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That is a sign of the simillimum - the perfect remedy! When a human patient says things like 'I feel 10 years younger' 'I feel like I did before I got sick' 'I feel like a young person again' etc, you know that you are on a very good remedy.

Very promising reaction, this is.

Mind you it is still a bit early to get too excited but still....
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brisbanehomoeopath last decade
I have a very good felling about the remedy. 23 days have passed since last fit and Rudolf seems to be like a very long time ago. Thank you very much for all your help. I will keep you updated.
Rudolf last decade
Hello Dr. Kempson, today at 12:30 in the night Rudolf suffered another fit, grand mal again. He came to wake me up and advice that the fit was coming. His body started shaking, he sat down and fell over his left side and convulsions started, plus a lot of foam out of his mouth (mouth was closed) and eye pupils dilated. The fit lasted for about 1:30 mins. I gave him the Opium during the fit, my husband placed an ice bag over the middle of his back to try to lower down the body temperature; ears were only warm but his paws were very hot this time. After the fit I put hive the diazepam enema. Rudolf was conscious all the time and there was no pacing. He drank water and went to sleep, so recuperation seemed to be good; but we were worried because he did not lay over his side for sleeping. We were right, at 2:00 in the night he woke me out again because another fit was comming. He started shaking and shat down. I gave him another drop of Opium, my husband with the ice in the back and we were able to stop this second fit after more than a 15 min long struggle. I put another diazepam enema. This time he didn´t even want to drink water, he went to his bed and laid down. I gave him a massage over his eyes and ears and after 20 mins of massage he got slept over his side. It was over for tonight. Today he seems to be fine but very sleepy.

Yesterday morning I gave him a bath; it is very stressful for him. I also had to put a flea and tick Spot On solution on his back because there are many insects around. I know that these insect repellents may trig a fit, but I don´t know what else to do to avoid the mosquito and tick bites. He is also wearing a Scalibour insect repellent collar. On the other hand, one of his best female friends is in heat and Rudolf becomes crazy when he sees her. These last days (about a week) he was very anxious to go out for a walk to meet his female friend, he is even crying a lot and become very nervous if we don´t hurry up. He is also sort of uncooperative as he refuses to eat and even play with the ball with me (yes with my husband)and disobedient, as he doesn´t want to go back home from the walks and pulls in the opposite direction.

I know that things are going better, but maybe we could have avoided the fit if I did not put the Spot on solution and/or if Rudolf was neutered. We are really thinking of neutering Rudolf after the summer because he gets very anxious with female dogs in heat.

Dr. Kempson, what do you recomend us to do; shall we continue with the Opium 200C drops when we see the pre-fit signs or shall we change something? Thanks,
Rudolf last decade
Alright I would like you to give him a single dose of Opium 1M.

His behaviour this last few days showed that his health was deteriorating. It is appropriate to treat him when you see that happening, rather than waiting for the fit to occur.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Yes, you are right, what happens is that maybe I don´t want to see the deterioration signs when they appear and else I prefer to think that they are due to the heat, or the female friends, or ...

I am giving him a drop of Opium 1M and will report to you tomorrow. Regards,
Rudolf last decade
Hello, Rudolf seems to be fine, no side effects, but his behaviour has not changed much. My parents came home yesterday, long time after the Opium 1M dose, but this time they were late and Rudolf became very nervous and anxious because they were not coming on time, he cried a lot. He does this all the time before their arrival. He ate a little more, so as today morning, but still does not want to play too much due to the tremendous heat we are having here (I think). During the walks he still wants to go where his female friends are or have been, to smell things over. Shall I give him another dose today or just continue watching him ? Great thanks
Rudolf last decade
A 1M potency will work for weeks. It will not show its effect for at least several days. Try not to be impatient, as an aggravation from too frquent dosing may bring on a convulsion.

Just watch and wait.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Dr. Kempson, if I would have to repeat the Opium dose to Rudolf which one should I give the 200C or 1M ? Today he is acting a bit strange, he seems to be very tired, does not want to play too much, looks towards the infinity some times... and the weather is not that bad it is not as hot as yesterday and we even have some clouds. Previous days he was happy, played around and ate very much.

But yesterday night he behaved very badly with a male puppy. He used to play a lot with them (females and males) but yesterday he tried to dominate and bite him. My husband pulled him out and nothing happened to the puppy.

We are sort of worried because he really does not like new things (going to new places, meeting new friends, ...), he becomes very nervous and hard to control.

Thanks for your help.
Rudolf last decade
What happens when he comes in contact with new things? What exactly.

Repeat the Opium 1M if his health is deteriorating
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
When he comes in contact with new things he becomes very nervous, he walks around (run) from one place to another smelling everything like crazy, I even think that he wants to find a way to get out and return to a known place like home. He does not listen to us, he does not eat and he cries. The first night or two out of home he does not sleep and pases around all the time.

If it is a knew friend (dog) the first thing he does is dominate it putting his head over. When he finds out it is a female, things are fine and he starts smelling and licking her. If it is a male, then he continues with the domination and barks.

