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please help me get rid of depression and asthma

i am 32 male in reside in peshawar pakistan
weight approximately 75 kg height 5'9'
list of complaints:- Depression(primary concern), anxiety, pollen allergy and asthma

i am asthmatic from the start but i somehow coped along. 6 years back i collapsed in emergency room due to breathlessness brought on by asthma in pollen season. i was somehow

revived and was kept under observation for 5 days. During the subsequent year the attacks were there but with less intensity. the following year i was hit twice by pollen season

as i was in lahore when it started and when i reached peshawar it started after a week. this time i was put on corticosteroids, antihistamins, inhalers and was often taken to

hospitals for nebulization.fear and anxiousness, during journeys,aggravated my asthma. it was a rainy day at the office and suddenly i started feelin aimless, i couldnt feel

anythin, lost purpose of life, couldnt enjoy rain as i used to, so i rushed towards my friend and told him to take me to the hospital as am havin asthma attack.but that wasnt

asthma, he calmed me down and gave me lexatonil anti anxiety pill. after sufferin from these totally new feelings i got relaxed in 40 mins.i thought it had gone but it returned

after 10 days however with less severity. symptoms were heart palpitation when i tried sleepin at noon or browse on the net however i was way too sleepy at night. had no fun

watching movies.heart palpitation and anxiety subsided in a month but it was soon substituted by depression.totally lost interest in all my activities, self esteem went down, no

aim and no future hope.often i would cry due to hopelessness, curse my fate. some how life went on through these mood swings. This pollen season i decided to start tennis again

and during a session i felt great but in evening again went into depressed state coupled with hayfever .it got worse again,now the season is almost over , asthma has subsided

but i am feelin really depressesed and demotivated.

I did my L.L.B(Law) and started practicing. soon i joined forces in the capacity of a legal officer. The job is not tough at all but i was not satisfied of the salary package

and other perks.Was in constant anger and frustration over the discrimination between different branches of the organization.Still i enjoyed for an year or two till i was hit by

this depression. now i nolonger complain as i only want my life back.

Symptoms of asthma:- mostly its triggered after accumulation of phlem in my chest due to hayfever, can also be triggered upon laughing out loud or after i sneeze.Sometimes,

during such attack, i feel itchy in the back and when i scratch it the feeling shifts to my chest area. Inhaler provides instant relief or spitting out phlem does.In the

beginning i spit out colourless thin phlem followed by thick irregular greenish brown sputum which turns into brown thread like upon using antibiotics. However, right now i spit

out thick oblong and sticky phlem without using antibiotics.sometimes when i try to extract it the same flies out of my mouth in the form of a ball shaped or oblong type thick

mucous.In the morning the symtoms aggravate.

Symptoms of anxiety and depression:-i feel fearful of not ever becoming normal, even the thought of marriage scares me as i fear that i would bore my future wife.i envy everyone

even i am willing to switch places with a begger so as to come out of depression.previously i had doubts of ever sexually satisfying a girl and now i dread that i wont even

enjoy chatting with her and vice versa.i was also concerned about my curved organ.cant get rid of racing thoughts of hopelessness but when i temporarily come out of them i feel

ok even if i am thinking about them. usaully at night i am a bit normal but when i wake up i feel so worse that i forget those positive feelings.i often pray to God that He

shouldve take my life and set me free.when the though of hopelessness sets in, i feel discomfort in my abdomen section.i keep on reminiscing my past golden memories, like for

instance the music i used to listen to and even the perfumes i used.

i often experience pain in my nape area as if all my nerves/muscles are stretched and ive also been diagnosed with cervical spondalosis. sometimes my toes get stuck and stiff

which gradually comes back into normal position on pressing them.
before this depression i used to grind my teeth (bruxism). Used to feel tense during exams and had nightmares about flunking them on the night of such tests.Racing hearbeat on

giving presentatations.

General nature and history:-i was extremely shy in my childhood, due to my unsocial nature i indulged in sexual behavior like masterbation from a very very early age.when i came

to know bout its adverse effects i thought it was too late and became conscience and occupied with the thought that ive ruined my future.i was only using inhalers in the

beginning then i visited one miraculous homeopath in Dera Ismail Khan. they were 5 in number and after askin me million questions gave me remedy which they called a clean up

course(phlem etc) after which they would concentrate on treating asthma. after completing that course i didnt use inhaler for an year.However,i failed to continue the course as

i was feeling well.later (13 years back) my knees started makin snappin sounds on sitting down, it spread to other limbs as well . that got me worried and i started visitin

orthopedic surgeons, they said its nothing and that i wont die. then i was obsessed with the treatment of my premature ejaculation.I am good looking but never had high ambitions

or high self esteem but i enjoyed my life till i was 28. i even enjoyed my loniliness and made memories during my college life, where talkin to a girl friend was a dream come

