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This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
I don´t really know, maybe he doesn´t like to get wet because he doen´t like to take baths either. During these last days there was a very heavy rain and thunders, so I think he was really afraid of the big noices on the roof, windows, etc.

The Opium 30C and 1M pellets are ready and I am going to get them in a few minutes. Regards,
Rudolf last decade
Fear of rain is an indication of the remedy Elaps. I will have to check to see if it also covers his convulsions.

At this stage we only need to continue with the 200c, but depending on how things go we may go up to 1M or down to 30c.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Well, I really don´t know if it is fear. I know that he doesn´t want to go out when it rains, but once he is out of home he walks. He doesn´t jump up as when he gets scared of strange noices in the dark. Instead, he likes very much the snow (he even eats it and opens his mouth to catch some of it when it is falling) and the cold weather.

I already have the Opium 1M & 30C, but it is ok if we don´t have to use them.

One other thing, when there is wind he goes like crazy. It seems as if he wants to run very fast, he puts his ears down and back and stretches his head and tail in a very dinamic manner as if he was an airplane and he pulls a lot.

Great thanks for all your help. Regards,
Rudolf last decade
Pulls alot? What does that mean? Does he actually run?
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
By pulling a lot, I mean that he pulls on the leash during the walks because he wants to smell things or he wants to go to another side different than where we are walking towards to, or he wants to chase a cat/rabbit..., or go find his female friends. Now he is really affected by the odours and follows his nose. We always take him out with leash and don´t let him run, just in case he gets into a fight with a male dog, but I am sure he would like to do it.
Rudolf last decade
Oh so he is excited by the wind? It livens him up?
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Yes and also with the cold; he loves it.
Rudolf last decade
ok that is interesting, and it might lead us to a more constitutional prescription. It is a strong characteristic of the tubercular miasm to love and crave the wind. Miasm is another way of grouping remedies, so we might be able to use that later on.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Dr. Kempson, I have read the Opium, Phosphorous, Causticum and Tuberculum descriptions in your web page and I have tried to identify what may apply to Rudolf from each of them in order to help me describe him to you, which is very difficult for me. It is a long list of points that apply to Rudolf that may help identify his character a little more (I don´t know).

Better: cold things, walking – yes
Worse: heat – yes; during and after sleep – no (he is ok)
- Behaviour – jumping out of bed
- Emotions, feelings, attitude, disposition – hilarity, liveliness, excitement, etc.
- Emotions, feelings, attitude, disposition – sensitive, oversensitive; to noise, to smell
- Emotions, feelings, attitude, disposition – indifference, apathy, etc. during fever
- Dazed – between convulsions
- Behaviour – rolling on the floor (he does it very often when he is happy)
- Unconsciousness – after epilepsy (but with the homeopath treatment he is consiouss)
Eye: Intolerance of light (photophobia), he tries to find the shadow
Hearing: too sensitive to noises
Nose: smell, acute, over sensitive
- Spasmodic facial twitching, especially corners of mouth during seizure
- Motions of jaw, lockjaw during convulsions
- Mouth, dryness, tongue during morning – could be
- Mouth, paralysis, tongue pulled to the right – when he is starting to feel strange before a fit
- Stomach, appetite, ravenous, excessive, without enjoying food – sometimes (maybe due to the KBr and PB)
- Stomach, hungry not desire to eat – specially during summer with the heat
- Stool: hard, odour offensive
- Like deep snoring after convulsions (if he does not calm down)
- Limbs, movements and positions convulsions and twitching during seizures
- Worse from glare to light
- Falling asleep during heat or fever
- Restless, sleeplessness, insomnia during night
- Distant noises keep him awake
- Abnormal growths, ulcers, painless – specially in legs and lower lip/mouth
Injuries and accidents: he has been poisoned with Cyanide and maybe more things (probably since he was young)
- Pulse accelerated, elevated, fast, rapid
- Trembling of head and ears during rest
- Convulsions, rapid muscle spasms, convulsive movements, with falling backwards and then lay to the left side

