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Get the Atropinum if you can, 30c and 200c.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
I already have the Atropinum 200C, I cannot get the 30C (I have no time, since today is my last day). My husband gave Rudolf a dose of Stramonium yesterday after the almost fits. Should I give him a dose of Atropinum 200C today ? What should I tell my husband to do while I am away ? Please advice. Thanks,
Rudolf last decade
I don't think the Stramonium is working very well, so give him a dose of Atropinum today.

What we do next would really depend on what happens. If he gets better, then when he begins to relapse you would repeat. If he doesn't get better, say within a week, then I would suggest repeating the dose but with 4 hits.

I would expect to see him get better in ways other than the fits (which might not happen often enough to know that they are being improved).

It is hard to give all the possibilities - can your husband post here?
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
I will give him the Atropinum right away. I am not sure my husband will have the time to do it, but I will ask him. His English is a little worse than mine. Great thanks for all your help. BYE !
Rudolf last decade
Hello, thanks to God I am back and able to tell you about Rudolf and the Atropinum 200C doses. We started with the first dose on Sept 21st, a second dose on Sept 30th. Two fits took place during Oct 1st. A third dose of Atropinum was given to him on Oct 8th. His last real fit was Oct 13th, but he almost had a fit on the 23rd (we were able to stop it with Atropinum, Diazepan enema and ice). So things seem to be improving, but the real improvement is with his behaviour. He is much more obedient now and is always caring about us, he sleeps much better during the night, he still gets nervous from time to time but not as bad as before, ... So we are really happy!! During the walks he still pulls of the leash and wants to smell all female pees, etc., but we took it to the veterinarian for a rutine check and he told us that Rudolf is a real stud dog due to the enormous quantity of sperma in his urine sample. Maybe this is the reason why he smells everything (female pees) and really wants to find his female friends during the walks; of course this excitement makes him nervous. The veterinarian has recommeded us to neuter Rudolf, so we are going to neuter him next Monday Nov 7th, hoping that this will also help to calm him down. Please if there is any recommendation from your side we will be greatful to receive it. Thanks again,
Rudolf last decade
Hello Dr. Kempson, Rudolf had a fit yesterday and since he is filling a bit weak today we have decided to postpone the neutering surgery. 24 days have passed since the last fit, although there was almost a fit on Oct. 23rd. On the other hand, the veterinarian gave us the results of the Phenobarbital and Potassium Bromide content in blood and the Potassium Bromide was a bit high, so he has told us to start reducing the KBr doses. We have to do it, but for sure the fits will become worse and more frequent. Do you think that maybe we could try to give Rudolf Atropinum doses more frequently by changing the potency ? Right now we are using the 200C potency, shall we continue with it or what could be an alternative ? Thanks for your help.
Rudolf last decade
Dr. Kempson, please may you kindly reply to my previous posts, I am not sure if you have received them. Please advice, thanks,
Rudolf last decade
That is good news about the effect of the remedy.

While you are withdrawing him from the orthodox medication it may be necessary to dose a bit more frequently with Atropinum. I would still try to watch for signs he is deteriorating to dose though.

A change of potency might also be necessary but which direction we go would depend on what happens to him. It would be more common to go up to 1M but 30c could be needed as daily doses. It is possible that LM potencies might be useful here too.

Repeat the remedy now if he just had a fit and let me know how the withdrawal goes.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
We will get the Atropinum 1M and 30C pellets probably tomorrow. Regarding the withdrawal of potassium bromide, we have started it already and he is becoming more nervous and is also starting to cry very much when we leave him alone in the house.
Rudolf last decade
Well repeat the remedy now. You would expect him to worsen as part of the withdrawal. We might also see symptoms come up that point to a better remedy too so make sure you keep reporting.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Hello, I gave Rudolf the Atropinum 200C dose and he was fine yesterday but today he is very nervous jumping all around; with his tongue folded to the right side and wanting to stare at the light bulbs if they are on. We don´t like those signs as we know a fit is coming. I don´t know if it is too early to repeat the Atropinum dose with the 200C potency? We will receive the 30C and 1M potencies either this afternoon or tomorrow morning. I remember you telling us that maybe we could try with 4 hits instead of only 2, should we try it next time ? When can I give him the next dose ?
Rudolf last decade
We now have the Atropinum 30C and 1M potencies, please advice. Thanks,
Rudolf last decade
Hello, Dr. Kempson we have the 1M and 30C Atropinum potencies, please advice how shall we proceed. I am not sure my messages are popping up to you. Thanks for your help
Rudolf last decade
Give him one dose of 1M right away.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Hello, I gave him a dose of Atropinum 1M and the first day he calmed down, the seconde day he was fine during the morning but very active during the afternoon/night, today is the third day after the dose and he seems to be active (it is morning here). By our calculations a next fit will take place during the next three days. It is day fourth too early to repeat the dose with the 1M potency ? Please advice, thanks.
Rudolf last decade
You shouldn't have to repeat it yet, unless you see the signs of the fit coming.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Hello, Rudolf had the fit around 1 + 1/2 hours ago (1:30 p.m. here, normally most of the fits take place during the night but the last 2 have taken place during the morning). I was not able to predict it, he was nervous and active, but he has been like that since a week ago or so. He came to advice me but I could do nothing, just hold his head and help him lay down. I gave him the Atropinum 1M just after the fit. 13 days have passed since the last fit (10 to 13 is the normal). Let´s hope it does not repeat. What do you suggest ? thanks,
Rudolf last decade