true even standing bored felt like euphoria.university life was also fun but not equally good to the time ive spent in college.After university i started reminiscing about past

glorious moments but still was not depressed.Then i lost my father whom i loved dearly, was devastated but with time i soon came out of the grief.Upon joining military academy i

faced alot of physical and mental pressures but after coming back home from there felt that euphoria again as i was reunited with my family to whom i am really emotionally

attached with.i always dreamed of falling in love but never came across anyone or never had the guts to initiate.However, the time spent with different girls, who were

entertaining, is worth cherishing.
i sometimes indulge myself in daydreaming and fantasizing about doin things that i cant achieve. i often make hand gestures when i am imagining a fight taking place between me

and any senior or any padestrian that offends me. I get angry, irritable and impatient. i loved watching movies and used to cry and get emotional on a normally tragic scene.

Things that offer temporary relief:- hope of total cure from depression extended by a homeopath or a psychiatrist. An interaction with a beautiful girl(s) or after receiving a

compliment from the opposite sex.after a crying and cursing fit followed by reassurence from my mom that i'll be ok.during yawning.when i am too much occupied with my cousins

and friends at a restaurant but i am losing that feeling now due to constant worrying about my bleak future. while i am expressing my symtoms to a doctor like the way i am doing

right now.Upon eating a little which brings about a temporary relief
when i hear others are also going through similar anguish.As soon as i start feeling well, temporarily, i suddenly start liking things that i used to and feel love for my


My thirst is normal. When i run alot i feel a little pain in my heart area but it soon goes away when i slow down.running during pollen season brings about a short asthma attack

which may get aggravated by fear of not makin it in time to the hospital

The food that aggravates my asthma are some packed juices that contains alot of preservatives.i mostly like junk food, spicy and chinese with alot of vineger in my soup. Have

craving for chocolates.used to eat alot but not anymore thanx to this condition.Sitting in a warm room aggravates my condition and sitting in air conditioned room brings relief

Current and previous remedies/medicines:- i use ventoline inhaler on almost regular basis during pollen season coupled with antihistamins, For depression i am taking Peroxatine

20 mg alongwith relaxant when required. Along with these i am taking multivitamins like B vitamins, magnesium, calcium , zinc,vitamin C, vitamin D and E, ginko baloba and

ginseng.i tried following homeo medicine for my recent condition...GHR 22 Nervo symplex,acconitum napellus,pulsatilla nig,kali phos and other combinations.non of them worked.

Cant tell whether i am Diabetic or non-Diabetic, will check it out tomm.please help me get rid of depression and asthma.
  thundercracker on 2011-04-26
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Please answer the questions below in brief as I spent a lot of time reading your essay most of which was irrelevant to your Asthma.

I shall treat your depression after your Asthma has been hopefully stabilized.

How often do you get an Asthmatic attack and how severe is it?
What drugs and inhalers have you been prescribed?
Have you been nebulized and if so how often?
How soon do you respond to the drugs during an attack?
Do you get Asthma during wet weather?
Do you get frequent colds and coughs?
Does any food set it off?
Joe De Livera last decade
This is actually a very detailed, well-given case. Are you interested in a classical homoeopathic prescription being made for you? I would be happy to take on the case.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade

[message deleted by idra23 on Tue, 17 May 2011 03:14:08 BST]
idra23 last decade
For some reason I am no longer able to see Joe's posts. Is Joe able to see mine? (commenting on what I write?)
brisbanehomoeopath last decade

[message deleted by idra23 on Tue, 17 May 2011 03:18:00 BST]
idra23 last decade
as soon as i wake up in the morning i spit out all the accumulated phlegm out to ease my breathing system, i used to experience asthma attack all the time during pollen season but now its effects are dimishing .However i get a severe attack during tennis session after which i feel fear shooting up from my leg area. it slowly subsides after 3 to 4 puffs of ventoline inhaler. prescribed inhalers are ventoline(salbutamol) and clenil (bechlomethasone dipropionate). i nolonger use the latter one.no longer get nebulized, only durin pollen season.relief is instant but takes a longer time wen its coupled with fear.i am not that much prone to colds and cough as we as to wet weather. in air conditioned room i feel relaxed.no particular food makes my asthma worse except for pickles and stuff , juices containin preservatives also cause problems. yes i am interested in homeopathy and permanent cure
thundercracker last decade
To Thundercracker

I note that there are now 2 detractors on your thread. Idra and brisbanehomeopath.

Idra stated:
Haha Joe you are funny. You made me laugh.

I cannot find any reason for his/her laughter which in consider is vicarious.

'Theres only one post of Joe in this topic, which I am guessing you saw... oh you must have thought joe commented on your post which must have made me laugh. No he didnt... It was his first and only post that made me laugh, doesnt take much to make me laugh'

I shall await the therapy that David (brisbane ) may prescribe to help your Asthma. He may choose to take the full classical case taking procedure to help your Asthma.