Better: in dark – no; lying on right side – don’t know; cold food – yes (he likes ice); cold and open air – yes; washing with cold water – no; sleep – who knows
Worse: touch – when he was puppy he didn´t not like to be touch but now he likes it; physical and mental exertation- don’t know; twilight – no; warm food or drink – yes, change of weather – yes if there is low pressure coming; from getting wet – yes; evening – yes if outside home, in home he is happy; lying on left or painful side – don´t know; during a thunder-storm – yes; ascending stairs – no (he likes to go up and down the stairs very much).
- Insecure, a little anxiety when left alone
- Insecure, uncertain, scared; timidity – he does not trust everyone
- Insecure, uncertain, scared; fear as if something will happen – specially due to changes
- Perception, senses, acute (specially noise and smell)
- Desires, wants; company most times but he also needs his space sometimes
- Over-sensitive to external impressions – that he doesn´t previously know
- Emotions, feelings, attitude, disposition – sensitive, oversensitive to light, smell, noise
- Emotions, feelings, attitude, disposition – sympathetic, he has like a smile on his face
- Intellectual faculties, impaired thinking, difficulty concentrating – specially if he is nervous
- Excitement when he wants to play, but bores if you don´t pay attention to him
- Head and ears hot (bad signal for us)
Head: skin and scalp - itching and scratching sometimes (so as the rest of his body, he scratches a lot)
Nose: smell – acute, oversensitive, also sensitive to the smell of flowers (he likes to smell some vegetation flower by flower and even leaf by leaf)
- Discoloration; tongue – 2 black spots (like moles) in the center of the tongue
- Dryness – he palates very much
- Bleeding gums – sometimes when eating a bone or something hard
- Stomach – vomit color is yellow (only when sick)
- Stomach- thirst for large quantities, sometimes he drinks a lot, specially after play or walk
- Stomach – aversion to certain foods or drinks that he doesn´t like
- Diarrhea – after not being careful with what is eaten
- Very fetid stools and flatus
- Stools, long, narrow and hard like a dog´s
- Deep, accelerated
- Heart palpitations
- Waking frequent
- Sleeplessness nights
- Short naps and frequent waking
- Itching and scratching (it is not due to parasites)
- Scars, abnormal growths, ulcers – specially on lower lip/mouth (maybe fungus) and legs
- Weakness during fever
- From wind
- Change of weather

Better: in damp, wet weather, warmth – no
Worse: dry, cold winds, in clear fine weather, cold air, from motion of carriage – NO, he loves all those situations
- Insecure, uncertain, scared, anxiety, something will happen – due to changes/new things or when alone
- Restlessness, nervousness – specially during night
- Emotions, feelings, attitude, disposition – weeping, crying, lamenting at things of little importance specially if he wants to do or get something and has to wait a little for it
- Insecure, uncertain, scared, fear – specially during evening/night walks
- Discharges of like black/dark mucus specially after sleep
- Close involuntary – he blinks and it is a signal for us as if something is wrong (a fit is coming)
- Wax, increased, discharges of wax (he even had mitts once)
- Pimples and warts – he has like 4 or 5 warts or moles in his face
- Swallowing constantly
- Bladder, retention of urine after confinement – he waits until we come back home to go peeing, he doesn´t like to pee on the yard
- Flatulence, offensive
Genitals male:
- Cheesy residue under foreskin
- Itching scrotum, penis, foreskin
- Skin itching
Extremities, limbs:
- Contraction of muscles and tendons – many times he folds his front hands under his body while laying down
- Unsteady walking and easily falling – during walks sometimes he bumps into things or digs his leg in a hole and falls
- Limbs, movements and positions, trembling – head and ears during rest
Fever: with shivering sometimes
- Out-breaks on skin, itching, scratching, granular rash
- Abnormal growths, like ulcers, warts,..
- From getting wet (he does not like it)
- Convulsions, epileptic

Better: open air – yes
Worse: motion – no; music – no; before a storm – yes; standing – no; dampness – yes; early morning and after sleep – no
- Bores head in pillow/blanket
- Nocturnal hallucinations, awakes frightened – sometimes
Stool: odour offensive sometimes
Overpowering sleepiness in daytime – specially when alone
Dreams vivid and distressing sometimes – he seems to be running and playing
- Out-breaks on skin, like herpetic on lower lip/mouth
- Itching
- Walking – walking fast
- Change of weather – from dry to damp (low pressure)
- Thin and looses weight very fast

- Sensitive to heat – yes, he does not like at all
- Gets tired with excessive activity but feels better when moving around
- Sensitive to air pollution (doesn´t like automovile´s emissions) and barometric or atmospheric changes (specially to low values)
- Dislike of changes of weather and thunderstorms
- Mental restlessness and dissatisfaction
- Can quickly change from a good-tempered mindset to being disagreeable and angry
- He easily gets bored and falls sleep
- He starts something else and then something else again, specially while playing
- He has fear of punishment and chooses to run away and hide
- He sometimes seek protection and sometimes independence
- He sometimes is inactive and sometimes restless
- He sometimes is depressed and sometimes overly cheerful
- He sometimes is violent or hard playing and sometimes extremely sensitive
- Tendency to suppuration, scars, …
- Regarding traveling and going to new places, I really think that he doesn´t like it because he becomes very nervous and prefers known places and things
- Rudolf is a very strong looking dog, with strong legs and body, but he is not fat at all
Rudolf last decade
This is not the right way to try and give a case. Trying to give symptoms of our medicines actually makes it harder for a practitioner, not easier. This distorts the natural expression of a case.

There are over 5000 medicines, there is no way to go through each one picking out which symptoms suit, and it will not help choose a medicine anyway.

