems and I'd rather not do that. Thanks for any info you can share!

laddy111 last decade
Hi all -

This topic caught my eye as I take a low dose of Synthroid and am interested in rebalancing my system so that this medicine is no longer necessary.

Anyway, intrigued by the Calc Carb claim, I did a brief search on Kevin Trudeau and found nothing complimentary about this person. Do a Google search on his name and read some of the articles.

Not that Calc Carb 1M isn't effective for some people's hypthyroidism, but this person has no credibility to me and I would definitely do further research. I would certainly not support him with my money.

Best wishes to all for improved health!
tharri last decade
hi tamiswed, thank you, for the response. I am getting treated by a homeopath and taking ginseng, I have gone back from 150mcg thyroxine to 125mcg. I will speak to my homeopath about calc carb

My question is how often does this 1 M calc carb should be taken?

geebee last decade
Iodum is indicated for hypo/hyperthyroidism, it has hairloss, cold feet. Intermittent feverish state with perspiration mainly on head. Yellowing teeth, red face on exertion.
saltOftheEarth last decade

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