I shall await the results of either or both these advisors and see how you respond to their therapy.
Joe De Livera last decade
What I said I meant in a good way Joe, did not mean to be disrespectful :). I shall leave now... I will go and google what 'vicarious' means, hope its nothing bad joe haha, It better be a nice word.
idra23 last decade
To Idra

Glad to note that you did not mean to criticize me as your current advisor Brisbanehomeopath aka David Kempson has done on this ABC for the last year or so.

I shall copy the definition of Vicarious below:

vicarious |vīˈkerēəs; vi-|
experienced in the imagination through the feelings or actions of another person : I could glean vicarious pleasure from the struggles of my imaginary film friends.
• acting or done for another : a vicarious atonement.
• Physiology of or pertaining to the performance by one organ of the functions normally discharged by another.
vicariously adverb
vicariousness noun
ORIGIN mid 17th cent.: from Latin vicarius ‘substitute’ (see vicar ) + -ous .

David has been hypercritical of me and my advice to patients on the ABC and you may like to visit the link below to have some information on the reason why I take umbrage at David's criticism of my therapy aka 'Joepathy'

Joe De Livera
Sri Lanka
Joe De Livera last decade

[message deleted by idra23 on Tue, 17 May 2011 03:18:37 BST]
idra23 last decade

Vicarious is a word that is rather difficult to define precisely. It requires a deep knowledge of the English language in which I have specialized as a scholar long years ago.

I am 82 years of age and am still in harness as the CEO of my business organization in Colombo and I do still drive myself to work daily. I have one of my sons to help me in the business and this has left me with some time to devote to Homeopathy which I like to use in the manner that classical homeopaths have derisively classified as 'Joepathy' which is a slightly different form of the classical homeopathy which David practices. Classical homeopathy dictates that the homeopath treats the SYMPTOMS that the patient presents of his many ailments. I have found throughout the past 25+ years of my deep involvement in Homeopathy that this approach is not valid as I treat the ailment directly with the allopathic approach where a doctor treats the disease. Strangely enough my patients and I have discovered that my Joepathy approach gives faster healing than the classical method. It is unfortunate that classical homeopaths have decided to hound me as they first stated that my therapy was only a temporary fix to the problem and that the patient will soon be suffering from some serious ailments like C ancer. When this was however disproved this caused this constant state of friction between the classical homeopaths and me and lead to an open state of warfare which has resulted in David not being able to read my post and vice versa.

I do have other means of reading his posts and I would like to emphasize that I do not enjoy attacking him but if he dares to do so to me, I am compelled to retaliate in kind, sometimes with added interest. This is unfortunate as all this takes my precious time but at my advanced age, I am still capable of giving him as good as I get. Or even better !

Please check the following words on Google:




Also visit my website:

Joe De Livera last decade
joe i am also waiting for their reply/advise as m sick n tired of asthma. wanna get rid of it. in Pakistan finding a good homeopaths is a difficult task, they never ask for complete details and often prescribe different drugs at the same time. but on this site m impressed hope the remedy is equally impressive.i had gone on 3 days vacation where i felt better but now ive returned to the old routine n i am feelin depressed again, not to forget asthma early in the morning.
thundercracker last decade
The remedy that comes to mind on looking over your case is Antimonium crudum.

I managed to leave my computer repertory at the clinic today so although I went through the case tonight, I have a limited number of reference books here to double check the choice. I can do that tomorrow when I get back into clinic.

It is a shame you do not know what remedy the other homoeopath gave you.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
The therapy I prescribe for Asthma is as follows:

Blatta Orientalis 6c in the Wet dose taken twice daily. (See below for instructions) It is best to take the first dose first thing in the morning and the last thing before bed.

Steam is also important and you can get some steaming device that is used in saloons for facial treatment. You will most likely cough up a lot of phlegm immediately after steaming.

The Wet dose of any Homeopathic remedy is made as follows:

Order the remedy in the Ethanol pack also referred to as Liquid Dilution in a bottle preferably with a dropper arrangement.
Get a 500ml bottle of Spring Water from the nearest supermarket.
Pour out about 3cm of water from the bottle to leave some airspace.
Insert 3 drops of the remedy into the bottle and shake the bottle hard before you sip a capfull of the bottle or a large teaspoonful which is the dose.
Shaking the bottle hard is homeopathic succussion and this shaking must be done at least 6 times before sipping a capful of the bottle as prescribed.
Joe De Livera last decade
Yes I would suggest Ant-c 30c if you can get hold of that.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
i cant use these remedies directly, will ask my homeopath to prepare it for me since m not good at following such instructions. m using peroxetine and inhalers is it ok to use homeo with those
thundercracker last decade

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