It is better to just list the symptoms, the characterisics, without trying to fit them into a profile.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Ok, Sorry. After reading over those medicines I saw things that I dind´t mention to you during his description and I thought that it might be interesting to point them out. It was not my intention to distort the study I only wanted to make a better explanation of Rudolf´s behaviour and characteristics. I am really sorry for this. Thanks for your advice.
Rudolf last decade
It's ok don't apologize, it is a common mistake and quite understandable when looking at homoeopathy from the outside :)

The whole process of picking out symptoms and deciding which remedy suits the state is fairly complex. Basically just report what you observe and we will be ok.

How is he so far by the way?
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Up to now he has been Ok since the last fit, although a bit hyperactive since 2-3 days ago (we have sometimes experienced before that after 1 or 2 hyperactive days he calms down into a letargathy state and a fit strikes). He is getting more sleep at night (wakes about 2 times and not every 2 hours). Yesterday evening he started to calm down and wanted to lay down. His eyes started to winkle also and this we don´t like, but tongue is ok by now. There was thunderstorm this night and there will be rain today and tomorrow. Tuesday will be day 10th since last fit, so our worries are appearing again. Thanks.
Rudolf last decade
Give him another dose of the opium, always at the first sign his disease is reappearing.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
OK, thanks. Regards
Rudolf last decade
What's happened so far?
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Hello, things are going fine so far. Plays, wants to walk, smells things but not in an anxious way, coordinates movements, ears and head temperature ok (although still tremble/shake), eye pupils ok-not dilated. He is drinking a lot of water, specially at night. Only his stomach is a little upset, maybe he ate something strange, but this happens from time to time. We are observing him closely. I carry the Opium also in my purse just in case a fit comes during a walk. One little question, does the Opium need to be refrigerated ? because temperature will surely start to raise a lot in here in a few days.

Thank you very much for your interest. I will keep you informed.
Rudolf last decade
Just keep it out of direct sunlight, and away from radiant heat. The remedies are quite resistant when made with alcohol so you should be fine. Just keep it in a dark place that is not overly hot.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
When I came back from work today Rodulf was not so well. He look at me in a distant manner, as if was looking towards the infinity, didn´t want to play much, didn´t want to eat either, and when he was standing in front of me he started to drool a little from a side (left I think) with his mouth closed. He tripped over with his legs and started not to coordinate them well. We came inside home and stared at the light of the lamp. Ears and head were warm. I gave him the Opium. Few minutes later he poopped in the yard. Later on he went to sleep and ears + head cooled down considerably. He seems to be better but still a little strange. Let´s see what happens; hope it will be not too hard... Regards,
Rudolf last decade
Rudolf has not eaten since yesterday. He has vomited twice and does have problems swallowing (like chocking). He is very tired and distant. We are worried that someone is trying to poison him again, although he has not developed fever this time. (We hope it is not a reaction to the Opium dose). Fit did not strike yet. Regards,
Rudolf last decade
Give him one more dose of Opium 200 unless he is better by the time you read this.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Dr. Kempson, yesterday evening Rudolf like survived. It was impresive, we gave a very long walk and was all the time happy with his head up, not smelling every single thing, wanted to play a lot and ate when we came back home. He slept very well this night and today he seems to be very happy and playful again, so we will skip the extra dose of Opium. Thanks for your help
Rudolf last decade
Hello Dr. Kempson, today is day 20th since last fit. We are starting another 10 day watch period. Rudolf seems to be fine, although he is a little disobedient, wants to hurry and pulls a lot to where he wants to go to smell and leak during walks, he wants to smell everything, he refuses to eat sometimes, just as when he was adolescent (I mean this actions are very intense now). He drinks a lot after the walks and is sort of messy (water all over the floor). At home he wants to be rubbed and even sometimes forces you to do it and also loves to be brushed. We will keep watching for strange behaviours and will have the Opium in hand again, just in case. I will keep you informed about progresses.

On the other hand, I have some problems myself which I would want to share with you for your advice (I may go through some brain tumour surgery because I do not respond to medicine and medicine is damaging my heart). How shall I do this, shall I open another forum with a new subject ?; how shall I forward it to you, just by refering to you at the beginning of the post maybe ?

Rudolf last decade
Probably a good idea to start a new post so we dont get mixed up here.

Brain tumour? That is quite serious - I am happy to give it a go but generally prognosis with homoeopathy is not good.

So that is good - Rudolf has gone a long time now without a fit hasn't he. That is very good.

Do you think he has gone back to how he was a younger dog?
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Regarding Rudolf, yes, we have at least returned to the time prior to the KBr supression by the veterinarian homeopath here; let´s hope it continues for a longer time. Regarding his behaviour, yes it seems as if he has returned to his young days (but now he weights 50kg...). Thanks
Rudolf last decade
That is a sign of the simillimum - the perfect remedy! When a human patient says things like 'I feel 10 years younger' 'I feel like I did before I got sick' 'I feel like a young person again' etc, you know that you are on a very good remedy.

Very promising reaction, this is.

Mind you it is still a bit early to get too excited but still....
[message edited by brisbanehomoeopath on Mon, 20 Jun 2011 01:00:26 BST]
brisbanehomoeopath last decade

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