Is your dog still alive? I just happened to see this thread... I had an epileptic dog similar to yours though much worse because we had no access to Pot Br (I live in India). I found out names of a few homeopathic medicines that would have cured him after he had to be put down. If you need a few pointers, I'd be happy to share whatever I found out... let me know.
cbahri last decade
Yes my dog is still alive and doing much better. The greatest change we did was to stop feeding him the dry commercial dog food and start feeding him home made food. It seemed that the dry food we used had Rosemary and this component may trigger seizures in dogs. On the other hand, we had to also increase a little bit the KBr intake. Now we have been 2 months fit free (this is really incredible for us). The dog is still very nervous. With the homeopathy treatments that we have tried it seems that they did effect the first 2 or 3 times we gave a dose to him, but his body sort of got used to them and did not make much effect after the fourth dose or so.
Please kindly share your pointers with me if it is ok with you. Thanks a lot,
Rudolf last decade

Glad to know he is alive and doing better.

Ok, here a few thoughts, and a few Qs.

If the homeopathic treatment works and then doesn't, then it isn't the right remedy. I'm not a homeopath but have learned that much!

These are some of the meds and details:

You mentioned at some point that your dog was getting seizures coinciding more or less with the lunar cycle. This happens because the dog has round worms. Round worms follow the lunar cycle (even tucked away inside a dog's stomach, imagine, nature has such amazing ways). The fit coincides with the hatching of eggs, some of the larvae enters the brain. When you say that your dog used to come running to you just before the fit, it is a sign of the worms causing havoc inside. I've been through that as well. I'd really like to know a bit about your dog's bowel movement (easy or finding it hard to pass stool, often there is constriction of the intestine due to large worms) and colour of urine (is it dark or light). This would help indicate the presence of worms in intestine / urinary tract. Can you share the details? Also, have you ever noted your dog try to clean his behind (by licking)? Have you noticed if this happens more at night? If so, it is a clear sign of worm infestation.

Each symptom needs different meds.

The main medicine you need is called Sabadilla, try potency 30. Convulsions following lunar movements and due to worms. You'll have to give it regularly, thrice a day, say 8hourly, for 2 months. This will help eradicate the worms and automatically deal with the convulsions.

The medicine for the dog who is convulsing and feeling the fit coming on, like you described, is Indigo 30.

The medicine for worms entering the urinary tract (hence probably the bleeding you noted) is Stannum. Again, potency 30 should be fine.

But you can start the deworming process (because it takes long to clean the entire body, including brain) with Cina 200 x 3 times, at night before sleeping.

Another symptom that you mentioned, about your dog pulling at his leash and smelling here and there, mine was exactly like that and it seems that is indicative of no calcium in the system. So Calcarea Carb 12 x thrice daily could help.

I hope this helps. You may need higher potencies, but again, it would help to know which symptoms I have shared match the case. The fact that you have increased Pot Br is probably preventing the fit, but is certainly not cleaning out the worms, hence the nervousness continues.
cbahri last decade
Sorry for the late reply!
I really appreciate the information, it makes a lot of sense to me because I always thought that the periodicity of the fits had to do with some biological operation, but I had no idea of what could be until you told me. It is great to be able to access this type of forums where people can help each other around the world.
Regarding my dog´s bladder it is sort of irregular, most of the time it is normal but from time to time (every 2 or 3 weeks) it becomes runny or very hard. When it becomes runny, there is presence of some blood and even mocus. Regarding the urine, color is a bit dark but still yellow, we took a sample to the veterinary and he told us that there was a presense of a lot number of sperma and he told us not to worry about it (who knows?).
Great thanks my friend ! We will follow your recommendations. Best regards,
Rudolf last decade
Good for you and your dog, in time, he'll be cured, the blood and mucus is all signs of parasites.

Happy to help! And keep me posted on his progress, if need be, remember potencies can be increased judiciously.
cbahri last decade

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