Thank you very much for your reply.
Rudolf last decade
This sounds alot like Lycopodium. Is this how he was as a younger dog?
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Yes, he was like that when he was younger, but he played a lot with puppys and even male dogs and he has always been a sort of dominating dog. He was very playful and naughty and he is returning to be like that when he is fine. The other day, on Saturday, he took all his towels from the drawer outside to the garden and also one of my husband´s shoes. If I say something to him he starts jumping and running all around and wants me to go catch him.

When we go out for a walk he likes to go to the same places everyday and even stop at the same zebra crossings (I don´t know if this is the correct word in English) to cross the street and always in the same order. Of course he likes to go to new places but I think he preferes rutines. Regards,
Rudolf last decade
Hello Dr. Kempson. Rudolf had another fit this night at 3:00 a.m. It was longer than previous ones (approx. 2:30 mins) and also grand mal. This time it did not repeat; unless until now (4 hours later). I gave the drop of Opium 1M and he recovered very well. At 5:30 a.m. in the morning he wanted to have his morning walk as always and the first thing he did was run to the place where his female friends use to be.

The first drop of Opium 1M I gave it to him last Thursday (5 days ago), he was sleepy that day and I did not notice much change on him until Saturday when he became naughty and took all his towels out. On Sunday he started to go backwards and I gave him another drop of Opium 1M. Maybe I did not shake the bottle properly or I did not pour the drop correctly into his mouth, or maybe I did not empty the quantity of solution that was in the dropper itself and that is the one that went to his mouth, or... I must have done something wrong because I saw no change but I thought that maybe he needed sometime to react.

I noticed that he was doing strange things with his tongue yesterday afternoon-night but I did not give him another drop because it was too close to the previous one and I thought that maybe it was just thirst because it was too hot. But he had the fit; about 10-11 days after the last one.

Can I repeat the dosage at any time without fear even if only a few hours or just one day have passed ? Maybe the 200C potency has worked better for him, I don´t know ?
Rudolf last decade
Give him 1M whenever he appears to be relapsing. I would also like you to give him 30c as a daily dose for 1 week. Make up the 30c just the same way as the others, and give him it the same way, but once per day. Do not give 1M and 30c on the same day if can help it, but don't delay the 1M if he needs it (so in such a situation the 1M can be given even if 30c has already been given).

I would like you to get Lycopodium 200c.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
OK, we will start with the 30C dose this afternoon. I have ordered the Lycopodium 200C and will have it for Friday. Great thanks for your help.
Rudolf last decade
Hello Dr. Kempson, I have given Rudolf a drop of Opium 1M at 6:30 a.m. after our morning walk because he did not want to play nor eat much and also made a strange thing with his tongue yesterday night. He seems to be fine, but just in case. One thing that we have noticed is that the ears and head shaking seem to have reduced a little since we started with the Opium 1M drops and has continued like this with the 30C ones (this are very good news to us); I think I have not mentionned to you before.

Following your advice I think that we should not give him the Opium 30C drop this afternoon, right ?, but what about tomorrow afternoon, shall we continue with the 30C drops ?

I will get the Lycopodium pellets this afternoon, so we will wait for your advice regarding this issue. Thanks and best regards
Rudolf last decade
Dr. Kempson, we already have the Lycopodium 200C pellets. Regards,
Rudolf last decade
Continue with the 30c on any day you do not use the 1M.

Is he better or changed?
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Rudolf is doing fine, he is eating well and wants to play and behaves a little better during walks (he doesn´t pull too hard on the leash), but he is still very nervous. We will continue with the Opium 30C until Monday, which will be day 7th. Regards
Rudolf last decade
Yesterday, Monday 11th,was the last day of the 7 days Opium 30C dosage that you suggested for Rudolf. He is doing fine, wants to play a lot, wants to eat, etc. and he is still nervous and anxious to see his female friends, ... According to the frequency of Rudolf´s fits we may expect the next fit to occur between July 14th to 17th (10 to 13 days after the last fit), or if we are able to skip that fit he will have it 20 to 26 days after the last fit (this means between July 24th to 30th). We still give him the Opium 1M whenever we see agraviation signs, right ?

We already have the Lycopodium 200C pellets, but we will wait for your advice regarding this product. Best regards,
Rudolf last decade
Important not to mix the remedies - he can only be Opium or Lycopodium not both (at once anyway).

The daily doses of Opium seem to be helping him quite a bit don't they?

1M is to still to be used if the fit appears to be starting.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
We will not mix remedies until you tell us to change from one to another.

The Opium daily doses have helped him because he is happy and eating well, but he is still very nervous. Let´s hope we are able to skip next fit which we expect to happen in a few days following his fit frequency. Shall we stop with this 30C remedy or shall we continue for a few more days until the fit alert period goes by, which is more or less July 17th ? Thanks,
Rudolf last decade
Dr. Kempson, in case we try the lycopodium how shall we do it ? How much time shall pass after the last Opium intake ? Thanks,
Rudolf last decade
I don't think he needs it at the moment. While the Opium is helping him we should stick with it.

Continue with the 30c for the moment.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
You mean that we continue giving Rudolf the 30C dose every day ?
Rudolf last decade
Yes unless there appears to be something new happening or he is worsening in some way.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade

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